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  1. My wife and I bought a new Marquis Majestic 185 a month ago via the NEC show for £49,995 trading in another van. We were told to pick the new 185 at the Ipswich branch Before we could get it from there, a problem with a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) controlling heating and water occurred we were told We live 70 miles from Ipswich and had to delay picking it up by 4 hours, we were informed the PCB had been fixed when we took possession of the van. We drove it home with no issues. The next day we began our first trip to Lytham in Lancashire, but there were a large number of problems. Within 20 miles the habitation door would not close (a temporary repair was done at a garage on route), the PCB problem reappeared, so we had no hot water, the bathroom door would not shut, the toilet locker door would not shut securely, the tyre pressure warning lights came on the dashboard several times despite inflating the tyres and remained on. The alarm went off several times randomly, whether we were in or outside the vehicle, a hose hanging under the rear of the vehicle was touching the ground and some white tape under the rear of the vehicle was dragging along the ground. As we were near, Marquis Preston agreed to try to fix the bathroom door (failed after ten minutes driving) and the alarm - failed within the day. Under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act we have indicated to Marquis in writing that we want to reject the vehicle (can be done within 30 days of purchase) and either have a refund or a replacement vehicle. Marquis After Care Manager is saying 'No' to either of these. The Legal Helpline at one motorhome club indicates we are completely within our rights to reject under the 2015 Act. As Marquis are 'playing hardball' (to quote the legal helpline), we are planning Legal Action. Any thoughts on this plan of action or alternatives would be very welcome and greatly appreciated. Anyone else experienced this type of problem with Marquis (or other dealers)?
  2. Hello Everyone In essence. I bought a car, pre-registered by a franchised dealer though with delivery mileage and so considered a used-approved car by them. The cost was £70000 The car developed a transmission whine within the the first 35 miles or so. Dealer asked me to keep using the car a wee while longer and 'drive-it-in', though they booked in the car for 2 weeks or so hence. This I did for close to the two weeks then the car needed recovering as it had broken down (loose HT Lead they said) There kept the car to investigate the whining. And provided me with different loan cars then finally a car identical to mine and yes...with the same problem but way worse! They invited me to drive other cars of the same year and model..new ones from the forecourt. these too made the same sound! They fobbed me off with it being a 'feature of the car'...feature it may be but its a whine that exists when the car is in gear and at certain speeds and not at all when allowed to free-wheel Car was investigated using diagnostics provided by the manufacturer and this took...14 weeks. the car was then returned to the manufacturer for further investigation. after 2 more weeks I decided to reject the car. Its been too long and Im in limbo No faith in the brand nor its customer services. I invoked my short-term right to reject, as the clock 'stops' once the car is returned to the dealership There have been many discussions with the dealership. they aren't keen on emails nor recording what is said, nor referring to my emails in written replies. I have asked for my money back or reasons wy they aren't paying. And that I will not be taking any further calls...email only The dealer has now stated that they have not accepted my rejection. That I must 'work with them' ..that old reply...Ive maintained the same stance of rejection and the reasons why, and used their own warranty guarantee...which is really a copy and paste of Consumer Act . If they don't accept it...it ant happen!! Any members here with a dynamic way to punch through their nonsense?? Oh..the car, is miraculousl now cured...with a clip apparently...its an issue which dogs hundreds of these cars..its on many forums. Im a consumer champion!!,,,no... Seems Im just being 'picky' haha
  3. Hi Guys. Not proud of this even though I am having some problems. I have received a summons for not paying a fine (not taxed) on time and they won't let me take an out of court settlement although I have been in this situation before with them (several times) and have been able to pay out of court. When I phoned they said there was a note on my account and the legal team won't speak to me. It seems odd that I don't get an explanation or can speak to anyone about it?
  4. Hello, Unfortunately I recently lost my job and will have to move back with family to weather the storm while I look for new employment. I plan to rent a PO box with a private company (the address will actually start with "SUITE N") to retain privacy in case things go wrong and I start missing payments. Will banks accept this new PO box address? Thanks for your help!
