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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on a Halifax ISA we took out in September 2017 for a fixed 2 year rate. We took it out with £15203.51 as we had the money in a do nothing account and it wasn't expected to be needed. Circumstances have changed and we need to use the money, all of it, so we made an enquiry to close the account and Halifax have said there is a penalty of 180 days interest. Which means (if my calculations are correct) on the 0.6 interest rate we would have to pay the bank £45 to get our money back with no interest at all. I think this is outrageous as they have had and used the money since September - it is our fault as we (blame the wife) didn't read the small print of 180 days interest penalty when the account was opened. Does anyone think we have any grounds to complain and not pay the penalty?
  2. Im thinking of transferrig my daughters government child trust fund to a junior isa which also cannot be touched untill 18 years of age. Will this not affect my benefits too? Just want to double check as government website only says ctf wont affect benefits doesnt mention about junior isas which work the same too. I only claim housing benefit btw
  3. READ MORE HERE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/19/help-to-buy-isa-scandal-500000-first-time-buyers-told-scheme-can/
  4. Not sure if this is the right place for this. Perhaps it coul be moved if not. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/21/treasury-and-banks-could-face-legal-action-over-help-to-buy-isa/
  5. Some banks have been hacking away at the worth of your savings, making 171 cuts in 6 years.Some people are getting screwed out of £178.50 a year! According to Which?, some banks are considerably worse than others, as they crunched the numbers on 212 instant-access cash ISAs from 21 banks and building societies. Which? said NatWest had the largest amount of cuts per account, with eight across two accounts over six years. The bank's e-ISA used to earn savers 2%, but for those who haven't moved their money will now be getting a paltry 0.25%. Which? also saw that Tesco Bank had made three rate cuts on one account, and at RBS, they'd made two cuts on one account, and Barclays made 13 cuts across seven accounts. The worst banks for cutting ISA rates are, in order: NatWest Tesco Bank RBS Barclays M&S Bank HSBC http://www.bitterwallet.com/banking/which-banks-are-cutting-your-isa-savings-92417
  6. Could somebody help with this My daughter wants to buy her council house and has lived in it for about 9 years so does qualify for the right to buy discount but she was told she could not have the new help to buy ISA as well as that would mean two discounts is this correct as I was under the impression that you could have a help to buy ISA as well as the council right to buy discount thanks for any help
  7. I wonder if anyone would know the answer to this? My son is slowly paying back his student loan. If we start a Lifetime ISA which was announced in the budget, will any savings in this ISA be taken or seized to pay back his loan quicker? Or, is it totally separate from his student loan and can't be taken into consideration? I hope I have posted in the right forum, and please move this if need be. Thank you. Miss Anxious
  8. I'm enquiring about claiming money lost on an ISA after poor advice from the bank. My mum and Dad lost thousands. Dad got I'll and died. He wasn't told about the risks. Mum is now struggling with a dramatic decrease in finances and this money lost by investing will be very useful in making her life a bit more comfortable. She's a pensioner and disabled. She did get a call from a company offering to sort it but they wanted 40%. Can you help or point me in the right direction.
