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  1. hi my daughter purchased from vodaphone ( what a waste of space they are rude and could not be bothered ).. she had a Samsung curve 7 for 3 days and dropped it from about 6" and the screen cracked.... I have looked at their selling adverts and it shows it being bent dropped from height an being bent and not cracking...,. I have contacted them and they said tough cracked screen voids warranty... .that was 8 months ago and the phone worked perfectaly.. .she woke up last Tuesday and the phone was completely dead contacted Samsung and they said take it to their shop in surrey quays which she did... .they said they could not do anything so could not help.... just need to know if it is false advertising and what are her rights.. .thanks paul
  2. Hello all, Just under 2 years ago I bought a 15" Macbook Pro. I have had an iPhone die on me before so to negate what I consider slightly fragile products I bought the laptop through John Lewis as it came with a 3 year warranty (as well as having a positive public image towards repairs/replacements). About 6 months ago the screen cracked, this was extremely annoying as I was sure that it wasn't my fault, the laptop had flashed up warnings of overheating I put it in a cool place, let it recharge when I came back the screen was cracked. I expected it to be covered under the warranty after having the laptop sent off I got sent a bill for £803 to have it mended. This i thought was excessive and I refused to pay to have it repaired (it was sent back with the damaged screen) after 2 months struggling without a laptop I decided to count it as a life lesson and take the hit. It was sent off and repaired at a cost of £797.84. I was annoyed I hadn't taken out insurance on the laptop at the start (when I first called John Lewis I thought it was included with the warranty) and considering how easily the screen had broken I was keen to have it insured from the start. After checking it was fine I left it in the blow up package it was sent to me in, and went to look on my home computer for an insurance company that would insure a device over 6 months old. The next day coming back to check that laptop was working I was dismayed to find a crack on the opposite side of the screen. This was unacceptable, the first time it was damaged I was treating the laptop properly but couldn't rule out damage happening that I didn't notice (ie something falling on it, someone knocking it over), this time I was meticulous in making sure no damage whatsoever could effect the laptop yet once again the hairline crack reappeared. I called up John Lewis technical support, explained what had happened and was keen to get it sorted again as soon as possible. Unfortunately I was going on holiday very soon and so it wasn't picked up for a good 2 weeks. The laptop was recovered and John Lewis went dark. A generic email I received when I organised the second repair mentioned it taking up to 28 days to repair I waited 27 and sent an email asking what was happening, I got a call the next day (a Sunday) saying the repair was on hold but the company doing the repair wasn't open till Monday so they couldn't ask why it was on hold. They were very polite and said someone would call me on Monday and relay their findings. No call came till Wednesday (an answerphone message asking to call back and quote a reference number), I didn't notice this voicemail till Friday, I was too late to call back the next day I called up and they explained that it was on hold as "it was accidental damage" and so once again I was to pay. I was furious and even more angry when it transpired this time the bill was £1380 as for some reason includes a new top case and battery (I believe the top case is glued to the screen so not surprising but the battery is a completely different issue and I am not sure either how it is damaged-it was working fine- or why I would be charged if it was faulty-surely it would be covered under the warranty). The laptop was £1600 to start with so these repairs will cost more than a new model. I am gutted this is all happening, I really like John Lewis and its ethos and have always heard they are very good with customer service and don't squabble about fine print etc. Like I said before I do treat my devices well, and especially in the second case I know this isn't my fault. Being left in the dark and constantly shuffled between departments is annoying but not my main concern, I am anxious that this second repair is not charged to me. I am considering making a small claims court case as a few similar stories (including one about a cracked screen) seem to have worked in the past against John Lewis but am unfamiliar with either the process, any documentation I will need or the chances of success. Thank you everyone for reading this, any help would be very much appreciated cheers, Alex
  3. Hi , nasty taste left in mouth by Samsung. Whilst cooking, i used my S8 as a timer, as per normal. multiple timers set, and running. turned round to check time, and the screen was flashing like mad. A crack was developing before my eyes. A phone call to Samsung sent me to their Romford "customer care" centre where i was told i had dropped it The phone is not yet 2 months old. I was told that screen damage invalidated the warrantee, and also refused a second opinion, as 3 "engineers" had already looked at it. cost of repair is approx £350, after 1.5 months use am i right in thinking that it had a fault inherrent since manufacture, and that should be the route i take? The phone was bought via carphone warehouse, on an EE contract. EE contract appears to state the the phone is owned for the first 6 months by the company i purchased it from, so should it be carphone warehouse i approach with this issue? leaves a really nasty taste in my mouth, i suspect it is CPW that i need to go for, but they have been phenomenal to me over the past 12 years- would be much better if i was able to go directly to Samsung At time of purchase with CPW i also bought a "gear4" protective casing for the phone, and it has lived in it ever since. It was not a cheap case either Please help Kind regards iain
  4. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots which I can prove now was fake. CICAS would not listen to me as their decision is final. Can someone help me legally and take them to court. I do not want to spend more money on them unless I have some legal advise. They not only broke their T&Cs with me but also lied to CICAS deliberately as I had pointed out to them in a call that my online profile shows the old t&cs and after three weeks they changed those. I am sure they have done it to 100s of thousands of people and ripping them off. It's a big [problem] I can tell. Please note I am no more looking for the contract I signed as I have it in my email when they originally sent it to me.
