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  1. Hi, has anyone out there heard of a company called dti who sold single premium mortgage ppi's back in early 2000. Any information on this company would be great. I took out a ppi with them in 2001/2002 and paid £3000 which was added to the mortgage when I came to make a claim I was told I couldn't as I was no longer working full time. This I was not told by the broker at the time as I would not have paid upfront. Unfortunately I have lost the paperwork so any info would be great. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am completely clueless and dealing with other stressful situations on top of a collision a couple of days ago. Other party's fault and my car is not worth fixing. I was asked to send in photos of car for evaluation purposes. Other party's insurance company offered to settle the case too. What do i have to look out for? I've read something about paying out premium. I have no idea what that is and I don't have time to deal with this as there are other very urgent pressing matters in my life. I was told something on the phone about my premium and no claims bonus not getting affected. Also I will have to keep the car and have it fixed from write off money as I had a former damage to the car that never got fixed and I won't be paid enough now to buy a new car. Help please!
  3. Hi I am in ESA support group and have just been awarded PIP last week. I live alone and no one claims carers allowance for me so I believe I am entitled to SDP. On the Gov website it says you don't need to apply as it will be added automatically. My question is does this actually happen?
  4. Guidance The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-service-pupil-premium
  5. Hi All, I am hoping someone can share experience or offer some advise. I set up an IT contractor insurance with Kingsbridge back in June when I was about to start my first contract role. The policy covered me for Professional Indemity insurance and I was quoted £45.00 a month. I agreed to the Insurance plan, two months later I got a better deal through my Accountancy firm I was dealing with. I cancelled the direct debit and notified Kingsbridge. I have now received a letter from Close Brothers Premium Insurance stating I owe them £384.00 for the full insurance policy and it is required upfront. If not, they have threatened to send the debt to a third party collection agency. My insurance cover is now cancelled, so unsure what services the payment is meant to be covering! I have e-mailed them last week on the customer services account, but I have heard no response, it feels like they are just ignoring. Do I have any rights in this matter? What would be the best course of action, bow down and agree a payment plan or dispute the debt. Thanks & regards, David
  6. I am currently in the process of a claim with Tesco Bank with regard to a single premium PPI policy added to a loan and interest charged on top of the total. I rang them today for an update (this is the seventh week of the claim) and I was informed that the final response letter is with their quality control team before sending it out to me, I was just wondering if this is a normal part of the process and if anyone has experience of how long the quality control team takes to release the letter. Also does anyone know what is the success rate for single premium claims?
  7. Hi all I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP. I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this year, after doing more research I now believe I may be entitled to having my SDP backdated further. I was originally on DLA middle rate care and low mobility as well as Income Support before I was transferred over to ESA and PIP.I was transferred over from DLA to PIP last March.I was also transferred over from Income support to ESA in May this year. I had been on Income Support and DLA since the early nineties,but never got SDP,I now know I was eligible since no one has ever claimed Carers Allowance for me,and although I had lived with my dad for over 20 years he was on high rate care DLA and Income Support to.So he was on a qualifying disability benefit so i would be classed as living alone. I have been in touch with the DWP and the lady on the phone told me I would not be able to get it backdated any further.Would that be right or is she wrong.
  8. Hello I took out a two year contract with EE, in September 2016, on their 4GEE Max Plan, for £45.99 per month. That plan was £5 per month more than the one below it, as it allowed you to use your call and data allowance whilst in the EU. Awesome! Except that when I took out the contract, I was unaware that everyone would be getting EU roaming within their price plans on the 15th June 2017! Called EE and basically it's hard cheese. The only thing they will do is move me to one of their new 4GEE Max Plans and have allowance calls in USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand for an additional £2 per month. Personally, I think it's a bit rough. In my eyes the contract has changed significantly and I'm not getting everything I was paying for. What does everyone else think?
