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  1. Hi I'm wanting to get information from Blemain with regard to my loan. It's due to finish later this year and they claim the current balance is approx £4.5K which won't be cleared by the payments! I'm going to send a SAR but I'm not sure which template to use from the library. There's Full Subject Access Request or Debt or DCA Subject Access Request I was going to use the "Full" one, but then the "Debt" one looks better as it specifically mentions insurance and additional charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. BB
  2. I got a pre action protocol letter with a form, from Restons for a next account which has been passed to Debt Managers (Services). I ticked box I and requested a copy of the contract, statement of account, details of any administrative charges, copy of notice of assignment and a copy of the default notice. I received a reply from them providing with a few details; date account was opened, address used (which is incorrect btw), last order date, last items ordered, last payment date and amount. The letter says I have not provided any information as to why I don't know if I owe the debt, and asking me to confirm 'why you are unsure if you owe the debt so that our client can understand your position'. It reads like a template reply to me, but I am unsure how to word my response. Do I need to give a reason why I am unsure under the pre action protocol, or should I write back simply asking them for the information I originally requested?
  3. Hi all, My partner and I moved into a private let property on 15th September 2017. We paid a months rent and deposit upfront. We then paid a months rent on 1st October and continued paying the 1st of every month since then. We were given two months eviction notice on 15th July 2018 as the landlord is selling the property. The estate agent has told us we owe rent until the 15th September and that we must pay half a months rent on 1st September. In my mind, we have already covered this payment by paying for a full months rent half way through the month the year previous. Is this right?
  4. Good Morning all, I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice with an issue I have with a former friend. Back in 2012 my friend (who is extremely wealthy) gave me 2k to help me out with some serious issues I was having with debt collectors, he wanted to be more than friends shall we say and to this end he gave me another 2k early 2013 and another 2k late 2013 by way of bank deposits. I understood at the time that these were gifts and no verbal or written contract was drawn up. Once he realised that I was not that way inclined / spurned his advances, he started to get nasty and demanded the last payment he made to me to be paid back to him (which I had no means of doing) I was in a position to start to pay this money back in 2015 by way of monthly payments into his bank account after he started to hassle me, and have now cleared the money he originally wanted so stopped the regular payments. Trouble is he has started to to text me and ask for the payments to continue otherwise he will take me to court....... I can no longer continue to be held over a barrel whilst he demands payments from me as I have a small income and a large family to feed. When if ever will he stop to ask me for money ? Please let me know your thoughts and if indeed he could take me to court and obtain a CCJ The other option of giving up my will to him is unthinkable, I just want this guy out of my life Please help
  5. Hi, I have 2 loans with welcome. 1 was for a car where I was well ripped off, and the other for a cash loan. There is no HP. My cash loan was for 2000 and is a fixed sum loan agreement. and to date I have paid back £3839.63. Aktiv kapital want £450.85. The total amount payable on my credit agreement is £3950.64. I CCA them a few weeks ago and got my original document. Never knew I was paying that much. also got a copy of all payments made since stay of loan in Sept 2007. Interest was added monthly until 05/05/2010 when went to step change. Then frozen. Only 1 fee of £20 for direct debit cancellation in may 2008. I want rid of this debt, feel I've paid enough, or in my calculations only now owe £111.01 minus any extra charges. What can I do. My next post will be about my car. AKTIV KAPITAL have not supplied my payments made but my balance is still £6163.23 Been paying this since January 2008. Went to step change in may 2010. I've looked closely at my credit agreement and there is shortfall extra insurance that I didn't ask for, and a whole array of confusing figures. The amount of credit for the goods was 7950. I've been conned and want to sort this out as lost my job, (but am fighting in employment tribunal) and need to clear up my debts as got loads of them totaling 15k. Please help
  6. Hello! I went to court with my neighbour over a land dispute. I had to withdraw from the trial because I am deaf and the audio loop wasn't working, but the Judge refused to adjourn... This is probably a whole other area, however, the neighbour was awarded costs of £23k and has now placed an Interim Charging Order on our jointly mortgaged house. My husband is not the debtor. I want to know if I can argue that the Award is unfair, not just because of what happened in court, but also because it includes a 100% success fee, which I feel they are not entitled to because I did not receive the Part 36 Offer which the neighbour's lawyers said they sent to me prior to trial. They are unable to prove I received it as they only sent by first class post. The hearing to decide whether the Charging Order is to be made final is in August, and I wonder if anyone can advise what I should do if I wish to object to the award for costs. My husband will object to the Charging Order. What argument should he provide, please? There is little equity in the property, as there is a lot of work which needs doing, including subsidence. The Judge was biased and failed to adjourn when it was discovered that the Audio Loop necessary for me to participate in the Trial, was not working. He instructed the room to shout and speak slowly for my benefit. None did as they were all the opponents witnesses. All of what they said under cross examination was of no consequence. I entered into litigation after much studying, and was confident of success. What went wrong? I am now being taken to court by my opponent for his costs.. £23k.. He is trying for a Charging Order, too.