  5. i purchased a Shower screen with pivot door in 2010 for £90 off a ebay shop. Today , it worked loose from the frame me and a couple of friends tried to reinsert it back into the frame - upon which the glass shattered cutting both my friend's hands:mad2: The specifications say it is 6mm safety clear glass ,BS EN 12150 & CE certified. Checking on the ebay shop the company just states 25 year guarantee in general - and that's it .And it states it for all its products even the smallest and cheapest. There is only basic vague refund info and nothing fora potentially faulty item. i admit it is 7 yrs since purchase , but, if i can avoiding paying £90 for another , do i have any claim for a refund ?
  6. Hi Just wondered if there is a problem with CAG? Each time recently I have tried to come on CAG I get a white screen, it only happens on here
  7. Need some advice on dealing with Vodafone. I submitted a SAR request asking for all the usual (Contract Details, Pricing Structure, Allowance, statement.. the works) and eventually received less of a "Data Subject Access Request" but more a summary of screen notes: For instance I called to change my address and this is what they have given me in the SAR Now I agree, it notifys me of an address change, and could be considered screen notes however WHERE IS THE ACTUAL DATA? Changed address to what??? Now I know where I changed the address to as I have a tenancy agreement and could prove that however subsequently the following happens: So I asked for a Signed copy of my default notice from the CS Agent who sent my SAR: Now I was extremely confused because I knew that I 100% hadn't received the note at my new address however until just shortly I had lost all hope then suddenly while speaking to the new owners of my old address, they informed me that they did indeed have a pile of old mail for me in their cupboard: Incase you haven't guessed THIS WAS SENT TO MY OLD ADDRESS DESPITE ME CHANGING IT
  8. I had a smashed iPhone 6 screen for about 6 months because I couldn't afford to get it fixed and it still worked fine. However last week it began showing sign of giving up (touchscreen not working properly), so I gave in and took it to a local shop that does repairs and also sells things like cases and accessories (called Fone Care, not sure if it's a chain...) Firstly they refused to knock £5 off to price-match a different shop down the road, which is fair enough and obviously within their rights.... But we were just about to walk out, when she said she could do it now and it would only take 10 minutes; the other shop wanted me to come back and collect it some hours later, so it was simply more convenient. Went back and collected it and she showed me it was working etc, and told me I have a 14 day warranty (it's now been 7 days), and I paid the grand sum of £95! Since that day, my battery has been dreadful. I used to only charge it once in the evenings, to full charge, and it would then last until the following evening. Since having my screen replaced, it's draining rapidly and I'm having to charge it 3 times a day. Even when it's not being used:- for the third night in a row lastnight, I went to bed with 80% battery and when I woke up at 3am with my baby, it was completely dead and off. Another day I put it in my bad with 60% battery and it stayed in there all day, not being used because I was somewhere that I had no signal - and it died. I've done all the usual checks, and also absolutely nothing in my settings etc, has changed since I took it in. I already have things like location services and automatic E-Mail refresh off, I always have. A quick Google search told me that there's been quite a few people around the country with this problem at various shops, and a few suggestions I've come across is that it's because they use cheap replacement screens ('from China') which kill your battery, or that they may have swapped the original battery for a rubbish one. Can someone please advise me how to proceed with this, or indeed even if I can..?! I suffer with anxiety so don't feel I'm able to go into the shop (I couldn't even go in to get the screen replaced on my own, I had to wait until my partner could come with me). Some posts on local social media have already told me that they're not very accommodating in this particular shop (for example, someone bought a charger there and it didn't work; so she took it back, only to be refused a refund and told by the manager 'well what do you expect if you buy cheap?') Therefore I plan to approach it in writing instead if this is OK...? I just don't know what Rights/Act's I can quote in my letter to help me, if any? I'm assuming I have the right to receive my phone back in the same working condition that I gave it to them..? Not give it to them to fix a problem and end up with an even worse one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hi would appreciate any advice if possible. Purchased new mobile with o2 in April 2015. Providers warranty 12 months Manufacturers warranty 24 months Noticed cracked