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  1. Thanks heliosuk... Will say as much tomorrow when I turn up first thing. If I pay £5K for a car, I at least expect the manufacturers spec to work! Hopefully I'll get it replaced- if not, I may just ask for a refund so I can buy the same model with all the spec somewhere else
  2. Is what I thought. Although he said about the Sat Nav, he said there were none available - which isn't strictly true as I found 3 online for around £300 (it's funny how the original ad had it as a spec, but on the day I went to test drive he said it was broken so he'd had to replace it) tbh- I didn't look too closely at the specs that day, more the engine & road worthiness. Gadgets are usually something to play with afterwards! So, I was expecting a Bluetooth Hands Free radio, controls & a functioning clock- even though I'd agreed that Sat Nav wasn't essential. It's the clock that annoys me- surely he must know that it's linked to the radio/nav system? I'm hoping he'll sort it out amicably as I really like the car, but if not I'll have to consider other means.
  3. I purchased a 5 year old car on Friday- which should have had on board Sat Nav. Dealer said Sat Nav was broken, so replaced the radio with franchise CD player. However, on collecting car- now find that although the radio/CD works, there is no Bluetooth hands free, no clock, no steering wheel controls and no code supplied for replacement (bog standard cheap!) radio. The advert stated all of the above but the replacement unit is obviously incompatible with the standard spec radio which gives all the other functions. Taking car back tomorrow, but any advice on how to play this would be appreciated
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