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  1. Vodafone have recently charged me for going over my myfi data allowance without giving me notification that I am about to exceed my allowance as they have done before via the app for the device. I have now been billed for £245 for over using me device without my knowledge. I spoke to the complaints department today who have told me that they can reduce the bill by £44! and that I should have self managed my allowance by checking my app despite me telling them that the app is not working. They pointed out that my bill will increase due to late payment (I refused to pay ) and that my deta
  2. I had a mobile contract with vodafone which I stopped paying about 2 and a half years ago due to a dispute. I expected to see it showing as defaulted on my credit file, but it looks like it is "up to date" and just shows the outstanding balance I'm confused. Can someone help me understand what is going on ? Edit: screenshot for clarity
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a bit of advice on this. My son has an account with Vodafone. He is 19 and the whole thing has turned into a bit of a nightmare! He lost his phone last year but continued to make payments on his account. He made a payment in July and then received a letter in September about the account being in default. As he is only 19, I have been dealing with the matter on his behalf and we have been passed from pillar to post with various people as he no longer has the phone. When I found out that the account was going into default, I phoned Vodafon
  4. Hello, I am looking for some advice as Vodafone have treated me very unfairly and I am disgusted with their customer service. In April 2017 I called to give my 30 days cancellation notice as I had a new phone on order from a different carrier. I was told I could cancel my direct debit as I would get a letter with the final bill amount. Towards the end of July I received a letter stating I owed £112, I called them to query why it was such a high amount and to make payment. The advisor said it was a termination fee, I asked if I could make payment next month and he checked with the bi
  5. Vodafone mis-sold me contracts on my account and have refused to cancel them as requested. This has been going on since June last year, even the Ombudsman didn't seem to see where I was coming from legally, but agreed Vodafone had made errors in handling my account and complaint and there was a shortfall in service. The Ombudsman also told me about an invalid charge on the account (which Vodafone have not admitted to me) and a voicemail I was apparently left regarding a credit to the account they were making, but neither has appeared and reduced the balance I'm being asked to pay. If a comp
  6. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me please as I am at a loss. I purchased a phone from Mobile Phones Direct in March this year. When I received the phone it turned out that the tariff they were advertising was actually a 'cashback' deal and I would be paying double what I was expecting. In addition the camera leans on the phone is cracked. I reluctantly decided that the tariff issue was a 'lesson learned' but contacted them about the faulty phone. They requested that I sent them photos of the lens and the packaging the phone arrived in, which I sent by return.
  7. I love Vodafone, although a lot of society has had a fair few issues with them as a Service Provider and even I sometimes query why I am with them. Somewhat now, we need to take a closer look at one of their products and how it affects you. Yesterday I attended store and picked up a shiny new device but something that caught my eye on the paperwork I'd signed was Vodafone Securenet... So what is it? Its a security product designed to protect you against threats while using Vodafone's network. Its built into the network already and doesnt require an app to download i
  8. I just took a domestic ferry in Italy (Sicily to Genoa) only to find I have been charged 30 quid for 5MB of data by Vodafone. It's listed as Maritime/Ferry usage which apparently is the same as Europe Zone 2 (i.e. non EU - same price as Turkey, Albania etc): "Daily charge of £6 a MB for the first 5MB, then £30 for each 5MB after that" Since I have Eurotraveller and, as far as I was concerned, I never left Italy (let alone Europe Zone 1) I never thought to disable data roaming. I didn't even know my phone had a signal on the ferry. I was hooked up to the on board Wi-Fi at the time. It must
  9. here's my situation. I appiedy for a mortgage and it gets declined. Head over to credit file and see a default going back to 2015 from Vodafone for £30. I had a sim for an Ipad for my job at the time. Left job, cancelled DD (stupid I know) then 2 months later get emails from debt recovery, pay instantly then call Vodafone to cancel the contract. All fine and dandy (or so I thought) I received no emails or emails chasing the money so assumed all ok. I call VF today to explain that this account was cancelled and I don't feel I owe the money and for th
  10. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4445214/What-really-caused-customer-service-meltdown-Vodafone.html?ito CAG hopes that Mr Jeffery listens and acts swiftly.
  11. I roam a lot. Mostly in Malta. Since February my bills are listing a load of data roaming in Spain. I haven't been anywhere near Spain for years. I suspect it's a bug and the Malta usage is showing up as Spain. The dates correspond to dates I was in Malta. There's no cost impact as I'm on Eurotraveller so it's three quid a day regardless of where I roam in Europe. However it's wrong and it's bugging me. Also if I submit a bill as expenses (I'm self employed and claim my mobile) then the Spain usage could cause a problem. I've reported it to Vodafone twice and their attitude is; the amount
  12. Hi all When Vodafone 'ported over' my account to their new system (sept 15) they appear to have screwed it up, royally. I have 3 phones on one account. (which seem to have been separated) I have had nothing but misery and stress ever since, I have lost count of the number of times they have restricted access, leaving us all or one after another cut off, in one case for weeks. most spectacularly when I was 100 miles away from home in a hospital with my Father who had been rushed in with a heart problem, No way to call anyone brilliant! I have spent hours both
  13. I am also sick of vodafone and their terrible service. I have been a customer for at least twenty years, but will not be going near them ever again. I called them to cancel my long term contract and was talked into a pay as you go at a very much reduced cost. I then received the contract by email, which was not what we had agreed. So I phoned them several times and spent hours trying to explain the problem. They said they would fix the contract, but by that time I was sick of them and wanted to cut all ties, so I told them so. They said they would switch me to the cancellation department.