  9. Hi All, the main crux of my post is to ask if anyone knows why the DWP just simply ceased the Severe Disability Premium? In February 2017 the DWP confirmed my entitlement of SDP together with ESA, Disability Income Guarantee and Limited Capability for work for work (support group). Two weeks ago I received an identical letter from DWP stating; "We have looked at your claim again following a recent change. This is because of: a change in money coming in. There has not been any change, to any of my entitlements, at all. The last, previous contact I had from DWP, before Feb '17, was a notice, dated August 2016 to inform me that I failed to be awarded PIP. I had previously been in receipt of DLA since June 1992. Only the tightening of the criteria of PIP and my failure to take medical evidence to the ATOS assessment caused the failure of any PIP award. I went through 'Mandatory Reconsideration' within the 1 month time limit but, because an SAR to the Hospital Trust, for my medical notes took longer than 40 days, which prevented me from appealing within 30 days, the CAB are supporting a Tribunal Appeal. I'm only waiting for a trial date. It just seems odd that the SDP of £62.45 has been ceased which has drastically reduced my income? Kind regards, Will
  10. When I purchased my house I used the services of a financial advisor who also sold me health insurance policy to cover the mortgage at that time. Recently on speaking to a colleague at work, she has the same cover for a quarter of the price I am currently paying. I feel like Ive been pressured by the FA to take out a policy that was far more expensive than I needed to be paying. Is it possible to get my premiums refunded for this, or do I have to forfeit them if I cancel it and move to a cheaper product? Feeling really let down by someone I thought was giving me sound advice.
  11. Hi Every time I read about Single Premium PPI, I am always told that most financial institution will add the cost of the policy to the principle loan and pass both amounts to the borrower as said loan as per the credit agreement. If most do that, what do the others do? I ask as my partner a had Single Premium Policy which was deemed mis-sold however she never actually received the cost of the premium ie the premium was not added to the principle loan and deposited in her current account, although the cost of the Single Premium was added to the loan account to be repaid, which she did. I think she was swindled but she says it is not the case. Can anybody advise regarding my question above? Thanks!
  12. 18th May this year I was awarded (like it's some kind of competition??) standard daily living rate, and enhanced rate mobility. This ''should'' kick start other payments into effect, namely ''severe disability premium''. However, due to the unique way in which the DWP acts with impunity and is answerable to no-one, the SDP hasn't materialised, no biggy really as it will be backdated to May anyhow, so in essence the DWP have a savings account for me. I tried to ring JCP today on the standard 0345 number, went through the lethargic condescending ''briefly tell us why you're calling'' nonsense, got to the department I needed, only to be cut off............................ Not once, but, for the last 9 days, weekends excluded. It's as though they just don't care!
  13. As Premium Bonds celebrates 60 years since their launch in November 1956 National Savings reveal that there is still nearly £54m still to be claimed. In total 1.3 million prizes have not been claimed, but there is no deadline for bond holders to get their money. The largest unclaimed prizes, of which there are five, are worth £100,000 each. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37824834 You can check if you have any unclaimed Premium Bond prizes by entering your your Premium Bonds holder's number (not your Bond number or NS&I number) Here
  14. I live alone and are in receipt of ESA and PIP, daily living and mobility components both at the standard rate. I have been receiving these benefits for the last three years. I was recently informed that because of the above i should also be in receipt of a severe disability premium. I have never been informed by DWP about this premium and knew nothing of its existence until recently. I have now applied for this premium and have been granted it by DWP but there is a dispute over the length of time this premium can be backdated. On the DWP website it clearly states "You don't have to claim disability premium, it's automatically added to your income support(ESA) if your eligible". I was never informed by DWP of my ability to claim this premium. I am also informed that the award of a premium is effective from the day the qualifying benefit for the premium was awarded. I interpret this as i became entitled to the severe disability premium immediately i was awarded PIP on top of my ESA and the DWP should have informed me. Has anyone any experience of a similar situation to this or any advice please? Thankyou.
