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  1. Hi I am on ESA and PIP. My savings have just gone over the £6000 threshold in the last couple of months. Is it best to phone DWP or should I write to them please? This is causing me great anxiety as I feel like I have done something wrong. I am very thrifty so hardly spend any money preferring to save it as it makes me feel safe to know it is in the bank. I am a very insecure person with lots of struggles with mental health searching for some sort of security. Please advise-thank you.
  2. Hello, I got a pension savings pack from my father now passed away for a large sum. The policy seems legit with a policy number, its a defined contribution policy and it has payable before death of pension age. I thought the lawyer dealt with all his affairs turns out he didn't. So, what does the law say on pension savings for someone who has deceased do the next next of kin, children inherit it just like property rules of intestacy? Thanks.
  3. I have been on pension credit for three years now,but in November 2017 was called in for an interview under caution. Dwp have stopped my P.C because in 2015 my children recieved from my Mothers will a good amount of money which we invested in Premium Bonds. Dwp are saying that because my children are only 15 and 11 years old and I am the Authorised Adult on the Accounts,that the money is mine. I have proved by way of my Mothers will were the money came from,but dispite a Mandatory Reconsideration the DWP will not change their decision. I have asked several time for the decision to be sent to me on Paper so I can take it to a Tribunal,but they will not send any paperwork of any kind. How do I get the paparwork I need and complain about the way DWP are dragging their feet on this.
  4. Could anybody help by suggesting what reasons a bank as defendant could apply for Strike out and or summary judgement for a court claim issued by a depositor as follows. Claimant opens a fixed term savings account online and deposits by debit card. The bank adds interest and after the term ends, the claimant writes a letter of instruction as the T&Cs require asking for the money back by cheque as the bank can pay by cheque, FPS etc. This is refused, claiming fraud, signatures does not match (bond was opened online so didn't get a signature at the time) etc. What excuses do you think could the bank use to get the claim stopped before allocation to small claims track?
  5. Hi, I’m hoping for some advice for my uncle. He is 71, has had schizophrenia all his life, used to live with his parents till they passed away 15 years ago and now lives alone. My mum (his sister) and my dad visit him weekly to check on him, take him some food and do a little clean for him. He receives DLA (lowest rate) and pension credit and has rent paid on a small run down flat. He is usually very private about his finances last time they visited he was very anxious and told them he received a letter from the DWP to ask for bank statements to prove his amount in savings. They asked to see the letter but he said he had thrown it away. When they asked him how much he has, it turns out he has nearly £25,000. Obviously this is way more than he is allowed and we would like to know what is likely to happen now, and what is the best thing to do next? The money has not come from any outside source, purely from his entitled benefits mounting up over the years resulting from him living very and neglecting himself and his home due to his mental illness and medication. For example; he doesn’t eat well, only one decent meal a day and my parents take him fruit and veg and meals when they can. He was going out in winter in a thin summer coat so they bought him a warm winter one. His couches and bed are over 20 years old and falling apart and he refuses to buy a new ones saying they’re fine! he only has this much in savings because he hasn’t had the mental capacity to use his entitlement to care for himself properly all these years. He doesn’t smoke, drink or buy any new clothes or possessions for himself. We are wondering whether to try to convince him to spend a chunk of the money on things he does actually need and keep receipts before sending the bank statements in, or if this is likely to get him into more trouble with the DWP? He talks about being anxious about funeral costs so we could help him get a prepaid funeral plan. He also needs a new mattress, bedding, 3 piece suite, TV, white goods for the kitchen, new clothes and shoes etc all of which he has neglected to buy for himself for 15 years. Thank you very much for your advice!
  6. Just a general question, i've heard childrens savings accounts with £3000 or more affects parents benefits such as housing benefit. If it's held in a child trust fund opened by govenment or junior isa, both which can't be accessed until child turns 18, are they also considered. Or just standard accounts?
