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  1. I did think about this but I was under the impression you could only do it if you hadn’t received goods of a satisfactory standard.
  2. I’m due to go away to Fuerteventura on 3rd October so purchased the Day 2 and Antigen tests in advance as I’d heard there could be long waits for them. The government have now scrapped the process for vaccinated people of which we are fully vaccinated so no longer need the tests. They are un-opened and still in the envelope as they were delivered on Tuesday. I messaged Living Care before they arrived as I’d heard that they were due to be scrapped and asked for a refund but they refused saying due to the tests being allocated to us it wasn’t possible and that it was in their T&C. I’d like to know where I stand with consumer rights as not dealt with this sort of return. I’m sure I’m not going to be the only person now that they have been scrapped.
  3. sorry guys was having a mare with the pdf conversion. kept crashing after 30 minutes waiting. Think ive sorted it now with an app on my phone. Let me know if theyre ok PCN smart parking enegie gym sheldon .pdf PCN back Smart parking energie gym sheldon.pdf
  4. Sorry there is the Picture of my number plate from the ANPR but only shows the reg I have some pictures but theyre not scanned in my Scanner is out of action at the moment Gladstones have asked the payment to be made out to Debt Recovery Plus
  5. Thanks for your quick response dx100uk Sorry about the photos wasnt sure how to do it last time i put pictures up on here we did it with Tinypic I will draw up a letter then and see what happens 1 Date of the infringement 20/12/17 2 Date on the NTK 11/01/18 3 Date received 13/01/18 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? no 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] no Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? Smart Parking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Energie gym Sheldon Birmingham For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. Ias
  6. Hi All Im looking for some advice on this one. Back on 20/12/17 i went to park on a carpark behind some shops previously this was an actual carpark for use of shoppers. As i went into the entrance of carpark i noticed a sign on the wall on right hand side as you enter the carpark so i pulled to the left hand side to read it (The entrance is an ally way between 2 shops as shown in my Picture There is no signs visible until you enter the carpark) It said that the carpark is now for gym use and to check terms and conditions in the carpark I left my car where it was which wasnt actually parked in a designated space the carpark in a space and had a look for the terms and conditions but all i could find was the same signs as id already read. I walked round to the gym entrance but couldnt see any terms and conditions there So i just got in my car and turned around and left i was there for 7 minutes then on 11th jan 2018 i received a parking charge notice which i ignored as i never actually parked in the car park just pulled over to one side of the entrance but the number plate reading system had clocked me as i entered on the 13th feb i received a letter from DRP asking for £160 i contacted DRP and a sent them CPR 31.14 Request I then received another letter from DRP on 26 fen 2018 thanking me for my communication but explaining that i couldnt challenge the charge I ignored that and heard nothing until a few days ago when Gladstones solicitors wrote with a letter before claim dated 4th feb 2019 I understand that they will take it to county court Should i just wait for a county court claim and try defend this or is there another avenue.