appearing on LCD screen on phone. Spoke to o2 customer services explaining in detail problem and was I covered under my warranty. Told unless there was any physical signs of damage including water damage or tampering then yes it would be. Arranged for item (at my own expense as wanted it tracked) to be sent to o2 repair centre. Well today I received the following replies. Hello, Your handset has successfully reached our repair centre. Before any fault diagnosis and warranty repair is conducted, our Repair Centre must ensure the device is within warranty condition as specified by your manufacturer, Samsung. Unfortunately your handset has been deemed out of warranty due to: CRACKED LCD With the warranty now void, the cost of a full repair or reconditioned replacement is £85.99 incl. VAT which can be added to your next month?s bill. Alternatively if you have O2 insurance on your account you may be able to make an insurance claim. Please request the return of your device un-repaired then contact O2 Customer Services if you wish to make a claim. If you choose to decline the quotation we will be able to return the handset back to you without repair. Please reply to this email confirming your choice. We aim to reply to you within 48hrs, though this will usually be on the same day. If you prefer to call customer services, please dial 202 free from an O2 Pay Monthly handset or 03448090202 from a landline (Standard UK Rates apply). Kind regards, O2 Returns & Repairs http://www.o2.co.uk/o2repairs hank you for your reply. We are sorry you are disappointed by this outcome. When handsets are sent for repair, all manufacturers request accredited repair centres to conduct an inspection of the device to ensure it is within warranty condition. This is part of the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions and must be done prior to any fault diagnosis being carried out. Due to this all certified engineers must look for any of the following signs before conducting any repair: • A non-approved repair centre has opened the phone. • The mobile phone has been damaged. • The mobile phone has been used incorrectly. • Liquid contamination is diagnosed on the device. • The IMEI sticker is damaged, removed or torn. • Warranty period has expired. Please note the above list is not exhaustive. In the case of your handset, the OCTA LCD Panel has been cracked. This component is internal to the device and is usually the result of excessive pressure, twisting or bending being applied to the handset, which to the naked eye can look fine, however on the inside it has caused the failure of the aforementioned component. As Samsung consider that damage has been diagnosed to the device, the warranty they offer is now void. In order for any faults to be inspected, the damage would require to be repaired first of all, this action would in turn restore the warranty allowing for all reported faults to be investigated and resolved. Unfortunately O2 has no jurisdiction over these terms of warranty, if damage is diagnosed on any of our customers devices, they will all each be contacted with similar quotations for repair or replacement. Please reply if you would like to proceed or request return of the device un-repaired. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Good Afternoon, Thank you for your email. Our repair centre is fully accredited by Samsung to carry out their repairs. In order to remain fully compliant, they must follow Samsung Warranty Terms and Conditions. For full details on their warranty, please contact Samsung, however brief information on their terms can be found here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/warranty/ Also in our last email we advised that LCD damage is usually the result of bending etc. We did not state that was what happened with your handset. Our repair is unable to specify the exact cause of the damage found as they were ultimately not in possession of the device when the crack occurred. Finally it is not necessary to advise of all of your options regarding getting your handset repaired. As our repair centre acts in full accordance with Samsung, their diagnosis and outcome would be the same. If however you are wishing for a second opinion on the diagnosis done or to raise a dispute with your warranty rights / product quality, we can arrange for the handset to be returned un-repaired which will allow you to arrange a repair with Samsung direct. Please reply if you wish for the handset to be returned or if you wish to proceed with repair. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Now I am somewhat concerned with their diagnosis as I have in no way dropped or tampered with the item. If this had been the case I would not have bothered sending it back to o2 as I have no insurance and would have been a complete waste of time. Is it worth complaining under the sales of goods act if covered or do I just accept their findings and pay for the repairs ? Has anyone encountered a similar situation and what was the outcome. Thanks