  7. Hi there, I'm 55 and have a personal pension plan that has a value of £17600. Up until our disabled child was born I worked full time, when he was born I had to give up my job to become his carer. During this period of adjustment to our new financial situation we incurred some debt - £13000. I thought great, I can take it all as a lump sum and we can clear the debt... only we are in receipt of tax credits since our joint income, husband and my carers allowance = £21,000 per annum. However I've since realised that by doing this £75% of the lump sum will have to declared as income so basically will affect out tax credit award. So we would pay the debt off but have no tax credit income. So not really a viable option. The other option is to take the 25% tax free lump sum (to get the leaky roof fixed) and put the rest into the retirement savings account to pay the debt when I retire. If I do this, how will this this saving account be viewed for tax credit purposes. Will it still count as income even though we don't draw any money from it. It will be invested but could fluctuate wither up or down. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I am posting here to see if I can get some advice regarding employment and support allowance. My history is that I currently recieve ESA in the support group and have been on this benefit for four years now with 3 reassessments including my first in 2012. Twice I was placed in the support group after a WCA but after my second assessment I was initially told over the phone I would not get any benefit. I asked the DWP on that call to reconsider and about an hour later they called back telling me I was again in the support group. I am now waiting to find out about my next assessment for ESA and I have some questions. Firstly does anyone know how likely it is that after 4 years in the support group it will be that they can remove the benefit from me? My condition can in some cases improve but in my case it has not and I still attend the hospital regularly 2 or 3 times a year and I am awaiting a further referral. Surely it would be very difficult for the dwp to remove me from a benefit they previously agreed I was entitled to? Also if I am called to a face to face assessment I will not be able to take anyone with me I don't think which I have done in the past, I will be able to get a lift to and from the centre but nobody is free in the day anymore to come in with me. Will not having a companion at the wca be bad for my claim? My last question is on the new esa50 the say not to send any appointment letters. I feel I should send them copies of my appointment letters as it lets them see that I am still being seen regularly by the hospital and have been for some time. I don't have any reports to send and feel it is important to send something. What should I do?
  9. Just a thought. If you are on ESA and you have not got savings above the threshold of £6000.00. Is it possible to try and save by the help of family members to save for an old age pension, not to be touched until your official retirement age? This is just a general enquiry on behalf of my friend who is already worrying for her retirement, if she lasts that long! Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you, and if it's in the wrong place please move the post to where it should belong. I put it here as she is on ESA. The silly thing here is, she can hardly live on her ESA as it stands at the moment, never mind save e bean!
  10. I am stuck again this time I have a man who have £12000 over the limit in savings and he wants to know how he can spend it in order to keep his HA. Only suggestions I have is a funeral plan very morbid I know. He is 70 years old.
  11. Hi all, This is a speculative question because I'm not on the dole yet, but who knows! Either in the process of claiming benefits or during a compliance check, one may be asked to produce evidence of capital, e. g. bank statements. Is there a rule that determines a minimum or maximum period for which this evidence must be reported? I've searched extensively on Google and I've also read the DM guide about capital but I haven't found anything. Some people have been asked 3 months worth of statements; others 6 months; some other one year. Any clue? Thanks.
  12. Currently I am going through the procedure of getting IS and CA (carer's allowance) and have just been awarded the CA, The IS is unfortunately taking a long time (currently 7 weeks and counting). Lately due to notifying the council of the changes of circumstances which I am currently going through they are sending me recalculations for both HB and CTB and it's getting to be a bit of a mind boggler. However today received yet another recalculation but this time the CTB award is 0 and this is apparently due to our savings going over £6k (only a few hundred over). When I spoke to someone from the council CTB department they said it was because of the 6K. I had always been of the opinion that there was a sliding scale and that the benefit was worked out over i.e 6k to 16k and that for every 1k over 6k you lost approximately 10% of the benefit. I have looked at several sites and they mostly suggest this sliding scale applies to CTB, So, Does anyone here know for sure whether or not CTB is a straight cutoff at 6k or is it a sliding scale system like with HB, The council in question is Newcastle UNDER Lyme. Thanks for any information.
