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  1. Good thinking. The amount has gone up by over £8000 from when we sent the complaint letter
  2. The payments would of been paid out of our old bank account that I don't have any details for annoyingly. It might be best if I get into the bank and see if they can get any information for me.
  3. I've just been through all the paperwork here and it seems that some payments were made to Marlin upto July 2009 until we asked for a CCA and lodged the complaint about the serious error in the paperwork, so that takes it within the 6 years. Weirdly this statement was in our original paperwork but not in their last statements that came through We moved house in 2012 and they hadn't written to us during that time. Don't know how to play this now
  4. Sorry for not posting sooner, have had a serious family matter. I have drafted a letter of complaint, if you can think of anything please let me know With regards to the above account I would like to raise a formal complaint. In September 2009 I wrote to you when you was under the name of Marlin and raised a formal complaint as there was serious errors in the way the account had been processed, and have had no response from you until your recent correspondence. After checking my credit file I noticed that you have lodged a CCJ that I did not have a chance to defend. With this in mind I request you remove this CCJ from my file, if you are unwilling to do this I will apply to set aside the CCJ and will send the cost over to your company. I look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Thanks DX. I think we have to take it too them. As don't want to leave it. Was going to write a formal complaint telling them to remove the CCJ otherwise I will be applying for a set aside and passing any costs onto them JJ
  6. Probably not now as it was over 10 years since we last heard from them. Will look but found the payment statement from the earlier posts
  7. Glad you merged all the threads from earlier. The last payment was 27/07/2005 and the CCJ was granted on 11/11/2014 so a clear 6 years. I think by the looks of it they got the CCJ from the original address for the agreement and not the one they had been writing to us
  8. Can they now instruct bailiffs to visit us to enforce the CCJ? Seem unfair as they completely ignored our dispute. Do you think we would be able to get it set aside due to time length?
  9. I was thinking of writing along the lines of: The account was placed in dispute in 2009/2010 as there was serious errors in the agreement and the account running. Marlin/Bramble should not of sold the debt on when a dispute has been raised. We require you to remove the CCJ or we will go back to court and have it set aside as we have a strong defence
  10. Evening DX it was a car we VS with British Credit Trust as the engine seized. Cabot keep writing and calling wanting the money and don't know how to handle them
  11. Hi, My other half has just received a letter from Cabot regarding a debt going back to 2006. It was originally with Marlin, and after taking advice on here we put the account in dispute due to some errors in the paperwork, She has not heard a thing from them until Cabot wrote saying they got a CCJ at our old address dated 11/2014. No payments have been made on this account since early 2005. As it is nearly 5 years since the CCJ was granted would we be able to set aside the CCJ? Thanks JJ
  12. I thought so but as I am not going to be around for most of September thought I had better check
  13. There is nothing to return just the normal we may and we are deciding whether to transfer to our solicitor etc
  14. This one is from Lowell themselves the last one, the PAP was from the next table down solicitor who couldn't respond to my query and sent it back to Lowells
  15. Just had a Pre-legal Assessment letter arrive, but they still haven't sent me a response to my queries. Is it safe to ignore or start a formal complaint?
  16. Hi, yes they should of but no one even walked up to my car, so they wouldn't have been able to see the work that has been done
  17. Hi everyone, On Saturday our car failed the MOT because it needed both CV boots changed. These were changed yesterday at a different garage. So had to go back today for the retest, as it was just a retest I sat outside the garage not more than 6ft from my car. An hour later no one had come from the workshop to get the car so went back into the dealership asking when it was going to be done only to be informed that he had checked it over! I said that is not possible as I have been sitting outside ever since I arrived and the car hasn't moved, nobody from the workshop would come down and explain what had happened. I've got a MOT but I am sure everything has been done, but the nearest dealership is nearly an hours drive away.
  18. Hi, Just to let you know received this letter this morning: We write further to the county court claim etc etc Following the issue of the claim our client has instructed us to discontinue the claim with the court. Please therefore find enclosed by way of service upon you a notice of discontinuance. We will also be notifying the court etc etc Please be advised that out client has now permanently closed your account and no further action is required on your part. Thanks again for all the advice especially DX and Andyorch JJ
  19. It is from Ruthbridge saying they have referred to their client but they are unable to provide further information without undertaking some security checks so they can ensure they have the correct person!!!
  20. Before we can supply your CCA Request we need you to supply us with your name and address and dob. That's all that is on their reply
  21. Received a letter back asking for us to supply us details about name address etc for Data protection. They wrote to us not the other way around so they must have all our details
  22. Hi, I had a couple of cars through Welcome around 2008 and 2010. In the end I did VT the last one. At the moment I think I got rid of all the paperwork, am I too late now to see if there was any extra insurances included? If I can't find any details how would I prove who I am to them as moved house since my last dealings with them. JJ
  23. I thought that would get my the information about the account
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