  7. Hi Guys, I have recently received a letter from a collection agency demanding I pay the sum of £419.42 in relation to council tax owed to Plymouth City Council from 2011. I have sent a number of emails to Plymouth City Council asking why I owe this money. After completing my degree in 2011 I was forced to sign on and claim housing benefit as there was no suitable work available. My degree was a complete waste of money, but that's a separate issue. After sending and receiving a number of emails they have eventually told me that the reason I owe the money is down to the fact I never informed them of my address change, when I moved out of my student house and into another house share. However, this is not true I remember distinctly informing them and this was reaffirmed to them again at a later date when I was forced to claim JSA again after securing a month's work. They have gone to the Magistrates Court and obtained a Liability Order, which I believe has been done falsely as I do not owe the money because I was exempt. I raised a complaint but they are not budging on their position. Is there anything I can do? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jake
  8. Hi When I was at university as a single mum, I claimed income support, which you're entitled to do. This was back in 2001-2004! The DWP have contacted me a couple of times over the years saying I fraudulently claimed and didn't declare I was a student. I absolutely did and in any case I would've still been allowed to get income support. They have now written to me to say they have asked my employer to commence deductions from my earnings. The debt is over £11,000! My understanding is that a debt becomes statute barred after 6 years so are they allowed to take this form of action? Ive appealed their decision twice over the years and they've dismissed it, the last time they didn't even look in to it, my bet is because they don't have the paperwork anymore!? I dont actually owe them anything, it clearly says in law that you can claim income support if a student and a single parent so I don't understand it! Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Good morning I have returned from a weekend away to a CC Claim form with Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd as the claimant ... They state it to be £150.23 to Avon cosmetics, but I cannot remember such a debt and if there even was one it was around 5 1/2 years ago! I never received a default letter from Avon (they say in the claim they sent an assignment in 2015) but I can honestly say, I never received anything. They are claiming #150.23 + #12.02 (8% interest) + #25 court fee + #50 legal representatives costs ... total is #237.25. My husband just says to pay it (I can't even see how I can do that as no payment details are attached) and I really don't think I owe anything! I have no idea what to do next & the clock is ticking on me doing something with this. Any help would be very gratefully received ... I don;t have a cheque book, so it would have to be a BACs payment (If I do just pay for it to go away) . .. but i'm not happy to pay fees, interest etc. on something I really don;t think I owe! Many thanks
  10. Vodaphone sent me the wrong phone in January 2016 as an upgrade, they sent out the wrong phone so I sent it back. Unfortunately the phone got stolen in transit and this was proved with the weight recorded on the receipt that I sent to vodaphone. Everything was supposedly ok , until I noticed my bill were almost double than normal every month after this, I phoned vodaphone on May 2016 to find out why. The reason was that this upgrade they had sent had actually opened up a new account on the same name and address ect and were billing me double. They said this would be sorted and I would get a refund. After phoning them every month after this they still continued to take the 39 pounds from my account every month and just last month they have now closed my account and billed me 530 pounds for an early cancellation fee!
  11. Hi, I'm typing this from a tablet so it will be to the point. I got several texts from this company trying to bluff me into ringing them so I googled them, saw what they did and decided to ignore them. Next arrived 2 letters saying that I owed them £24,000 for an account they bought from HBOS! I've never had any accounts with HBOS and I do not know what the heck is going on! I've read that these parasites are in the business of phishing for debts etc. What can I do? Is there a letter I can sent them to get them to feck off? Thanks! Norm
  12. Blemain say I owe them £2946. I have had the loan secured against my house since 2007. They keep sending me letters requesting payment. I'm unable to pay the full amount so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to setup a payment plan or to even get some of the charges removed They used to charge you when there was no money in the bank. My money used to go in Friday afternoon, and they always tried to take it in the morning. They also used to take it out before bank holiday etc they charged me for that, and they also charged me for every letter they have sent. Any idea what the next step is? Been paying them £ 10 a month for a while, and I'm on a minimum wage.
