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  1. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice. I recently opened up a noodle account and noticed that a TSB account of some sort had been opened in my name. I think it was a loan as there have been monthly payments and now has a balance of £0. I know I should have checked sooner but in the past we used ones like Experian mainly for our credit score. Here are more details anyhow. The account was opened approx 3 years after we left the address it is registered at in 2014. There have been regular payments into the account/loan and everything other than it being false, seems ok. Payments stopped in April of this year and is marked up to date as of the end of April. Not sure how they managed to get my details as we had a redirect on for the mail and quickly notified people of our change of address etc. but something got through or left behind in the move. I’ve contacted the bank and have been given the number for their fraud department and have also marked the account as disputed on noodle. What I would like to know is what steps should I take to make sure this account is dealt with appropriately. Thanks and any questions that might help let me know. Spoke to their fraud department and it’s a current account, not loan etc. They’ll investigate and send me a letter in 10 days detailing what evidence was used to open the account. They’ve stopped the account and put a note on it.
  2. Received letter from Capital One in April 18 RE:A credit card debt. We are writing to inform you we have instruced Fredrickson to act on our behalf to arrange payment of your capital one account, blah blah blah. I DONT HAVE A CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT. Checked credit file with call credit and already listed on my report as sustained arrears. Steady flow of letters coming from Fredrickson now one stating on 5/6/18 "as there is a default on your credit file this may affect future credit". Checked credit files this morning no default as of yet. Sent SAR to Capital One and received reply back stating "The information you have requested has not been enclosed as we cannot locate a capital one account in your name using the details above". So they have added an account to my credit file in arrears Have sent me letters stating they have passed it onto Fredrickson Received steady flow of letters from Fredrickson But they state they dont have any record of me ?????? As stated above i do not have or had any dealings with Capital One . Whats the next course of action please ?
  3. From March of this year i have been having Barclaycard registering a default on my credit file for an account that does not belong to me and registered to an address i have never lived at. However the name and DOB is the same as mine apart from this other person has a middle name and i do not. I contacted the CRAs about this problem but they say they will not remove it unless Barclays tell them they can. I have sent a SAR to Barclays on the 5/6/18 but so far ive not even had an acknowledgement from them. This is not the first time this has happened with Barclays as they also registered a CCJ to me back in 2003 by mistake and again in 2010, i managed to get my credit files cleared but again they have made the same mistake again, looking to get this resolved asap and i want compensation for the problems they have caused me over the years. Any advice and suggestions of what i could do next would be great thanks.
  4. There are five manhole covers on my driveway but the drains they cover are not to my property. I now want to re-surface my driveway and I've been quoted six thousand pounds. 1250 pounds of this is to deal with the manhole covers. Yorkshire Water sent someone out to look at them, but all they have done is replaced one cover that was cracked and therefore dangerous. I could put up with the drains and covers if Yorkshire Water was prepared to contribute to the cost of setting them in the driveway properly. They are saying they are not prepared to do anything. The drains in question serve our next door neighbour and three other houses going the other way. Does anyone know if there is any way I can force the issue?
  5. Not my debt fraud hat trick I have been reading some of the past posts and found them very helpful. But I would like some help with my own problem set out below About five years ago the payday loan company Wonga sent me a letter claiming I owed them money. It turned out someone had used my name to take out a loan. With the help of my bank and a representative from Wonga it was established that they did not have my banking details and had not taken any money out of my account. I was asked to contact the police by Wonga to report an identity fraud. The police said because I had not lost anything to the fraudster it did not warrant a crime number but the incident would be logged. Although I ‘am sure I would not have thrown the letters away, I cannot find them. Early this year I was contacted by B W Legal representing PRAC financial, claiming they had acquired a debt from Instant cash loans ltd. T/A Payday Express. I owed them £850.80 No other details about the loan were in the demand. I ignored their letters as I have never had any Payday loans in my life. I have never had any letters or any contact with Payday Express. It turns out when they threatened me with court action the details in the letter of claim i.e. the date the agreement was signed coincided with the time of the I.D. fraud with Wonga. The 26th of November 2012. In June I received a letter from Moriarty law representing Motormile finance Limited (MMF). They claimed I owe them £468.87 from a debt they acquired from Lending Stream Limited, again no information on the debt. I sent a prove it letter and a supposedly copy of the agreement with my name and address on it arrived, The date the loan was taken out is the same as the other loan 26th November 2012. I have not lost any money but the threats from the debt collection agencies to take me to court and wreck my credit rating have made life in the past months stressful and unpleasant. How many other loans have been taken out in my name? I do not know Thanks d.bick
