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  1. they are normally send by bacs as far as i am aware so that's how they will send it to yourself/your son you have to also take into account the recent Christmas and new year period with the time the DWP and processing centres would have been closed i know its been a few weeks since the 12th of December. i know its a little frustrating but the DWP usually send it to the account they have on file if his bank account details change again in the future always let them know as soon as you can to avoid any other problems like this one. just hang in there the payment will be sent to you. phone them up Monday and chase it up it should only take 3 working day from the day they process the payment so if you have not received it by Friday then tell them you want to make an official complaint and speak to a manager i hope it all gets sorted out for you and your son
  2. it might be easier to phone them this morning and advise them of what you have told us then tell then you want to return the payment to them today they have an overpayment/debt department that can take the payment from you over the phone and set up an repayment plan they will disuses what you can afford to pay back each month week
  3. it can be stressful and worrying with these things from personal experience with a friend they are not as bad as they seem my friend has bipolar and personality disorder the DM rang her a few weeks ago i was with her when she took the call and from her experience with the DM phone call they wanted to know more information on her conditions and how they effected her. my friend did go into it a lot with the DM over the phone so dont be afraid to take your time and go into detail about things try to give the DM a mental picture of your daily life living with the conditions this is your time to make them aware of everything as others have said we cant predict what the decision or outcome will be but its always be to be open and honest with the DM when you speak to them let us know how you get on and good luck for today . there is always a lot of experienced forum users on here who can give you more guidance and support if needed
  4. its clear she wants non of the responsibility but all of the benefits which is wrong and i agree with the other posters on here that something need to be done about this i know its your daughter but the welaafe of your grandchild should come first i feel for you i really do a friend of mine was in a similar situation a few years back her daughter did not want to look after her son so my friend took him in and cared for him but they did seek legal advice on this and they then went to court for a resdanance order and then got full custody of the child legally that might be something you want to look intoif you feel its right for your current situation you can also get weekly allowance if you do this from your local council and social services but from experience these allowances need to be agreed before the resdanance order is granted by a judge my friend gets weekly allowance of £110 for having the child + child benefit +child tax credits and also HB+CB she also get holiday and clothes grants too with a Christmas allowance for the child every yesar i hope you get the situation sorted out x
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/n...o-hang-up.html how is this going to effect those with current contracts with them? and also those who have mobile insurance with the company?
  6. they can reassess you any time even if you are in the SG some people get it for 1 year,2 years i know people who have been reassessed 3 months after they have been awarded it. it just depends on the DWP really
  7. i totally agree with the above i always record phone calls to the DWP there are a lot of free smart phone apps you get that i always tell them i am recording the conversations too you will be surprised how there attitudes change
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/benefits-iain-duncan-smith-told-3898320?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed
  9. http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/employment-and-support-allowance-rates
  10. its not that unusual they might just want to get a more information from you on how you condition's effect you my sister has had 2 phone calls from DWP DM before now its a good way too give them a more personal and detailed insight into your condition's and how they effect you let us know how you get on with it
  11. sounds like the debt has been passed onto a third party DCA (debt collection agency ) did they say which agency they was? im sure some of the other more experienced users in this field will come along shortly to advise you more
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27934566 as early as next week in the north west area
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