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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with the following issue jan 2017 I purchased a BMW X5 from cooper Durham, before purchasing the vehicle I was sent a video of the car. The on screen display showed 37000 miles for the front brake pads as they were new. Last week I took my car for an MOT to Sytner BMW Coventry they said the front pads and discs need replacing as they are 3.5mm. I was pretty surprised as i would expect them to last longer as I had done under 6000 miles. Cooper Durham want to inspect the car as they think there must be an issue. I'm around 200 miles away from them. Sytner BMW Coventry are saying there's no issue and its just worn I still have around a week warrantly left in the car but the pads and discs are not covered as part of that. I'm trying to get Cooper Durham to replace the parts as they should not have worn out in 6000 miles but they are not going to do it until they inspect it in Durham Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a 2012 Chrysler 300C which developed a rumbling in the front brakes in September last year. I took it into Halfords Auto Centre Nottingham whom diagnosed warped rotors. The car at this time had done 25K miles. They changed the rotors and pads, my warranty covered the cost bar the first £100. My outlay was circa £100. Roll forward to last week, the issue raised its head again. I took it back to Halfords asserting that although the replacement was 1 month outside their warranty, the car had only done 9K miles since the new rotors were fitted and asked that they replace them FOC. The manager refused and pointed me to their guarantee where it states that all parts and labour are covered for 12 months or 12K miles. I did try to get him to understand that although they have their guarantee it does not supersede my statuary rights, and as per the Sale and Supply of Goods and Services Regs 2002 the rotors should have been of merchantable quality and lasted for a reasonable time, and 9K miles is not a reasonable time. It all fell on deaf ears, so I contacted customer support who came back with the same reply. I did escalate it to a more senior team member but I am afraid that they are digging their heels in. My question is really where do I go from here?
  3. I just bought a 2007 Mazda MX5, 42000 on the clock and in good nick. After having it a few days - I called the guy as its pulling to the left on acceleration. Also - Diff noise is audible too. He picked it up - took it to Mazda for a health check and the report says: Front tyres are low changed battering in key fob slight corrosion to front discs and I was spot on about the Diff so when he's back from hols in 10 days time - he's gonna get the diff fixed and sorted. to be honest - I'd be expecting him to put 2 new tyres on it at £100 a piece for Bridgestone tyres (recommended) Does that sound unreasonable? L.
  4. Hi Hoping to get advice regarding an issue that has taken two years to investigate but I don't know where I stand regarding my rights and any form of recourse. June 2014 Car taken in for a service. This included replacing brake pads and discs as they were worn. The day after the service I emailed the garage informing them of excessive noise from the brakes. the garage advised to run in the brakes over a few hundred miles. However the excessive brake noise persisted and it was captured over a number of recordings which was shared on youtube. July 2014 The car was returned to the garage and they attempted to fix the issue. The garage returned to car to me and reported the problem as fixed. However on my journey home the brake noise persisted. I emailed the garage the same day and reported the issue. Same advice as last time, do a few hundred miles and report back. The problem persisted , again recorded the noise, and asked for them to fix it. August 2014 Car returned to the garage to be fixed. I was told this should now fix it. However the next day the car still suffered from excessive brake noise. I was fed up with the situation, it took over 30 emails, 3 total visits to the garage, numerous video recordings and I cant recall the number of calls so I gave up and did not contact them to report the issue. I also had lost confidence with this garage. November 2014 I took the car to a different place for a 2nd opinion, the mechanic agreed that the brakes were too loud, offered to change the pads but he insisted I try to contact the original garage to get new pads. The original garage did send 2x pads at no cost as i had explained that the problem persists. December 2014 - April 2014 The noise from the brakes reduced significantly, we have noticed that there is a relationship between outside temperate and the brake noise, warmer weather would increase the noise, very hot days the noise is unbearable. Summer 2015 Horrible noises but I was resigned to just put up with it. I also didn't have funds to replace the brakes as we do't think there was a safety issue, just excessive noise. Earlier this month As the temperatures rose again the sound was just unbearable! I asked the 2nd mechanic to replace the rear pads and discs with a different brand and this solved the problem. the mechanic also noted that on close inspection of the brake discs that there were visible marks perpendicular to the usual radial effect found on brake discs, he said this suggests a fault with the discs which may have caused the noise. Eitherway the change of discs has fixed the issue i have had since June 2014. I have contacted the original garage to explain that the issue has only just been resolved via a different mechanic. I explained that the change of brake discs specifically has fixed the issue and that the usual marks on the discs could have been the issue. I asked for an explanation as to how faulty brake discs could have been used especially is the brakes are Audi originals. I also said that I feel that I am owed at least a partial refund as the brakes should have lasted longer but the noise was unacceptable. The response: 1. They accept that there was excessive noise. 2. It is highly unusual for this to happen, in fact they say they have not had issues with a single set of Audi discs they've ever sold. 3. They make clear that they have not seen my car for a year so it does not give them a chance to see the issue and on that basis to even know there was still a problem. They also came back again to me to say: 4. They've not spoken to me for at least a year since sending me out the pads so as far as they knew the problem was over and I didn’t contact them to say otherwise Finally they made clear: 5. I will not get any money back at all. I am unsure my position. It is two years down the line and over a year since I was last in contact with them. Could I have done something sooner, yes but I didn't have the funds in 2015 to do more, and I had given up for a while. But I do think this is right, they fitted faulty brakes, they had two occasions where the car was returned to fix it, exchanged 30+ emails, videos, Ithink it was reasonable of me to go elsewhere. Although it took me two years to pay for another set of brake discs, I didn't get full use of the brakes, those rear discs were used for 10,000 miles and were not even 50% worn. Any advice please? thanks very much in advance
  5. About 2 year ago I replaced the front brake pads along with the drums on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The brake pads were EBC and supposed to eb British made premium brake pads. The one thing I have noticed is that now I get a lot of brake dust although my driving style has not changed and the brakes do not feel so positive. The latter has come to my attention recently. I am of the opinion that brake pads should last a lot longer than 18000 miles or am I incorrect?
