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  1. Am downloading the apple app suggested. Been a long day at work so will get them all scanned up with personal info withheld in morning. Thanks guys.
  2. Ok will do thank you, would that be all of it as thereÂ’s quite a few papers . - - - Updated - - - Sorry just seen this.
  3. Hi. Today received a response from Lowell with info from vanquis, they state in their letter they sent the agreement but they have not just a print out of an online application, is that the CCA?? They also sent the statement, Default Notice and Notice of Assignment. The statement shows I was paying for the Repayment Option Plan. Can anyone advise on the next best course of action please?
  4. Received letter from Lowell’s today stating vanquis are compiling a response; I’m guessing this means they have the information?
  5. Hi, I’ve not heard anything back from Lowell , but then I still haven’t sent off the official CCA request , I decided I’d wait to see what they come back with. However I checked my credit report today and it’s shows Lowell as a closed account. Does this mean they can not find the correct paperwork so can’t be bothered anymore or is it because they’ve put my account on hold?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks, just one more question before I fire the CCA request off, the 30 days they gave me to reply before court is now up, so does it matter that the formal way of asking for my CCA is past this?
  7. Ok am I correct in thinking that once I’ve sent the CCA the proper and true way, if they don’t provide this within 12 days it’s unenforceable!?
  8. Yes I did, but I didn’t send the £1 postal order as I didn’t realise I was supposed to until reading the link in comment.
  9. Yes I did, but I didn’t send the £1 postal order along with it which I didn’t realise I was supposed to until reading the link.
  10. Hi all. Brief background to my delimma; Opened up a vanquis account back in mid 2013, kept on top of it for a few years until I went through an extremely difficult time, they increased my credit limit to £2000 around the same time and I blew the lot and stopped paying because I didn’t care about anything. It was then sold to Lowell’s solicitors I ignored the first letters until I received the pre action protocol letter. I responded to that asking them to prove it. Today they replied stating they were waiting for response from creditor and my account is on hold in meanti
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