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  1. Hi, My concerns are that I do not want an untarnished credit record damaged. I just want the CCJ to be removed and I am quite prepared to pay the balance in full, as I always have been. Who do I pay within the 30 days and how do I ensure the CCJ with not show up or affect my credit score? I'm not really wanting a court appearance or a £195.00 fee to have it set aside because as I said I'm not dodging the bill I genuinely don't know how this happened, I fear that they are a really aggressive company and were over zealous with me for some reason. I can easily afford it but I'm self employed and was being very cautious due to Covid and had held payment slightly longer than I should have but I had told the claimant this and thought they agreed, obviously not. What steps do I take now? If I pay the remainder in full is the CCJ completely forgotten about as if it never happened? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I had the last letter handed to me personally by the postman today as I was standing in the foyer when the post was delivered, 'What number are you mate?,' 'I'm 29a' 'Here you go, this is for you'... Upon investigation I discovered my mail was getting put into the wrong mailbox, it has happened before with other mail. The other apartment is unoccupied and is 29 I am 29a. I stuffed my hand in and pulled out a bundle of mail and found several of my letters, of course I put the rest back. There wasn't numerous letters there was 2, one from the claimant and one from the courts, one dated 22nd July and the other 24th August (4 days ago). I've missed the response deadline by 4 days because I never got the letter... I'm not posting this to be interrogated as to my story as it is 'actually' what happened. I'm looking for advice as to if I can get this set aside or can I appeal this because, 1. I was unaware what was going on, I do not owe this money, I did not get the letters through no fault of mine, I have only been in the apartment 9 months and have paid 2 quarterly payments. 2. I am paying the bill quarterly so I'm completely befuddled as to why this has happened as I pay in arrears. 3. The judgement was for £478.00, and was issued on 24th August, I had made a normal payment of £182.00 on 18th August thus the £478.00 was not the balance at the time of the judgement. 4. Why did the claimant not take immediate action to inform the court that I had paid £182.00 instead letting the CCJ run on for the £478, surely this is unjust and completely wrong? This is not me trying to dodge a bill or debt. This CCJ has been completely ridiculous and should never of been issued in the first place. Can I do anything to sort this?
  3. Hi, Can someone please give me some advice. I have had a CCJ issued against me and knew nothing about it because the letters were put into next doors mailbox. The first I heard was when I got a letter today telling me that I have had it issued. I never saw it coming and am shocked. The money was for service charge for my apartment and I have been paying regularly. The judgement was issued on the 24th of August and I paid a quarterly payment on the 18th of August. They applied to the courts on the 22nd of July and because the documents went into next doors mail I knew nothing about it and missed the deadline to respond BUT in the meantime I had paid the payment. The amount was for £478.00 and I had paid £182.00 so the judgement wasn't even for the correct amount. I thought the claimant had to acknowledge this amount and notify the courts that the amount had changed and I had paid some money? Can anyone advise? (Please note, Northern Ireland Law)
  4. Cabot? If I ignore them can they mess with my credit file etc.? Are there letter templates to complain to the authorities? Why are they allowed to do this?
  5. Hi, I'm typing this from a tablet so it will be to the point. I got several texts from this company trying to bluff me into ringing them so I googled them, saw what they did and decided to ignore them. Next arrived 2 letters saying that I owed them £24,000 for an account they bought from HBOS! I've never had any accounts with HBOS and I do not know what the heck is going on! I've read that these parasites are in the business of phishing for debts etc. What can I do? Is there a letter I can sent them to get them to feck off? Thanks! Norm
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