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Found 16 results

  1. Car parts boss banned after failing to deliver customers’ orders READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/car-parts-boss-banned-after-failing-to-deliver-customers-orders
  2. Why is why Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary selling a profitable and effective company his Department of Health owns, Which save the NHS and UK Taxpayers £70 MILLION pounds a year? "On the government’s own estimates NHSP saves the taxpayer around £70m a year by organising last-minute or replacement staffing for NHS trusts" "NHSP supplies staff cheaper than those obtained through private agencies which Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, has castigated for charging “rip-off” rates." "It is thought ministers hope to realise about £50m for a 75% stake in the firm" "Madders is also concerned that if the DH finalises the sale by the end of August, when parliament is not sitting, MPs would be denied proper oversight of the deal. “This deal is being pushed through behind closed doors”, he says in his letter." https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jul/27/labour-demands-inquiry-into-privatisation-of-nhs-owned-recruiter?subid=19389892&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2 Staffline tables bid for NHS nurses agency amid privatisation row "The current NHS Professionals sale process - codenamed Project Florence - is only the latest attempt to part-privatise the staffing agency, following an aborted previous effort." http://news.sky.com/story/staffline-tables-bid-for-nhs-nurses-agency-amid-privatisation-row-10885313 NHS staffing agency moves towards privatisation "Philip Dunne, minister of state for health, in November said the partial sale was required to bring in “substantial investment” to improve and expand the service" - which currently SAVES the NHS £70 MILLION a year
  3. Hi, I'd like advice on a part sent off for recon/repair. The garage's sub-contracted repairer gave a 6 month / 6000 mile warranty on their work, but the garage covered this with their own 12 month / 12,000 mile no quibble warranty. I have done 18,000 miles since the repair, 10 months on. It is outside the warranty due to mileage. There may be a fault with the part, but the garage wont know until it is removed, which is quite labour intensive. The garage state that it is outside of the warranty periods of both their repairer and them, although they did say that if it turns out to be a related fault they will 'look after me', i.e. a reduced charge for example. Do I have any rights? Thanks
  4. Hi, I bought a brand new OEM radiator from a BMW dealership to fit myself (I have a long list of reason why I don't allow dealerships to work on my cars). Upon fitting the radiator and filling it with coolant, it leaked. Now then, the dealership refuse to refund or exchange the item unless I get my car to them at expensive, which will be an expense as it can't be driven. They told me if I hadn't fitted the part already, returning it would be no problem - do they really thing I bought it to sit on shelves? There's no way I could have found out it was faulty unless I fitted it. Well I could have poured water into it, but I honestly thought BMW had some sort of quality control to save me this bother! Where do I stand legally? John. ps. They did exactly the same with a fuel pump I bought nearly 2 years ago, the fuel level sender on it didn't work. So in that case I was able to take the car to them - but I wasted an afternoon off work and they damaged the paintwork on my car by simply washing it - which then took THREE further visits to them to rectify.
  5. Hi all, Thanks for giving this a read. Please let me know if this is not in the correct sub-forum and I'll flag for it to be moved. I'll try and keep this short and succinct: We have just returned home from our time away in another city for work and we kept our car in the private residential basement car park for our building - key fob / building access is required for entry. We noted that a number of external components had been stripped off our car and taken. The interior was not broken into as far as we could tell. Additionally, the wires to the CCTV unit which overlooks the whole car park had been cut and the unit taken away. The car park itself is quite small - fits about 8 cars and is rectangular in layout. We did what we could on a weekend: informed the police, put up posters and notices around the car park, and spoke to our neighbours. One person reported that the CCTV unit had been missing for more than a month. We also e-mailed management with regards to this footage and to also inform them that the security of this car park is compromised. The question: would 'management' be liable in this incidence? We pay a fairly significant monthly premium to them - £50 (an official letting agent) - in addition to rent, for a parking spot in this car park yet we were not warned to park at our own risk, nor are there any signs to highlight this. Plus no signs to highlight active CCTV monitoring. One would think that for such an additional amount, there would perhaps be more attention to maintaining the security of this car park (occasional checks of CCTV camera for faults, for example). I agree that parking the car down there for 4 weeks without checking it is questionable, but in consideration of the fact that we were away for work and such a car park requires key-fob access, there was a CCTV, it is private and in the basement, this may perhaps be forgivable. We are waiting for management's reply - hopefully by today, but just posting this in preparation for the direction we hope to take. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  6. The Aurora Borealis - better known as the Northern Lights - has been visible over parts of the UK. Can you believe this. First of all the Super Eclipse Blood Moon now a chance to see this. In one year.Maybe a month. I am so happy i could sing, dance.Spin around and may just do one or all of these things. Believe there are chances to see it for the next few weeks. Now i know there are many photographers in these rooms on the CAG. Who can take a fine picture. If any of you whether mobile or digi camera sees this Aurora in the skies over the next few weeks could you post a picture. Or maybe as you are keeping a eye on the sky post here when you see it in your area. A early warning so others may look out of windows and see it. Link that explains.With many pictures and other links to explain how and when you might see this marvel of the skies. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34472301 Off now to take a peek. Checking,Camera, Tripod, Telescope,back pack,supplies,binoculars,stun gun,dog, ok should be enough for a hour or two. I have never seen it have you? Just doing a radar check on cloud etc. Check out your area.Whatever day,when you press i feel it will be current. Up-to date. Pop posty code in and away you go. No good if cloudy or danger of storms etc. Otherwise we would be lighting up the skies with all that metal we will be carrying. A link for you. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=radar;sess=
