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  1. Hello everyone I've received a letter from Moon Beever Solicitors on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited for an outstanding Halifax debt of £2,254.03 Letter reads as follows "We are instructed on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited of The Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road, Reigate, RH2 7JP. This letter is sent in compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol on Debt Claims ("the Protocol"). It is part of the requirements of the Protocol that we refer you to Annex 1 of the same and supply you with an information sheet and reply form. A copy of Annex 1 and those documents are provided with this letter. Our client has a claim for monies owed on your Bank Of Scotland Plc Bank account reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, which was opened on or around 3rd July 2006 ("the Agreement"). The account was assigned to our client on 18th November 2013 and a notice of assignment was sent to you on 10th August 2015 confirming our client as the new legal owner. The sums owed to Bank Of Scotland Plc must now be paid to our client" It then goes on to say that I can request a written copy of the agreement (if applicable) which the client will request from the original creditor and send to me upon receipt. As well as providing as reply form and a income/outgoing form I had some bad credit problems in the past and I understood that they were now statute barred. This debt doesn't appear on my credit report, which I check every month after being a victim of identity theft. I'm not sure what to do next, so any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks, Al
  2. Hi I have received a claim form from the county court for an o/s HoF storecard debt. The amount claimed before charges is £526. I stopped paying HoF/Newday about a year or more (maybe two years) ago as I couldn't keep up with the charges they kept adding to my bill. The original purchases amount was around £120 approx but then the late payment charges happened and interest on those then more late charges and more interest and now it's just got out of hand. I am tempted to phone Lowell and tell them that but I know it won't make a difference. I have used advice given to me previously to respond to these court claims and I still have that on here so I can look it up. Should I follow the same course of action? Lowell have been writing to me and warning me etc but I see so many letters that I just don't read them anymore. Help please. Thank you in advance again for your assistance.
  3. Having received a parking invoice for parking on private land from UK Parking Management LTD, I failed to respond or appeal. As I am unlucky enough to be subject to another private parking charge , I had confused the two and thought I had appealed but it seems I did not..... ..I have now had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus asking for £160. I called them upon receipt and asked for copies of the original invoice and some other information (such as the address of the parking company - so I could write to them directly). All of my requests were (quite rudely) refused and I have now received a letter from them saying as it's at the debt recovery stage they are unable to consider any appeals. Where do I stand? (please)
  4. I've received the following letter from Lowell solicitors regarding a default from 2012 for about £1700. I've previously tried to negotiate a settlement figure but got very little response. Although I have found a letter they sent last year offering a 60% reduction in the debt. Any suggestions on my next course of action? PAP LOC (1).pdf
  5. Thanks. I have previously SAR'd Vanquis. I'll dig it out and post here Here's the SAR response jpg2pdf.pdf
  6. Hi, I have just received a letter and form from Lowell Solicitors regarding a mail order catalogue for just under £900. No payment has been made for 3 1/2 years, account taken out around 2010. It is saying if I don't reply or make payment within 30 days they will start court proceedings. Any advice on how to deal with this? Thanks JJ
  7. Hi All Im looking for some advice on this one. Back on 20/12/17 i went to park on a carpark behind some shops previously this was an actual carpark for use of shoppers. As i went into the entrance of carpark i noticed a sign on the wall on right hand side as you enter the carpark so i pulled to the left hand side to read it (The entrance is an ally way between 2 shops as shown in my Picture There is no signs visible until you enter the carpark) It said that the carpark is now for gym use and to check terms and conditions in the carpark I left my car where it was which wasnt actually parked in a designated space the carpark in a space and had a look for the terms and conditions but all i could find was the same signs as id already read. I walked round to the gym entrance but couldnt see any terms and conditions there So i just got in my car and turned around and left i was there for 7 minutes then on 11th jan 2018 i received a parking charge notice which i ignored as i never actually parked in the car park just pulled over to one side of the entrance but the number plate reading system had clocked me as i entered on the 13th feb i received a letter from DRP asking for £160 i contacted DRP and a sent them CPR 31.14 Request I then received another letter from DRP on 26 fen 2018 thanking me for my communication but explaining that i couldnt challenge the charge I ignored that and heard nothing until a few days ago when Gladstones solicitors wrote with a letter before claim dated 4th feb 2019 I understand that they will take it to county court Should i just wait for a county court claim and try defend this or is there another avenue.