  13. Serious problems with my online savings account. I set up a post office online savings account 5 months ago because of the 1.20% interest rate. From day 1 it's been a nightmare. Firstly they have 2 options for depositing money. Direct debit or payment via a debit card. My first deposit was via direct debit and took 6 days to clear. My other deposits were made via debit card and they usually take 3 days to clear. It wasn't long back I needed to transfer some money from my savings account back to my main bank account. I entered my details and was met with an error..... "Transfer cannot be applied at this time". I tried multiple times a day for a week to transfer money yet had that error every single time. I looked at how to contact them and no phone number was given due to it being an "online only" account. I used the webform to contact them and after 10 days I still heard nothing back from them. In those 10 days I carried on trying to withdraw money multiple times again, yet still had that error. A few days ago I phoned the number which is meant for discussing non online savings accounts. Finally I got through to someone and explained the situation. They told me their system is updating so theres nothing they can do and that they would put me through to someone who's system wasn't updating. I waited for 15 mins and spoke to someone else. I explained my situation again to them and they said exactly the same thing... That they can't do anything as their system is also "updating". I put the phone down and opened a complaint with the post office yet haven't heard anything back yet. I have now done research online to find out a lot of people have that error and it's the post offices fault. If I had seen this before, I wouldn't have bothered to open the account. I just trusted the post office. A warning to all thinking of getting an online savings account with them. The interest rate may seem good but it takes ages for money to be transferred to them, customer service is useless and of course you can't even access your money when you want it due to th e "Transfer cannot be applied at this time" error message. Anyone else had the same experience with them?
  14. Some banks have been hacking away at the worth of your savings, making 171 cuts in 6 years.Some people are getting screwed out of £178.50 a year! According to Which?, some banks are considerably worse than others, as they crunched the numbers on 212 instant-access cash ISAs from 21 banks and building societies. Which? said NatWest had the largest amount of cuts per account, with eight across two accounts over six years. The bank's e-ISA used to earn savers 2%, but for those who haven't moved their money will now be getting a paltry 0.25%. Which? also saw that Tesco Bank had made three rate cuts on one account, and at RBS, they'd made two cuts on one account, and Barclays made 13 cuts across seven accounts. The worst banks for cutting ISA rates are, in order: NatWest Tesco Bank RBS Barclays M&S Bank HSBC http://www.bitterwallet.com/banking/which-banks-are-cutting-your-isa-savings-92417
  15. Dear members, I'm a student in London. Yesterday I found that both of my account balance became zero and the money has been transferred TO RECONCILE Debit COVENTRY OPS 05 ADV. I went to a nearest branch to ask what happened to my account. They said they couldn't touch the money now and I have to write an email to reportasam (a barclays email, I can't post it here) to clarify the source of my money. After searching on the Internet I realized what happened. At the beginning of this year, my ex-boy friend has purchased a property in London. But in my home country, there is limit amount for foreign currency so he can't purchase enough pounds to buy the property. Therefore, he transferred domestic money to people who are working in UK and let them deposit cash or make payment of pounds to his UK bank account. And then he asked me for help. As a result, a total amount of around 80,000 pounds has been deposited to my account and then transferred to my ex-boy friend's account from January to the end of February. I think Barclays suspect that it might be money laundering and then withdraw all my money. We broke up in March and then I didn't do that again. I get nothing from those transactions.... As a student, all my money are from my parents and now I don't have any money to live. I've sent an email to that address but it does not work till now. What else can I do to get my money back as soon as possible? Please give advice. Thank you very much! Catherine
  16. hi a question on behalf of a friend who was worrying about savings the question is two fold bit of background and the two queries - my friends who is on benefits - JSA uses his bank account for a close relative to have their state pension to be paid into, now with regards to the £6000 - £16000 savings threshold i.e. if her pension accumulates over time tor 6k or 16k don't apply here is that correct firstly for him as its her benefit being paid into his account not his benefits he gets JSA not a state pension and as its her state pension and unlike JSA he does not need to let her know if it goes over 6k as she's on a state pension unless she applies for any mean tested benefits like pension credit also she does not claim HB or CTB thank you in advance for any responses
  17. wasn't quite sure where to place this post. My husband died quite tragically after I donated a kidney to him in September and I have only just found out he had an online savings account containing £2400. He left no will. My problem is that since he died I have suffered with PTSD and agoraphobia and can't leave the house to get to the bank as they requested. My sister-in-law has been sorting most things for me and NatWest allowed her to bring paperwork home, should we be able to do the same with Lloyds. he worry of this is distresssing me very much. Thanks in advance anyone who can help
  18. One for the (Scottish ) legal eagles. Man & wife divorce and £750 put into their childs savings account. When it was set up, both parents had to administer the account. One parent has just discovered the other has systematically emptied the kids account over a six month period without prior consent or knowledge of the other parent. Police say it's not theft or mis appropriation of funds. Bank says T&C's were changed and this allowed one parent to administer the kids account. Other parent swears blind they were never notified of this change by the bank or would have taken appropriate action at that time. ( I know my bank notifies me of changes but letters arrive by normal post---not rec del etc) 1. Despite this being a despicable thing to do, has any crime been committed? 2.How does kid get money back? 3. Does the bank have any responsibility for this dastardly situation??