  9. Hello Everyone, I have recently received a letter from Lloyds Bank writing to advice me of their 'concerns' about previous advice regarding my Fixed Rate ISA with Scottish Widows, take out in 2012. First question: Is this just a ploy to sell me another product which wouldn't necessarily be of any benefit to me / reduce my interest rate? I have been looking at the new Fixed Rate ISA's currently available on Money Saving Expert and interested in 'The Coventry' at 2.10% AER until 2019. Second Question: Does anybody have any experience through banking with them? Positive or negative. Finally, I would be gratful for any advice with regards to moving / saving my money to gain the best interest rates / return on my savings (currently over £10,000) Thank you for your time and I appreciate any feedback and advice from you in due course
  10. new to the site hope I'm not going to bore you. received my ISA maturing letter, it talks of 5 options the last one "simply withdrwaw your cash close the account". When you look for the option in the list to tick and put details of the account where you want the cash to go to, it does not exist, only now got 3 options non to close account. So it says if options dont suit your needs phone this number, I phone select the closing account option, I'm asked have I considered other options etc. I ask to close the account, after many security details including Nat No, I'm asked for my phone banking pin, I don't use phone banking I will be registered and halifax will send me one, I dont bother because on the letter is a web site for maturing ISA's to give your maturing details, I go to the web site and guess what the option to close the account is not on there, I complain and I'm given £40 and £5 for my distress and phone call, I'm told I will need to go into the branch with passport or driving licence and they will take my instructions, I don't have a local branch in my town. I'm then told I will have to wait till it matures and then go on-line and do a transfer myself, so the letter that says I need to give you 5 days notice does not allow you to close the account and the web does not,... in my opinion the letter is purely based around investing back with Halifax if I was old and not thinking correctly I could be fooled into thinking the only options are to reinvest with Halifax, come on Halifax not good enough, very, very,very P***** O**
  11. Barclays is set to move around 2.3m savers on to a new type of Isa which for two thirds of them will mean worse interest rates. The bank has already closed 11 of its cash Isas to new customers and will now be withdrawing them from existing customers too. The new Isas will pay less than the two per cent annual interest, meaning more meagre savings rate for 1.6m customers, with 740,000 benefitting or remaining unaffected. Barclays has said that it has been urged to simplify its Isas. Lee Chiswell, head of savings at Barclays said: These changes will make it easier for our customers to understand their products and easier for staff to serve them. We are writing to all impacted customers to let them know how these changes will affect them, and we have worked with our colleagues to ensure they can support customers who have any questions about these changes. http://www.cityam.com/1407333497/barclays-isa-changes-hit-savers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28675631
  12. floricita

    Nw ISA

    hi I just wondered if someone can help please. I want to make a payment from my lloyds current account to my nationwide isa online. I have looked at the nationwide website to see what details I have to enter for sort code and account number which is here. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/search/D...x?article=1206 now am I reading this right. sort code, yes simple, but the account number it says enter 33333334 but also your roll/ref number. Now it doesn't say the syntax necessary, is it the first number just followed by the next one? seems a bit long for an account no?
  13. Good afternoon fellow Caggers. I need some advice please. My wife and I have two instant cash isa's with RBS. In march this year we decided to transfer them to Santader as the interest rate was (marginally) better. We signed all the relevant paperwork in our local Santander Branch. We do not have a local RBS branch. We received letters confirming that the transfer was being dealt with and all the new details were sent to us by post. On-line banking facility cards etc. So we assumed that everything was in order. We then received a letter from Santander saying the isa's couldn't be transfered as the account(s) were closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then went into the local Santander Branch and told them that this was in effect inncorrect and instructed them to proceed with the transfer. We have had numerous telephone conversations with Santander and RBS who confirmed the isa's were ther and could be withdrawn anytime we wanted. Santander then rang us following a conversation they had had with RBS isa team who told us 1. My wifes isa had been transfered or blocked!!!! 2. The terms of my isa had been 'breached' and was not available for transfer. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??? Our isa's are instant access accounts. What are RBS playing at and what is my immediate recourse? Santander want our business, have assured us we will not lose out on any interest payable. I am awaiting a call back from RBS. Any advice, assistance etc would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  14. Hi, I took out the fantastic TWO YEAR FIXED RATE ISA (4%) in March 2012 but the adviser at hand failed to mention that there is a time window before you can make any further contributions to you ISA account for this financial year. So far I have only utilized about 3k of this years ISA cash allowance, leaving me short of £2,640 remaining for this year. What action can I take to ensure that I can utilize all of my allowance on this TWO YEAR FIXED RATE ISA (4%) rather then opening another ISA. It has to be noted that a copy of terms and conditions were not given to me at the point of sale. Thanks.
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