  7. Hi I was charged for Brake discs as i already had the brake pads warranty, i paid on completion of the work. I then went to another independent garage for other work on my car which needed doing. It was at this point the independent garage bought to my attention that my brake discs and pads needed replacing too!! After informing them that I had just had them done recently, they told me that my discs looked a couple of years old and most likely they had been 'skimmed' on the outside to look new, but the inside are heavily corroded. To cut a long story short, i have been through their complaints procedure and since have taken my car for inspection at another Kwik Fit Garage which they arranged and are sticking by the fact that they did replace with new discs and pads. The independent garage have given me a letter to confirm the state of my discs and that they were never replaced recently. I have been in touch with CAB who have sent off my complaint to Trading Standards to investigate. Any advice or help would be highly appreciated. regards, IM
  8. Hi I think Im in a catch 22 ?? My intigrated tumble dryer broke after 4 years 8 months. That was two weeks ago In a panic I rang and agreed to pay Domestic & General £13.99 a month for a service warranty to get the dryer fixed. I knew the timer was broke and that the thermostat was broke because the machine worked but blowed cold air. I explain both faultclearly to the operator and she said she would arrange for an engineer to visit. Engineer arrived with no parts and said hed have to order them. A week later Domestic & General said that the thermostat is not in stock at the Italian warehouse and they dont know when it will be in stock. The estimated earliest date is January 2015 but nothing definate. It could be anytime. She agreed to cancel the contract because they didnt know when they could fix the dryer I re read all the dryer purchase documents and realised I had an extended 5 year warranty for the part only (NO LABOUR) with Baumatic. After numerous telephone calls, I spoke to Hoover Candy (they took over Baumatic in 2013). I asked for the parts but they havent got them in stock and are waiting for them from Italy and again there are none in the Italian warehouse --earliest estimate time that they may arrive is end of December/January but this is only and estimate They wont let me have the parts (when they arrive )unless I pay £119 for their engineer to install them. The warrarnty says the parts should be fitted by a "Baumatic engineer" I really feel annoyed at the time I have spent on the phone with D&G and Hoover Candy and trapped by a useless "parts warranty" waiting with no definate date when the dryer can be fixed My question is how long am I expected to wait for the parts before they are in breach of their warranty? Even if they do arrive at the end of December or early January that will be 5 - 6 weeks Is there anything I can do to avoid the £119 Baumatic engineer payment? I did ask them to send me the parts when they come in and I will get a local engineer (local engineer charges just £45) but they said I would have to pay £89 for the parts if I didnt use their engineer. A new machine costs around £240 ish with free fitting from a local supplier so I think that is what I will do as I really need a dryer in this winter rainy weather. Also the part reference numbers they have given me dont seem to exist per "google" Sorry this message is so long but I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this. Or any possible solutions? advice? I am pretty resigned to buying a new integrated dryer but money is a little tight with Christmas in two weeks:sad:
  9. Hello All, Bought a used car recently which had 3 months Warranty as above. Had starter motor prob in 2nd month, the garage which have been excellent for customer service replaced motor without quibble. The 3 months warranty is expiring shortly and I am considering taking out the above named RAC Warranty, Gold Parts and Labour Cover at £299 for 12 months cover. I have always had the opinion, rightly or wrongly and reading press reports etc, that these Warrantys are not usually worth the paper they are printed on. The dealer I bought the vehicle at, have been as stated above. I would appreciate any further info/advice from the CAG team and posters, as to have the car Warranty cover policies improved or are they still tied up with Legalities as to why they will not/cannot pay for repairs. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  10. Hello all, Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully helping me, I recently had a pinion seal fitted to my Navara at a Nissan Garage in Wellington Somerset. The following week I drove to Germany for leave. I drove back (or started to) on saturday (just gone) and about 150 mile into the journey I started smelling burning oil. I pulled over and saw the transfer box was leaking badly. After several hours of waiting with my wife and son (1 yrs old) the breakdown arrived and diagnosed the fault as the pinion seal. By this time it was late saturday night and in a town called Wankum I had little choice but to leave the vehicle at the garage and arrange onward travel myself. The garage said the car would be fixed by the following Saturday so I booked flights to get my family home (so we could work) and a flight back to collect the car. I also paid £10 to change my ferry crossing Nissan have been very unhelpful. I have been pushed from pillar to post betweeb Nissan Wellington Nissan UK and Nissan Germany No one wants to help and Nissan UK even said I may not even be covered for parts warranty. I have written an email to the MD of Nissan UK and have just emailed the owner of Wellington Motors but I am worried non of my expenses will be coivered. Has anyone else had any experience like this? are they likely to refuse to pay and would it be worth taking it to a small claims court? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you want more information let me know I will send it right away. Thanks again Dave