  8. Lowell Solicitors sent me a letter in December 2018 saying on 08/08/16 a CCJ was entered against you and you were ordered by the court to pay £50 per month. I haven't paid anything on it. It says they are considering options to enforce the CCJ as its in arrears. The amount of the CCJ is £499.13 It also says to avoid the possibility of enforcement action we need to agree a payment plan with you. This CCJ was issued years ago to an old address, i now know it's my responsibility to inform them of my new address and my circumstances at the time would not allow me to do that but i was just hoping for some advice. It was originally a Capital one credit card. Thanks
  9. I received a Letter of Claim(pre action claim letter) from Lowell Solicitors on 03/06/2018, and have 30 days to send them the reply form, but just saw it today. Very worried if it is late. The Account start date 14/01/2013 Date of default 14/12/2013, the original company name is THree mobile, regarding 385.51 balance., so maybe a mobile contract wih handset. Then I sent the reply form back to the solicitors and CCA request to Lowell portfolio I Ltd, On 26/07/2018 received these letters from Lowell solicitor today( please see attached pictures) It says: "As this is former telecommunications matter it is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the original creditor is therefore not required to retain a copy of the Agreement, Subsequently, we are unable to request a copy of this document. A default Notice is a technical document that is applied to a Credit Agreement should a customer fail to repay the account.. As mobile phones have a Service Agreement and not a Credit Agreement, a Default Notice does not apply and is therefor not issued. " Since then they only enclosed a simple bill which is only 92.17 pounds from 3G, but Lowell asking for 385.51 pounds now., there is no other document for how it comes to be 385.51. It is not on the Term and conditions they sent neither. Also, on all the 3G letters, there is no 3G address at all. They said they hold my case for 30 days, otherwise will take court procedure. I am not sure about this phone contract, and not afford such big amount. What should I do next please? Anyone could give me some advise plz, what is my next plz? Should I send SAR to 3G? how can I find the address of 3G which I should send to plz? How should I reply letter for Lowell solicitor letter on 26/07/2018 plz? Thanks a lot for any advices! Thank you
  10. Hi all. Brief background to my delimma; Opened up a vanquis account back in mid 2013, kept on top of it for a few years until I went through an extremely difficult time, they increased my credit limit to £2000 around the same time and I blew the lot and stopped paying because I didn’t care about anything. It was then sold to Lowell’s solicitors I ignored the first letters until I received the pre action protocol letter. I responded to that asking them to prove it. Today they replied stating they were waiting for response from creditor and my account is on hold in meantime. Total debt is £2396. But I also noticed some of the information on this letter is wrong. The last payment date and the amount is incorrect and also the default date. I checked through my bank statements and they’re a month out with the payment date. They have my last payment as November for £70 odd, but my last transaction was in the October for £30 odd. Then the default is recorded in May the following year. I’m wondering if it’s worth letting it go to court if they seem to have wrong information. Would be really grateful for any information or advice anyone has. Many thanks.
  11. I had a time to pay hearing today for a credit card debt. Cabot was represented by nolans. I offered 10 per month on my court documents. Nolans rejected this and today we had a hearing. I'm a bit confused by it all. I said I was financially struggling. I was told an open decree was granted and I had to pay. So what does that now mean? I asked what happens next and was told that was up to nolans. Help!