  6. I had parked properly in a bay at surgery waiting room car park and was just about to go in when a car from almost opposite bay reversed out into centre ( apparently to make space to turn and exit) BUT they kept coming. I sounded my horn but nothing happened and then they came to a stop on my NS front wing/door junction. No driver in car obviously failed to set handbrake. My damage is very slight, will probably polish out ( fairly old car anyway) I took photographs and went for appt. Made enquiries in waiting room, no takers. Had appointment, about 30 minutes and still the other car resting against mine, so with assistance pushed it clear and left my details. Should I inform my insurers? They are such that I feel it will open up the usual can of inefficiency, stupidity and it was my fault for being parked in a bay etc. I would estimate cost of my repair to be say £20 can of paint and a couple of hours rubbing down etc. I have no details of the 3rd party an they have, as yet not contacted me
  7. Hi all I have today received a letter and discovered that my 20 year old son has debts totaling nearly £2000 which Marston say are for unpaid fines for not paying for several train fares after getting caught with no ticket. The letter says their client is "HMCTS Manchester". I called Marston and they say they will attend my home tonight and unless I can prove with receipts items are not mine they will take them as my son's and I will have 28 days to prove they are mine to get them back. My son lives at home and has nothing and all items such as TV etc are mine and not his. How can they taken them?! It doesn't seem right. Is my car at risk as well? Should I move it and hide it? It's in my name only and has nothing to do with my son. I know that the HCEO can't break into my house but can open via an open or unlocked door so I won't be answering when they call but I am still scared. Please can you help?! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everybody, been a while since i have visted (that long i've totally forgotten my old username and email address so had to reregister) a couple of years ago we noticed on hubby's credit file a capital one account in his name but at my parents address (he's never lived there, never even used the address) account was started in 2009 according to the file. I remember sending a letter to Capital One which i'm hoping i still have a copy of on an external hard drive otherwise i'm probably knackered, it was asking for a copy of the agreement, and i stupidly stated it was at an address he'd never lived at and he has nothing to do with this account. We received a copy of the agreement but with our current address on and then the files were updated at the credit reference agencies and my parents address went completely off his file not even showing as linked, it was also applied for online so hes not physically signed it nor did he hand sign the letter i sent. My concern is we today had a bailiff turn up whilst i was out, he left a letter i called him, he was very understanding as i explained we'd never heard no more and we believe the debt isn't hubby's but not sure how we can prove this and i know i should've chased it to see what was going on but we moved house and i concentrated on sorting newer debts out. They actually did a trace on hubby as we never responded to the court letter which we didn't know about as we had moved. He explained what we needed to do and to just keep in touch with him whilst we deal with Cabot. my question is, is there a way i can prove this and can anybody offer me any help on the next step, i really dont want to pay for a debt that i'm 100% sure isn't ours, were trying hard to clear debts and don't need any adding. It doesn't look like i've kept the original credit report that had found the info on unless the agencies hold copies that i ordered. I may have a copy of the letter i sent them questioning the account i will check this evening. I do have a copy of the original agreement and a letter to say it was applied for online which capital one sent me. I need to check the account number that Cabot have as the agreement and lowells numbers differ slightly which i noticed a few moments ago, we cant ever recall him having a capital one account since he shut an old one down 15/16 years ago. There is no capital one account showing on his report anymore. The account defaulted in May 2011, i can see that under Cabot Financial. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me, apologises if i don't reply straight away.
  9. When I joined my company 3 years back, I had a Samsung Galaxy S3. My boss wanted to get me a work phone and said it would be better for me to use the work phone as a personal phone as well so I only needed one phone. He bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 for me to use as a work phone. Few days later, a work friend of ours had his phone stolen, my boss pretty much took my old phone and gave it to him to use (and later keep), pretty much assuming that since he replaced my personal phone, that that phone then belonged to him. So now I only have a work phone with a shared number. I want to know if this Galaxy S5 is now technically mine? (I have now decided to get a new personal phone anyway).
  10. She says they all have to sign something to stop them saying how much they have won. She got a new kitchen a few months ago so maybe she got a few bob.
  11. Hello, at my wits end with this, i sold a car 18th AUG 2014 the new owner went into a bus lane in Glasgow city centre on 12th SEPT 2014. The council contacted DVLA one week after and they provided them with my details, because their system was still showing me as the registered keeper. For over a year now and i have been fighting Glasgow city council and stirling park(debt recovery) over this mistake, i have provided DVLA headed documents to show that i wasnt the registered keeper at the time of the contravention yet they STILL chasing me for the debt. They have no right chasing me for money that i ain't liable for as far as iam aware?? Can someone please help, so i can get these people off my back?
