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Found 12 results

  1. I’ve been stupid and was caught shoplifting in Sainsburys and looking for some advice. I’ve searched the forum for similar situations, but I still have a few questions. I was taken to the back office office and asked for my name, DOB and address. I didn’t want to give them photo ID so showed them my bank card. They appeared to just look at it to confirm my name and didn’t take any photocopies of it as far as I’m aware. I was very compliant, stayed calm, handed over the items immediately (very low cost: less than £9 in total which I then paid in full before leaving).
  2. I was caught shoplifting from a Sainsbury's earlier in the week, huge mistake I know. Does this mean I can't order my groceries online from Sainsbury's too?
  3. I have had my car (Ford Fiesta) since June 21st last year. Now my issue is I have a knocking noise coming from the front passenger side of the car. No idea what it is. I rang Stoneacre up and they asked details and such and said your service is due, I had said, the service has been done through someone else because well they were cheaper then what stoneacre could do. He said ok, but your lifetime guarantee is invalid in that case, because you needed to get the car serviced with us for your warranty to be still valid. ok then, he said I can get the car serviced again with
  4. a lifetime nationwide mortgage was purchased within a year of someone dying probate was delayed for several months whilst legal issues were dealt with that has now been issued. we have been told by the nominated executor solicitor that all issues... ..i'e the sale of the house to meet paying the lifetime mortgage must be dealt with within 1 years. when does that clock run from? the death or the probate date? we have a feeling the solicitor are pressuring us to accept a lower offer because the clock is ticking from death, when in all truth its nt that date, just to wra
  5. Hi all Going through some old paperwork I found I had a 3k loan over 18 months back in 1996 with RBS. It has a loanguard booklet and have before seen a letter I am fairly sure saying I had this. I also found two personal illustration letters from 1999 talking about a lifetime assurance plan and mortgage protection plan. Sounds crazy but RBS, or RSA? collect a £5.00 a month d/d from my account which I thought was something I had to have...but don't actually know what its for as no reference numbers attached :/ What is the best way forward on this please? I did a few with
  6. Savers who put cash into the new Lifetime ISAs are being warned they could lose almost half of what they earn in exit fees. The Lifetime ISA is set to launch in April next year and lets savers put away up to £4,000 a year between the ages of 18 and 50. People will then get a 25% bonus on their savings from the government when they retire. But experts warn that if savers dip into their cash pile before they reach 60, for any other reason than buying a first property or because of critical illness, the government bonus is clawed back and a 5% penalty will be applied. Res
  7. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I bought a second hand car in 2014 from Stoneacre Grantham for £7,000 the salesman who sold it to me (who actually was the branch manager) offered me lifetime warranty for the car for £1000. I took him up on his offer and had the lifetime warranty added ONTO the value of the vehicle - bringing the total goods value up to £8,000. I've now had an issue with the vehicle which I would like to claim on the warranty for - however Stoneacre are telling me that they have no record of me purchasing the warranty. H
  8. I wonder if anyone would know the answer to this? My son is slowly paying back his student loan. If we start a Lifetime ISA which was announced in the budget, will any savings in this ISA be taken or seized to pay back his loan quicker? Or, is it totally separate from his student loan and can't be taken into consideration? I hope I have posted in the right forum, and please move this if need be. Thank you. Miss Anxious
  9. Hi My paents (mid and late 70's) have an interest only lifetime mortgage which they took out on a 2 year fixed rate. After the fixed rate period it was to revert to Halifax Standard Variable Rate (svr). Shortly before the expiry of the fixed rate period, Halifax wrote confirming the expiry date and telling them they could switch to one of the current fixed rates, as existing customers coming to the end of their deal. I submitted the application for them on line. They were told they would be called. They weren't, so I arranged a branch appointment. At the branch, they were
  10. John Lewis is to trial a new product-labelling scheme that, for the first time, will give consumers the lifetime electricity running costs on the most popular household 'white goods' such as washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. Backed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, it is intended to enable people to better understand how energy efficient products can bring real savings to household bills. By choosing a more energy-efficient washer dryer when replacing an old appliance, for example, it is claimed that consumers could save over £500 on its lifetime ene
  11. I have elderly relatives who now need help with their finances. I was going through the paperwork and found details of a lifetime mortgage with Aviva. They borrowed £17,000 in 1999. It seems that the interest charged on the loan is OTT. £3,574 has been added in the last 12 months and the interest rate was fixed at 2.9% compound. They owe over £58,000 as at the end of August 2013 on the original loan, so that is 14 years worth of interest. They are in their mid 80's and could possibly have another 10 years of interest to pay. How is this interest worked
  12. Hi I had my vehicle serviced by a garage. It is, or was fitted with a K&N air filter - which is a lifetime filter which just needs to be cleaned. It's supposed to give increased performance & mpg. I checked it today and found it to be replaced by a throw away filter so I have a £48 filter missing and was no doubt charged for the inferior part they replaced it with. K&N filters have been around for along time and are clearly marked up, so I assume a young inexperienced mechanic/trainee was doing the service and hadn't been told to look out for them. I've email
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