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  1. hi my daughter purchased from vodaphone ( what a waste of space they are rude and could not be bothered ).. she had a Samsung curve 7 for 3 days and dropped it from about 6" and the screen cracked.... I have looked at their selling adverts and it shows it being bent dropped from height an being bent and not cracking...,. I have contacted them and they said tough cracked screen voids warranty... .that was 8 months ago and the phone worked perfectaly.. .she woke up last Tuesday and the phone was completely dead contacted Samsung and they said take it to their sh
  2. Hello all, Just under 2 years ago I bought a 15" Macbook Pro. I have had an iPhone die on me before so to negate what I consider slightly fragile products I bought the laptop through John Lewis as it came with a 3 year warranty (as well as having a positive public image towards repairs/replacements). About 6 months ago the screen cracked, this was extremely annoying as I was sure that it wasn't my fault, the laptop had flashed up warnings of overheating I put it in a cool place, let it recharge when I came back the screen was cracked. I expected it to be c
  3. Hi , nasty taste left in mouth by Samsung. Whilst cooking, i used my S8 as a timer, as per normal. multiple timers set, and running. turned round to check time, and the screen was flashing like mad. A crack was developing before my eyes. A phone call to Samsung sent me to their Romford "customer care" centre where i was told i had dropped it The phone is not yet 2 months old. I was told that screen damage invalidated the warrantee, and also refused a second opinion, as 3 "engineers" had already looked at it. cost of repair is approx £350, after 1.5 months use am i right in thi
  4. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots wh
  5. i purchased a Shower screen with pivot door in 2010 for £90 off a ebay shop. Today , it worked loose from the frame me and a couple of friends tried to reinsert it back into the frame - upon which the glass shattered cutting both my friend's hands:mad2: The specifications say it is 6mm safety clear glass ,BS EN 12150 & CE certified. Checking on the ebay shop the company just states 25 year guarantee in general - and that's it .And it states it for all its products even the smallest and cheapest. There is only basic vague refund info and nothing fora pote
  6. Hi Just wondered if there is a problem with CAG? Each time recently I have tried to come on CAG I get a white screen, it only happens on here
  7. Need some advice on dealing with Vodafone. I submitted a SAR request asking for all the usual (Contract Details, Pricing Structure, Allowance, statement.. the works) and eventually received less of a "Data Subject Access Request" but more a summary of screen notes: For instance I called to change my address and this is what they have given me in the SAR Now I agree, it notifys me of an address change, and could be considered screen notes however WHERE IS THE ACTUAL DATA? Changed address to what??? Now I know where I changed the address to as I have a tenancy agreemen
  8. I had a smashed iPhone 6 screen for about 6 months because I couldn't afford to get it fixed and it still worked fine. However last week it began showing sign of giving up (touchscreen not working properly), so I gave in and took it to a local shop that does repairs and also sells things like cases and accessories (called Fone Care, not sure if it's a chain...) Firstly they refused to knock £5 off to price-match a different shop down the road, which is fair enough and obviously within their rights.... But we were just about to walk out, when she said she could do it now and it would only
  9. Hi would appreciate any advice if possible. Purchased new mobile with o2 in April 2015. Providers warranty 12 months Manufacturers warranty 24 months Noticed cracked appearing on LCD screen on phone. Spoke to o2 customer services explaining in detail problem and was I covered under my warranty. Told unless there was any physical signs of damage including water damage or tampering then yes it would be. Arranged for item (at my own expense as wanted it tracked) to be sent to o2 repair centre. Well today I received the following replies. Hello, Your ha
  10. I have found this forum whilst searching the internet for some advice concerning a shattered shower screen. I went away at the start of August and left my keys with a builder to refit my bathroom. We ordered everything through him. While we were away there was a leak but it seemed to have been repaired. We came back mid August, and there was still a lot to be done and then a fair bit of snagging. It was finally finished and we paid him on Friday just gone. 1 hour after payment, there was an almighty crash and bang. The new shower screen had literally shatter
  11. Then here is the answer. Works for Adobe programs, MWord, Outlook, - probably works with any program http://neoshamon.blogspot.fr/2015/06/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays.html?view=sidebar magic.