  12. Hiya, posting for friend. My friend had been with her boyfriend for nearly a year when he asked her to get a bank loan for a BMW car. His credit rating was low so couldn't get a loan. She got the loan from her bank and gave him the money for the car. He is working and said he would give her the money every month to make the repayments on the car. He has now left her and taken the car. The log book is in his name as he told her she couldn't own the car as she doesn't have a driving license( she believed him). She's at her wits end, working and supporting her 2 year old son and can't afford the £125 a month repayments. Does she have any legal rights over car and what can she do... ... Urgent help needed please. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi i am looking for advice i just read this letter when i arrived back home on friday night from a debt recovery company for a bill for the previous occupier of the property but its got my name on the debt recovery letter. the bill in question was £155 for between the dates of 01/08/2104 - 14/12/2014. I was in the process of moving into this property and set up a account with e on on the 15/12/2014. The letter from the debt company was made up on the 20/04/2105 and it says i have 7 days of receipt of the letter to pay the bill i have sent a email to e on as i can't phone the now due to offices being closed regards eddy
  14. This thread is for my daughter. She has received a court claim from BW Legal on behalf of Lowell Portfolio regarding a Vodafone debt. This is not her debt. She has never had a contract phone with any mobile company so I am assuming this is ID fraud. The court claim should be here Thanks in advance. Silverfox1961 [ATTACH=CONFIG]54789[/ATTACH]
  15. Hi all. Back in December I moved house, our water supplier was Severn Trent. When we moved we retained Severn Trent as our supplier. A couple of days ago I checked my credit file, as I do once a month (checking for fraud etc...). When I did I found that there was now a CCJ on there from the start of March. After some investigating and calling the court I found that the claimant was Severn Trent and the amount was approx £350. I thought this was odd given that we're up to date with them (or so I though). I rang them to find out what on earth was going on and found out that when they were informed of my new address they set up a new account in my name for the new address whilst leaving the old account active at the old address. I set up a direct debit when we moved (cancelled the old one as I switched banks) and just assumed that the final bill for the old house would be taken care of by dd. as the old account was left active at the old address all the bills, reminders court papers blah blah blah was sent there, the bill covers the period up until the end of Feb, so at least 2 months until after I moved house and all the while I'm getting the bills for the new place thinking everything is hunky dory. because the court papers were never returned judgement has been issued in default and installments set at 50 a month staring in April. They say that something appears to have gone wrong (duh) and that they're investigating. I should apparently have a response this time next week. I would say this is down to them and would expect that they remove the ccj and let me clear a recalculated balance (minus court fees and charges for the period after I moved) ideally in reasonable instalments. The worst outcome I will accept is that the CCJ stands and I pay a recalculated balance (as above) immediately to have the CCJ set aside. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been in a similar position and has any advice on dealing with them or could advise what a likely outcome of this whole mess would be. It all seems ridiculous to me and I quite frankly dont trust Severn Trent to behave reasonably or fairly in this scenario. thanks in advance for your advice
  16. Hi guys, I recently went to open a business account to start a new busines . I was rejected so joined experian and found out I had a ccj dated back to 2013. Couple of things. I wasn't aware of this ccj which is registered to my old address (which my ex wife lives at). I didn't get my post for the first year or so due to bad relations with her (2009-2010) but since 2010 I've been getting all my post and have no recollection of this. Should they send the ccj paperwork recorded delivery? I contacted Northampton county court and got the details. Then called the solicitors. They gave me some details saying it's for a credit card and the amounts etc. I said I don't think this is mine can you get me a copy of the credit agreement. Roughly 8 weeks after my request and many many phone calls I got a copy of statements (just plain and no details or specific marking of original creditors) but no agreement. I spoke to them again and they said they have requested agreement and are still waiting a response. I also received a letter from a dca saying they have put it on hold due to my request and won't chase till I have received relevant paperwork. I know in hindsight I should have really done all this via letters but was panicking and trying to sort quickly. If they can't find the agreement do I have a chance if setting this aside? Should I send a letter stating about the phone calls and again requesting the agreement, giving them a time limit? How can I prove I haven't received any paperwork? What are my options? Sorry for being long winded and hope someone can help. many thanks.