  12. Hi, I have an old credit card debt dating back a few years - I was too ill at the time to deal with it and was taken to court and ended up with a CCJ. I wasn't able to make the payments the court told me to pay but Restons agreed an arrangement of a minimal payment each month to run alongside the Judgement. I have paid each month and never missed a payment. Today I received a letter from them with an 11-page questionnaire about my finances and other personal details - if I do not reply within 7 days they say the arrangement will be cancelled and they will advise the client to begin recovery options including legal enforcement without further notice. They have also stated that I could make a settlement payment and discharge my liability - no hope of that - I am penniless! I haven't defaulted on the agreement and my financial situation is unchanged - what should I do? I never agreed to the amount I was told I owed as much of that was fees and interest that had been added to the account for late payment, admin costs etc. The company knew I was ill and had to give up working but continued to add fees anyway until it was sent to a DCA.
  13. Firstly thank you in advance for any help I may get from you guys!! Yesterday I received a county court claim form from Gladstones Solicitors Limited on behalf of ES Parking Enforcement Limited and genuinely this is the first I have heard of this matter. It states they are claiming: Amount Claimed: £166.18 Court Fee: £25 Legal Representatives Costs: £50.00 Total Amount: £241.18 I don't know where this has arisen from and cant recall parking where they said I had "breached their terms of parking". The actual wording is: "The Driver of the Vehicle Registration XXX XXXX (the vehicle) Incurred the parking charge(s) on 09/05/2018 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at Seymour Grove Retail Park Manchester. The Defendant was driving the vehicle and/or is the keeper of the vehicle. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £160 for parking charge(s) / Damages and Indemnity Costs if applicable, together with interest of £6.18 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% pa, continuing to judgement at £0.04 per day." Firstly I am not the registered owner or keeper of this vehicle as the vehicle was my wife's company car and what evidence do they have that I was the driver. I am very stressed out about this as £241.18 is a lot of money to be burdened with just before Christmas and any help would be appreciated as to how I should deal with this. Feels like these cowboys can almost make charges up as they deem fit and then bully people into paying them what can only be deemed a lucrative sum. The claim form is dated the 10th December 2018 and was received on 14th December 2018.
  14. I have just discovered this site and forums, and fear I have made a terrible hash of dealing with Erudio with regard to my own and my husband's old Student loans (My own: 1 from 1990 (unsigned by SLC) for £420 but due to 9.8% interest (!!!!) now over £800 and really should have been written off had Erudio not been involved; and my husband's: 4 from 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 respectively and over £5,000). We had been happily deferring re-payment of these loans over the years until Erudio took over. The first inkling that we had that they had been sold to a bunch of debt collectors were involved were the classic "you are in arrears letters". At this point in our lives we were both suffering from health conditions (I had had a nervous breakdown and have since been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder and my husband has since been diagnosed with IBD) - whether this had an impact on our judgement I don't know. We did initially ignore these, and people were saying definitely not to fill in their deferment forms, so we didn't do that either. We have historically been a fairly low income household, and I have never made any re-payments on my loan , whilst my husband briefly made a couple of repayments.(I cannot remember in what year.) We were harassed on a daily basis by telephone calls- often several times a day. My husband's account was then transferred over to Capquest, which did freak us out a little, I have to admit, never having dealt with debt collectors before. The same situation occurred with the letters and phone calls with Capquest. They seemed to be not taking any action on my account. We sent CCA requests in June 2015, to Erudio and received the copies at the end of July 2015. I complained to Erudio in writing about their tactics, their harassment, and asked them to remove the arrears from the account and to consider back dating deferment . I even took this to the FOS - no joy. I complained to SLC and said my loan had been miss- sold - I think I also took this to FOS - also no joy - I was told that I would have been able to access commercial lending operators!! We wrote to the director of Erudio explaining our situation and please could we just defer!! I believe the response was : Capquest are dealing with your account now - talk to them... At this point I became tired and gave up - they just wanted all the