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  1. I have dad's last will from 2019 which mentions the trust. I am in the process of going through probate as the only thing that needs probate is a couple of shares he has (under £3000). Speaking to my brother and my dad's wife they wouldn't mind going with another solicitor if we need to pay extra for the trust.
  2. I have a letter from the original solicitor that was sent to my dads wife regarding a life interest trust. They haven't bothered to contact me yet even after asking them to, It seems they want another £500 plus VAT to setup the trust, but I would of thought that my dad would of sorted all of this out when he went ahead with his last will? Would I be able to go with another solicitor to set up the trust if the original one insist on more money? Thanks again
  3. Looking on their website I would of thought that a Life interest trust would of been set up, and they state: "A life interest trust (also known as possession trusts or interest in possession trusts) be used for preserving assets for the next generation whilst providing a benefit for the current generation. For example, if your home is placed into a life interest trust, then the person with this interest can continue to live there until their death. The house would then be distributed in line with your Will." & A trust can be created in your lifetime, which is to take immediate effect (often referred to as a “lifetime settlement”), or it can be created on death through your Will (known as a “Will Trust”).
  4. While I am waiting for the original solicitor to ring back about the will can I ask. After my dad passed they were informed about this an released a copy of the will to me and my brother, should they have set the trust up then as they were informed of his passing? Thanks again
  5. After speaking to a probate solicitor it looks like we might have a problem. It seems that the Solicitor that processed the will might not have looked at the deeds of the house and registered mine and my brothers interest in the trust. After my dad passed his wife has informed the LR and has just her name on there now and not our interest meaning we have no say over the house as it stands. I am awaiting a meeting with the original solicitor to see what has happened and how they can sort this out.
  6. Thank you I will update you more once I have spoken to a solicitor.
  7. They were married in April 2019 and the would of both been on the deeds when they were changed on June 2019. I can only think she filled out a DJP form? I have the will in front of me and it has dad name and address signed July 2019. Dad asked for myself, my brother and his wife to be executors and trustees. One of the clauses say: I give free of tax to my trustees my beneficial share in any freehold or leasehold property which wife & I co-own as our principal residence at the time of my death.
  8. I have looked on the Land Registry and it is now just her name on the register. The date was just after their wedding, is there a way of seeing who was registered before his death? On the charge register there are two charges for MORE 2 LIFE LTD & LT Mortgage Financing Limited both on the same date. I have booked an appointment but this wont be until the end of the month as that is the earliest available
  9. That is what I thought. If it was towards repairs of the house that would be fine, but I still think we should of be informed.
  10. I have booked up a meeting with a local solicitor. After speaking with my Dads wife she informed me that she has twice drawn on the life time mortgage since my dads death that her and my dad opened before his death. Should she of asked us before doing this and how will this effect the sale later?
  11. Ethel Street, thank you for explain everything to me. I have tried reading up and found it way over my head. Looking online there is a Probate and will lawyer in the next street to me and I am going to let them have a read of the will and see where we go from there. It does sound like she is wanting our information for the HMRC. I will go and speak to her and see if this is so.
  12. My dad passed away 2 years ago and in his will the house was put into trust between myself, my brother and my dads wife. There was a few conditions, my dads wife was allowed to stay in the house as long as she wants, but is liable for all bills, repairs and insurances etc, no one else was allowed to move in and she wasn't allowed to move out and rent it out. And if she wants to move on the house was to be sold. She has now found a new partner and wants to move on, at first she thought that she could sell the house, keep the money and pay us what left after she passes and was trying to see if she could change the details of the will. It now seems that the trust was never set up or registered and she is now asking for mine and my brother date of birth and NI number so this can be done, would we need to sign anything? In the will it is saying that my brother and me have to agree in writing to any changes or to the sale. Thanks in advance.
  13. I had a similar experience with another retailer. I ordered two of the same item but only received one, got the normal run around and even took photos of the weight next to their bag which showed the weight of one pair of trainers, in the end I had to go to my bank and do a chargeback. Does the packaging show the exact weight when they posted it at the warehouse?
  14. I had to have a complex extraction done and my NHS dentist recommended me to a different dentist (non NHS) who said that it was possible for the NHS dentist to do and was only charged the £70 charge even if it went to the different dentist.
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