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  1. Dx thank you so much for all of your help this year ....you really are an angel you are a credit to this site I’m sure 1000’s more would agree with me in saying that you are a perfect example of why nobody should lose hope in humanity the way society is starting to look today. I really can’t find the words to express my gratitude for your gumption. I really can’t apart from say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  2. hello my very good helpful friend. I am afraid to say that i did not. As i did not realise the relevance of it. Should i be doing this right now of anyone on my credit file ? Plz don't give me grief if u have already advised me... do i do the ccs request now to everybody in that thread ?
  3. please find attached the pdf i received from the court backdoorccjshopdirect.pdf
  4. Apparently I am not allowed a copy of the claim form because there is only 1 ever issued and it was to my previous address, hoping to get it within the next 20 minutes * a copy of the judgement and paperwork relating to the case will post what I have
  5. I’ll try to get the claim form etc when I ring tomorrow,
  6. Hi everybody I hope u are ok , Following an email from clear score I was made aware of a new CCJ on my file, dated from November 2019. I rang Northampton bulk centre to find out who it was from and they told me capquest / shop direct. The lady on the phone advised me of my options and she is sending me paperwork in the post to set the claim aside . I really understand I should of updated littlewoods with my new address but since it went to capquest I didn’t think to bother so plz be nice . I think it dates back to 2015 , around Christmas time my ex girlfriend decided to use my account to buy her self and friends Christmas presents on my account . I used to pay on time every time , but the latest order (2015) there was nothing paid . I was struggling a long time ago with shop direct , and they accepted £1 a month until I got a job. however when I paid the balance they upped my credit limit . I greatly anticipate your sound advice and I really hope u are well. thanks
  7. Hi just an update , I recently received a letter from the court saying the claimant has until 20th January to get things moving . But heard nothing from anyone so far .
  8. my witness statements r being denied 1 at a time from the traffic office. is it possible to just take the number plates off my vehicle ( its probably worth £200 max) and the bailiff wont be able to identify it as mine?
  9. ok thanks for that . Unsure what to do now in terms of a defence.
  10. i filed an sb defence though and found out from OC they recieved £1 on 3rd june 2014. Do i need to be looking at irl for a defence?
  11. So do i just wait this out to be transferred to my local court?
  12. i thought i had the tracking number safe and sound... i have got reciept for the blank postal order.. will keep looking
  13. no response from cca or cpr . i have kept tracking number from post office.
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