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  1. I understand that but I'm an old fashioned person who still believes in ' innocent until proven guilty'
  2. I've already admitted I was the driver. I think I'll go for the court option, if they do have photographic evidence I'll plead guilty. Thanks for your speedy reply.
  3. Hi I've just been sent a road traffic notice for 'motor vehicle fail to comply with solid white line road markings. I've been given 3 choices £100 fine + points £90 course which would mean a day of work (self employed) Go to court and defend it. Now I'm usually not one for breaking driving laws, I've had a clean license for 30+ years but it could have happened. There was no photographic evidence included in the letter and I'm seriously thinking of going down the court summons route if only to see what evidence they have. My qu
  4. Hi I could do with some advice. Bought a car on finance in August 2018. The car broke down December 2018. Contacted dealer and he wasn't very interested, told me to get it fixed and he will pay halve. Got in touch with finance company and after 3 months they have decided in my favour to reject the car.1 I paid a deposit. - £100 Part exchanged my old car - £140 Payments made. - £910.36 Road recovery charge. - £340.00 Hire car to get home - £200.00
  5. Can I safely ignore it, their deadline ends in 40hrs?
  6. I don't even think they will pay their £25 trail let alone turn up for the hearing.
  7. Yes monthly. It sounds like they are trying to bypass the court system.
  8. Good Evening I'll try and keep this short. I have been successfully defending Court claims from Lowell's with the help of this group, they usually give up when it gets to the stage where the judge tells them to supply the court and me with my cpr requests or file a properly completed claim by a certain date or the case will be struck out. Today they have sent me a curve ball for their latest claim against me. They have sent me a Tomlin Order to sign. They have not supplied all of the information they were told to supply. I'm guessing its their last ditch go at trying to s
  9. Thanks Andy, as I said before I couldn't have done it without you and dx100uk.
  10. Yes I guessed. Letter basically told me to ring Robinson Way to arrange payment. I nearly spat out my coffee.
  11. Sadly the story doesn't end there. I received a letter when I got home. Apparently HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 COMPANY have assigned the debt to HOIST FINANCE UK HOLDINGS 2 LIMITED. Not that I'm bothered. Was I lucky with the Judge do you think? Reading some other threads it seems some Judges are not so helpful.
  12. Hi Sidewinder it was a Lloyds O/D. £1800, my o/d was only £1000. They sold it while we were discussing ways of getting rid of the charges and interest so that I could pay it of. I think it was just before the six years was up that I got the summons. I've donated, the link came up on my post.
  13. Lloyds. Was debating going after the costs that the Judge mentioned. Oh and may I thank you dx100uk and Andyorch for your help. There were obviously others but you and Andy were the main two.
  14. Hi, I would like to announce a success for you to mark as won thanks to the help I received here if that's ok. I received a County Court claim and came to this site. I had a look around and saw that it was easy to defend the claim myself so I didn't want to start a thread and increase the already high workload of the good people advising on here. Firstly can I just say to anyone who is reading this that is in the same position, don't despair and as the advisers always say " READ OTHER THREADS " anyways here's my my story: A claim was issued against me on 09/05/2018 I found
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