  6. Hi I was charged for Brake discs as i already had the brake pads warranty, i paid on completion of the work. I then went to another independent garage for other work on my car which needed doing. It was at this point the independent garage bought to my attention that my brake discs and pads needed replacing too!! After informing them that I had just had them done recently, they told me that my discs looked a couple of years old and most likely they had been 'skimmed' on the outside to look new, but the inside are heavily corroded. To cut a long story short, i have been through their complaints procedure and since have taken my car for inspection at another Kwik Fit Garage which they arranged and are sticking by the fact that they did replace with new discs and pads. The independent garage have given me a letter to confirm the state of my discs and that they were never replaced recently. I have been in touch with CAB who have sent off my complaint to Trading Standards to investigate. Any advice or help would be highly appreciated. regards, IM
  7. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the price seemed high, but was told that it was right. On the phone when I was advised they were unsafe I'm sure I was told the brakes were £240 to fix which would seem more reasonable. I had paid for the service in advance online so when I went to pick up the car I was only paying for the brakes. What can I do? I was scared the car was unsafe so felt I had to choice but to agree to the work and pay the bill. I now feel totally stupid and ripped off.
  8. Hi, My wife purchased a BMW Mini from a secondhand car dealer in May this year. Car was at the top end of book price. It is a 2005 convertible. When looking at the car I noticed that the front discs and pad required replacement and that the rear discs and pads were approx 50% worn and that the offside rear caliper was holding on (i.e. not fully realising). They agreed to replace front discs and pads and to 'sort out' the rear caliper. When the car was picked up the front discs and pads had sure enough been replaced and the rear caliper was no longer holding on...... ....fast forward two months and 2000 miles, my wife metioned to me after returning from work that the rear brakes were making a noise, I checked them and lo and behold the rear offside caliper is siezed on, and has worn the inside brake pad to the metal, therby also ruining the disc. I spoke to the dealer yesterday and I was met with the repsonse "well we only offer a one month comprehensive waranty - you can go and get a price and we might offer you something but it wont be much" I've told them I dont expect to be replacing a brake caliper (which was noticed as faulty when first viewing the car and was told had been fixed) within two months of paying several thousands of pounds for the car, this was met with the response of "you'll have to talk to the owner tommorow but you wont get much, if anything". My view is: The fault was pre-exisiting It was not properly repeaired (if indeed anything was done) The siezing of the caliper has ruinined the disc and pads on the offside rear which no require replacement as an axle set. I would think a contribution from the dealer for 100% cost of the replacement caliper and 50% for the pads and discs (these were half worn) would be a fair settlement I would welcome people's views before I go back to the dealer and put this to them this afternoon. Thanks
  9. I own a Hyundai IX20 CRDi 5 door (small MPV). It's a great car apart from one rather significant problem - which, according to the forums seems to be afflicting a lot of IX20 owners. My nearside brake caliper seized in the "handbrake on" position, the offside was working OK. The nearside brake disc overheated and was damaged as a consequence. I took the car back to the dealer and the failure was deemed to be a warranty claim (5 year warranty). Then I was told they would arrange a hire car as there were no parts on back-order, in fact the part would have to be manufactured and dispatched from South Korea! When I complained about the hire car (Chevrolet Spark) being much smaller than the IX20, I was informed by the dealer and customer services that Hyundai were under no obligation to provide a car! Amazing, the car fails under warranty after 8,500 miles, they can't provide parts to fix it, and they're doing me a big favour by providing a hire car! I have been informed that the earliest the part will be in the UK is 14th September. I have told customer services and the dealer that it would be common sense and good engineering practice to change both rear calipers, this would hopefully ensure that the same failure didn't occur on the opposite side a few weeks or months later and we would have another 4 week wait for parts. My suggestion was rejected. I have since read a report on the Hyundai forum of an IX20 owner who experienced the same problem and guess what? Yes, the other caliper failed a few weeks after they renewed the first one and his car was laid up for another month waiting on parts! Right at this moment, I would not recommend buying a Hyundai IX20. Nice car but no parts support. I've owned cars for the last 43 years and never experienced anything like this.
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