  11. needed some parts for my car saw on line add reviewed prices of the above company were very reasonable so ordered them using debit card, they stated after money paid/approved 24hr despatch , not likely they are despite their name and contact number they are german and delivery is up in the air at moment ..... beware
  12. Here is part of the email I sent to them, "I was browsing a car forum I am active on and I saw an ad for your company showing you are giving a 25% discount using the code "get25" on window wipers. So me knowing I needed to get some sorted, I went to order them and when I selected the ones I wanted and a couple spares I entered the voucher code and it gave me the following message, "You must spend £20.00 or above on products included in this promotion only to use this promotion code.," No were did it state this on the ad and nor did the ad state there were any T&Cs to this offer." Am I right to assume that this is false advertisement ? If it is what are my rights and what can I do ? I have also attached the pictures of the advert. The advert is the wiper blade one. Cheers guys. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47003[/ATTACH]
  13. Hi everyone, This is just some information/advice for any customers who have purchased any parts from the Hoover/Candy group in the UK and are/have experienced any delays on their delivery or installation of the parts. As of earlier this year, re-structuring of the warehouse/distribution centre in the UK has resulted in most parts that are ordered over the phone or via the web being dispatched from Italy. Hence, the delays. From my recent experiences of this problem; and the advice given by a very helpful member of staff (who told me they should not be telling me that the parts now came from Italy as people may be more reluctant to order); it is better and more likely to gain a response by the following means: [*]Telephone 01204556100 and ask for a service manager (cheaper than the 084 numbers) [*]Email the managing director of Hoover UK address available at: 'ceoemail.com' under Hoover UK [*]Write to: Service Manager, Hoover Limited, Breightmet Industrial Estate, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancs. BL2 6PU Whichever method you choose, be direct and ask for specific timescales or a full refund. It worked in my experience. Good luck.
  14. Last year for my cars MOT(24th march 2012) it needed 2 wish bones that were fitted at the same time. whilst driving home today(8/5/2013) with my 2 children in the car one of the wishbones failed and snapped on weld. the car was MOT'd again this year(24th march 2013) at the same garage with no fault reported on the wishbone, although it did need other work done. surely a wishbone should last more than a year and i'm wondering what my rights are as I feel my family were put at risk by a faulty part. many thanks for reading and all replies are welcome.
  15. Well, My tumble dryer decided not to dry clothes any more Monday passed. Realised it was blowing cold air. I had a repair guy out 4 months ago for same problem and he supplied and fitted new heat stats. So i called the shop and it was the actual guy who replaced the parts, told him what was happening to which he instantly replied it would be the heat stats needing replaced, I said great you only replaced then 4 months ago so i assume you will come out and replace them free of charge. He proceed to inform me of my rights which are none as they do not give any warranty with their parts and told me to call back the next day and speak to the boss and hung up So i sent a wee message to a lovely person to clarify that i am not being dumb and logged it with the new CAB service and got a ref no (our TS guys are very active here ) So little me calls up the boss next day who was very shirty with me and told me I have no right to free replacements etc etc etc. Was a little shocked at his attitude as used him for years. Anyhoose, popped a wee recorded delivery letter in the post on Friday 03/08 giving him 10 days to organise the heats stats to be replaced at no cost to me or refund me the £50 i paid. Wonder what response if any i will get
  16. It's a long story so I'll make it brief. We agreed to buy a van down the country which needed a new engine. The van had been stored at a garage and we asked the garage if we sourced an engine, would they fit it for us? They agreed, gave us a price to fit the engine, plus a price to replace the cam belt at the same time. We found a suitable engine, sent it direct to the garage to fit. During the fitting I phoned and asked if they could MOT the van too and then we could arrange to drive it home when it was ready. They agreed, fitted the engine last week, told me it needed a new hose on the thermostat, and a new windscreen wiper switch, I asked when it would be ready they said it hadn't been on the ramps yet but they thought it would go through ok. I rang on Tuesday this week to be told it was ready to test, I told them I would collect at the weekend, they said fine. At this point nothing was mentioned by them about any additional work. They rang me this morning, asked me how I would be paying tomorrow, I said cash why? They then announced I owe them £800 more than the original verbal quote and they've had to replace other parts on the van! So in the past 2 weeks I've spoken to them maybe 5 or 6 times, nothing has been mentioned about other parts. So they now want an extra £800 for an exhaust, a battery, heater plugs,and a water pump I was gob smacked and said the bill was more than he said originally, to which he said he would knock the vat off!!!! Where do I stand???? I never asked him to do the extra work, nor did he tell me, or give me prices before he went ahead I'm furious as I think because I'm female he's trying it on I only asked him to test the van, if it failed he should have given me an advisory and then an estimate for the required work. I've supposed to be going tomorrow to collect it, my father who is a chartered accountant thinks they are on the make and is alarmed that he is knocking the vat off for cash!!! What will I do, what if I turn up and he won't give me my van unless I pay in full?? Help!!!!
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