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  1. Thanks for the replies Should Trading Standard be contacted because he is doing this to a number of people?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply We have what looks like a legit contract. And we made payment via bank transfer.
  3. Great I'm keen to post a review on this guy a.s.a.p but wanted to know the legal position before doing so
  4. Anyone, or can someone signpost me to a thread of a similar situation? I can only see one page of forum history and I can't see a similar story.
  5. Hi We paid a deposit for a new window to be made in an existing wall, it was £600. The builder has constantly not turned up and is ignoring calls. A review of someone else having the same problem has gone up on google. What do you do when the builder has done nothing at all, other than take your deposit? Thanks
  6. Not a different game but the exact same game as we already have but under a different name and box. I think it is made by another company. So they have changed the box to make it looks like a different game but inside its the exact same one.
  7. Brought a board-game to play at Christmas. However, when it arrived it was the exact same board-game as an already long established board-game. The outer packaging/name etc are totally different to look at, you'd not know they were the same. There is no mention that the two items inside are exactly the same. Are they allowed to do this?
  8. Thanks interesting and as I'd expect really. It is misleading but its actually meaningless.
  9. Its hard to say if more expensive than normal but certainly very expensive.
  10. I was in a shop a while ago that claimed to be a 'Factory Shop'. However, it was extremely expensive, when by definition a factory shop should be cheaper than normal. This is misleading and I wondered if there was any accountability?
  11. "a shop that sells things more cheaply because it sells them directly from the company that made them" http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/factory-shop Does a shop have any accountability for making a claim to be a factory shop,when it might not be?
  12. I actually packed it myself. I think I've done a great job, really enjoyed doing it. Not as hard as it seems
  13. Does anyone know where I might find something official that I could show to Amazon to prove its down to them to supply the packaging?
  14. I had a live chat with Amazon. I said it was crazy and she went off to speak to her manager and he confirmed its down to me.
  15. They don't see it that way. I even said I could drive it somewhere as long as it was reasonably close but they said no.
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