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  1. Thank you both. Councils own parking service chasing it. Don't have any ground to dispute it. Council are saying they may register with the county court (£8) and it will be paid within next seven days. It is an automatic judgement for issues like this?
  2. Hi, I got a parking ticket in late February which I have been unable and has risen to £165. My council has written to say it will be registered with the county court if not paid within 14 days of service. Is service the date of their letter as it took 8 days to get to me an I do not have the funds to clear it until after the 14 days. Will it stick on my credit file? Many thanks.
  3. I haven't been able to find any of the correspondence either to or from the court/plaintiff by letter, but will be able to recover the info stored on moneyclaim.co.uk
  4. Judgement date - March 2013, Bentalls cards and Drydens Solicitors
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me some advice. I am not sure if my question fits into this sub-forum and I am sure it will be moved if I am wrong. Anyway, I had a judgement made against me for a store card a few years ago for around £1,100. I agreed a monthly payment of £15 a month which I only managed to keep up for 6 months and never hearly from them until today threatening an oral examination unless the balance is paid in full or a payment plan can be agreed. I had hoped to be receiving a pension but I only have nine qualifying years, and there is a delay in gett
  6. I have paid around 45% of this so far and had promised payments would be made yesterday (which I couldn't make) and the balance next week, but I had to pay two and a half months mortgage to avoid action and this has obviously put a strain on my finances. The bailiff has accepted one broken promise after another - any ideas on the best way to approach them for more time to pay or is this unrealistic at this stage?
  7. Thanks for all your help. What I meant to ask before, if a bailiff gains entry or clamps a car, but goods/car will obviously not clear the debt/costs, can they keep attempting to enforce the debt or is it finished?
  8. It keeps hopping between stable and unstable - felt totally unstable today!!! Regular checks at St Georges in London in their cardio unit rather than the GP. Anyway, my husband spoke to a friend who had experience of this, and she said don't call, text him. Probably, a more level headed conversation where I could list my points. It worked, he agreed by text (so no confusion) and I got more time to pay than I anticipated. Thank you, to you all. You have been a great help to a very stressed FM.
  9. If I move my car, can they trace by name and address, and then hunt around for it?
  10. It relates to 2013/14 council tax and we originally agreed to pay monthly for 4 months with their office but we were unable to make the payments.
  11. Thanks Dave, I was just getting anxious! I will be patient and really appreciate the volunteers who help people like me.
  12. Any ideas anyone, or should I just accept the inevitable? 106 views and no comments. Is that because there is nothing I can do as I broke the previous arrangement?
  13. Can they do that even if their is a suspended possession order against the property?
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