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  1. Hi Lee, its now almost 1 month since i first posted on CAG and i am no futher forward with what can be done about my phone (especially my sons, which he has not been able to use since before July), and with having THREE faulty "replacement" handsets, this has still been the case. 4 months without a phone is scandalous when i pay my bill every month to use with the phone which was purchased at the time of the contract and, i must add, is almost out of warranty. i want to know why this hasnt been rectified yet, and to tell me what exactly has been done about this. to even send out a "non like for like" is all i ask, and if it works as it should, i'd be happy. as it stands, i am very unhappy about this. i have been with vodafone for quite a number of years now and have been very disappointed with the way this has been handled. i am due to renew my contract on i think 11th November this year (3/4 weeks time) and thought this would most certainly have been sorted well before now.
  2. t's been six days since I last heard from you lee. Please get in touch with any updates. I am unimpressed with the way I've been treated as a customer and hoped you could help but I've a feeling you have forgotten about this. I have not.
  3. fkofilee I dont want to upgrade as i am loosing/lost faith in Vodafone, thanks for the reply though dx100uk I have just sent an email to web relations, thanks. lets see how we get on from here.
  4. Really hoping someone can help here First of all, I have 2 contracts with Vodafone which are due for renewal around the 7th November 2013. My phone is a Samsung s2 my son’s is a HTC desire. I have had loads of problems with these two phones which I took into my local Vodafone shop for repair on the first instance on 05/07/13. I’ll start off with the HTC, my son’s phone. This phone has not been great from the start and was unusable for an amount of time before my own phone (galaxy s2) needed repair which gave me the push to take his down for repair too. Handset number 1 (HTC Desire S) sent for repair on 05/07/13. IMEI No – .... Fault code C PF050 was unable to fix so a replacement was given. Handset number 2 replacement phone (IMEI No – ..... Fault Code C PF050) also had faults but as I was on holiday, the phone wasn’t returned for repair until 23/08/13 Again, handset number 2 was deemed unfixable so I was given another replacement handset. Handset number 3 (IMEI No – ....) ALSO had faults. This time I called 191, spoke to an adviser who told me both my phones were due for upgrade. I told him I didn’t want to upgrade just yet, I wanted my phones fixed as they are still under warranty until November. He told me all they could do was to send phone back for repair. I called again a few days later just to see what response I’d get from someone else, I was told this time that I would have to take it up with the manufactures of the handset. I told him my contract is with Vodafone and this was their job. He couldn’t advise any further unless I wanted to upgrade. I returned to the Vodafone store to see what was being said there. Again, all that could be done was to escalate the problem and send 3rd phone off for repair. Handset number 3 was sent for repair on 02/09/13 (Fault code C PF050) and returned with yet ANOTHER replacement handset! HANDSET NUMBER 4 (IMEI No – ....) and guess what, THIS HANDSET IS ALSO FAULTY!!! I called the shop to tell them the phone is faulty and the advisor said I should call 191 customer service and she would put on my notes that I was calling regarding a like for non like phone. This would mean I would receive a different kind of phone around the same value as the HTC Desire, as Vodafone no longer do the Desire. I was happy with this outcome… that is until I called 191, spoke to a customer advisor who said, she would speak to her manager. She returned saying that her manager had said no, and the girl at the shop shouldn’t have told me that would happen. I had to send the phone back for repair AGAIN! I went back down to the shop, spoke with a sales advisor there who called customer service for me. xxxx said on the phone he knew they could do the like for non like, he had known for it to be done. But, even he got knocked back. All he can do is send this one back for repair, they have their hands tied for as far as they can help. Handset number 4 has now been returned to the “repair” shop (Fault code No – C PF070) I am now stumped as what to do As I said, I have two phones. The Samsung is now going back for a 4th “repair” as every time I get it back, I return it for repair with the exact same problem. Any help or advice for this would be most welcome. Thanks
  5. Hi, im looking for help finding and posting a new thread on the vodafone forum. can someone lead me in the correct direction please? many thanks
  6. i just recently purchased a blind from a website (blinds4UK), and the colour i picked looked like a really really dark gray, almost black. its described as a dark gray and the name was slate. i recieved and invoice for it on the thursday, and was advised to contact them imediately if anything was wrong. the colour on the small swatch within the invoice was totally different to the one on the webpage, so i emailed them back on friday morning (i didnt notice i had the invoice) saying the colour on the invoice was not the same as the web page. i tried to phone them but couldnt get through. i recieved an email from them on monday advising that the blind had already been made up on friday morning and was due to be sent out from them that day. after recieving the said blind today, it really is gray, not dark or light, just gray. i phoned them right away and they told me i could not send it back because it was made to measure and that they advice customers to request a free smple of the fabric before buying. i said about the colour being totally different on the webpage but they just said that they couldnt do anything about it because people have different monotors, so thats why i should have got a free fabric sample. the best they could do was if i made another purchase, i could get 10% off. any advice? is this right? this is the blind on the web site, i have added as an attatchment. many thanks slate.bmp
  7. lofaprize

    Please help

    Hiya Tanya, i had the same letter from abbey for a GOGW. tell them you will accept the money but you will pursue them for the rest. there is a template for refusing offers on the site, i think its ment for full settlement refusal but just adjust it to GOGW. hope this helps Lofa x
  8. Thanks for that standing, its good that all it takes to put someones mind at ease, a wee sentance just to say whats what. lofa x
  9. OK i have a question. I had £590 paid to me as a gogw which i accepted as part payment. how do i work that with the interest? After taking off the £590 (gogw) it leaves a claim for £1129, do i calculate for £1129 or the original £1719 as i have done. Also, does £150 for interest sound about right? :-?
  10. I got it open!! yeah!! for anyone else having bother opening it, i saved it, then opened it from my desktop. (with a help from the site helper) now to try putting all the info in. will let you know how i get on. thanks for replies Lofa xx
  11. awwww thanks enaid, your posts have helped me in my loooong struggle to fix it. all replies are good, at least i know someone is out there. Thanks for all your help. x
  12. Thanks for replies. I cant write on the spreadsheet as I don’t have a product key to use it. I don’t have “excel” only “works” but that doesn’t open for some reason? I don’t know if its my pc (I don’t think it is) or the link that’s not working. mariejadder, When I looked at the spreadsheet, it says “days since offence” and below it has numbers from the thousands descending. What’s this? Can someone try to open the "works" spreadsheet to see if it is my pc or not? I cant use any other one. or do i have to ask a mod?
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