  17. hey guys, this is my first forum post, i found a freedom pass on the ground and used it on the bus turns out inspectors got on the bus and yeah karma, guys i am shaken to the ground I dont know what to do i gave the guy my real name and dob but a different address, what should i do, I am shaking as i type this. please help me
  18. Hello all. I have trawled through the threads and cant find anything relating to my issue, but please accept my apologies if it has been posted already. I will try to keep it brief as possible, but really hoping someone can advise where to go to from here. I purchased a small cottage from my boyfriend back in 2008, in West Lothian, with the intention of fixing up and letting out. This was to be a project I had been wanting to try for some time. Following some renovation works, I finally was able to let out and my first tenant, Miss A, moved in in Aug 2008. She eventually moved away to London in April 2010. After a quick refresh, my second tenant, Miss B, took her tenancy in May 2010, until Dec 2010. This was the severe winter we had in Scotland, and unfortunately a pipe burst in the attic space. My tenant had been away staying with friends for Christmas, and when she came back the house was completely flooded, from attic to basement. The ceiling had come down along with some internal plaster walls. As I was doing most of the repair work myself (along with my boyfriend) it was likely to take several months to make good again. The house was ready by Sept 2011, and a new tenant was found, Mr C. He moved in, but due to personal circumstances, moved out again in Nov2011. He effectively left the house uninhabitable - like something out of "life of grime" on the television. I advised the council of this, but they declined to send anyone out to inspect. After some considerable renovation work (again) the house was left uninhabited for a period, partly due to personal circumstance which was using a fair bit of my time. Eventually however, another tenant Mr D, moved into the property, in June 2013. He stayed for about a year, moving out in Feb this year. Again, after a refresh, my current tenant moved in this summer and remains in situ. Here are the issues; West Lothian Council are demanding payment for unpaid council tax via Alex Adamson (sheriff officers), which, from what I can ascertain, are for four separate periods. £3948.88 from 2010 £213.99 from 2010 £1301.78 from 2009 £932.88 from 2008 all now have summary warrants granted against them. To further complicate matters, a letter has been sent to my boyfriend, at my current address, demanding payment of unpaid council tax of £106.48 - for the period 2013/14, even though the property is nothing to do with him whatsoever since 2008! Speaking to Adamsons is a waste of time, they simply refer everything back to the council at best, claiming they don't have authority to act. I have spoken to the council on several occasions, asking for a breakdown of the charges. To date I am still waiting. I have also advised them that during the periods where they are claiming council tax is owed, had tenants in place and it should have been the tenant paying, not me. They asked me to supply proof that I had tenants, which I did by way of receipts for rent, (my tenants have all preferred to pay cash) and tenancy agreements. Some time later they came back saying they could not accept any of the items as proof for the following reasons - the tenancy agreement was witnessed by someone known to me (??), and because the receipts are hand written, this could be done by anyone at anytime!! I also queried that they must have records of our tenants paying their own council tax, which was eventually confirmed in some cases. it would appear are claiming council tax from me from our first tenant, who they say didn't pay, and for a couple of periods inbetween when the house was empty. I should note that the council did inspect the property after the flood (2010) and agreed the house was uninhabitable and therefore tax exempt. They even advised that they would allow up to a year. (They deny this inspection even took place now - asking me to give them the name of their inspector which I cant remember) Following the mess/damage left by Mr C, the house was again uninhabitable. I asked the council to inspect to confirm this, but they declined - simply asking me to advise when the house was ready! Despite keeping the council aware throughout my entire ownership of the property when it was empty, and despite them advising the property has on occasion been uninhabitable, I have never questioned the fact the during these periods Council Tax may be payable by myself. By my calculations this would total somewhere in the region of £1200. I have advised the council on countless occasions that if this is the case, please let me know the exact amount and it would be paid in full immediately. They have yet to respond to this. I don't hear from them for months - then another letter from Adamsons drops on the mat. I even tried to get a lawyer, but because I am disputing the amount owed, they said they cant help Im really at my wits end now - the latest letter from Adamsons now threatening to arrest my bank accounts. As I have said all along, I am not disputing some monies may be owed by myself - and Im happy to pay that if the give me an accurate figure. However I don't think its fair for me to pay outstanding from tenants who didn't pay. I also found it very insulting that my proof was unacceptable. It was only because I keep records for accounting purposes that I had any proof in the first instance, not because I thought I would need it years later to dispute council tax bills that aren't even mine? Please help!! Laura
  19. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and quite rightfully the lovely lady at the brokerage advised my to check my credit report on line via a major name in the credit report game.. .either Equifax, Experian or Call Credit to name a few. What a shock I had....I discovered a CCJ planted against my name that: No 1: Does Not Belong To Me No 2: The CCJ is issued to an address that I have never lived at No 3: It is issued to somebody with the same name as me I quickly got to the bottom of where it came from and have had a face to face meeting with the utility company involved. They had the ordasity to ask me for money to get it removed although they admit it is nothing to do with me, their mistake!...they finally agreed to cover the cost of the court paperwork themselves. I have given them seven days to have it removed or face legal consequences as it is hampering my attemt to get a mortgage on a property I want to buy. I really dont have the energy for persuing a legal claim but I was wondering if anybody else has ever been in a similar situation and If I am to sue what would the likely outcome be? I really want this property I have my eyes on and the only thing hampering the process is the CCJ which is nothing to do with me. Once I have waited for the court to remove the CCJ it will probably be around 6 weeks bufore the CCJ is removed form my file.. ......far to long.....the property will be gone. Any advise? Thanks everyone.