  13. I had a DRO last year which after closing my business down wiped out about £9,000 of business rates and other things such as unpaid tax and electricity etc. All well. We live, we try and if we fail we hope that we can pick ourselves back up and have another go. Now, today I had a letter from Rossendales they said I owe £1000+ for over payment of tax credit. There's no way I was overpaid. To my knowledge it was all signed off and all acccounted for in the DRO. I am trying to move on, not be dragged down by this crap and I will not let them affect me. What to do? I actually called Rossendale and told them this and half way thorugh realised people say do it in writing. They only told me what I know, that they are acting on behalf of HMRC. Really not sure what to do at this stage. Please advise. I am through with these people trying to mess me up.
  14. I separated almost two years ago from my partner, we have a son together and had a jointly owned home. I had to leave as he wouldn't and i took only a car worth under £2000, he kept the home (which we had a loan against to which i paid monthly payments to), the homes contents and two assets worth aprox £1000. He has sold the home and made profit of £12,000 aprox, which i only recently found out about. I signed away my right to any financial settlement in the home on the belief that there was no financial gain made and in good faith. I had continued to pay my share of the loan i thought was still owed on the home and requested a settlement figure, it was shortly after this i discovered from my ex partners admission the financial gain he had made and i stopped paying the loan as the money made on the home more than covered this loan in full. He feels he is entitled to this gain and that i should continue to pay the loan, which he has chosen not to pay off with the profit made from the house. In short i stupidly trusted my sons father to be fair, but he is now taking me to county court to continue to pay the loan back. There is no written agreement and nothing is in my name as he has taken a loan out in his fathers name, but says i have to pay because i have shown by my previous payments i had been making, that i owe him this money. Does he have legal standing?
  15. This has just happened to me! Diid you pay DWF? im terrified. the police believed me that it was a genuine mistake so why am I receiving these scary letters from DWf. I didnt even leave the shop but CAB have told me I should pay the £150-seems ridiculous for a letter saying 'amount of goods taken- £0, amount of damage - £0 and security costs £150 Please help me I am not sleeping and do not want to go to court! After a self-scanning mistake (£3 vegetables unpaid on a £20 shop) the police were called and believed me that it was a mistake. There was no mention of RLP to pay but now sainsburys have banned me from their stores for life (a joke!?) and DWF are sending me letters asking for £150 or they will take me to court. I am terrified and not sleeping. The letter seems ridiculous as I didnt even leave the shop with any 'stolen' goods- the security stopped me before the exit doors. The police also didnt fine me or caution me, just wrote me a stop and search note. Can DWF claim this money? I cannot have a criminal record and do not want to go to court for a self-scanning error. I will never use the self-scanning tills again and feel badly treated by sainsburys. DWF are real solicitors so can they legally ask for these costs? Surely sainsburys didnt lose any money on my behalf or have to pay the security guards extra to rudely interrogate me. Also surely the supermarket has no right to retain my details or pass them on? Please help put my mind at rest. thanks
  16. Dear All, We recently started to receive letters from Lowell asking us to pay 487 for a 3 mobile phone contract. The contract was terminated in 2009 and the last payment was made via direct debit on the 29/12/2009, the first letter from lowell was received in november 2015. We were at the end of the contract at the time and they gave us the option to upgrade but we refused as we wanted to change provider , then the telephone line of that three phone was cut (from their end) and that was that. We never heard from three until we started getting these letters from lowells saying that we have to pay 487 GBP for early termination charges plus monthly fees, no idea where they got these figures from but sure we do not owe that money and no one from three has ever asked for it. I have always replied in writing and recorded delivery and asked to prove the debt , they sent a statement that doesn't make any sense to me, I never acknowledged this debt in my last letter I mentioned that the last payment was made by direct debit over 6 years ago, however they just replied saying that a default notice was placed in June 2006 so the debt is enforceable until june 2016. I find this so strange and I'm stuck. My husband and I are about to apply for UK citizenship and scared that a court order might ruin things. We never had any problems with debts, got our mortgage approved in 2011 and never fallen in arrears. This is upsetting me now. I'm really sorry for the rant. I thank you in advance for any advice you may offer. Barbara
