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  1. Thanks Stigman. The only issue I have with just getting the refund is that I can't find another set at the price I paid for this one. I obviously don't want to end up a hundred pounds worse off when all they have to do is provide me with a working unit.
  2. Basically Grumpy, they're saying that they'll honour any new orders first so therefore I'll only get a replacement set if new orders don't outnumber numbers coming into stock. I'd just like to understand their legal position and my rights.
  3. Thanks for the response Grumpy. Good point but the problem is, we got the set for a hundred pounds less than I can find it anywhere else and JL have since increased the price too. Hence, if I take the refund I could potentially end up out of pocket. Hope this explains why I want them to honour the replacement pledge they make when they sell the TV.
  4. Hello there and thanks in advance for any help you can give. I have recently bought a Samsung 7000 series TV from JL and have persistently had lip synch issues. I have contacted Samsung and followed all their advice to no avail. I've now been back to JL to ask for a replacement TV and been told that there are non in stock, but 160 expected soon. However, they also say that they won't reserve one for me until they're in stock, and, the expected delivery may already all be sold. My question is, shouldn't existing, defective equipment, be replaced before any new orders are f
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