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  1. Update: Appalent’s notice sent off (x3) aswell as the notice served to claimant. It has been now been transferred to a different court.
  2. Update: Filed an appellant’s notice 3x copies to the court asking for permission to appeal. The grounds I used were the judge made a hasty decision trying to save costs rather than giving me a fair hearing . Also stated the fact the decision was made from a completely false scenario presented from the claimants solicitor . Namely me “forgetting to cancel the tv part of my account”. Thanks guys
  3. I’d be looking to claim my costs back from the claimants solicitor , this debt is not owed and I was given the wrong verdict.
  4. I was asking about the appeals process , filling in the appalent form and seeing what grounds I could use to file for an appeal . Thanks
  5. Is there an appeals process I can follow? I’ve been back on my SAR from sky and the representative has clearly stated that the TV was restricted so there was nothing to cancel. It’s only when my ex has started paying it that is was activated again. The judge was quite obnoxious and accepted a fiction/fantasy story from the claimants that I had “forgot” to cancel the TV aswell as my broadband and phone. How they can make such an assumption and a judge believed it is beyond my comprehension
  6. Set aside declined. Judge said my cancellation letter wasn’t sufficient enough to prove I had cancelled the TV aswell as the broadband Etc. Also got to pay £160 costs for that suit on the other end of the phone for turning up. Livid.
  7. That is brilliant news and exactly the hope i needed . Thank you so much dx!
  8. I was just wondering if that was sufficient enough proof about my cancellation
  9. Did you manage to see the cancellation letter I uploaded? Thank you
  10. Hi dx yes I uploaded it the date is on one of the first paragraphs dated 20/09/2016 . Thank you
  11. Nope I haven’t posted it yet I need to edit the personal details from it so I can upload it. I didn’t do the charge back or anything like that. It’s my ex partner that has done this to me. We used sky in my name because she’s black listed from everywhere. Thank you for your reply . It’s a very good and important point I need to bring up. 40 - 19.09.2016.pdf
  12. Great stuff. The PDF file I have with a 2016 cancellation date has been sent to the court and confirmed as being added to my case file. Is there any other angles they might want to try and throw at me I should be wary of and be prepared for? Thanks!
  13. Ok I will do this later, thank you . Did you manage to read any of it?
  14. Hi please find attached the witness statement from over dales. There is more “Exhibits” from them in the same pack that contain the generic harassment debt collecting letters they like to send. With a variety of addresses. If they are relevant I’m happy to upload them too. Thanks! It was just to apologise for the engine oil , power steering fluid and coffee cup “ring” on the first sheet. I hope it hasn’t affected the clarity of the contents. Thanks. Claimants statement Re N244 application.pdf
  15. Ok I will try and combine them all as one pdf I’ve been using a conversion app on my phone converting photos to pdf as I don’t have a scanner
  16. Today I received a “claims bundle” from overdales solicitors aka Lowell .. I believe they are acting on behalf of lowell.. they haven’t spelled my surname correctly on the exhibit forms there is a lot of paperwork to go through. Is this to put me off fighting it? Thanks
  17. Update: it appears the advisor I spoke to must of got it wrong. Received a letter from ESA with my new amounts on , looks like I’m£80 worse off each week now. The silver lining - Atleast it didn’t move to universal credit.
  18. Ok , great! So should I send this cancellation letter in still ? Or wait until this hearing has gone ahead? Thanks!
  19. Right.. so as you mentioned in a previous post they haven’t asked for any further evidence in regards to the first hearing .. so am I being naieve to assume they will believe I wasn’t at the address? I don’t know how I can go and prove I was living in a tent from 14th July last year
  20. The piece of information ( the cancellation ) is the main grounds for my defence so yes it is vital . With your advice taken into consideration i will get this into them ASAP. As far as further evidence goes , I’ve only got a phone call recording from sky when the advisor told me that someone had claimed all the money back for the subscription and someone had tried to change the name etc on the account after I had cancelled it. Surely any judge will see that the continuing of the account after I had cancelled it is reasonable grounds to prove I didn’t know anything about any activity on the account after I requested the cancellation ? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the feedback Andy. Really appreciate it! Would it be good practice to get the cancellation letter emailed to the court ? Or should I keep it for a later date ? E.g after the hearing on 25th May .
  22. Nope nothing just my name and address ( was used in the window of the envelope ) I don’t know why on my copy of application there is no boxes ticked for how I’d like to deal with the case e.g hearing , telephone etc .. I filled in 3 separate forms word for word and sent them to the court because of no access to photocopier I ticked at a hearing so don’t know what’s happened there
  23. Ahh re-reading the letter .. so this is only a hearing to see if they will accept the application to set it aside? These are the other 2 sheets attached . n244+notice of Hearing.pdf
  24. Update: I have been given a court date . 25th May 2022. However no further forms to fill in? It’s a telephone hearing. I’ve spoke to the court and I can submit further evidence via email . So should I send my confirmation of cancellation letter ( 2016?) how can I go and prove i didn’t claim this money back and I wasn’t there? Or will be cancellation letter be sufficient ? Thanks!
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