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  1. Hi, we haven’t been recording the conversations
  2. Hi all, My partner and I moved into a private let on 31st August. It is a 2 bedroom lower cottage flat that was advertised as having a shower and double glazing, but had extensive pictures of each room within the house At our viewing, the gentleman from the estate agent told us the flat came with white goods, a garage that is in the driveway and garden shed. We took the property based on having the above promised amenities. When we met the estate agent to collect the keys, the guy only had 2 keys for the the house and that he wasn’t aware of keys for the garage. He told us
  3. Hi all, My partner and I moved into a private let property on 15th September 2017. We paid a months rent and deposit upfront. We then paid a months rent on 1st October and continued paying the 1st of every month since then. We were given two months eviction notice on 15th July 2018 as the landlord is selling the property. The estate agent has told us we owe rent until the 15th September and that we must pay half a months rent on 1st September. In my mind, we have already covered this payment by paying for a full months rent half way through the month the year previous.
  4. Hello everyone, My partner currently works as a catering assistant for North Lanarkshire Council. It's a casual role and comes under the Council's subsidiary company "CultureNL". She has been offered another casual role as a receptioniship which comes under the "North Lanarkshire Council" bracket. She will be working both roles, so will she be taxed for two different jobs because one is with "CultureNL" and the other "North Lanarkshire Council"?
  5. Thank you sirbob10 . I started to think I was imagining not getting a renewal notice. Will they send me out another award notice seeing as the other one is a provisional one?
  6. Maybe it was and I've got myself all confused - which happens a lot :-$.
  7. They sent me an award notice that had my annual earning on it and broke down the different payment components. The statement included a green form that was a checklist for if there was any changes to contact them immediately. The earnings they had on the award notice was correct, so I never contacted them.
  8. I definitely never got one last year. I'm worried now
  9. I meant to say 2013 was the last time I made a claim sorry.
  10. I'll try to keep this brief, but I think my tax credits started in 2011/2012 when I worked in a petrol station. I started in Asda in June 2012 and in December of that year I was cut off from DLA and subsequently Working Tax Credits. I went to a tribunal for DLA in August 2013 and won, so iv had tax credits again since August or September 2013.
  11. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read my question and reply . I haven't had to renew myself since I started Asda, the Tax Credit office sends me an award notice but no renewal pack. Maybe this time will be different given that my income has gone down.
  12. Hi everyone, I currently work part-time (20 house per week) for Asda. Because I am in receive DLA, including the highest rate of care component, it entitles me to working tax credits. I received an award notice from Working Tax Credits in February which was based on my annual income from the tax year 6 April 2013 - 5 April 2014. My income for that year was £8329. I have earned significantly less this year. The payslip I recieved on the 3rd of this month shows I have earned £6896.30 so far this year. Is the figure shown on my payslip the same figure that will be shown on my P60? I have
  13. Thank you for replying. If I'm honest, I think it was an empty threat/ kick up the backside. I don't take issue with them having a problem self-harming at work. I won't go into unpleasant detail, but it's something I usually do and keep private, but couldn't on that occasion as I had cut myself so deep. My issue was with the way the occupational therapist spoke to me and the fact they had made up a story about me brandishing a knife. I do also know that the manager who dealt with me that day was upset at having her words twisted and told the head of personnel that was not what happened
  14. The point I am trying to make, which I should have done with my original post (my apologies for not doing so) is that if I has a physical disability, I would be treated differently. Everyone is meant to be till trained, but the make allowances for people with arthritis or similar conditions. It's rightly so that they make adjustments for those people, so why can't they help me when I ask them? A woman who cancer in my department and was off for 9 months retuned to have her shifts reduced to suit her needs. She also works back shift and they get me in to help her. It's completely right that
  15. Yes I did discuss this with him, but he said that's something to take up with my manager which I have done, but to no avail. After I cut myself at work, I was told to immediately tell a manager if I felt that stressed again and I did. I never threatened to do it, just told her I'm struggling to do the amount of work on my own, and struggling with myself trying not to self harm, which was making me more upset.
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