  17. Hi All. Thanks for the add to the forum. I realise the forum is littered with Stemologica threads, but I feel each case is individual so would appreciate help. I 'fell' for the free trial thing back in June and unfortunately got stung for £97.95 back in June. After a very distressed call to them, they agreed to refund my money if I returned the products within the 14 days, got proof of posting blah blah blah I did all of this. Emailed them the tracking numbers and awaited my refund....and waited...and waited... 6 months later, 6 fretful phone calls later they tell me they can no longer give me a refund and can offer me 'free of charge' some creams! Free of charge even though they have effectively stolen £97.95 of my money! After my call this morning I was left aghast at how these people operate! The can 'no longer' give me my money??? What the hell??? I have now spoken to Citizens Advice Consumer helpline who suggested I send an email accusing them of breach of contract. In the mean time I receive this email from Stemologica: "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" So basically they have admitted that they owe me money but 'can't give it to me! Its almost laughable isnt it? In the mean time I have called Barclays who within hours have refunded me the money AND compensation for the stress its caused. Incredible! Stemologica have already replied to my email accusing them of breach of contract with this..... "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" YES! The same original email despite me threatening them with Trading Standards and the e-fraud Team. What next? Its no longer about the money...its the principle of the matter. They have my money, and no doubt hundreds of others who can't find a voice to speak up! :mad2:
  18. Please help running out of options. Judge threw out our statutory declaration as out of time. No one will overturn judges decision despite all the evidence. We bought a car in 2011 from a neighbour. Registered and insured it. Two days later that car was stolen from us. The police were informed and took a statement for it to be reported stolen. They never found the car and it was never returned to us. The police told us to write off what we had paid for the car and cut all ties to it. We did this and cancelled the insurance we had. Apparently the dvla took us to court ( without our knowledge ) have said the case was successfully prosecuted. It was prosecuted because we never received the court summons so never turned up. The case was for keeping a vehicle that does not meet insurance standards. Our appeal was accepted in 2013 and the case was closed. The same appeal was sent to the dvla but they didn't respond until 2014 and it was no comment. Fast forward to Saturday 5th September baliffs banging down the door, assaulted me by forcing the door back on me and used an illegal threshold manoeuvre. Illegally clamped our (fully insured, fully taxed) vehicle and the police made us hand over our keys. Thursday 10th September the baliffs steals our car without authorisation and hits me side on with his vehicle when I ran out to get a warrant or authorisation from him. Marston's baliffs seem to act like rabid dogs all the time! Disgusting creatures to deal with. He was forced to return our car and the keys on Friday September 11th which he did. He also made a report against me for criminal damage. Apparently I ran out into the road and struck his fast moving vehicle! if I had been able to strike his fast moving vehicle the injuries to my arm would be on the inside of my arm not the outside. Personal injury solicitor taking my case against him. Same Friday judge threw out our statutory declaration as out of time. We are not paying a debt we do not owe as we have no legal obligation to insure a car we do not own and was stolen from us. The amount is £628 plus baliffs fees which they told us is triple the amount. Where do we go next please?
  19. I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong section. My wife and I purchased a business a few years ago that we closed earlier this year. The seller tricked us into buying the business by inflating the figures and we fell for it. Anyway.. we have lost our entire life savings trying to keep it going and earlier this year when we had no money left we had no choice but to walk away as we could not find a buyer after trying so hard to sell it for over a year. We have a business loan for £45k with Lloyds which we have personally guaranteed (I've been told the PG is watertight). We also have a £4k overdraft. They've sent us a formal demand for the loan and overdraft. I called them last week to set up a payment plan and I was told that they would contact us back. I wanted to know if anyone has been in a situation where Lloyds have accepted a payment plan for this kind of situation or will they force me to sell my house in order to pay them? I'm quite worried as I really don't want to move. My wife and I are currently working but we have only been working for 6 weeks so we will not have the right paperwork to remortgage the house.
  20. Hello - some advice needed please. My son has filed for Bankruptcy and I owe him some money lent last year. I live on benefits. I own a house with a mortgage. What is the OR likely to ask of me? Thank you Damo
  21. I moved in on February 12th 2015. I received a letter relating to a debt of some £40 for electricity for 27/1 - 8/2/2015. My dad emailed them my tenancy agreement which clearly stated that I moved in after this date. They emailed dad back and pretty much accepted this as proof that this debt isn't mine and the matter is resolved. I received another letter over this and returned the letter. I put on the letter "not known at this address. please return to sender". That was March / April. I heard nothing and assumed the matter was resolved. I've now received a letter from LCS over this. I am not sure what to do now. EDF have a copy of my tenancy agreement, which clearly states I moved in after the date of the electricity debt. Advice please?