  10. I have found this forum whilst searching the internet for some advice concerning a shattered shower screen. I went away at the start of August and left my keys with a builder to refit my bathroom. We ordered everything through him. While we were away there was a leak but it seemed to have been repaired. We came back mid August, and there was still a lot to be done and then a fair bit of snagging. It was finally finished and we paid him on Friday just gone. 1 hour after payment, there was an almighty crash and bang. The new shower screen had literally shattered and exploded all over the bathroom. The builder came round and cleared up the mess and said he would be back with a new screen. I was so shocked by the incident that I didn't inspect the bath with him however upon closer inspection, there appears to be over 25 areas of damage in the bath, from gouges to scratches. It's an absolute mess. I let the builder know yesterday but I haven't heard anything from him as yet. I was wondering if anybody could offer advice as to whose responsibility this is? I feel that having spent £5k on a new bathroom that it surely can't be mine but I don't really know what my rights are. Thanks
  11. Then here is the answer. Works for Adobe programs, MWord, Outlook, - probably works with any program http://neoshamon.blogspot.fr/2015/06/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays.html?view=sidebar magic.
  12. Hi me again! Ok here goes, my computer is Packard Bell with windows 8 installed, had it prob over a year now but last few days it has seemed slow, unresponsive, and giving me a white screen when I go onto different sites, also I get in the top left corner a colour bit ( like on a tv when the signal is bad, if that makes sense ) I have done all the normal checks and it is showing no issues/bugs/virus etc, I have Avira . I cleared all history and done what I can with checks etc but am at a loss now, I am no expert
  13. I'm reposting this here from another board in the hope someone can help clarify the legal situation and rights. My brother bought a Lenovo Yoga 10" tablet from Argos back in late October 2014. Only by no fault of his own after using it for a few hours one night just over 2 weeks ago and letting it rest\cool overnight he awoke to find the screen had a crack in it. Not the lcd screen, just the top digitizer part. He has always kept it in an official Lenovo case and did not (and I have no reason to dis-believe him) drop it at any point and he has no reason to lie about this. He has tried to take it back to Argos himself, the start of Jan, again claiming it was not dropped but Argos seemed to insist that it has to get sent to be evaluated by there agents that deal with these things than to offer a replacement or refund. When it came back, totally unrepaired or worked on the size of the crack had grown and is now from one end of the screen to the other. The response from the Argos store repairs agents states the item had not been dropped in any way but had developed a slight crack down the screen. Their findings say the unit has a damaged digitizer and that its not covered by the manufacturers warranty. They claim they are unable to source parts and say in there experience the cost of the repair would be about equal to that of the unit anyway. The agents then suggest my brother contact Lenovo directly to deal with what they see as a chargeble repair due to a claim the screen and digitizers are not manufacturer warranty covered. Now, some research I have done shows\indicates these screen self crack issues in Lenovo products is becoming quite common, well more reported yet Lenovo are seemingly refusing to accept its a manufacturing\quality issue or really directly responding to or commenting on such reports on there own support board. And indicators suggest it could be down to heat\temp\thermal hot spot issues or a flexability of the tablets casing with the possibility that the adhesive used to fix the digitizer down could be causing weak\stress points. I've now took this matter up on behalf of my brother as I'm somewhat more assertive and determined than he is dealing with these things. So I took the item back to Argos with there repair agents report myself to see what the stores official line was and is for myself. And to be honest it was like knocking my head against a brick wall with the standardised "if the manufacturer says a certain part is not covered then its not covered" & "take the matter up with the manufacturer if your not happy". The first staff member when explaining the situation to her, showing her the tablet and showing her the repair agents report caused her to have to go and speak to her manager and even call Lenovo over the claim the screens and digitizers on such items are not covered under Sales Of Goods Act in the UK etc due to Lenovo claiming the screens and digitizers are not covered by the manufacturers warranty. They came back after less than 10 minutes (funny how they got hold of someone high up in Lenovo to get that clarification so quickly eh?) and said for as long as