money and there seemed no scope for returning to the good old days of deferment. And it seems our accounts would never be written off now as we had broken the terms and conditions - welcome to harassment for the rest of our lives!! Last year Capquest were still harassing my husband - his mental health has been badly affected by his physical health - and he did not work for several months - he works for himself but did not have the money in his businesses to pay himself whilst he was unwell. I wrote to them and told them to back off in no uncertain terms. Neither of us claim disability benefits, we claim tax credits, which has kept us afloat. It had all gone fairly quiet on the Erudio front until a few weeks ago when a "remedy of account" package arrived with statements dating back to 2015, for my husband's loans. Closely followed by default letters for each loan (1993, 4, 5 & 6). And then last week a letter from Drydensfairfax solicitors which appears to be a letter before action. What is interesting is this : ----------------------------------------------------------------- Full details of the debt are set out below: . The amount owed is £5341.45 and no charges/interest are being added at this stage. . A statement of account is attached. . The agreement this debt relates to was entered into between you and SLC on 9th Dec 1993 and assigned to Erudio on 22 Nov 2013. A copy of the agreement can be requested using the reply form. --------------------------------------------------------------- They have stated that the whole amount relates to the 1993 agreement - in which only £800 was borrowed. The reply form also includes boxes where you can dispute the debt. With regards to my account, I have received the same "remedy of account" statements that my husband has, and, yesterday the same default letter. I believe it to be going down the same route. We do not have the money to pay these loans and are still under the re-payment threshold. I do not know what move to make next - as I understand that now they will never be written off, and I don't know what strategy to employ to deal with this new development. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  15. Good Evening I'll try and keep this short. I have been successfully defending Court claims from Lowell's with the help of this group, they usually give up when it gets to the stage where the judge tells them to supply the court and me with my cpr requests or file a properly completed claim by a certain date or the case will be struck out. Today they have sent me a curve ball for their latest claim against me. They have sent me a Tomlin Order to sign. They have not supplied all of the information they were told to supply. I'm guessing its their last ditch go at trying to scare me, they have 3 days left to supply the court with the information requested. Is it ok for me to ignore this letter? It's states that if I ignore this letter they will produce it at the hearing to prove that attendance costs could have been avoided. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello I am writing on behalf of a friend regarding an outstanding debt (overdraft) with Halifax Bank. Since 2015, this has gone through Wescot Credit Services, Cabot Financial and is now with Restons Solicitors. They were out of work for a time but are now employed and wondering how to handle the Letter of Claim sent from Restons on behalf of Cabot. They are asking for payment of the sum £1,261 by 18 May and this just isn't possible. They say if it's not paid they have instructions to issue a Claim in the County Court for the full balance plus fees and costs. They then say Cabot is prepared to accept payment by instalments and ask that a financial statement be filled-in and returned by 18 May - but they don't want to engage with Restons in this way. Is this likely to escalate to County Court any time soon (this is the first letter received from Restons) or will they likely come back with some sort of offer? Do you have any advice on how to proceed. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply
  17. Thanks in advance for this site and all the posts and advice You are all the reason we have decided to put up a fight. Just for a context.... I have spent the last week reading everything I can possibly fit in to my brain on this subject and I just need some clarification on some points. My family and I were away for 6 weeks (28 Nov 2017- 10 Jan 2018) in New Zealand during that time my husband received a PCN (£60 early repayment) dated 29th Nov 4 days after the alleged incident (25th Nov) from HX Car Park Management Ltd. The PCN was for overstaying a pre paid time that was paid for. Needless to say we didn't see this or the next 'Outstanding Parking Notice' (£100) dated 28 Dec until we returned home on on 10th Jan. He got another letter dated 12th Jan which was a 'Final Demand Notice' (£125). At this point he freaked out completely, as you do, checked his diary and saw that he was not even the driver since he was working 40 miles away that day. I immediately wrote a letter (since he didn't have the time) (dated 19th Jan) telling them that he was not the driver and could provide