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  1. Thanks for the advice, I have not had any sort of letter through the post yet, but if I do i would request to see what evidence he has before we go to court, I will keep you guys updated on the progress.
  2. Thankyou, Yes I have evidence I have paid the amount back by way of bank transfers (FIRST 2k), I do not see why I should pay money back he gave me as a gift and then when he feels as though he is not getting what he wanted he says "ok then you can pay me all that money back", its like blackmail !
  3. Yes that is correct, "poss the 1st £2k was but not the latter two?" And there was no documentation, he just said it was a present, but when I spurned his advance he said he wanted it back ... hence the delay in time ... but that was only for the first amount
  4. Me and this guy work for the same large organisation, all be it in different departments. The guy in question is a senior manager ..... I blocked his number a long time ago, but he has since messaged me from a different phone that I have also blocked
  5. Good Morning all, I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice with an issue I have with a former friend. Back in 2012 my friend (who is extremely wealthy) gave me 2k to help me out with some serious issues I was having with debt collectors, he wanted to be more than friends shall we say and to this end he gave me another 2k early 2013 and another 2k late 2013 by way of bank deposits. I understood at the time that these were gifts and no verbal or written contract was drawn up. Once he realised that I was not that way inclined / spurned his advances, he started to get
  6. while ive been preparing my n244 against halifax they have passed it on to robinson way and company now the debit is no longer with the halifax can i still do the n244 or am i to late or do i fill it in with this new companys details?
  7. but what about the links to templates ive sent 6 times in total ???? need help with n244 and court hearing im way passed sending cpr requests!
  8. Hi guys Ive had no replies from Halifax after sending off 3 cpr 31.16 requests so ive got a N244 but im a bit confused with section 10.What exactly do I put after ticking witness statement box.Do i print off pt2537's witness statement and attach to my N244? Please help as now im being threatend with court action by Blair Oliver Scott,who are sending letters saying they will obtain court order to take money out of my property :sad:
  9. hi guys just updating you futher, i recieved a letter from the financial ombudsman stating that : It would appear that Bank of Scotland plc have not yet issued their final response on your complaint even though they have had the required eight weeks in which to do so. It may be possible for the firm to issue their final response shortly;we have therefore contacted Bank of Scotland plc and requested that they issue their final response letter within the next 14 days. We will contact you again upon reciept of the final response from Bank of Scotland plc or when the 14 day time limit has ex
  10. your completly right smt 37 ,why is it so hard to get a simple copy of your singed agreement ? ,so i will send your letter to them with something like this at the top YOU HAVE FAILED TO COMPLY WITH MY CPR 31.16 REQUEST WHICH WAS MADE ON ******, SO I ASK AGAIN and give them 21 days to respond before i take my next course of action, what do you think smt ?
  11. thanks 42man,i had a look through your templates and nothing seems applicable to my situation - or have i missed it ? thanks for your speedy response by the way
  12. hi guys just updating you on my progress, today i recieved a letter and from the outset they are apologising that i have had reason to complain ,i will quote them ' "My understanding of your concerns are that futher to asking the bank to provide you with a copy of the agreement for the account,which you have recieved,you now say the bank are unable to enforce the debt, due to lack of signature on the copy you recieved. you have asked the bank to consider writing off the debt. I have liased with our legal department regarding your claims,and would advise that although you have not been p
  13. Thanks for your advice SMT i will take it on board, theres quite a hefty balance on the account so i know they wont roll over but without my signature on the agreement i think they are fighting a losing battle , i will keep you posted on my progress thanks again
  14. ok i will wait and see what they come up with next ,do you advise sending it again after the 21 days or just applying straight to the county court , your advise is very much appreciated
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