  12. Hi me again! Ok here goes, my computer is Packard Bell with windows 8 installed, had it prob over a year now but last few days it has seemed slow, unresponsive, and giving me a white screen when I go onto different sites, also I get in the top left corner a colour bit ( like on a tv when the signal is bad, if that makes sense ) I have done all the normal checks and it is showing no issues/bugs/virus etc, I have Avira . I cleared all history and done what I can with checks etc but am at a loss now, I am no expert
  13. I'm reposting this here from another board in the hope someone can help clarify the legal situation and rights. My brother bought a Lenovo Yoga 10" tablet from Argos back in late October 2014. Only by no fault of his own after using it for a few hours one night just over 2 weeks ago and letting it rest\cool overnight he awoke to find the screen had a crack in it. Not the lcd screen, just the top digitizer part. He has always kept it in an official Lenovo case and did not (and I have no reason to dis-believe him) drop it at any point and he has no reason to lie about this. He has tri
  14. Can anyone shed any light on this problem I have please ( this is Sandy ,B/C's o/h ) For some reason when I click on the google sign it opens with a blank white page I use Chrome as my browser, I unistalled it and tried again, was fine at first but has now started doing it again? I have done health check which found nothing, done a scan, nothing, have done everything, I can not open Google as like said just get blank white page Thanks
  15. Hi Last night a large frameless shower screen 'exploded' in my daughters bathroom. There was no one in the room at the time fortunately. It had been installed by a competent bathroom installer a week before. My daughter has been using the shower for a week. The company who supplied the screen say that they are not responsible, one defence they used was that its only our word that no one was in the room. I understand that tempered glass can explode spontaneously. The glass was bought by our installer from the glass supplier. Our insta
  16. hi i have been with bh for over 16 years only missed 1 payment in all this time ,,i was wondering who is liable for accidental breakage of phone screen as i have been paying bh the osc which does say its covered for any damages ty
  17. I recently brought a samsung 55" tv from Currys (Perry Barr, Birmingham UK), I did not open the box as i wanted to purchase all the other components such as stand, speakers etc. I opened the new TV after 30 days later to my utter surprise to find the screened was damaged/faulty. I took the TV back to the store and was first told by the manager there was nothing Currys could do about it since the 21 days has elapsed. I was not happy about it after 2nd visit , now they say they need to speak to the legal team before they can give me answer as to what can
  18. I have a Kindle Paperwhite which I have used for around 10 or so months without a problem. The last few days, I notice that there is approx a 5mm line where the screen is displaying a brighter light. Since I didn't have this problem at the start and it has only happened now, can it be considered a fault? I remember problems with computer monitors where there would be a few bad pixels within each monitor and this was deemed as being acceptable... Is this the same for kindle? Or is it a fault? Anyone else with this same problem? 5mm bright light may not sound like such a
  19. Hi folks, I am after a bit of advice, I bought my daughter an iPhone 5s for her 18th birthday at the beginning of May (8 weeks ago). Yesterday she told me the screen on the left hand side had started clicking. She said she would make an appointment at the apple shop to see what they say. She has returned from there today with the same phone, The Apple geek has told her that the battery is expanding and getting hot because she is running apps in the background. My immediate thought was that she has been fobbed off, surely the point of a smart phone is for it to be able to ru
  20. Here's the story: I had a near brand-new contract Sony Xperia SP that I stupidly managed to drop face down on the pavement on the way to work one day. The phone was completely functional but the display was slightly obscured by the cracks. I took the phone into a high street repair shop (part of a big mall complex in Bristol) and was quoted £50 for a full screen repair with a turnaround of about 30 minutes. I left the phone with them and returned 30 minutes later. They told me that they had replaced the screen but could now not get the display to work. They told me to return the next
  21. We renovated our bathroom 4 years ago and had a bath tub and shower screen fitted as part of the work. It was bought from an online store (with an actual high street store behind it). It had a good reputation/feedback, so I was confident in buying from them. We have used the bath/shower for the last 4 years until a couple of days ago. While bathing my 3 year old son, the shower screen dropped without warning. The impact of the falling shower screen was on my face - I had a bruised cheek and broken glasses (glasses on my face to see with, not the shower screen glass). I caught it i
  22. on August bank holiday Monday my shower screen exploded. Whilst having a shower it genuinely spontaneously combusted. At no point during the shower had I touched it. I'm covered in little cuts and my bathroom literally looks like a bomb site (literally not just literally) We spent most of bank holiday clearing it up and I called both the manufacturer and the retailer when they opened on the Tuesday. Manufacturer tells me to call the retailer (fair enough Sale of Goods Act etc) but I wanted to know if it had happened before. Receptionist when I mentioned what I was c
  23. I bought this plasma t.v from currys online, after using it for a week and watching dvd's I have noticed where there were black bars on the dvd's, that where those black bars were is now a bit lighter than the centre of the screen. I thought burn in was a thing of the past of plasma t.v's, I guess I was wrong. Where do I stand on sending this item back to currys for a replacement/refund? Would they consider this a faulty product as I very much do. I bought it online and have passed the 7day return law.
  24. I bought an Acer Aspire V5-552 from PCWorld in December as a Christmas present. The laptop was opened and worked fine on Christmas day. The next day when it was opened up the screen was cracked. The crack quickly spread across the screen. Please note that this laptop was not dropped or in any way physically damaged. The crack was spontaneous and a result of a defective screen. The only fault I can find without taking it apart (which would void the warranty) is a slight ridge on the bottom bezel where the crack seems to start from. Presumably this was there when the lapto
  25. Dear Techies, I am having this problem as stated above. I have a Pavilion dv7 Envy Series Laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Edition. I have since upgraded it to Ultimate Edition and downloaded any Microsoft update required. Trouble now is, I get these two errors above and this then more or less freezes the PC and the display all goes funny. I simply do not have any choice but to hard reboot the PC and after about 10 - 30 minutes both erros come up again Displayed on the screen. Then I am unable do nothting with the Laptop but to reboot the laptop even a shutdown simply fails excep
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