  5. I bought an item on Ebay, which the seller claimed had only been used 1 time and was in excellent condition, the only reason why i bought the item. The item arrived damaged, i requested a return as item not as decribed and arrived damaged. Seller refused to accept a return, instead she blamed me for the damage, saying i had caused the damaged and had swapped item and the pictures I had shown of the damage were fake. Seller claimed she has a witness who saw her send the item in mint condition, but i told her it arrived damaged with a dent/chipped, with scratches etc and obviously not used the 1 time as seller claimed. Anway the seller then made a threat take me to smalls court (when she had my money and sent me a damaged item) and is still refusing to take the item back and still blaming me and now claims she can get a witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition - if thats the case as seller claims, why it did arrived damaged!! In the email exchange with the seller, she is trying to make herself look the victim in all of this. The item is of over £250 Raised return request on Ebay, but seller is blaming me for the damage, how crazy is that, she sent an item not as described, anway time to escalate to Ebay and get Ebay involved because the seller is not admitting the item i received is damaged, even after showing pictures and still blaming me, what do I tell Ebay when I escalate item not as decribed, arrived damaged, seller not accepting responsibility, blaming me for the damage? As for the sellers witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition, that doesn't count because my pictures show the damage, please please help
  6. Hello all. I am helping my dad with a car insurance claim. I've never claimed anything on insurance before so am new to the process. I hope you can help. The general advice is, that when your car is a written off, as is the case here, the insurers will try to low ball you on the first offer and you should reject it. Some background on the incident is that my dad parked his car on a hill, some time later something failed and the car rolled, writing his and another vehicle off. I have researched the car and it's difficult to tell whether the offer is low based on second hand car listings on ebay and autotrader. They have offered £750 minus excess of £100. Some similar cars are on sale for double that, others have sold for around the same. Obviously condition and other factors aren't going to be identical between the cars on sale and my dad's car. Should I just go ahead and settle on the offer, or would I be a fool to? I appreciate any advice, thanks for reading.
  7. Hi all, I'll get straight into it. I bought an Approved Used Audi S3 (2015) from Watford Audi on 29/11/17. Car was listed for £24K, I paid a £500 deposit which included the £350 GAP Insurance. I was also intending to drop a £3,000 Deposit on my first monthly outgoing, bringing the payment down from £457.66 to £378.92. I SPECIFICALLY asked the dealer I was assigned if the car was standard as the exhaust sounded very sporty, I thought it possibly could've been a sports exhaust. He assured me the car was STANDARD. I go ahead with the sale on a 49 Month PCP with Blackhorse Finance. Not but 3 weeks later, I am pulled over to the side of the road by a Police Officer who claims my car is excessively loud and urges me to get the vehicle independantly checked. I get the car checked & what is brought to my attention? A centre silencer box has been REMOVED and a straight piece of pipe welded in its place. NOT STANDARD. This classifies the vehicle as "not as described" under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, classing it as unsatisfactory. With this information, I write up a Rejection letter for both Audi Watford & Blackhorse Finance. On 27/12/17 I personally hand the letter to the Sales Manager at Audi, with my partner recording the entire event for proof of delivery. The manager comes off as very apologetic and says he will need a day or so to process through the request and get back to me. A couple of other Sales Associates at Audi get in touch with me via phone so they can arrange for the car to be brought in for inspection. The car is picked up, inspected & delivered back to me with the outcome being that there is in fact a NON-STANDARD modification to my apparently "standard" Audi. Being the New Year, it takes up until Today 02/01/18 for Stephen to get back to me & deliver me the news that at this current moment in time they are "refusing" to accept my rejection of said vehicle. He states that as the problem is not a performance enhancement nor causes any catastrophic failure to the vehicle, it is "fit for purpose" and the rejection won't be happening. I state that I am well within my rights to a rejection as the request for rejection was given to him within 30 days (with proof) which means I have a Short Term Right To Reject within 30 days of purchase, according to The Consumer Rights Act 2015. He explained to me that the current plan is to go ahead with a repair/compensation style of agreement, to which I refuse to accept & state that I am within my rights to refuse this offer and receive a full refund. As it stands now, Stephen has told me that he will need another day or so to take it up with his management to try and source my preferred outcome. Blackhorse Finance know about this situation and they have urged me to try and settle it with the dealer first before they can get involved. What are my options at this stage? To the best of my knowledge I have a right to reject within 30 days as the vehicle is not as described & I am allowed to refuse their offer to replace/repair the car within 30 days and receive a full refund. Help would be greatly appreciated, I smell a court case
  8. I have been made an offer on a loan taken out in 1994 which ended in 2003. It looks like a goodwill offer and also looks a bit "light". They dont give me exact dates of ppi payments looks like it was added at the start of the loan being about £1200. Their offer is £3300. 2 questions: 1) Can I bank their cheque "without prejudice" taking it as a payment on account to mitigate my losses, and argue about the amount later? They havent mentioned acceptance in their letter, just calling it their "offer". 2) I feel that the 8% stat interest should be compounded, not simple. I would be grateful for any help on this. I have downloaded the spreadsheet, taking £1000 as the initial PPI payment from 01/01/1994 gives simple interest of £1,921.92 but if you use standard compound (1+r)^n * £1,000 = (1+0.08(rate)))^23years*£1,000 = £5,871.46 then add on the principal £1k = £6,871.46 why is it simple instead of compound? the fair calculation of loss is the amount foregone each year, which is the interest lost each year and interest on that interest for the following year?
