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  1. Hello, I had work done by a builder about a year ago, but since then I have had nothing but problems. The beams in the roof have not been installed correctly, causing major cracks in the loft room and below, the windows have not been installed properly and many other issues. Does anyone know if this sort of thing would be covered by a builder's product liability insurance? He built and installed my roof incorrectly and also installed my windows wrong, which in turn has affected by brickwork. Given that he built and constructed my extension, does that mean any faults found after he left can be claimed for, or would he have to claim for each and every fault that I have found. By the way the builder has accepted that he did bad, so I am going to assume that if the insurance company play fair, they will pay out.
  2. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. My mother of 82 took out a Policy with yourrepair in July this year She had swapped from a previous cover as it was getting a bit to expensive for her. She saw yourrepair online and read the reviews and all seemed good so She chose top cover as it was still cheaper than previous care cover. Now she has happily been paying for a good few month with no problems. The boiler has now incurred a problem. It keeps cutting out leaving her without heating and hot water intermittently. She made a claim online as there doesn’t seem to be a telephone number. She was told an engineer would respond within 3 days or less. After 5 days no body had contacted her and the boiler was still cutting out. Now being 82 and having a problem with your boiler can cause unnecessary stress. In her head something serious is wrong if it’s cutting out. i took over and made a complaint she finally gets an engineer out After 13 days. He diagnosed the problem as the sensors and said they need changing. He said he would speak to yourrepair and get back. Next day heText messaged my self saying that the repair had been refused by Yourrepair. i made another complaint about the refusal of the repair and get a phone call almost straight away from a lady saying that the problem is sludge in the system and it’s not covered in their policy. But I can have a 2nd opinion and if he says there’s sludge there will be a £90 call out charge. I have had issues with the boiler previously and the company has been straight out and fixed the problem or had to order parts in and then fixed it. There has never been any mention of sludge. I told them im not prepared to pay £90 so i had the boiler looked at by an independentBoiler repair man and he didn’t find sludge. I have complained again to Yourepair and have since been offered another visit which would be chargeable if they found sludge I have refused for obvious reasons as they have already lied about sludge. I told them i want the policy canceling but they are refusing to cancel my policy and expect my mother to pay the rest of the 12 months even though that cannot offer the service which she is paying for. In the mean time i thought it was strange that all the reviews on their site were positive i checked with Trust Pilot they have a warning about Your Repair and their reviews saying they believe that their reviews are being manipulated Overall this company seem very iffy to say the least I just want rid of them but theres no way we are going to pay them the rest of the policy, mom has called the bank and they said its a 12 month contract DD and cant be cancelled Not sure which way to go with this so any help would be appreciated
  4. Hello, I got a pension savings pack from my father now passed away for a large sum. The policy seems legit with a policy number, its a defined contribution policy and it has payable before death of pension age. I thought the lawyer dealt with all his affairs turns out he didn't. So, what does the law say on pension savings for someone who has deceased do the next next of kin, children inherit it just like property rules of intestacy? Thanks.
  5. Hello all. Excuse me if this is a really silly query but I have been chatting to someone at work who told me this might not be allowed so am asking here in case I need to take it further. My employer has a sickness policy where sickness is counted in a 12 month rolling period. However, is it allowed to count 1 time of sickness twice? My employer states 3 absences (or a total fo 60 hours) triggers a "stage". This happened to me, I was off for 3 different times with sickness, the last date being 06/02/2017 - this triggered a "stage 1". Then I was off sick in September and again in December 2017. My sickness in December then triggered a "stage 2", this is because my sickness in Feb 2017 was being counted against me again. Is it allowed that they can count 1 period of sickness against me twice? punish me twice? know the policy is a 12 month rolling period but I've been told that it doesn't sound right that the 1 period of sickness I had in Feb 2017 has caused a trigger twice. Just want to put the feelers out there to see if this policy is fine or if I can take it further at all because the stage 2 I am on has cost me a promotion and an end of year bonus. If this is fine I will gladly accept it as it is what it is.