  15. Hi All, Have spent about £40 today hanging on to talk to a hotel chain reception on a premium number. I've still not managed to speak with anyone. Can a service provider just leave you hanging on when you call these numbers? Thanks
  16. Has anyone else noticed premium rate incoming texts on vodafone bill? Vodafone are obviously profiting from this as they collect the money, take a commission and then pass it on to the 'service' providers - apparaently I can't use a word that sounds like 'scrammer' Apologies if there is already a thread about this but i couldn't find it if there is
  17. Im looking for advice on what i can do next as im lost and just going round in circles. In october we noticed that for a £20.00 Sim only deal with vodafone the bills were coming in considerably high and occured a few bank charges because of this, We then proceeded to ask Vodafone to supply a full itemised bill so this could be investigated. It turns out that 3 x £30 were been taken from the account per month from September 2015 to December 2015 by a company using premium rate messages by the name of MiraGames. We began to query this with vodafone and was promised a full investigation would go ahead. So over the coming weeks we called & called with many mixed responses. Some would say they were passing it to a more senior manager, Some were saying its tough its your own fault. We then finally got a response in January to say they would offer us £100 back of the £360 we were owed. I stated that i will not be accepting anything less than the FULL amount as this was no fault of ours and we had never opted into any subscription service nor did we know this company. So then we were told to contact payphoneplus, In which we did but again just taken round in circles with the whole thing - Receiving this email quoted as a final reply; by this point it gets very frustrating. we then went on to contact the ombudsman who deals with vodafone, Only to be told they cannot deal with this matter. What do i do? How do i go about getting back this money? Ive posted on Miragame forum, Ive emailed them , ive emailed payphoneplus and ive contacted the ombudsman but nobody seems to want to help. I refuse to give up, I do not wish to lose £360 of my hard earned money and do not believe they should be able to just ignore me as such. When i 1st placed my claim i was assured by a couple of advisors i would receive a full refund. Please help me if you can Thanks
  18. Hello ,lovely to be back. Yes just a little bit about what i am recieving, since this year, and all income based . Had Pip awarded ,standered care for 4 years, also on Esa assessement phase , 9 weeks in. On severe premium disability too. What i am asking please is when i go for my esa medical,and say i fail, which i should not ,but you never know with them ,Would i lose the disability premium as it has been a godsend. Its Helping so much after being unwell for years with chronic joint pains and having little income, it really helps along with pip benefit with transport ,online food shop etc.. Would someone please be able to tell me if what are the reasons i could lose this benefit please? i live alone too. Thankyou for any replies in advance.xx
  19. Hello and greetings to all at CAG, I moved eight doors down the same road (upsizing) and Hastings have upped my annual premium by £131.82. When I queried this I was told that the underwriter (Advantage) take into consideration additional risk factors, such as flood risk, proximity to main roads, crime levels etc, hence the increase. I consider this increase to be out of proportion because there is no difference risk-wise to the part of the road I previously parked in. The only difference is, in fact, one letter at the end of my postcode. I feel I have been stung by some generalised, presumably out-of-thin-air statistic generating at the hands of Advantage/Hastings Direct. My partner's car insurance premium (Aviva) did not increase at all so where does the 'increased risk statistics' come from exactly? I refute the increase entirely and don't see why I should be penalised for moving 62 yards, same side of the road, from xxxx 2AW to xxxx 2AN. I have written several emails to Hastings Direct and have escalated my query to a complaint; which has decidedly fallen of deaf ears because I received the same, generalised reply regarding risk-factors. Short of demanding a Hastings rep come to my road to see there is no difference re: risk between location of house A to location of house B, I've hit a brick wall. If anyone could tell me what else I could try I would be super grateful.