  22. Hi I really need some help with this. ebay CS I speak to on the phone are not listening, Paypal understand it and have been helpful, they have verified that I am owed money but unfortunately as it is complicated ebay CS appear not to understand and are refusing to help>>> story is I had two cases that I appealed and was successful in those appeals.... These are the 2 scenarios = Paypal transactions = 8th Dec buyer paid in = balance £50 29th Jan Payment Held paid out = Balance £0 29th Jan Hold Reversed paid in = Balance £50 29th Jan Dispute balance removed paid out = Balance £0 30th Jan Ebay reimbursement taken paid out = Balance Minus -£50 2nd Feb Ebay pay in = Balance £0 I am still owed the original payment of £50... All have seperate UTR's in Paypal.... The second is even worse:- 23rd December buyer paid in £184.95 = balance £184.95 10th Feb Payment held in Dispute = balance £0 11the Feb Payment reimbursed to ebay = Balance minus -£184.95 11the Feb Payment taken by ebay = Balance minus -£369.90 Horrifyingly they now owe me the £369.90 that they have taken from my account + the held amount of £184.95 plus the £50 they failed to refund making a total of £604.85 I am having real problems explaining this to ebay, but as I said Paypal understand and have agreed, so where do I take this next, does anyone know....
  23. Hi I recently had a small debt with Virgin Mobile which was passed to BPO Collections in Glasgow. I have recently paid this off in full and I got a letter from them stating that the Account was closed. However on the 1st of this month they took £15 off my Debit Card despite the Account being settled. I have rung them several times and despite there apologies and numerous promises to refund it I have still not had it refunded. Don't really know what to do next as I am sick of chasing them but I do want my money back. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi there, Help! Scary letter arrived in the post HMRC Debt Management telling me that there was a judgement passed against me to pay tax immediately as well as court costs. I have only lived in the UK for 11 months and have yet to submit my first Self-assessment. Background: - Moved to the UK from South Africa in Feb 2014 started my own limited company - In 2007 I flew from South Africa to Isle of Man where I did temp work for one month before returning to South Africa. - Used my Isle of Man NINO to register my company however the VAT office would not accept that NINO. So my accountant queried it and was informed by National Insurance office of my UK NINO. Different from my IoM NINO. - Registered successfully for VAT and then applied for UTR with my newly found NINO. To date I have not received response about my application. - Shortly after apply for UTR the National Insurance sent me a letter asking for Self-employed Class 2 contribution. BUT I am not self-employed. I am a director of a Limited Company. Big difference. Key to note here too, after opening the letter I noticed that my middle name was wrong too! Letter sent saying I am not self-employed and have only worked in the UK less than a year and also that is not my name. No response yet. - Second letter this time from HMRC saying they have Self-Assessment statement for £15000 against my NINO number. They also included a reference number I am assuming they think is my UTR number. I think not because again my middle name on the letter is wrong. Phone call and a letter sent to them saying this is not me but this is my NINO number. The lady at HMRC had no idea what is wrong. I have a letter saying it is being reviewed by their technical team. - Which brings me to the scary letter from Debt Management saying there was a court case against me and judgement made to pay tax and court fees from 2010. I was not in the country. I was blowing vuvuzela in a stadium in Johannesburg never thinking I would move to Blighty! I have never live in this country before 2014. - Phoned the Debt Management and they swear blind that I owe this money but ask me if I work in construction as self-employed. I am an IT consultant. They asked if I lived at and address in Somerset. Where is that I say! They asked if my partner was a Mr Goodman. Never heard of him. I have sent letters to National Insurance Office, HMRC SA and Debt Management. I have still not got my own UTR as they fail to respond so I will be missing my first Self-assessment deadline on the 31st of January. The UK's HMRC is pathetic. South Africa's revenue authority is amazing and makes HMRC look like a badly run Zoo. Vent over. Any advice folks? Restore my hope in the good nation of Great Britain. Regards
  25. my account has been sold from a catalogue company to lowell i did not receive a default notice only a letter of assignment on my credit report the default date is shown as 14th October 2014 with a default balance of £2400 when i log into my catalogue account online there is a credit of £150 on 14th October 2014. Balance on the 13th was £2550 however after the credit the balance is £2400 - i'm told this is an administrative charge and £2400 is the alleged default balance. However on the 16th October 2014 the catalogue added this £150 back onto the account bringing the balance back to £2550. Lowell are now chasing me for the £2550 however since the default balance is lower, how much do i actually owe?!
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