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Found 6 results

  1. As Premium Bonds celebrates 60 years since their launch in November 1956 National Savings reveal that there is still nearly £54m still to be claimed. In total 1.3 million prizes have not been claimed, but there is no deadline for bond holders to get their money. The largest unclaimed prizes, of which there are five, are worth £100,000 each. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37824834 You can check if you have any unclaimed Premium Bond prizes by entering your your Premium Bonds holder's number (not your Bond number or NS&I number) Here
  2. Millions of pensioners are likely to join a rush to invest in new Pensioner Bonds after the Chancellor announced that they would pay 4 per cent interest over three years. George Osborne announced the bonds will have the “best available interest rates”, saying they would provide “certainty and comfort” for over 65s. One year bonds will pay an annual interest rate of 2.8 per cent, while three year bonds will pay 4 per cent. The new bonds are expected to sell out within weeks when they are released in January. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11290450/Pensioner-bonds-to-pay-4-per-cent-rate-announces-George-Osborne.html The new Bonds at a glance What are the Bonds? Lump sum investments providing capital growth Choice of terms – 1-year and 3-year Designed to be held for whole term, but can be cashed in early with a penalty equivalent to 90 days’ interest When do they go on sale? January 2015 – exact date to be announced Available for a limited period Who can invest? Anyone aged 65 or over Invest by yourself or jointly with one other person aged 65 or over How much can I invest? Minimum for each investment £500 Maximum per person per Issue of each term £10,000 What about interest? 1-year Bond 2.80% gross/AER* 3-year Bond 4.00% gross/AER* Fixed rates, guaranteed for the whole term Interest added on each anniversary The tax position Interest taxable and paid net (with basic rate tax taken off) Higher and additional rate taxpayers will need to declare their interest to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and pay the extra tax due Non taxpayers, and those eligible to have any of their interest taxed at the new 0% rate (which starts from April 2015), can claim back the tax from HMRC Sorry, we’re not currently part of the R85 scheme so we can’t pay the interest gross on these Bonds *Gross is the taxable rate of interest before the deduction of UK Income Tax. AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) is a notional rate that illustrates what the annual rate of interest would be if the interest was compounded each time it was paid. Where interest is paid annually, the quoted rate and AER are the same.
  3. Hi, my Mum wants closing statements on her account & my Dad's accounts that were closed 14 yrs ago for legal reasons. Dad passed away 7 months ago Can NSI go that far back or is it 7 yrs like banks? It is such important evidence that will help my mum, but how do you produce it when some organisations /banks only go back 7 yrs ( ? Any help will help us nail this!!
  4. Pensioner collects £5,000 windfall after contacting scheme to find out why he hadn't won for a decade Gerald Sargent thought he might be unluckier than most. While friends and family seemed to be regularly winning cash prizes on the Premium Bonds, his numbers had not come up for years. So the 80-year-old contacted National Savings and Investments (NS&I), which runs the scheme, and was staggered to discover that he had won 124 times over the past decade. He is now celebrating a Christmas windfall of £5,325 after the cheques were mailed – plus a 125th pay-out for £2,094.94 in compensation to make up for the interest he lost out on. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2528627/I-waited-ten-years-Premium-Bond-prize-Id-won-124-Pensioner-collects-5-000-windfall-contacting-scheme-hadnt-won-decade.html#ixzz2pEuZMRLI You can check if you have any unclaimed Premium Bond prizes by entering your your Premium Bonds holder's number (not your Bond number or NS&I number) Here To search for dormant bank and building society accounts, National Savings and Investments products as well as the old Post Office Savings Bank accounts and missing Premium Bonds. See mylostaccount here
  5. Since falling foul of the debt collection industry several years ago I have managed to exist without a bank account - difficult but I have managed it. I have a small quantity of premium bonds gathering dust (a few hundred pounds) and rather than let this money stagnate I would like to cash them in. My question is does the warrant issued have to be paid through a bank account or can I go into any bank with my passport and cash in the warrant for readies? I do not want to use any of the rip off facility services that offer to cash such a payment for a fee.
  6. Good Morning, Sounds stupid I know but when I retired in 2007 I was given an envelope with about £300 worth of gift vouchers. I put them aside until I could find something to buy. I forgot about them until this week and fetched them out again. It turns out that the vouchers have an expiry date about 12 months after issue (expired Sept 2008). I spoke to the Customer Service people and they simply said that there is no further action they can take as the deal the gift voucher company has is that once the expiry date passes then that's it. Given that my employer spent almost £300 with this company it seems a bit unfair that the money just goes to the gift voucher company without any goods being supplied. Has anyone come across this before and found a solution? thanks
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