proof of this if required, gave them a copy of flight ticket to show we were away and so couldn't respond to their letters and asked them to stop sending letters of a threatening nature and posted it recorded delivery. Obviously I did not look at this amazing forum (or indeed any of the other ones we have since come across) first (more fool me). We heard nothing for 2 months and then last week received an LBC from Gladstone Solicitors giving 30 days to cough up the now £160! I have since looked at so many forums and legislation, including the Pre Action Protocol, POFA and have whittled down what I think we need to do now which is draft a letter to Gladstones asking for: 1. an explanation of the cause of action 2. whether they are pursuing the driver or keeper 3. whether they are relying on the provisions of Schedule 4 of POFA 2012 4. what the full details of the claim are (where it is claimed the car was parked, for how long, how the monies being claimed arose and have been calculated, what contractual breach (if any) is being claimed) 5. a copy of the contract with the landowner under which they assert authority to bring the claim 6. a copy of any alleged contract with the driver 7. a plan showing where any signs were displayed 8. details of the signs displayed (size of sign, size of font, height at which displayed) 9. If they have added anything on to the original charge, what that represents and how it has been calculated. Is this the right thing to do? And may I post a copy of my drafted letter on here for you guys to check it's ok if you wouldn't mind that is? 10. All photographic evidence showing where the car was parked when the (alleged) breach was made. 11. Images of the time displayed on the P&D machine at the material time. 12. Evidence that the time on the machine was correctly synchronised with GMT. 13. Details of the amount that was paid and the length of overstay (as these details were not in the NTK) so NTK does not meet the POFA 2012 on this basis. They haven't stated that they are relying on the POFA in any of their letters and although they seem to have included most of the details required of them in the NTK as per the POFA they haven't been completely concise on all counts and the photos they provided do not have the car parked but is actually in motion on what looks like a main road. My brain is swimming with everything I have read and I can't decide what the next best course of action should be. Your help and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. My husband received a parking notice in February 2017, after parking on a private road outside the house where he was living. GLADSTONES SOLICITORS were involved. He received 2 notices and as it was a private parking company he ignored them. A few months letter a 3rd latter came suggesting a court case and demanding £400. He filled in the form and returned it saying that whilst he disagreed with it he would pay but could not pay all at once and requested a payment plan. He suggested £100 per month. That was in November, 2017. He heard NOTHING back from them and received no further notices or correspondence. On the 22nd March 2018, at 17.45pm there was a hammering on the front door, my husband answered and noticed a clamp on his car. A guy came into the apartment and told us he was from DCBLtd and was a High Court Enforcer and he was not leaving until we had given him £2318.00 cash/ debit or credit card or goods to that amount. We were shocked as we had no idea what he was talking about. He was very intimidating. I asked for his ID and he showed me a badge and ID I photographed him and the ID. I asked for paperwork. He showed me but then got very aggressive when I tried to take it from him to read it. During this time he let it slip that he was filming us and derided us for not knowing or noticing that he was wearing CCTV. He walked around the apartment writing down our goods onto the back of the paperwork i.e. 2seater white sofa, 3seater white sofa, wood frame mirror etc. All of which would raise pennies at public auction. He snarled at us that he could go into any room, any cupboard, any drawer that he wanted to. He also tried to take the IPAD that belongs to my husbands company. He then informed us that he would call the van, which if it arrived to take away the goods would cost us £1500 extra. We tried to reason with him but he called the van anyway. We panicked and managed to borrow £2300 from my son. We could not afford the van to turn up and take away our belongings and be left with an empty apartment and £4000 debt. We paid him and he left. We looked at the paperwork at last, it was headed "Notice that goods have been removed for storage or sale" There was NO name and NO address on it. There was a CCJ which we checked and is now on my husband’s credit rating. The original debt was now £773.93, There was a compliance stage fee of £90, An enforcement stage fee of £822.00 and A stage sale payment of £630 Plus interest of £2.24 A total of £2318.17 We tried to dispute the payment with my bank, they did not want to know, I have been to CAB who say that as it is no longer a debt and they are unable to help. We have called GLADSTONES SOLICITORS and Northampton Court to get copies of any paperwork. We cannot contact GLADSTONES or the court. We have emailed the court requesting that they remove or put a paid notification on the CCJ. About 30 minutes after the bailiff had left the house, my husband received an email reply, from JULIE who said she was from GLADSTONES Solicitors, acknowledging his request for a payment plan. She wrote saying thanks for the letter dated 18th February 2018 -the date the CCJ went through and that it was no longer their concern. When we requested they send copies of all correspondence they said they were not obliged to send any copies of paperwork or correspondence. Where do we go from here? What can we do to get our sons money back? Please help! Many thanks