  6. Hi.. I am insured on vehicle and my current insurnce compnay will not transfer me to the car I want to drive, they even said no one was coming back with a quote as I was uninsurable... I knew this was rubbish. I went on go compare and got a quote for £995 (still high but given my circumstances I knew it would be about that). I have a short while left on my current policy, I want to know am I good to get another policy out before old one has ended? i am giessing yes?).
  7. Hello all I banged off a ppi enquiry to every single company that I had ever borrowed from, in case, although I'm fairly sure I always declined any extra services. Egg/One Canada Square replied last to say that I did have ppi on a very old credit card back in the day. I complained and today got a letter saying that my complaint was upheld but there was nothing to refund as no premiums were ever applied, something like that. Does that sound sensible/likely? If I dig out some old statements will it show on them as a separate line? SAR? Thanks Micky
  8. Hi all I've just been pulled up by the police who told me, to my surprise I had no insurance on my car. Our insurance was up for renewal in January so we let it automatically renew. £200 fine and 6pts on my license I came home to see what had happened. I have been driving this car for 3 years now. The Insurance company (first Central) told us on chat (can't get hold of them by phone) the details were correct that only my husband was insured. We looked for emails regarding policy documents etc. They said that they got details from confused.com and that's how they based their/our policy. Our previous insurance company always insured the name driver and spouse. I am not sure if my husband has ticked the box which states spouse or not and there is no way to check. Could I have been driving around with my kids in the back of the car without any insurance for over 2 years??? In December last year I had to go on a speed awareness course for doing 34MPH in a 30 zone. My question is wouldn't this issue have flagged up then? I did the speed aware course in December. Our insurance for the car was automatically renewed in January. Please help.
  9. Can insurers take the excess twice for the 1 claim? I have queried a settled claim and the insurers have decided to pay me a 2nd payment but deducted the excess again. I thought they could only take it once.
  10. Hi all Had a standard life endowment back in 1989 , stopped paying it probs 10 year into it, not got any details of old policy , is there anyway I can get policy details from standard life cheers
  11. I took out a policy on my car 2 years back for alloys and light scratches to the body work. Last month I ended up scratching the alloys and scratching the rear bumper. I reported this last week and was advised that they would not entertain the claim for the following reasons 1. The claim for the alloys needs to be reported within 14 days. I missed this by 2-3 days. I simply wasn't aware of this. 2. They claim the rear bumper is two panels where as its one rear bumper with a silver edging going across it. They don't cover two panel claims. its not two panels. A panel is a rear bumper as a whole. I was not advised any of this when I took out the policy. It was imply a we cover it all sales pitch. Do I have any rights here? Bump.... Anyone?
  12. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/penalties-for-social-security-fraud-and-error/penalties-policy-in-respect-of-social-security-fraud-and-error#introduction Dated 14/07/2017
  13. I had a bit of a battle as I think I narrowly missed being a victim of the 'refund spoof' but because I fought hard and won my appeal against the buyer who initially opened and won a 'Returns Case', I successfully got it reversed and they sent me the following message and I'm not sure how to interpret: ""We've reviewed your concerns and have reversed the outcome of the case. You don't need to take any additional action to reimburse eBay for the refund paid to the buyer, and eBay will make no further attempts to seek reimbursement from you. Because we decided in your favor, this case, any feedback left, and all detailed seller ratings left, will not affect your seller performance. In addition, any feedback left for this transaction will be removed. If you have other questions, please contact us. You can reach us by going to the eBay website and clicking "Help & Contact" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Contact eBay." Thanks, eBay""" Exactly what do they mean by their first line as they did actually return back to my account funds equal to the value of the sale - and if they are not coming back to me for reimbursement, who is going to pay the buyer who has since returned the item to the delivery company for insurance reasons but only AFTER ebay reversed it's decision against them? And if ebay isn't going to come back to me to take the refund and I can't refund because the option has gone since they've closed the case, How comes the buyer's out of pocket as this doesn't sit well with me either All really confusing. Although to be fair to ebay and the buyer - the buyer was acting rather 'oddily' as if they knew exactly how to play the Refund spoof and thankfully I followed the advice of others and checked with ebay at every aspect and I believe ebay did say they would be investigating the buyer further as they felt something was not right either. If anyone could shed some light on how ebay works once a Returns Case has been reversed and what their first line actually means, I'd be less confused Thanks in advance.
