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Found 7 results

  1. Brought a board-game to play at Christmas. However, when it arrived it was the exact same board-game as an already long established board-game. The outer packaging/name etc are totally different to look at, you'd not know they were the same. There is no mention that the two items inside are exactly the same. Are they allowed to do this?
  2. Hi Everybody, I have a local cafe business which I am looking to relocate to a better, more prominent area of my town. At present, I have been trading for less that 1 year yet the business has seen significant growth and customer footfall is increasing despite it’s current location within the town’s local market (which has seen better days!) Recently, a rare opportunity to rent a shop on the main busy high street has presented itself and I am very eager to move my operation to this new premises. The shop is smaller than my existing premises, however I would be looking towards providing ‘food to go’ rather than offering a seated menu. Furthermore, I would be keen to carry on renting my existing kitchen facilities to produce the ‘food to go’ for the new shop, with the existing cafe operation being reverted back to how it was before I took over – moving my branding etc to the new shop. I have a 2 months waiting period before the occupiers of the new premises move out. What would be the best strategy to help me pull this off successfully? All advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated
  3. Can anyone tell me - as google is getting my head in a spin! Can i purchase branded sweets and place a personalised wrapper on them to sell? Hundreds of companies sell them but is it ok?
  4. Hi I wish to pursue a PPI claim on a past insurance . This insurance was arranged by my then mortgage provider ,Branded Home Loans who i believe has since been taken over by another company . Does anyone know to whom i should approach Thank you
  5. 3 Months ago I ordered 2 backpacks , wont say from whom as its not their fault although they refuse to take any responsibility for the rubbish courier they use. Had been working away from home for a week and came home to find a ticket from Myhermes saying parcel in wheelie bin ( a practice frowned upon by every other courier I use) well no parcel in bin , either stolen or the bin man just got an early xmas pressie , after 3 months , ( yes I was informed that Myhermes would take 90 days to investigate) I received an e-mail today saying I had left a note on the door telling the driver to leave it in the bin. difficult since 1) I did not know what day it was getting delivered , 2) I was away from home so could not have left a note,And as far as they are concerned that's it end of story , they do not seem interested in my side. the true side of the story, no goods , no refund (as seller believes that it was delivered) Anyone any ideas as what should be my next move. Worst courier service ever , customer service does not exist , DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTSNCES USE THIS COMPANY
  6. Hi all, I would welcome the advice of other CAGGER's regarding a problem with an ironing board we purchased from a John Lewis store in 2010. After going through a number of cheaper ironing boards, we decided that the one own-branded item looked very sturdy and was built to last. Unfortunately not, though... it collapsed on me yesterday due to the weld joining the board to the legs completely failing. Here's the item: http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-circles-ironing-board-l135-x-w46cm/p231402952 As you can see, it was not a cheap product. It's currently 80 GPB, we bought it for 75. I've called John Lewis to complain about it and that my expectations regarding the price and solid-looking construction have not been fulfilled. I had hoped that such an item would last longer than this. At the moment they are falling back on the 2 year guarantee, and as it is outside of that time, the most they would be willing to offer is store vouchers to the value of 35 GBP. They state that there have not been any other failures of this product, certainly within the same batch. Do you think this is a reasonable offer? I know that JL tends to be good when it comes to customer service, in some cases better than a lot of retailers out there, but I am still disappointed that such an expensive purchase has failed so soon. Thanks.
  7. Thousands of innocent bank customers are being branded crooks because their names have been put on a secret blacklist. A Money Mail investigation has discovered how the credit records of around 1,000 ordinary savers a year are being wrecked by suspicious banks. Through no fault of their own, customers have had their details added to a register of possible fraudsters. This places a black mark against them and can make it impossible to get a bank account, a credit card or mortgage. Anyone who demands to know why they have been put on the list is fobbed off, and told they cannot be given a full explanation because of spurious legal reasons. Campaigners are so concerned about this practice that they are in high-level talks between banks and regulators. Labour MP Stephen Timms, who is leading the debate, says: ‘The banks are treating customers very badly, and are failing in their duty of care towards them. ‘They are placing them on a blacklist without being certain that they are doing wrong, and leaving them potentially unable to get a bank account. ‘Often these people are totally innocent, yet they are unable to get an account from anyone else.’ Security expert Richard Emery says: ‘It is completely unacceptable for the banks to blacklist people without proper evidence. It is horrifying. ‘The banks claim they have the proper systems in place to spot genuine fraud, but if they do they appear not to be working.’ Banks are desperate to crack down on the estimated £2.5 billion they lose to fraudsters every year. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2246643/I-branded-criminal-How-targeted-fraudster-unscrupulous-banks.html#ixzz2FB64mBZR
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