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  1. Thank you for your advice, I requested a credit report from experian and also an instant one with noodle and noticed that there is indeed a default but I swear there was non a couple of months ago when we ran a search for other reasons and the credit profile was excellent and now gone down to somewhere in between poor and fair! LENDER BALANCE UPDATED STATUS Lowell £ 487 06/01/2016 Default Name ************* Address *********************** Date of birth *********** Account type Telecommunications Supplier Account number *****9912 0 Account start date 21/08/2008 Opening balance £ 85 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 17/06/2010 Default balance £ 85 It appears that the default was placed by Lowell and not by three, it says 17/06/2010 ( about 6 months after my last payment to 3 mobile) but how is it possible that it only appeared now? How can we dispute that and have it removed? Shall we just let time go by and not bother unless we receive a court letter?
  2. Just ordered Experian credit report, thanks for the advice. Definitely the last DD to three mobile was 29.12.2009 but I was not aware of this default placed on our credit file in june 2010 as they say! Will see what's in the report and will keep you posted on their next move. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. So shall I just pile up the letters and stop replying? They have currently given me 30 days to gather any evidence that I don't owe this money but I don't have any, other than the fact that the last payment was done on the 29/12/2009. Could this cause problems with remortgaging? And can they take me to court? Sorry for all the questions, really haven't got a clue but as will do as you say. I'll stop responding to their letters, as I've nothing to say or show to them anyway
  4. Dear All, We recently started to receive letters from Lowell asking us to pay 487 for a 3 mobile phone contract. The contract was terminated in 2009 and the last payment was made via direct debit on the 29/12/2009, the first letter from lowell was received in november 2015. We were at the end of the contract at the time and they gave us the option to upgrade but we refused as we wanted to change provider , then the telephone line of that three phone was cut (from their end) and that was that. We never heard from three until we started getting these letters from lowells saying that we have to pay 487 GBP for early termination charges plus monthly fees, no idea where they got these figures from but sure we do not owe that money and no one from three has ever asked for it. I have always replied in writing and recorded delivery and asked to prove the debt , they sent a statement that doesn't make any sense to me, I never acknowledged this debt in my last letter I mentioned that the last payment was made by direct debit over 6 years ago, however they just replied saying that a default notice was placed in June 2006 so the debt is enforceable until june 2016. I find this so strange and I'm stuck. My husband and I are about to apply for UK citizenship and scared that a court order might ruin things. We never had any problems with debts, got our mortgage approved in 2011 and never fallen in arrears. This is upsetting me now. I'm really sorry for the rant. I thank you in advance for any advice you may offer. Barbara
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