Lenovo are standing by claims that tablet screens and digitizers are not covered under the manufacturers warranty then Argos on a store level can't do anything about the issue and suggest my brother take it up with Lenovo himself if he's not happy. So not happy I ask to speak to the store manager. The store manager is sticking to the same line as the staff member and Lenovo that they got hold of so quickly. The manager even went as far as to say "in my opinion the crack looks to be accidental user damage", yet would not accept our reasoning that if (which it had not) beed dropped there would almost certainly be signs of damage on the casing such as scrapes, dents or scratches as well as it being more likely the LCD screen would also have cracked and become damaged. The manager also refused to accept or even willing to look into my own findings and research that screen cracks do and can be caused by either poor build quality or heat issues with the screen etc. In fact, in handling the tablet myself it does feel to have a slight flex in it which I personally feel is unacceptable for a £200 tablet to feel somewhat flimsy and what I feel of poor build quality. The manager also refused to accept their repair agents report that stated the item had not been dropped as meaning they (the repair agents) found the item had not been dropped, but more my brothers original claim when it was sent off that it had not been dropped or misused or mistreated etc. But as I pointed out, there was also no signs of damage or indication that it had been dropped, user caused accidental damage or any such findings by their repair agents either. As if their repair agents had found or thought that to be the case then clearly they would have stated so than claimed such parts are not warranty covered. And if the findings could not determine any user end blame then that only leaves a manufacturing issue. And that their refusal to repair the item is based on both a claim that such parts are not covered under the manufacturers warranty and that they could not source the part anyway. Yet funny how they tried to source a part after determining that the same part is not covered I feel!. The store manager also did not want to clarify or even bother to check with their head office (claiming they don't have a number for their head office) on if the Sales Of Goods Act and having to be fit for purpose etc applies over a manufacturers claims certain parts are not covered. So as it is now, I'm a little unsure of where to go as clearly in my mind the store manager should have discussed the matter with a superior at their head office over claims certain parts are not covered by a manufacturers warranty and how the Sales Of Goods Act applies?.
  14. Can anyone shed any light on this problem I have please ( this is Sandy ,B/C's o/h ) For some reason when I click on the google sign it opens with a blank white page I use Chrome as my browser, I unistalled it and tried again, was fine at first but has now started doing it again? I have done health check which found nothing, done a scan, nothing, have done everything, I can not open Google as like said just get blank white page Thanks
  15. Hi Last night a large frameless shower screen 'exploded' in my daughters bathroom. There was no one in the room at the time fortunately. It had been installed by a competent bathroom installer a week before. My daughter has been using the shower for a week. The company who supplied the screen say that they are not responsible, one defence they used was that its only our word that no one was in the room. I understand that tempered glass can explode spontaneously. The glass was bought by our installer from the glass supplier. Our installer works for himself and I do not think it is fair for him or us to pay for a new screen. Should the supplier take responsibility? Also if there is damage to the bathroom are they liable? Advice gratefully received as the best they are offering is a discounted replacement. If they are responsible please advise me on what to say to them. Thank you in advance for any help
  16. hi i have been with bh for over 16 years only missed 1 payment in all this time ,,i was wondering who is liable for accidental breakage of phone screen as i have been paying bh the osc which does say its covered for any damages ty
  17. I recently brought a samsung 55" tv from Currys (Perry Barr, Birmingham UK), I did not open the box as i wanted to purchase all the other components such as stand, speakers etc. I opened the new TV after 30 days later to my utter surprise to find the screened was damaged/faulty. I took the TV back to the store and was first told by the manager there was nothing Currys could do about it since the 21 days has elapsed. I was not happy about it after 2nd visit , now they say they need to speak to the legal team before they can give me answer as to what can be done. I am still waiting!... . what is my legal position where, and what can currys do to resolve this, all your suggestions and answers is much appreciated.
