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  1. No I haven’t I had a full scale meltdown the night after I had it all prepared
  2. The hearing is tomorrow, I didn’t get chance to post anything off to the solicitors or the court can I just turn up with the correct paperwork and a letter from my CPN nurse explaining my circumstances ?
  3. Is it too late to get this adjourned ? I have had a psychotic episode and this was the last thing on my mind ... the hearing is today
  4. So is that witness statement good enough ? Or do I need to sharpen it up anywhere ? Thanks so much for ur help
  5. Yes I have found it . It says CPR27.9 and they will be absent , also says please note our client will be represented by an advocate . Should I scan this letter up ?
  6. Hi Andy I am really sure I read somewhere that he has said he won’t be present ... maybe on the cover letter ? I’ll try and find out why I think this ... and as far as the notice of sums in areas I really can’t remember it was so long ago
  7. ok thanks, i am getting there slowly i think i am gonna post another draft soon.. in reply to ur earlier post asking what number 42 was the £1 payment. I was in a payment arrangement with stepchange a long time ago
  8. The court isn't open on a Saturday though is it? What is LiP status ? I'm really struggling to concentrate i don't know where to begin this is simple stuff too .
  9. thanks for the reply. I will get to work tonight and try again as it’s due to be in tomorrow !
  10. mywitnessstatement (5 files mergededit1).compressed.pdf
  11. yes i can hand deliver it if i get it done in time. Do i need to post a copy to BW legal aswell?
  12. Wow u really tore it to shreds lol !! I am not so worried about this today after reading that. can I just email my ws to the court and bw legal ? Or do I have to post by next day delivery today ? Does it need correct titles etc at the top of the page ?
  13. uploading now, there is around 40 pages in total... claimants_WS.pdf
  14. this is the first 9 pages of the W/S , the rest of it is credit agreement etc and letters they sent its a lot of pages ... do u want me to go ahead and upload them all? Sorry if i didnt do the pdf's right i did what i thought u meant by merged pdfs.. thanks
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