  7. I have already put a review on Trust Pilot and will deffo be finding more places to review. ( : I need to look at the policy it was all done online and my moms memory isnt so great these days so need to get her log in details etc for her email
  8. I believe shes with halifax but she doesnt do internet banking i will get her to call them tomorrow when im present and see what i can do
  9. My mother of 82 took out a Policy with yourrepair in July this year She had swapped from a previous cover as it was getting a bit to expensive for her. She saw yourrepair online and read the reviews and all seemed good so She chose top cover as it was still cheaper than previous care cover. Now she has happily been paying for a good few month with no problems. The boiler has now incurred a problem. It keeps cutting out leaving her without heating and hot water intermittently. She made a claim online as there doesn’t seem to be a telephone number. She was told an engineer would respond within 3 days or less. After 5 days no body had contacted her and the boiler was still cutting out. Now being 82 and having a problem with your boiler can cause unnecessary stress. In her head something serious is wrong if it’s cutting out. i took over and made a complaint she finally gets an engineer out After 13 days. He diagnosed the problem as the sensors and said they need changing. He said he would speak to yourrepair and get back. Next day heText messaged my self saying that the repair had been refused by Yourrepair. i made another complaint about the refusal of the repair and get a phone call almost straight away from a lady saying that the problem is sludge in the system and it’s not covered in their policy. But I can have a 2nd opinion and if he says there’s sludge there will be a £90 call out charge. I have had issues with the boiler previously and the company has been straight out and fixed the problem or had to order parts in and then fixed it. There has never been any mention of sludge. I told them im not prepared to pay £90 so i had the boiler looked at by an independentBoiler repair man and he didn’t find sludge. I have complained again to Yourepair and have since been offered another visit which would be chargeable if they found sludge I have refused for obvious reasons as they have already lied about sludge. I told them i want the policy canceling but they are refusing to cancel my policy and expect my mother to pay the rest of the 12 months even though that cannot offer the service which she is paying for. In the mean time i thought it was strange that all the reviews on their site were positive i checked with Trust Pilot they have a warning about Your Repair and their reviews saying they believe that their reviews are being manipulated Overall this company seem very iffy to say the least I just want rid of them but theres no way we are going to pay them the rest of the policy, mom has called the bank and they said its a 12 month contract DD and cant be cancelled Not sure which way to go with this so any help would be appreciated
  10. I wrote a complaint to them before i came on here about my data being used unlawfully and asked them who they had supplied my information to and when. There was only 3 occasions dating back to 2013 2 from the council and 1 from parking eye dated 8/7/2014
  11. Its signed by Alan Davies Managing Director. Just Had a letter from DVLA with information of Companies that Have Requested My Details and there is nothing from Mil Or Uk Parking Patrol Office Ltd I called the dvla to confirm this and they said i wasnt the owner of the vehicle on the date in question. I think MIL have got their dates mixed up. ( : DVLA are sending me an acquisition of disposal for the vehicle in question
  12. I will check out parking pranksters and get some case history for mill. If need be I could take a trip to Manchester and get pictures. Sorry I don't have any correspondence from the parking company. I have cleared my inbox It has been transferred to Birmingham now and I have an initial date 9th May but the claimant needs to pay £25 hearing fee by 6th march or the case could be removed from the list
  13. Thanks E-B Im drawing up Cpr 16 letter now Will get one ready for court also
  14. If you have received a parking ticket or a letter concerning one: Firstly, please check whether this is a PENALTY charge Notice or a parking charge. If this is a PENALTY charge notice , please click HERE For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... I was not the driver of the vehicle. My nieces boyfriend was buying the car from me and paying instalments. the car was to be in my name till he had paid it off. My niece isn't in contact with the lad anymore so can't get any information. 1 The date of infringement? 2 Have you yet to appeal to the parking company? [Y/N?] N/a if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload has there been a response? please post it up as well, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide] N/a If you haven't appealed yet - ,......... have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] N/a 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] N/a 5 Who is the parking company? 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? ......................... .... For tickets received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] N/a 3 Date received N/a 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] N/a 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Don't know 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] n/a Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up n/a 7 Who is the parking company? U.K. Parking patrol office Ltd 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] residents parking area at Albion mill Manchester For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. No There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here
  15. Name of the Claimant Mil Collections Date of issue 14th December 2016 ( I opted to try mediation but they passed it back to the courts as I couldn’t mediate if I didn’t know exactly what I was mediating) Particulars of the claim Charges for parking on Private land 1/The claimant purchased the debt on 14/09/2016 Assignment was sent 15/09/2016 2/ The defendant was the registered keeper and/or the driver of the vehicle at the time The charge is as follows Ref ***** OFFENCE: No Permit Location ***** RESIDENTS PARKING AREAS AT ********* Manchester DATE & TIME *********** MAKE MODEL COLOUR ******** 3/ The claimant wrote to the defendant 16/09/2016 informing of intention to issue a summons. No resolution achieved THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS 1/Debt Amount £160 2/Administrative and collection fee £50 Total £210 The Claim has been issued by MIL I wasn’t aware of any claim & I didn’t receive a notice of assignment There is definitely no Solicitors Details on the Claim Form and from looking around on other forums these guys seem to represent them selves and most of the time dont have a representative in court He we go this what i sent as my defence as i didnt really know what to say
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