  18. I have a Kindle Paperwhite which I have used for around 10 or so months without a problem. The last few days, I notice that there is approx a 5mm line where the screen is displaying a brighter light. Since I didn't have this problem at the start and it has only happened now, can it be considered a fault? I remember problems with computer monitors where there would be a few bad pixels within each monitor and this was deemed as being acceptable... Is this the same for kindle? Or is it a fault? Anyone else with this same problem? 5mm bright light may not sound like such a huge problem, but it is kind of annoying as this affects every page I read on every book... It is like a distraction!
  19. Hi folks, I am after a bit of advice, I bought my daughter an iPhone 5s for her 18th birthday at the beginning of May (8 weeks ago). Yesterday she told me the screen on the left hand side had started clicking. She said she would make an appointment at the apple shop to see what they say. She has returned from there today with the same phone, The Apple geek has told her that the battery is expanding and getting hot because she is running apps in the background. My immediate thought was that she has been fobbed off, surely the point of a smart phone is for it to be able to run apps whether in the background or not. Should I put my angry head on and make another appointment and return to the shop. A hot and expanding battery sounds dangerous to me, I have seen the photo's of iPhone's that have caught fire in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated, no jokes about iSheep please, I personally am not an Apple fan boy. Many thanks. AS
  20. Here's the story: I had a near brand-new contract Sony Xperia SP that I stupidly managed to drop face down on the pavement on the way to work one day. The phone was completely functional but the display was slightly obscured by the cracks. I took the phone into a high street repair shop (part of a big mall complex in Bristol) and was quoted £50 for a full screen repair with a turnaround of about 30 minutes. I left the phone with them and returned 30 minutes later. They told me that they had replaced the screen but could now not get the display to work. They told me to return the next Monday. Now it has been 3 months and I still have no phone. They always give me a reason and quote the following Monday for it to be fixed. The current story is that they have tried 2 screen replacements in house (to no avail) and have currently sent it away for an expert repair. I think they have broken the phone and are unwilling to be honest, but I have no idea where I stand (I never got a receipt due to the original 30 minutes turnaround time). They have my phone number on record and lent me a cheap phone whilst the repair was happening, but aside from that I have nothing to prove my story. How do I sort this? Can I win?
  21. We renovated our bathroom 4 years ago and had a bath tub and shower screen fitted as part of the work. It was bought from an online store (with an actual high street store behind it). It had a good reputation/feedback, so I was confident in buying from them. We have used the bath/shower for the last 4 years until a couple of days ago. While bathing my 3 year old son, the shower screen dropped without warning. The impact of the falling shower screen was on my face - I had a bruised cheek and broken glasses (glasses on my face to see with, not the shower screen glass). I caught it in time before it hit my son, so we were relieved that he was ok. After assessing the shower screen and the wall fitting it was secured to, I saw that the hinge had snapped and a piece had broken clean off. It is made of plastic and I wasn't expecting it to fail after 4 years (or ever). The shower and everything else in the bathroom has been well taken care of and only cleaned with standard domestic cleaners (nothing harsh or likely to corrode any of our bathroom fittings). There should be no reason for a plastic part to be used in a safety critical item and there was no indication that any part was about to fail. I contacted the retailer and sent them pictures of the faulty hinge/fitting. They responded by escalating the matter to the manufacturer, who has stated that they will send a replacement set of hinges. I have asked them for their assurance that the replacements will not fail - I want to be confident that my family is not put at risk again. Should I accept this as the end of the matter? I suffered an injury (that I will get over) - but what about my broken glasses? Do I have any claim against the retailer and/or manufacturer for the loss?