  20. Hi, I have a Home insurance policy with Premium Credit and the monthly premium is £21.12. This year there have been a number of failed direct debits on my account. Not all my fault as some were caused by Bank errors. For each failed direct debit £20.00 has been charged to my account plus a 'default notice'. This action is becoming expensive and has ruined my credit history. After reading the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Sections 61 to 76, I consider the £20 charge to be unfair for the late payment of an amount of £21.12 Is it worth an attempt to reclaim these unfair charges ? Thanks, JustRaider
  21. Hi all, Heres the context; So after days of trolling through various website and spending loads of hours on the phone. I finally found my insurance broker. I had previously gone to them for a quotation and an estimate came back at 4200 GBP however when I rang them to finalise the quote the representative on the phone informed me the price was 3700.00 GBP. She also read out and went through all of the information to double check all was correct, this included all of the previous claims fault or non-fault, all was fine. I ended up putting a substantial deposit down and my vehicle was insured after I put down the phone. My question is, does the insurance company have the right to increase the price of the premium after we had agreed the amount and sale completed? I look forward to everyone's advice. regards, J
  22. Hi Guys Long winded but will cut it down best I can, will start with the numbers loan 1 July 98 for £3000 PPI single policy of £443 added to loan (paid 46/60 payments) £144 of ppi refinanced by loan 3 loan 2 Dec 98 for £1400 PPI single policy of £198 added to loan (paid 39/48 payments) £50 of ppi refinanced by loan 3 loan 3 April 02 for £5000 PPI single policy of £1174 added to loan (paid 13/60 payments) £980 of ppi refinanced by loan 4 loan 4 may 03 for £7500 PPI single policy of £1762 added to loan (paid 11/60 payments) £1500 of ppi refinanced by loan 5 loan 5 may 03 for £11000 PPI single policy of £2383 added to loan (paid 12/60 payments) £2032 of ppi refinanced by loan 6 loan 6 may 08 for £10000 PPI NO PPI added to loan still paying Now we had a decision letter from Lloyd's stating they upheld all of the complaints offering refund of the ppi part of the loan that was paid in installments plus interest, which worked out about £7,700 according to their workings out, I had it in my head from working it out that it should have been nearer 10k but at first glance of their workings it looked OK but I still couldn't get it out of my head that something was wrong. It then clicked that they had calculated all their figures ONLY on the installments made and had completely ignored the bits that were left on refinancing which by itself without adding interest is about £4700, this amount is still being paid off on loan 6. I phoned them as the offer letter tells me to do and explained why I felt it was wrong, the guy said that I am not entitled to that bit back as the loan was refinanced, I argued and tried to speak to a manager but was brickwalled, he insisted I was wrong and that the payment of £7700 was going to be sent, I told him at this point that I DO NOT ACCEPT the offer, and under no circumstances are they to consider the matter closed, I even got him to repeat it back to me several time, as they supposedly record the calls. what I would like to know is am I wrong, am I not able to reclaim the bits that were refinanced by the new loans, or are Lloyd's trying it on Many Thanks
  23. hi all , i Really do hate these insurance people i was 1 day late and HAD to pay the £30 charges , mine was due on the 27th November and inbetween having my therapy and seeing to my mother who has breast cancer and i had dentist that day but i STILL tried ringing them even off my mobile (god knows what the charge will be) then when i managed to get through before they closed they put the phone down on me , and they are not open till monday , not that will listen to me but im not paying anymore charges that are not my mistake , only recently lloyds bank had taken £194 in charges over 5 months and they gave me back £50 thats why i dont have a deirect debit set up with close brothers can anyone help im literally 2 months away from having 70% no claims id otherwise change my insurance straight away because of the street i live in , theres been people ringing the police is someone damaged there wind mirror ive had to tell them all , they are not going to go after someone for damage all you have done is put our insurance up im 38 been driving YEARS and i own a renualt megane dynamique and im paying £1300 a year monthly instalements of £82.50 with those £30 on top charges i just dont have the money ive had to borrow of my dad to pay them in the first place anyone have any ideas gladly appreciate it thanks everyone
  24. Insurers could be forced to come clean to their customers on how much they paid the previous year, to make it easy for households to check if their premiums have been pushed up significantly. Up until now, insurers have not had to tell their customers how much they have been paying when it’s time to renew, so it is difficult to tell whether the new premium is competitive or not. A study today reveals that few customers can remember off the top of their heads what they had agreed to pay a year earlier and many just agree to roll over and pay for another year. The proposal by the City watchdog is designed to tackle concerns that loyal customers see their premiums rise if they stay with the same insurer, particularly for a long period of time. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-3344203/Insurers-forced-tell-customers-paid-year.html#ixzz3uIOo2BqX
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