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  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got
  2. My Mother is 96 and has had a M&S CC for many years, used for phone and online shopping which also gave her a feeling of independence as she rarely left the house. She began displaying signs of dementia late last year following a stroke, then fell at Christmas suffering a v serious head injury and was not expected to survive. She was eventually stabilised, though only after two scary doubt-filled relapses. It was then immediately clear that her dementia had deepened v substantially, and to make a long and very evil story short my Mother has in just a few weeks been replaced by s
  3. Hoping this is the correct forum so apologise if not. After a good two years being ill I managed to get a job starting last January at a local SEN school as a Teaching Assistant. Upon calling me with the news the Head told me not to get too excited as it was only until July. A few days after I started I was conversing with the HR Head about something else when I mentioned to her about this Fixed Term Contract. She told me that I was on a Permanent Contract so I assumed that the 6 months the Head was talking about was the 3 then 6 months probation. Got through 3 months fine but
  4. Hi, thought I'd see if I could find any useful advice here. I'm very anxious so any good pointers much appreciated! I'll keep it as brief as I can: I'm a one-man IT dept for a medium size organisation - permanent position that has risen in seniority over 12 years. My line manager is proposing a reorganisation that will end my current role and replace it with an extremely similar role on a 2-year fixed term contract. Redundancy is an option, and I am unsure as yet if 'they' are keen for me to take it, or take the new role. I want to stay on, and I believe the new role is precisely my
  5. Hello folks - grateful to anyone who can help with this. My wife has worked in the same organisation for the last four years. She has had four separate one-year contracts during this time. Her contracted hours have varied slightly from contract to contract, but for the last two (one-year) contracts has had 19 per week. She was told a few weeks ago that, due to the fact she's been there for four years, she is being put onto a permanent contract. The permanent contract however offers three fewer hours per week than she currently works, even though they will expect her to work the sa
  6. Hello, please, i have question, my friend have a car in czech, this car is permanent to export (but have plates, and certificate - see attachment), and now. I have interest for this car, is possible to get back registrate in uk? When yes, how is process? Thank you! Removed by Admin this is certificate of car.
  7. I have been working for an agency for 4 years now, doing the same job, on the same site for 3 and a half of those. A couple of years ago, the company started taking on 'flexi' workers. A couple of months ago, i was advised to apply for this round of 'flexi' jobs. I asked if the job i have been doing is available as one of those jobs, and was told, in no uncertain terms, that no, there will never be a flexi worker doing that job. On that basis, i didnt apply. I have discovered yesterday, that indeed the flexis are taking over that job. Is there anything i can do? the flex
  8. I am approaching the end of my agency contract and soon the client will have to take a decision on what to do with me. The length of the contract was only agreed verbally with the client company and not included in the written contract with the agency, so technically this is a rolling contract. The possible realistic outcomes are three: 1) My contract is not renewed and I go back to JSA. 2) The contract is either renewed with a fixed date or kept rolling for the time being. 3) The client employs me and I end up in their books. I have been approached several times by the manager
  9. Hi I have a couple of queries about holiday pay if anyone could please help please. My husband was made redundant in July from a permanent position, he is lucky to have found another permanent job to start in September and meanwhile he has worked several temp jobs here and there. Previous permanent position - basically he worked for this company for 7 years, he moved to another job for three months & hated it so went back, they were glad to have him back but one day before his three month 'probabtionary period' he & many others were made redundant out of the blue. During
  10. Hello all, I have been working in a school since Sept 12 on a Full Time permanent contract. The head has asked me to change that to a Fixed Term (FT) 1 year contract because it was a 'mistake'. What are my options? I really like the location and do not want to have the uncertainty of looking for a job, every year. I have come half way and said that I am fine with a change/addition to the Job Desc. but not for the change of the actual contract. what is the worst case scenario as I do not have anything to lose now and how far can I take this? What will I lose?
  11. Hi I presently have a fulltime job, but I wish to leave as the amount of stress has been making me ill, consequently I am now off sick. The job has changed greatly and more and more workload is being added all the time. I have had a meeting with my line manager, but they are not willing to change anything, so I know that the job won't get any better. I have been offered the possibility of working a temporary job for the run up to Christmas. It's a job that I did when I was at university, so I know what it will entail, but it will definitely end at Christmas. I would be willing t
  12. We are a family of 4 with a British mum and a French dad (me) and have been living in the UK from 2004 to August 2010. Both kids were born in the UK. We have bought a car registered in the UK in 2005. Before going to live in France in August 2010, we have informed HM revenue and customs and London borrow we were becoming permanent resident in France, and got our revenue and local tax refund in October 2010. Before leaving the country, with our UK registred car, and crossing the channel, I’ve insured our vehicle with a French insurer and stopped our insurance in the UK. While in
  13. CAP post 2013: greening, Ecological Focus Areas and permanent grasslands Despite most EU farm ministers wanting to design national ‘greening’ proposals to suit the needs of their own countries, Dacian Ciolas, the EU Farm Chief, warned against such a ‘menu approach’, saying that it would be complex to administer! Heaven forbid that the policy works better but is a bit more complicated for Brussels! Also, the EC is likely to be wary of giving too much power back to Member States! More sensibly, he suggested that work done under agri-environment schemes and other Rural Development m
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