  22. on August bank holiday Monday my shower screen exploded. Whilst having a shower it genuinely spontaneously combusted. At no point during the shower had I touched it. I'm covered in little cuts and my bathroom literally looks like a bomb site (literally not just literally) We spent most of bank holiday clearing it up and I called both the manufacturer and the retailer when they opened on the Tuesday. Manufacturer tells me to call the retailer (fair enough Sale of Goods Act etc) but I wanted to know if it had happened before. Receptionist when I mentioned what I was calling about said "oh yeah that's happened a few times. I think it's the weather". Speaking to the customer services bloke he insists it's never happened on my model apparently, although very rarely (but not never) on other models. Retailer asks me to send photos which I do. No acknowledgement by email of having received them or what kind of refund/compensation they will offer I bought a new screen and had it fitted (paid the plumber £45). Since then I've cleaned the bath several times and it has lots of little rough jagged bits where the glass has scratched it. Plumber has quoted £550 to refit the bath as it has boxing at the end. That's before we buy a new bath. He has tried to 'wet and dry' it to smooth it out but it's still rough. Retailer called to me to say the manufacturer says it's out of its 12 month warranty so no refund although they'll sell me a new screen at trade price. I think that shower screens should never explode whether within 12 months or 12 years! I decided to call my home insurance legal advice line who advise I have a claim under Sale of Goods and negligence. I write a letter before action to the manufacturer and retailer and get a letter from the manufacturer today saying without prejudice they'll offer me a new screen replacement. Now the way I see it they've kind of shot themselves in the foot because I would have settled for that before getting legal advice. The advice says the manufacturer has been negligent and is therefore responsible for the damage to property (screen and bath) and personal injury (my cuts). My letter before action set out the costs for the new screen, fitting it, new bath, fitting it and personal injury compensation. They've obviously been frightened that I've got legal backing and are offering the minimum to shut me up. Their letter says "In very rare circumstances we do occasionally get defective pieces of glass. However these, as well as being rare, are very fragile; most of them have already broken by the time we unload the goods in our warehouse. I would consider it beyond the bounds of possibility for a screen with an intrinsic defect to survive being shipped to our warehouse, being picked and loaded in our warehouse, being transported to the retailer, unloaded and handled at the retailer, transported on to site, installed and then used for four years. For a screen to shatter the way yours has would need some agent acting on it after it was installed. In view of all of the above I would say the screen has shattered for some other reason than an intrinsic defect" Some clear facts only I can verify. It was fitted by an experienced plumber. No one was touching it at the time of the explosion. The conditions in the bathroom at the time were no different from any other day. What reason other than a defect is there? It's never been knocked or hit hard and certainly not at the time of explosion. My concern is twofold. Firstly I want to know why it happened so it doesn't happen to me again and secondly if there is a hidden problem it should be found so other people are safe. By fobbing me off in the manner above it suggests the case is closed as far as they are concerned. There's no defect therefore no problem. But I know I didn't touch it! So I know it could happen to someone else! I've posted to ask for advice about pursuing it further. Obviously I can call my legal advice line but I wanted other consumers' experiences of chasing companies based on defective goods issues so I know what lies ahead in reality rather than the clinical version I will get from the legal line. Thank you in advance.
  23. I bought this plasma t.v from currys online, after using it for a week and watching dvd's I have noticed where there were black bars on the dvd's, that where those black bars were is now a bit lighter than the centre of the screen. I thought burn in was a thing of the past of plasma t.v's, I guess I was wrong. Where do I stand on sending this item back to currys for a replacement/refund? Would they consider this a faulty product as I very much do. I bought it online and have passed the 7day return law.