  14. Well done those lads, how ridiculous - A Head Teacher of a Devon School threatened to put any boy who turned up to school in shorts in the recent spell of heatwave weather, into Isolation ! But sarcastically said they could turn up in skirts.. so a group of 5 did. Apparently 50 more of them were frantically trying to borrow skirts from their girlfriends and sisters to wear to school today Read the full story..
  15. Hi. im after some advice on how to proceed against SCS for what i believe to be unfair terms/treatment. We went to the store on Tues 30 May 17, approx 20 mins before the store closed. Having seen a sofa set (3 and 2 seater) we liked, we decided to place an order using the 0% interest payment option over 48 months. The salesman was in a rush to push the order through due to the fact that the store was soon to shut. In a nutshell, 20 days later we wanted to cancel the order in total due to no longer needing the sofa. I rang the store to advise and i was told that SCS don't have a cancellation policy and that I have to honour the reservation. I complained and the manager advised that according to the T&Cs that we had signed, this information was available and that the sales person would have told me aswell. For information, due to the fact that the sales person was in a rush, he never mentioned it to me and also while in a rush he told us to sign something electronically which turned out to be the T&Cs before we had a chance to read them. i argue that we were not aware of the T&Cs because we were not given the opportunity to see them before signing and were also not told verbally. The area manager advised that he would cancel the order but it would cost me 25% of the order total. I'm not even sure this is even in the T&Cs. On one hand they say there is no Cancellation policy and on the other hand they want to charge me 25% cancellation. I need to know how to proceed with this, who to contact (maybe the CEO) and also if there is anything within the Consumer Credit act that they may have breached that i can throw at them. I have not taken delivery of the sofas yet; this is scheduled for Oct 17. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  16. Why take any dispute to the Ombudsman , is it worth the trouble? For the 3 time of trying to post this reply but worth reading:- Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954, The Gas Safety (Rights of Entry) Regulations 1996 In a genuine dispute there are no rights of entry(i.e magistrates warrant issued), however I would also caution health and safety matters if its a gas leak. if electricity meter dispute The Electricity Act 1989, The Utilities Act 2000 Note schedule 7 of 1989 act and schedule 5 of 2000 Act, an electric meter cannot be removed until a dispute is resolved. I did provide links to laws but the post is not going through. Hope this helps you and others. Mike
  17. Morning All, I recently applied for a new pet insurance policy for a new dog and after a lot of chasing the company for an answer I have finally received a very poorly worded letter from them advising 'the cover will be limited to accidental external damage only'! They then go on to say 'this exclusion is non-reviewable as this condition can affect many systems and is unpredictable'. The condition is called Rickettsia and the dog contracted it in Spain as a result of being bitten by a Tick most likely. When the dog came to us we took him to our vet for a full check-up and our vet contacted Defra for some advice. They came back and advised that they were not in the least bit concerned with the condition and as a result our vet advised he is good condition and unless we are concerned by anything he would see us for our next scheduled check-up in approximately 6 months time. I am going to contact our vet and ask his opinion on the insurers stance but before I do I was wondering if anyone with any experience in this filed had an opinion please? Does anyone think this could be deemed unfair as I fully expected and exclusion to be placed on an issued policy with to Rickettsia and any RELATED condition but not a blanket exclusion for any illness at all? Thanks in advance.
  18. Guest

    homeless at home policy

    I understand there a homeless at home policy, is there anywhere I can get information on how this should be implemented by the local housing authority please. I am asking as all requests to them regarding this are currently being ignored.