  20. This originates from Cabot Financial who tried to via CCS Collections to obtain £875 on their behalf, no client was listed. I wrote back making it very clear that I have no outstanding debts that have not been serviced and that if the alleged debt was mine which I know it is not then please provide the proof. After a couple of letters exchanged they admitted that it was an electronic request and they had not provided any paperwork. Now I have Ruthbridge on the case after £2625.70p owed to the Bank of Scotland?? I have never had any dealing financial or otherwise with the BoS or any associated company. Having read the background to Cabot Financial and Ruthbridge it seems both could best be described as chancers who chase statute barred debts and do have a habit of chasing anyone who might fit the bill to get some money. Is there anything I can do get these vultures to go away permanently?
  21. Hello all, Wonder if anyone can help, A little while back my account was hacked and my personal details taken - along with a bank account withdrawal This was resolved earlier this year, however today I have had a baliff attend saying that I owe £950 to a payday loan company. Now I have never had a payday loan in my life so know this is linked back. He had court paperwork - I asked for a copy which he said he would get for me- and it was for a previous address which is why I never got it to defend it. So my question is what is my next step? I have spoken to them on the phone and they have said they cannot do anything until the "appropriate court steps" have been taken by me, I have no idea what these are and what I need to get filled in Do I need to arrange for a judge to look at it? Whats the cost/ timescales with this? Any help greatly appreciated
  22. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D I'm not being chased for this as they do not have my current address...... but can I CCA them using same details as my partners card i.e. presume that KPR will be chasing it also ?
  23. Hello All I Need Your Help!! Last week I had my Phone stolen from me while on my Uni christmas night out. However, i Thought I had just mis-placed it so didn't cancel the contract for a few days hoping it would turn up somewhere. Yesterday I contacted Orange to see if the person who had stolen my phone had made any international calls...I was told in the space of 2-3 days £2500 had been spent on my phone and that I had to pay it all back. I asked them... Considering my monthly payments are around £12 .. How come when they saw that my phone had made say £50 worth of calls, that they didn't cancel it or at least contact me on my home phone number or e-mail?? I was told that sometimes the computerised system can't keep up with all the data from all the people who use Orange in the UK and doesn't always detect faults such as this. However, I was also told straight after the above, that the £2500 had been accumulated over a matter of around 2-3 days, so they obviously knew that it was happening. I need any advice you can give me!, I am the victim of a crime (my phone being stolen) and I'm being faced with the charges, it doesn't seem quite fair does it? As a 20 year old lad In his first year of University there is no chance I will be able to pay it back..I want to take this as high as I can to ensure I don't have to pay any of it and any help you can give me would be truley truley appriciated. Thank you & Best wishes!! David Parry
  24. Hi, this is my first post here so please bear with me - looking for some advice! I moved into my rented property in August, my boyfriend stays periodically, got busted by the police for driving with no MOT, he's a bit bury your head in the sand kind of thing, letters came through the door from the Court, final steps notice etc, still didn't deal with it though. A month ago, Marstons came knocking, well, I say knocking - they just left the letter through the door, a removal notice - I phoned the fella straight away to say that he didn't live at my address, but I wanted to try and help sort things out, he was discussing all about the case with me and what could be done, said he would give it til 21st to sort something out because the Court shuts over Christmas but might possibly be able to give longer. I sent them a letter the same day the bailiff called proving that the house is in my name, providing tenancy agreement and council tax bills, got an email back off them saying they've passed correspondence to the bailiff but I am fully expecting that he is just going to turn up tomorrow anyway - how can I stop them from attending? The fine is clearly nothing to do with me so surely they have no right to come? an someone please help, I have had to send my daughter to my mums because I am frightened that they will come in and try to take all of my and my daughter's things!
  25. i need help please there is a debt on my credit file that is not mine i raised an issue with the credit reference agency and the company have now settled the debt with partial settlement but this is also untrue as i havent paid anything towards this debt as it isnt mine the company has issued a default and i need to kno how to get this information off my file as it is stopping me getting a mortgage thanks
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