  24. I bought an Acer Aspire V5-552 from PCWorld in December as a Christmas present. The laptop was opened and worked fine on Christmas day. The next day when it was opened up the screen was cracked. The crack quickly spread across the screen. Please note that this laptop was not dropped or in any way physically damaged. The crack was spontaneous and a result of a defective screen. The only fault I can find without taking it apart (which would void the warranty) is a slight ridge on the bottom bezel where the crack seems to start from. Presumably this was there when the laptop arrived. I contacted Acer who confirmed that they would repair the laptop if I hadn't got it from PCWorld. PCWorld have bought all their warranties so they are responsible. So I took it to KnowHow who refused to look at it. KnowHow employee told me he isn't allowed to take cracked screens and it is obvious it was dropped or kicked or been in a car crash (he really said this). Actually other then it being a crack it doesn't look obvious at all. The crack is clean from the point of the ridged bit of bezel to the near top part of the right-hand bezel. There are no impact marks and actually at the time this guy 'analysed it' the screen protector was still on the screen and completely unmarked. I was also told by this employee that KnowHow wouldn't look at it as I had registered it with Acer so it wasn't 'new' any more. I registered with Acer after the crack appeared, this guy seemed incapable of understanding that I can use the laptop without the screen and I am incapable of understanding why I shouldn't use it while waiting to get the problem fixed. I was later reassured that this is complete nonsense, but it puts into context the kind staff that are working in PC World's KnowHow support section. I called KnowHow and complained that the shop had refused to properly look at the laptop and that I had already described the problem to Acer who have said they would repair it. The team on the phone said that the store should have taken it that they have no choice but to take it and it would be the repair team who decided if it should be repaired. He said he would call the store and I should take it back again (it isn't easy travelling to these stores - I don't have a car). He advised that I get something in writing from acer confirming they would hypothetically repair it as an aid to convincing the store to take it, despite it being the stores own policy that they should take it. I called acer back and tried to get them to confirm in writing that they would repair it. They wouldn't do this under the pretence that confirming hypothetical repairs is a bit mad. They did say they would repair it if it wasn't a knowhow laptop and gave me the ID of the person I spoke to so KnowHow could call and speak to him if they needed. I called KnowHow back and told them what was said. They then told me there was no need for me to do this that they can just arrange to have the laptop picked up. Fine. I arranged for it. I said I was a bit worried after my experience in the store that the team would not properly look at it, that they would see the screen is cracked and decide I fell down a flight of stairs with it before throwing it into a car crash. The KnowHow employee admitted that it may just be ruled as physical damage, but that they should look at it, and he would put a note down about my 'bezel theory'. Not exactly filled with confidence I wrote a letter for the KnowHow team that would eventually look at the laptop, asking them to check the bezel and asking them to test it for defects as the thing was not dropped (for the record it wasn't moved from the position it was working fine in the day before, it was just closed). When KnowHow came to pick it up they refused to take the letter as it was apparently this guys job to take the laptop "and nothing else". I got a letter today from KnowHow saying "we can't repair your laptop as it isn't covered by the warranty". This is not true as it is the same warranty that Acer have already confirmed twice does cover this laptops screen. I am pretty sure that they didn't check it, just switched it on, noted crack, and then switched it off. I have been reading about this online and I can see that screens do crack in this way, usually within a day or so of being used (like my laptop). Various reasons given are cold weather (it was freezing cold), faulty installation (the bezel is slightly damaged) or just defective screens. I also keep reading about 'tests' that can be done to determine if the damage was physical or not. Could someone here with some knowledge elaborate what those tests are? Acer were very clear that the screen was covered so perhaps there is an issue with the model of laptop I bought. Finally can someone advise me what I should do now? I think I can repair it myself but that will invalidate the warranty so I'm saving it for a last resort. I know PCWorld should repair it but it is seeming impossible. I am angry that I paid for a laptop we got only one proper day of use out of. Thanks for taking the time to read this I know I have written quite a lot but I want to be as clear on what has happened as I can be.
  25. Dear Techies, I am having this problem as stated above. I have a Pavilion dv7 Envy Series Laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Edition. I have since upgraded it to Ultimate Edition and downloaded any Microsoft update required. Trouble now is, I get these two errors above and this then more or less freezes the PC and the display all goes funny. I simply do not have any choice but to hard reboot the PC and after about 10 - 30 minutes both erros come up again Displayed on the screen. Then I am unable do nothting with the Laptop but to reboot the laptop even a shutdown simply fails except a hard reboot. When I load a backed up image of the new windows 7 ultimate editon which is a copy a made earlier and do not install any msupdates the erros does not come up but then the display is not right untill I install updates but then this error re-occures. I have looked on the web and sites but not getting much happiness with this. I also have an old image of the windows 7 Home Edition but do not want to use or load that immage. There has to be some display configuration I can set or remove some drivers or tweaking to resolve this issue. I am not so new to computers but this is testing me to the limit. Any ideas please what to do next. See below for the error I get. Two different errors. 1st error HP Message Service has Stopped working. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: HPMSGSVC.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4cd8eee7 Fault Module Name: HPMSGSVC.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4cd8eee7 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00003b5f OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt ========================================================= 2nd Error HP on Screen Display has stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: HPOSD.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4e4e0737 Fault Module Name: HPOSD.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4e4e0737 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00005ad0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt
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