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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, By searching google I can see this has happened to a number of people however there hasnt been any conclusion so here is my problem and not sure where I stand. Out of the blue I received a shocking & demanding email from buymobiles asking me for £360 or return of goods within 7 days as, as they say I have been disconnected from T-Mobile. In April 2013 I followed a link from HDUK for a Nexus 4 at £15.50 a month with a free phone. I took up this offer and received said phone and paid T-Mobile every month however on the 18 month due to the small amount of minutes I had I decided to buy out my contract by ringing up T-Mobile and asking for a pac code which in turn gave me a final bill of approx £66. I then checked using checkmend if T-Mobile had a hold on the phone and it came up clear so sold it and used the money to pay off my bill. I then took out another contract with EE. Now I have received this email and am very annoyed about it, one that the phone was advertised as free, two that the phone was £279 new at the time and after 18 months is no where near worth £360 three that I dont know where I stand. Also they state I have recently been disconnected and have not fullfilled the minimum 2 years. But i have as I bought out the remaining months and T-Mobile said thats all I need to pay. I have just checked the terms on their site and the only one was EE and that states after six months the phone is mine to keep. I am not sure what the terms stated at the time of purchase or if I actually read them. I have finished off contracts before and have not had this happen. The email is in my next post. I understand these are not terms so not sure where they have come from and why they are paragraphed the way they are. Seems to me this company are bullies and have found a way of demanding extra money from customers when they upgrade etc early using another company or provider. Using "waybackmachine" I have found the original offer give or take a day and it clearly says phone FREE as does their terms however it seems the phone isnt free its on loan. Buymobiles have informed me there are two contracts one for the network and one for the phone. I emailed them back and I have just received this reply. I asked for a breakdown of their loss in me ending the contract early. I told them i bought the contract out. I asked for a hard copy of the terms of the sale which they sent but they could easily be changed in their favour if they think I dont have them. "In regard to this the payment for the goods or return of the goods has been requested as the network have advised us that the contract has been disconnected during the minimum term. When you placed the order you entered into two contracts, one for the airtime which is with the network provider and one contract for the goods which is with ourselves. A disconnection of any kind within the minimum term is a breach of this agreement, if you have ended the contract early this is still classed as a disconnection . We require the debt to be paid to ourselves or the goods returned, the amount due is the handset cost + VAT. I have attached the Terms and Conditions which is your agreement . " No where did it say I was entering into two contracts. If they are saying the phone was part of a loan agreement then law states they must send me an agreement to which I sign which includes the terms. This didnt happen. Annoyingly I was going to keep the phone and tariff as a spare but wanted my gold number to use on my new contract. I didnt even save much ending it approx £25. Kicking myself! dont know which way to turn now.
  2. Im looking for advice on what i can do next as im lost and just going round in circles. In october we noticed that for a £20.00 Sim only deal with vodafone the bills were coming in considerably high and occured a few bank charges because of this, We then proceeded to ask Vodafone to supply a full itemised bill so this could be investigated. It turns out that 3 x £30 were been taken from the account per month from September 2015 to December 2015 by a company using premium rate messages by the name of MiraGames. We began to query this with vodafone and was promised a full investigation would go ahead. So over the coming weeks we called & called with many mixed responses. Some would say they were passing it to a more senior manager, Some were saying its tough its your own fault. We then finally got a response in January to say they would offer us £100 back of the £360 we were owed. I stated that i will not be accepting anything less than the FULL amount as this was no fault of ours and we had never opted into any subscription service nor did we know this company. So then we were told to contact payphoneplus, In which we did but again just taken round in circles with the whole thing - Receiving this email quoted as a final reply; by this point it gets very frustrating. we then went on to contact the ombudsman who deals with vodafone, Only to be told they cannot deal with this matter. What do i do? How do i go about getting back this money? Ive posted on Miragame forum, Ive emailed them , ive emailed payphoneplus and ive contacted the ombudsman but nobody seems to want to help. I refuse to give up, I do not wish to lose £360 of my hard earned money and do not believe they should be able to just ignore me as such. When i 1st placed my claim i was assured by a couple of advisors i would receive a full refund. Please help me if you can Thanks
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