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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I rented a car from Enterprise Rent-a-car. When I returned it there was a small scratch, just a little bigger than their wear and tear vs damage assessment template allows for: https://ibin.co/3WJPCUlUuaeK.jpg They want to charge me the full 850 euros excess for this. It looks like the sort of thing that could be fixed for around 50 to 100 euros, with a localized touch up. Clearly I am being ripped off. It is entirely possible the scratch was already there. It was a long day and I did not have any lunch by the time I got off the ferry and waited for the French to finish their lunch and re-open their rental office. I may easily have missed it. I did ask them to send me the last 5 return slips so I can check the same scratch has not already been billed for... but they did not respond at all to my polite email to the accidents email address they gave me. What can I do?
  2. I took out a policy on my car 2 years back for alloys and light scratches to the body work. Last month I ended up scratching the alloys and scratching the rear bumper. I reported this last week and was advised that they would not entertain the claim for the following reasons 1. The claim for the alloys needs to be reported within 14 days. I missed this by 2-3 days. I simply wasn't aware of this. 2. They claim the rear bumper is two panels where as its one rear bumper with a silver edging going across it. They don't cover two panel claims. its not two panels. A panel is a rear bumper as a whole. I was not advised any of this when I took out the policy. It was imply a we cover it all sales pitch. Do I have any rights here? Bump.... Anyone?
  3. Took a job , I do not have the tech skills for, No time to learn on the job I am under pressure, the company is 2 guys and feel like I have let boss down, anyway if the guy lets me go after 10 days working on the grounds that I do not have the skills to do job will I still be able to claim job seekers ? Pretty worried so ideas much appreciated
  4. I am selling my vw and had a very small surface scratch on my drivers door. I had to look to find, it but as I am selling it I wanted to paintwork to be perfect. I took it to a vw specialist (although not authorised dealer) on the basis that they were professional looking outfit and a family run business with good reviews. When I dropped it off I was told the guy wasn't in yet but I would get a call including an estimate before any work was done. I mentioned that there was some touch up paint in the glove box if they needed it from when an authorised dealer touched up some much worse scratches a couple of years ago (leaving a perfect finish as though it was brand new and did it free of charge, although 200 miles away in Manchester where I previously lived). I naively left reassured that I would get a call, and that there was no commitment if I didn't want to go ahead, but that it was probably a cheap straightforward job as I had experienced in the past (I also walked to the tube with another customer who said they had used them for years and they were very good). I didn't receive a call so chased them and was told they hadn't looked at it yet. I finally got a call towards the end of the day to be told they had gone ahead and 'done the best they could' and as it was a ten minute job it was done on goodwill. I was a bit anxious they'd gone ahead but thought it was very kind of them to do it for free. It was dark when I picked it up but when I got home, under lamplight, it was clear that the scratch was much much worse and clearly visible. It now looks like there are in fact 2 scratches where the edges of the touch up paint are. I rang them straight away and was told that yes touch up paint tends to do that, to which I replied had they told me this before doing the work I would have said not to bother. He said to get some T-Cut and that would sort it out. This morning I took it to an authorised VW bodyshop who told me that because of the mess they made they would need to take it down to the metal and respray at a cost of around £300-400. I feel like an idiot for not going to an authorised dealer but there are none local and I needed somewhere convenient I could drop off on my way to work and have it sorted before a viewing this weekend. As I was told I would get a call before they did anything I believed that they would give me proper advice and therefore the option to go elsewhere if I didn't want to commit. I really don't know where I stand now. The original bodyshop gave me no paperwork and I didn't take a 'before' picture. I was wondering whether insurance would cover it but again I don't know whether they would cover something like this. I now face up to £400 cost to remove what was originally a barely noticeable scratch on a car I'm not even keeping. Can anyone advise what I should do? Apologies for the essay! Any advice much appreciated.
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