  14. Sorry if the is long winded but really need some help. My husband set up a Vodafone account for me about 3 years ago. I've been struggling with the bills for sometime and they've just ridiculous. My bill currently stands at £600.37. The original contract was £33 a month but I never seem to pay this. I have authorisation on the account to discuss bills etc. I've had a problem for a long time as I don't receive a bill of any kind except a text message telling me my bill total. Quite a few months ago after ringing for god knows how many times, someone actually switched the account int
  15. Hi folks This will be a long post, so please bear with me. My Vodafone troubles are long and plentiful. I'm hoping some legal minds can help me out. I have endured a long and agonising dispute with Vodafone and I am now at the end of my tether. To be honest, I regretted taking out a contract with them the moment I signed up. Right from the first month, things went horribly wrong. I started out with a SIM-only deal in Dec 2012 because it seemed like a bargain at the time. However, only days after receiving my new SIM, I received a very odd text message telling me to phon
  16. Vodaphone sent me the wrong phone in January 2016 as an upgrade, they sent out the wrong phone so I sent it back. Unfortunately the phone got stolen in transit and this was proved with the weight recorded on the receipt that I sent to vodaphone. Everything was supposedly ok , until I noticed my bill were almost double than normal every month after this, I phoned vodaphone on May 2016 to find out why. The reason was that this upgrade they had sent had actually opened up a new account on the same name and address ect and were billing me double.
  17. Hi, on 9th of Sep 2016 I contacted Vodafone to move one of our contract number to payAsYouGo and i was told it normally take 30 days. on 16th Sep i received an email if i paid £68.18 early release charge it will be as pay as you and I accepted the payment to be on our bill and received an email that the number was made as payAsyouGo and a sim is on the way. I kept on calling and going to VF branch but with fail, I spent minimum one hour to explain to each representative about my case but with. fai . I sent a written complain and followed by phone call and last friday11 Nov 2016 one of
  18. I have been a voda customer for many years I decided to switch to a sim only iPhone plan around 2 weeks ago was promised along with unlimited calls & texts and 8gb data with additional sure signal box extra 2gb roaming data at no extra charge. Rang a few days chasing up my sure signal box was there one? No! Apparently no record at all including the 2gb roaming data I was promised. 2nd time I was promised this again along with extra credit of £60 to my account for my trouble Chased it up today this morning nothing on my notes again about t
  19. OFCOM have today released a press notice fining Vodafone £4.6m. How long have we been complaining about this on CAG and only now do they accept they did wrong. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37772118
  20. Brilliant thank you Dec 2012 I took out a secondary line with Vodaphone sim and ipad signed all paperwork. Just as I was about to leave the employee said oh thats the wrong sim card he then went through the back and brought out another. Jump to xmas day ipad and sim unwrapped and paired togeather display was not that of Vodaphone uk but one of no service but being at home the device was linked to the wifi and to be honest at the time I knew no better . A few days after xmas I receive calls from Vodaphone stating I have a bill over £100 stating that can n
  21. I started an 18 month contract with vodafone about 12 months ago. I lost my phone and asked for a replacement sim card twice (via online live chat) and was sent nothing. For months now I have been charged for this contract even though I haven't been sent a sim card to use the number I'm suppose to be paying for! Absolutely nobody from vodafone will speak to me via any support channels and still, every month, without fail, I am being charged for my contract! Now listen to this part. I receive 2 e-mails from vodafone a few weeks ago saying the barr on calls abroa
  22. Hi everyone. our ordeal is this. Around a month ago Vodafone contacted my husband trying to sell a great deal broadband and landline package. Without agreeing to switch from our current provider we then received a router in the post. Rang Vodafone up, said why have we got this, apology freepost it back. Week or so later our landline goes dead. We ring Virgin our landline provider and they inform us that Vodafone have requested the line as we are switching to them. We agreed to no such thing EVER. We have been completely disconnected fo
  23. So, in my area, I can SEE the mast, its vodafones. I cant however get signal many many times through the day - we have three mobile phones all on vodafone either directly or via talkmobile who resell vodafone Ive told them on the community forums, facebook ,called them up even - ive just entered into a contract and service is terrible. I feel like sending the phone back and getting a refund/new contract with EE
  24. I have been a Vodafone customer since 2003. Back in September 2015 I asked Vodafone to change my direct debit to another account (apparently they have a record of the request on my account notes). The other day whilst trying to set up new mobile phone account for my 11 year old daughter with another provider my application was turned down following a credit check. I have never had a credit problem so signed up with Equifax to see what was going on It appears Vodafone failed to set up the d/d and consequently my account has been in arrears for several months. At no stage did the
  25. Has anyone else noticed premium rate incoming texts on vodafone bill? Vodafone are obviously profiting from this as they collect the money, take a commission and then pass it on to the 'service' providers - apparaently I can't use a word that sounds like 'scrammer' Apologies if there is already a thread about this but i couldn't find it if there is
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