  19. Hi all I've received a letter of claim from Howard Cohen acting on behalf of Hoist portfolio Ltd. The debt relates to a former Barclaycard that started in June 2008 and later defaulted in in Dec 2013 (according to my noddle credit file). I was self employed at the time and quickly became over indebted at the time. The default amount is £12,500 and last payment made was March 2013. I've uploaded a redacted letter of claim I received recently. I received a very similar letter in Dec last year which I ignored and did not hear anything until now - the same request letter. If I respond should I send a CCA letter request to the solicitors? I have until 13th August to respond. Thank you all in advance. Ben Hoist Portfolio Ltd - Letter of Claim REDACTED copy.pdf
  20. Hello all, I received a letter today in the post from Gladstone solicitors requesting for £160. I checked online at HX car park's website the PCN quoted on the letter does not exist as it is not recognised. So I called the solicitors as they said to if matters needed to be discussed. Called to find out why there's a charge for a parking that was paid for and why no PCN issued and why is this the first time they can contacting seeing as date of charge is 04/03/2018. In which she responded rudely that they sent a letter in June and they are acting on behalf of HX Car management and if there is a problem with my post to contact royal mail and for my information they will be issuing a letter to the courts in which i said I've only just received a letter which i wasn't aware of and I've not been giving opportunity to appeal. Her response was to go to Citizens advise bureau. After speaking to a friend, he informed me to contact this forum as i really do not understand how a parking ticket which was paid for will result to £160. I wish I never spoke to her because it's giving me a bad migraine. Do not know what to do next? I've attached the letter received today.
  21. I live in an apartment building which comes with a parking space. One day my parking permit was not displayed as it had fallen off my dashboard of my car so a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) was found on my screen. I emailed the company, Spring Parking Ltd, to inform them that the permit had simply fallen on the floor of my car. Their response was that it is my responsibility to ensure it is displayed and that the PCN still applied. However, I never heard anything further from them about this. I subsequently had the same issue occur but as they never followed up on the first instance I didn't email them again. I then started to get letters from a claims company with the usual "this is what's due but if you pay within XX days it will be reduced". I have had these sort of letters previously when I had a dispute regarding an NCP car park and eventually they stopped and never heard anything again. However, in this instance I have now received a solicitors letter from Gladstone Solicitors (attached). Another resident advises that I should ignore it as it is private land and Spring Parking can't enforce the PCN anyway. Receiving the letter from a solicitors has raised doubt in my mind of my position. They want £155. My daughter also has had a letter from Gladstones regarding 3 PCN's she has received whilst visiting me. Would love some advise on both instances. I have also attached a photo of the signage that appears in the parking area for reference/ information. docs1.pdf
  22. I got a pre action protocol letter with a form, from Restons for a next account which has been passed to Debt Managers (Services). I ticked box I and requested a copy of the contract, statement of account, details of any administrative charges, copy of notice of assignment and a copy of the default notice. I received a reply from them providing with a few details; date account was opened, address used (which is incorrect btw), last order date, last items ordered, last payment date and amount. The letter says I have not provided any information as to why I don't know if I owe the debt, and asking me to confirm 'why you are unsure if you owe the debt so that our client can understand your position'. It reads like a template reply to me, but I am unsure how to word my response. Do I need to give a reason why I am unsure under the pre action protocol, or should I write back simply asking them for the information I originally requested?
