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  1. I've been claiming Job seekers allowance for over two years now and was wondering if I need to complete a rapid reclaim online even though the job centre hasn't mentioned this to me ? Thanks
  2. I wasn't sure whether is the right place to post this. On Monday I had an interview at my local hospital and took part in half a day's training today. However, as I had an appointment with my job advisor yesterday (Work & Health Programme) I told her about the interview and showed her the document that I received from the hospital and she said that I have a job but with no official start date I'm feeling a bit confused. This job was for bank staff and also I am due to sign on at my job centre on Monday. I hope all this makes sense.
  3. I went this morning and it was ok as they are going to provide help with interview skills and building up confidence.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I don't have any health issues that will stop me from getting a job.
  5. Thank you as I wasn't sure where to post this.
  6. I went to my local job centre a few days ago and they are going to put me on the work and health programme. However, after looking on google it is for people that have been out of work for 24 months. I last worked in August 2017 so do I have to take part in this now or not. I have to visit the job centre tomorrow about this programme. Has anyone been on this before ? Thanks
  7. I'm with BT and switching to Talk Talk as well as BT are charging me £47 a month just for calls with no TV They are also putting their prices up this month
  8. The sort code is 77 17 24. I received a letter from Lloyds bank to say because I hadn't used the account for over 15 years they have closed the account.
  9. The account was opened in about the late 1990s I think when it was TSB
  10. I completed another form on the mylostaccount website and this is the reply I got today : We regret to advise you that, TSB Bank Plc have not found a dormant account in the name of plus any other names (maiden name etc) which you have quoted. If you are dissatisfied with the way the bank has dealt with your claim and you wish to take the matter further you have the option to contact the bank's customer services, visit a branch or you can appeal through the bank's internal complaints procedure. If you appeal through the complaints procedure and your appeal is unsuccessful you have the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9SR telephone 0800 023 4 567 website www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk. UK Finance Have I now lost my money or is there another way of claiming my money back ? Thanks
  11. I went to sign on today and my advisor asked me if I use the find a job website and the next time I sign on I have to bring print outs of the jobs that I have applied for on other job sites.
  12. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
  13. Yes I do have a LinkedIn profile.
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