  19. After 6 years of fighting the NHBC they are now trying to force us to accept their decision to implement a ludicrous repair, even though we have proven the following: 1. crib wall not built in accordance with British Standard 2. crib wall structural loading is outwith the maximum allowable as specified in design calculations. 3. crib wall has suffered multiple failures 4. the wall was damaged by the builder and repaired by the builder (who does not have a BBA certificate). 5. the original design and installation company have stated that the crib wall failures are due to bad workmanship. 6. crib wall built using different cross section of headers. 7. numerous areas where there is no overlaps of stretchers. 8. that the investigative work as specified by the NHBC was never completed. the independent consultant used by the NHBC engaged the original design and installation company tp develop repairs despite the NHBC terms and conditions specifically stating that this cannot happen. the proposed repairs are 1. to attach replacement bits of wood to the existing failed components using screws (despite NHBC specifying design calculations should be supplied for repairs, non have been produced). 2. to locally remove the fill and hammer the headers along the stretcher until they cover the incorrect joints (physical impossibility as the soil at the rear of the wall will prevent movement). They will not address the incorrect barter of the wall (maximum is 1:4 according to the british standard we have 1:6.5, ie the wall is near vertical in places). They will not address the design issues of loadings which exceed the maximum allowable. they will not address soil migration. they will not address the fact that the wall currently does not have a BBA certificate due to unauthorised repairs. they say we should now address the issue with the builder despite the NHBC taking over the work and dealing with the builder under the NHBC disciplinary procedure as the builder would not agree to investigate or repair the wall. We contacted the FOS and they have said this is not covered despite actually reviewing this issue between 2012 and 2014 when they put the issue on hold as the NHBC were addressing the issues. can anyone advise what we can do without having to spend significant amounts of money taking the builder to court?
  20. This company has some very poor reviews - my friend only discovered after purchasing a CV joint , which was badly made and would not fit. They refused a refund and would only offer a exchange. I believe my friend returned after the 30 days period ("No quibble returns policy"??) Looking at the T/Cs -there is nothing to me that says they are complying with any aspect of "No quibble returns policy" What do other's think-are they within their rights -or taking the pxxx ?
  21. HI ! ADVICE PLEASE I have a secured loan with the Halifax, currently owing approx £15k Until approx 9months ago, I had no problems with my repayments, which were £176.00 per month. Due to the current economic climate, I found I could not make these payments as I should on a regular basis. I wrote to them explaining my circumstances, using the letter templates on this website and enclosing a budget sheet. I offered them £41.00 per month; to which they refused to accept and told me that they would accept £160.00 per month. I asked them to reconsider and in the meantime, I`m paying them £10.25 per week, I`m still awaiting their response. I have just had an "agent" of theirs at my door - so I told him that I do not discuss such private and confidential matters on the doorstep and that I would only communicate in writing. I then reminded him that since he was on private property uninvited, he should close the gate on his way out. :???::???:What should I do......more to the point, what can the Halifax do:-?:-?:-?:-?
