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  1. Been speaking to a customer service manager at T&C and they have now down graded it to a Stage 1 complaint because they didn't reply to my original complaint. They have been and repaired the roof tile and will be replacing the Solar panels in a couple of weeks, as well as asking for more photos of the damage to the shed so they can settle that claim.
  2. I hand delivered the complaint letters yesterday, so they cannot say they don't have them. Lets see what happens now.
  3. Here is first draft of the complaint regarding the solar panels: Ref: Complaint stage 2 Dear Sir or Madame; On the July 2021 I raised a formal complaint via your online portal regarding repairs to the solar panel that have not worked properly since we took over the tenancy in xxxx. I have attached a copy of the email from yourselves that was sent as acknowledge of my complaint. After speaking to Swale heating your recommended contractor here is a brief breakdown of the faults and what has been done. xxxx reported to Swale Heating xxxx System drained following service due to faulty parts. xxxx Fix Parts. These parts failed within 30 days xxxx Swale Heating visited again and needed to order parts from Germany xxxx1 Parts finally arrived fitted and still didn’t cure problem. xxxx Swale Heating send 2 engineers out and they find Solar panels are damaged and cannot be fixed and scaffolding needed to property before any work can be done. Swale heating then sent email regarding the need of scaffolding the day or so after this. Since then, nothing has been done. As the solar panels do not work the only way, we can receive hot water is by using the expensive Immersion heater in the hot water tank. It is my understanding that Town & Country Housing are responsible for the repairs to the panels and you have clearly breached your responsibilities in this matter. As a rough estimate it cost around £1 per day to heat the water through the immersion and I will be claiming this since xxxxx The complaint was first raised on the xxxx and Town and Country have not once tried to responded and I find this not only un-professional but shows a complete disregard for your tenants.
  4. Hi Stu007, I did look into the right to repair but this is only for repairs upto £250, and I would think these repairs are going to be a lot more than this. BF I have sent off the SAR and wanted a list of all repairs I have reported and dates if any that they have been completed.
  5. Acknowledgment back from Overdales saying they have my response and have passed on the the OC for the required details. Nothing back from Lowell yet
  6. Thanks for everyone's input on their web site this is what they are responsible for: Roofing: Keeping the roof water & weather tight Chimney breasts, stacks and flues Roof timbers Fascias, barge boards, soffits and associated roof joinery including replacement with PVC-u where total replacement is necessary All rainwater goods including gutters, down-pipes All canopies, storm porches and any other attached roof surface unless installed by the tenant Any other structural attachments to the roof Access to a height of three storeys Loft hatches Insulation to match existing insulation where removed to undertake works. Electrical: Storage heaters Electric heaters (only when supplied by Town & Country) Consumer units, electrical wiring and circuits, RCDs / MSBs etc. Electrical components including sockets, spurs, bayonet and batten light fittings (only when fitted by Town & Country) Trunking and conduits Light fittings (not bulbs) – Only if supplied by Town & Country Hard wired smoke detectors (but not back up batteries) Communal door entry systems These are the two that mainly effect me. We have lived here for over 6 years and they are meant to be 'green' housing. Here is a brief breakdown of the problems we have : Hole in the roof reported 15th July via Online Portal - nothing has been done. Solar Panels - reported nearly 2 years ago, engineer has drained them down as they leak and need scaffolding to repair - nothing has been done since. The only was we get hot water is via expensive immersion heater. In the back garden we have a tank that fills with rainwater that is meant to flush the toilets, this has been setup wrong and fills straight the tank from mains water, engineer turned it off 3 years ago and never came back. We are electrical only so have storage heaters, only one of these works properly and upstairs are just unless with hardly any heat coming from them. It seems they are not interested in their responsibilities
  7. The H/A have completely ignored my complaint about this and other matters. I still have a hole in roof and not had anyone come out to even look at it What are my next options please.
  8. The cover was for £60 and no extra insurance was taken
  9. Hi BF, The item was a small form factor Computer, so would be on their list. By the looks of the photo it's been dropped on the edge as they are completely smashed.
  10. Item arrived completely smashed. Date Sent - 31st August Package Amount - £75 Insurance Added - None Sent Via Packlink Pictures sent along with the claim today via UPS online portal just waiting for rejection email
  11. Hi DX & BF, Mine was only for a £8.50 item that in the end I just swallowed the lose as wasn't worth my time to take it further. Before Packlink they use to use Shuttle if I remember right and they were easy to work with and never made you jump through stupid hoops like this lot. I just feel that if enough people complain about them perhaps TS will look into it.
  12. Hi everyone, As a long time ebay seller and have had trouble with Packline like quite a few others on here, I had a item get damaged and tried to claim this is what I had back that they need: 1. the item is photographed before packing including a photo ot the address. 2. The package is photographed before sending. 3. The package is photographed upon arrival by the recipient. 4. The contents is photographed upon opening. 5. The packaging kept until PackLink decides it can be disposed of. 6. Photographs 3 & 4 should be emailed back to the sender (me) 7. Damaged items should be kept by the recipient until PackLink decides if you can throw it away (this could be several weeks). Surely this is an instance of unfair terms and conditions. I know trading standards etc won't do anything after one report but if everyone who have a problem did hopefully they would have to do something or because they are based in Spain these rules don't apply to them.
  13. I am going their tomorrow afternoon and will let you know what I have found.
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