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  1. Hello, please can anyone help? I had three identical items for sale on ebay. Sold one and posted it off. Got a message saying it had been damaged on the way. I sent a replacement straight away and said once that arrives and is all fine I would arrange for the original damaged item to be collected. I thought that was better than asking for the damaged one to be sent back first. I got a message to say the second item has arrived and is fine. Ever since then I have been messaging asking when would be convenient to collect the damaged item, but no repl
  2. OK, this is what happened... About 18 months ago Crapquest contacted me about an AMEX debt of c.£4800 they had been assigned. Right from the start they were unorganised and aggressive, and would come on very strong then go away for months on end. In October 2007 I received a County Court Summons, and that's when I found the CAG and even more importantly PT2537! The CAG members helped me file a defence, and whilst I won't bore you with the details, Crapquest were very obstructive; they did not send particulars of the claim, didn't arrive in Court for the first hearing etc. It app
  3. Case of Capquest (Amex) v Padders thrown out of court today! I will write up the events over the weekend, but suffice to say without the CAG and in particular PT2537, I would not have stood a chance! If you have an Amex issue or indeed Crapquest on your tail, fear not, compared to them, I felt like a Barrister in Court today! I'll share the Judgement over the weekend when I'll write it up, but in the meantime, thank you CAG and in particular PT2537, your help and support were both non judgemental, but more importantly, priceless!! You'll be astonished how a big organisatio
  4. Hi Paul, I have heard back from Capquests representatives, HL Legal with a letter dated 11/1/2008 saying: We enclose a copy of our Clients completed Allocation Questionnaire which has today been filed with the Court. We look forward to receiving a copy of your Allocation Questionnaire in due course. The questionnaire shows answers as: A = yes B = no C Part 2 = no D = All of it Applications = no Witnesses = Jo'Okeefe Facts= The terms of a credit agreement and the parties dealings with each other Experts = no Track = small claims track E = 2 hours
  5. Superb, thanks for your help Paul (as ever)! Kind regards Peter
  6. Thanks Paul' I owe you one and hope i'll get the chance to repay you. Kind regards Peter
  7. Will do, thanks again, you really have been so helpful, I am very grateful. Kind regards, Peter
  8. Wow thanks Paul , TT and Shane; I am really grateful to you; i'll upload and enter it online now. Kind regards Peter
  9. Thanks Paul, it really is kind of you. I can file it online, so hopefully that will save time Thanks Peter
  10. sorry, from CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd dated 20 April 2007 saying" your account will then be passed to our Solicitiors who may commence legal action on or after 26 Apr 2007
  11. Paul, yes I am sure I did, but haven't got it now
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