  23. Hi All What section would i post the following Yes i am one of many that suffered in the crash and thought some stuff would go away but yesterdays post brought me a letter from Reston Solicitors as well as a letter from Arrowe Global telling me my account had been transferred to a new agency, and that court proceeding will go ahead after the 12th Sept 18 The debt is from MBNA - Credit Card Date of agreement 28th Feb 2001 States Orginal Account No Date of Issue to Arrowe Global 29th November 2012 Outstanding amount £14425.26 From what i recall i did pay £1 per month for some time but cannot recall how long for or when i stopped the payment but i assume approx 3 years ago, i lost everything in the crash my business, house etc and have just started to get on a level playing field, and since this letter has arrived i felt sick and did not sleep very well at all with worry. My main questions for advice is should i respond to Restons and ask for CCA information ? or should i wait and see if they issue court proceedings after 12th September (their deadline) Any help advice would be truly appreciated Chris
  24. my girlfriend took a loan out from provident on 6th December 2012 with a fixed term agreement £1134.00... her provident door sales rep money collector last collected payment 27th December 2012 . she recently had a letter from the lowell solicitors claiming to reply within 7 days.. today x2 days after receiving that letter she gets another paperwork SMALL CLAIMS TRACK . ( small claims court i take it?) i contacted the solicitors thinking that the case was statue barred because the length of time but obviously it was not... the soliciting group claims the agreement expired 20 February 2014.. what ever the amount was i know the provident group earns high interest from the ones struggling by lending them pittance (sad stateof affair but..) is she best off offering money or court session or.... any advice help much appreciated .. thankyou
  25. Evening All, First of all I'd really like to thank you all for viewing my post and secondly I'd very much appreciate any advice you might be able to offer. Location: New Gun Wharf, Gun Makers Lane, London E3 PPM Parking Sign is Attached Letter from Gladstones is also Attached Approx location of my car at the tie is also attached On the 23rd December 2017 I went to visit a friend who lives in a private block of apartments. To enter his block, you first turn off the main road Old Ford Road (which leads onto a small cobbled road (this is Gun Makers Lane which is double yellow lined and leads onto a park), once on this road and about 20 metres in there is another left turn you can make onto a brick paved area which serves as a communal area for the the residents of the apartments . It's worth noting, that this area has retractable bollards to enter, but they are always down for vehicle access. There are always cars here but it is also worth noting that the block has underground parking for residents. (Its all very transparent if you google the location and do street view) I wasn't really long at all, however on my return I discovered a parking ticket from Parking and Property Management Ltd. It was dark and I really didn't bother to look for sign posts which outlined the conditions of parking there. I shoved the ticket down the side of my car door and forgot about it. Almost 7 months later I have received a 'LETTER BEFORE CLAIM' from Gladstones Solicitors, this letter is dated 17th July. Aside from this notice, I do not remember receiving any other correspondence from these people. I have trawled through my car and all my post again just to make sure and cannot find anything nor can I find the actual ticket They are asking for a payment of £160 or they threatening to take legal action. I have had previous experience with UK Parking Control and DRP in the past and have learned to just ignore these types of crooks, but on this occasion I'm not quite so confident given how many people I've seen go to court with PPM and Gladstones. I am a fair driver and generally do not get tickets, and on the occasions I do I pay them if its fair and legit. So guys on this occasion where do you think I stand with contesting the ticket? Really look forward to any advice and thank you all in advance for you help multipage PDF version of docs are now attached without refs PPM Sign, Gladstones Letter, My Location v2.pdf
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