  19. Hello and Happy new year everyone! After struggling financially with my benefits over the christmas period was saying how great it would be to have some money saved up from over the year to buy a few gifts and extra's at christmas. At the moment I have one account and no credit cards. Looking at my bank I might be able to open an online savings account where I could put £10 here and there away for christmas and emergencies. I am worried about applying for one though in case it triggers anything in regards to my benefits as I am currently on ESA in the support group. Can anyone advise me in this matter?
  20. Hi Guys I need help for my relative, she is on ESA WRAG income related , shes claiming over a year now and have not received reassessment letter yet. She has some savings around £15000, can anybody confirm if she is ok and her ESA payments will not effect if she let the relevant authorities know about her savings. Thanks
  21. Hello Please could someone clarifiy how the CSA calculates NRP payments on savings and property? It's been several years since I researched this topic, but my understanding in the past was as follows: They can only assess savings over £65,000, so if you had £100000 in savings they would be interested in the last £35K. They then assume you are earning a fabulous 8% income from this investment! Therefore the income figure would be 8% of £35,000 which is £2800, and the payment would be the usual 12% of this amount, as it is with your other income. So the payment would be £336 per year. Is this an accurate interpretation of their rules please? It's a bit confusing because on other forums some people seem to think that if you have savings over £65K then the CSA would assess the whole amount, so that would be the full £100K in the above example. I don't see how this could be true because there would be no incentive not to just spend any savings above £65. Thanks for your feedback
  22. Do you have to show write down savings on application for contribution based JSA( I know it doesn't affect getting it), but curious. Also, is oine of those letters similar to the housing benefit's green letter come through post? If you live in a shared house people you live with will then know. Also, how people know who is on benefits-e.g. how would you know if your neighbour was on them?
  23. My carer stole £21'750 [twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds] when I withdrew it on her advice to pay bills cash being more attractive economic relationship to her. She admitted most of it to the police who are considering charging her but have taken two months with no result or charge apparent yet and dither when I ask for information on progress. I seek help to take a private prosecution and court action to retrieve my savings but now obviously strapped for cash. Does anyone have a similar experience with a successful solicitor on a no win fee basis and potential solution to egg on the police such as precedents? I live in London. Hope to resolve this asap as the bills are mounting up to pay the new help.
  24. I am self employed and my earnings vary a lot often for a short period oftime. My housing benefit claim was already close once because my earnings weretoo high. However the problem is that my earnings vary a lot often for asmall period of time and it is inconvenient for me to make a new claim forhousing benefit each time my earnings vary. I would like to know how to explainmy situation to the housing benefit department to avoid that my claim is closedeach time my earnings vary temporarily I would like to know if there is a specific law for self employer or if I have to file a specific form
  25. Hi, my mum is buying a property (effectively in cash) using money from family members. large bulk of money has been transferred from her cousin who is 89 yrs old. Countrywide have had the building society account book to show her savings but then they said it wasn't old enough and needed to go back a few years and we've done this. then they said they wanted a letter stating the income and job of the cousin from when she started working as well as an account of her lifestyle to prove how she's accumulated her savings and we provided this but now this isn't good enough either, they now want details of the earnings of her dead husband (who died last year at aged 97)! We understand about the money laundering aspect but this is becoming increasingly ridiculous - even the tax man doesn't keep records going back that far! We've said we'll change solicitors but then countrywide sayif we do that we just have to start from scratch and we're supposed to be completing on 12th December. Bank statements from other members of the family have been accepted. has anyone got any advice, thanks. the sum involved from the cousin is £130,000 and will be a short term loan.
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