  22. At the beginning of October I booked a one night stay at the Black Horse Hotel in Otley via Laterooms for the night of 15/10/2016 at a cost of £80. The terms of booking are payment on arrival and if you cancel less than two days before arrival you forfeit the cost of the first night’s stay. On 13/10/2016 a pending transaction of £80 showed up on my account On arrival at the hotel I was asked to pay, which I did. This resulted in a second pending transaction of £80 appearing on my account, which, when combined with the £80 from two days earlier reduced the available balance by a total of £160. Effectively, in terms of my available balance, what they’ve done is charged me a cancellation fee two days before I was booked in case I didn't show, charged me again for accommodation when I checked in but not refunded me the cancellation fee at the same time. The manager was unavailable at check-in I was assured they would be around in the morning. Unfortunately, in the morning, the manager refused to speak to me directly but said, via a member of staff that; it was just how the Laterooms did things, it wasn’t them that had taken the money, that it was security in case I didn’t turn up and that it didn’t matter because the money hadn’t left my account. Fortunately this hasn’t caused me any problems (at least not yet) because the balance in my account is high enough to cover both payments but I’m annoyed at being deprived of the ability to spend my own money and it certainly would have caused me problems if it had been nearer the end of the month. Leaving aside the dubious morality of the hotel’s behaviour have they actually done anything legally wrong or actionable? I suspect not because, when the transactions go through the £80 reserved on 13/10/2016 will be cancelled and I will have made no loss. The only thing perhaps is that, although on 13th it was certain that I was going to be liable to pay the hotel £80, either for accommodation if I turned up or cancellation if I didn’t, neither of those events could happen before 15th so it was only on 15th that my card should have been processed PendingTrans.pdf
  23. READ MORE HERE: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jul/31/right-to-buy-policy-scrapped-scotland-social-housing
  24. Hi there Just before May I went on to tesco's website to change my policy's address, I completed the form and sent it. Just after that I moved out because the landlord was selling the flat and it was urgent so I had to do this in a hurry. Tesco Bank Car Insurance apparently sent letters to the old address, knewing that I've changed the address with information that the thing that I did online was only a quote and that a change in premium will be made, 20 pounds more per month for changing the address and If I won't contact them within 21 days they have right to cancel the policy. I didn't have the letter and did not read them as I had no access to the old flat, so until few days ago I found that I was driving without insurance when I called them up and wanted to upgrade my breakdown cover . Apparently they sent me emails (which i have not received) and post.. I also found that from my old landlord that there was no letters from tesco.. All this just before my +1 year of ncd. The fact that they didn't call me or text me is disgusting (they had my number yet not tried to contact). So I had NO WAY of knowing about this.. I called them and they explained everything, and they said they can't do anything now since its too late, they canceled the policy.. So i asked them for proof of postage on the mails and emails and they said they don't have any proof... Is there anything then I can do or did they just screwed me up? p.s; they were still taking money out of my account so even that gave me an impression that everything is good. Thanks for any advice.. Ask more questions if you need to.
  25. Hello Caggers, I’ll try and be as brief as possible… After a long 4-year battle on a failed claim for a mis-sold PPI policy, the insurance company agreed to pay a back dated claim. I had a Mortgage Protection policy with the Halifax. It was sold to me over the phone on the premise that my mortgage payments would be covered if I was ever to lose my income. I accepted. My initial claim was for them to pay my mortgage payments when I became unable to work. They didn’t (it seems) record that I had made a claim back then even though they have some information recorded on their system that I contacted them and the medical staff that looked after me at the time contacted them. They also have records that I contacted their legal department to enquire about my employment situation when I became ill. I know I started a claim – they don’t seem to agree. Two years after my illness I was able to return to work and have been in continued employment since then. The back dated payment they are proposing covers the mortgage payments that were due at the time – which would have been great if they had paid it at the time that I made the claim. Because they didn’t pay at the time – I wasn’t able to make my mortgage payments, I got into arrears Halifax tried to repossess the house. I went through a string of court hearings and I was only able to stop the repossession by securing a re-mortgage with a Higher Rate Lender at the 11th hour. In a nutshell, I ended up losing a substantial deposit in my house to pay for the arrears, legal fees, early redemption charges etc. and I’m now paying extortionate interest only re-mortgage payments This is what I would term consequential loss – i.e. if my claim had been paid at the time I made the claim then I would have been able to keep my mortgage and none of the expense or trauma that ensured would have happened. After my illness, I was able to go back to work and make the payments on my re-mortgage without issue. My re-mortgage payments now are so much higher than what they would have been had I been able to keep my previous mortgage. The difference between the two is also part of the consequential loss going forwards. The insurance company must know that I did make a claim in the past otherwise why would it pay now, years later. I think they wanted to process a new back-dated claim because it would mean they wouldn’t have to consider consequential loss at all. I was hoping on some advice on whether this payment being back-dated would mean I couldn’t apply for consequential loss? Thank you Sunny-side-up
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