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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I'm posting here in the hope that someone can help me figure out what the heck I can do to solve my problem! To cut a long story short, we started leasing a commercial unit in Oct 2017 and turned it into a dance studio. We raised £3500 in 2 months to pay for laminate floor (with padding underneath as it was originally concrete), fitted radiators, fitted a kitchen in the waiting room, painted the wall with some cool art work, etc. We were really hoping to turn the space into our new 'home' The lease states that he is responsible for the externals, we are responsible for the internals. I have had this argument with him on many many occasions about various things, but it's important that we know that bit! Back to the topic - we noticed around Christmas that the roof was leaking a little when it rained. We let the landlord know and put some buckets and towels down on the floor to catch any dripping. Around the beginning Feb, he got someone to come look and said they'd done some work. It still leaked, but nothing too bad, so we just said we would keep an eye on it. It has gradually been getting worse and worse every time it rained. To the point that it's now running down the side of the walls next to the electrics (like a very light waterfall, not a trickle like a tap being left on!) Before my holiday at the end of March I sent him an email to say if the roof hadn't been looked at when i got back i would get someone in to do it and invoice him. Funnily enough he replied and said he would get someone to look at it. He sent me photos as proof and they had indeed done some work. I got back from my holiday on 4th April to find it was now even worse down the side of the walls. We have now had to block off part of the studio, put bin liners down and towels down too to try prevent further damage to our floor. It stinks of damp and the skirting boards are turning mouldy!:mad2: You can see it on the pics i've attached. Pic 1 Jan 2018, Pic 2 Feb 2018, Pic 3 March 10 2018, Pic 4 and 5 March 30 2018:mad2::mad2: How can i get this fixed without withholding my rent? I don't want to get into that but if i have to then so be it. I think he thinks i'm just a dumb blonde who doesn't have a clue so he is taking the p*ss a bit! All i want is for him to do his job and stop it leaking! What can I do?! help please
  2. Hi, I purchased a hot water cylinder back in march and it has developed a leak. I contacted the manufacturer and I have been told that I need to return it to the retailer and they will send it to the manufacturer. I have also been told I will need to pay for a replacement while the leaking cylinder is being checked for faults, if a fault is found I will get a refund back to me. I'm not very happy about having to pay for another while I wait for them to decide if there is even a fault on the leaking one. I would have expected someone from the manufacturer to come and inspect it. Does anyone have any advice as to what rights I have regarding this situation? Thanks
  3. Why take any dispute to the Ombudsman , is it worth the trouble? For the 3 time of trying to post this reply but worth reading:- Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954, The Gas Safety (Rights of Entry) Regulations 1996 In a genuine dispute there are no rights of entry(i.e magistrates warrant issued), however I would also caution health and safety matters if its a gas leak. if electricity meter dispute The Electricity Act 1989, The Utilities Act 2000 Note schedule 7 of 1989 act and schedule 5 of 2000 Act, an electric meter cannot be removed until a dispute is resolved. I did provide links to laws but the post is not going through. Hope this helps you and others. Mike
  4. In short The doors were fitted two years ago and they have developed a leak in both doors. Rain water entering through the seal on the outside and through the internal beading onto my floor. All the drain holes are clear and unobstructed, free of dirt etc. I complained to the store I bought them from and they sent the same guy that fitted them originally to repair the said leak. He decided that by drilling further holes in the upvc door to allow the water to drain out would solve the problem. I asked him to stop the water getting in is surely the better way. Then fill it with mastic he cried! Dont think thats the answer, said I. This was four weeks ago and I have phoned the store several times, "we will be in touch" but no one has. There is a five year guarantee/warranty on the doors. What are my options, do I agree to the drilling holes/mastic options or am I entitled to ask for the seals to be replaced? Thanks in advance Brian
  5. My boyfriend had a new Baxi Solo System Boiler (not a combi boiler) fitted in 2011 at a cost of £1500. He kept his existing hot water tank and radiators as they always worked fine. Within a year the boiler started leaking water boyfriend called the engineer out who installed it and he told us to call Baxi out. We called them and the Heat Exchanger was replaced under warranty. At the time I questioned the Baxi engineer who told me that they only cover parts and labour for the first year then you have to take out their extended warranty. Now I don't personally believe in Extended warranty as I think it is a con especially when a boiler should last many years without needing anything more than a regular service. Now the boiler has started leaking again which has made boyfriend quite annoyed. I don't see why he should have to pay out to have the boiler fixed every couple of years or pay for an extended warranty when the boiler is clearly not fit for purpose. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. ive had a water meter fitted a few months back.. .couple of weeks back wife showed me a wet patch on the kitchen floor, assumed as it was behind fridge freezer that would be the cause. Long story short its now pretty bad and ive ruled out fridge freezer so that only left a very hard to access stop cock/water pipe. ..its housed at the very back of a right angle cupboard. Crawled inside and blow me its leaking bad from it looks like from behind the stop cock. ..im now wondering as there was no leak before water meter was fitted and there is most certainly a bad one now, would the company who fitted the meter be liable. Or is it a case of bad luck.... The amount of water that's leaked will have ruined the carcasses of the cupboards and most likely ruined the screed floor ...cupboards would need ripping out to allow the area to dry at a minimum. any thoughts who is liable...no leak before meter...now a pretty major leak.
  7. We had our windows installed in October 2011 and had nothing but trouble with leaking Eventually, they replaced them in April 2013 but they still leak. We have had 27 visits in total trying to fix the leaks. They are willing to deal with them but they never fix it What should I do next?
  8. Background: I live in flat in house where ground & top floor are separated. Both flats are rented by same owner. Problem happens about year ago. My neighbour had a faulty waste pipe and because of the leak celling in my flat collapse. My landlord sort that and said that from now on every think should to by fine. After few months celling start having a leak water marks with I straight away report to owner. After his visit he told that is a not a big leak and if that will grow up I should let him know. Problem: About a month ago I left the laptop on the table but my 3 years old son move this on a place where over night peace of celling collapse again and damage my laptop. I try to deal with this because I read damage should to be cover by owner of the flat above but he is saying that I should have a Contents insurance. I didn't have one of this and now I'm stuck. I read that even I will have a Contents it still should to be cover by owner of the flat above because it was only his fault. Today he send me text where is saying that if I knew about possibility of leak I shouldn't left it my laptop there. (leak was nearly of the middle of the room) Any advice much appreciated.
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