  9. Hello Perhaps someone can guide me on this matter. I bought a Washing Machine and in less than one and a half years it became faulty. An engineer tested it and said it is a manufacturer's fault and I should claim. I contacted the retailer, gave them details including DATE OF PURCHASE, that it was tested and found to be faulty. They told me to get an independent report, which I did. That report agreed with the first one, faulty machine. They agreed to refund the purchase price, plus the cost of the INDEPENDENT REPORT which THEY ASKED FOR, but not the cost of the first one. I pointed out they were at liberty to accept the first report, but that they chose to GET A SECOND OPINION. Consequently, I expect to be reimbursed for BOTH reports. I kept on disputing their responses. After many refusals of my claim for reimbursement, they agreed to give me GIFT VOUCHERS which I believe may force me to spend it in their shops. I feel that they should reimburse me in CASH. The amount is £25.00. Any advise on this please ?. Thank you. Laskin
  10. I instituted a legal claim for £14k, plus court fee (~£1k), plus interest (~£7k) (Litigant in person) (Total claim is thus almost £22k) The claim was almost statute barred when filed, and if filed today would be statute barred. The claim is currently subject to a 1 month stay until February and the defendant has written to me offering to settle for £16k. I am inclined to accept. They have sent me a letter (via email) which reads "Without prejudice except as to costs ... Without any admission of liability or wrongdoing we confirm that we would be prepared to offer you the sum of £16,000 in full and final settlement of all claims which you have or may have against us in relation to the Claim. Please confirm your agreement to the terms of this settlement by: 1. signing a copy of this letter and returning it to us at the postal address above 2. writing to County Court Business Centre (“CCBC”) to inform them that you want to discontinue the Claim. Once we have received a signed copy of this letter from you and we obtain confirmation from CCBC that the Claim has been dropped, we shall arrange for the payment set out above to be made into your bank account (details of which you will need to provide to us). " And then at the bottom there is a space for me to sign. (And none for them) So very simple. I just wonder if this is valid and binding on them, or do I need to turn it into a Part 36 Offer?
  11. We purchased a Vauxhall vivaro swb van on a 64 plate from new on finance from vanarama.co.uk. Since having the van we have had lots of faults with it such as: window seal incorrectly fitted internal lights not fitted correctly faulty air con faulty radio/phone pack (works intermittently) plus many more van was taken back to Vauxhall dealership who fixed all problems under warranty except for the radio/phone pack issue and the air con unit was fixed but only temporarily and is now broken again. We have contacted vanarama and the finance company to reject the vehicle or get it fixed but they have closed the case saying the radio/phone issue is a software problem for which Vauxhall do not have a fix and the dealership won't accept rejection of the van due to its age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help - we are paying for a van that is faulty - we use/or want to use the phone pack as this is a commercial vehicle.
  12. I qualified to become a driving intructor in 2012 and in Oct 2015 I gave my ADI badge back to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) as I was no longer teaching due to being in a full time job. The DSA sent me a letter to confirm they received my ADI badge in Oct 2015 also confirmed they removed my name off the Driving Instructors Register. The DSA said in a letter I had ..."12 months from the date your name was removed from the ADI register on 30th Oct2015 to re-register without taking the driving instructor qualifying exams..." So in late Oct 2016 a few days before the 12 months was coming up, I sent in my application to the DSA to re-register, along with my card details for payment of £300. I also did a CRB check a few months before, which was required. The DSA received my application on the 27th Oct (The 12 months deadline was on the 30th, so they received it with 3 days left) I heard nothing for 2 weeks, then I received my application form back (stamped received 27th Oct 2016) and a letter saying my application was unfortunately being rejected because I had not made payment in the last 12 months (I was not teaching in the last 12 months - I had given my badge back and was off the register) as mentioned above. I called the DSA and was told I did not make payment within the 12 months deadline of wanting to re-register with my application form - I explained I sent my application within the 12 months deadline and my card details were on the form. I also explained I had a letter from the DSA from Oct 2015 telling me I had 12 months to re-apply from the date my name was removed off the register. I was told the ADI department was looking for my letter from Oct 2015 and would email me (which they did not) The next day I rang again and this time I again explained - I sent my application within the 12 months time period and wrote my card details on the application form. That my application was returned back to me stamped 'received 27th Oct 2106' - within the 12 month deadline. I was bluntly told my application was being rejected (even though I applied within the 12month period to re-register) because according to the the DSA 1. The DSA needed the 3 digit security number on the back of my card to take payment and they supposedly tried to ring me several times and my number was not working (I explained my number was working all the time and to ring me back to confirm it was working, but the person on the line said no). I explained I received no missed calls. 2. They said they sent me emails as well which I did not have in my inbox I was told bluntly I had to re-apply from scratch and do all the 3 driving instructor tests again and to re-qualify!! - I was feeling very angry because I did nothing wrong in my application and sent it in within 12 months. The DSA received my application on the 23rd Oct and the letter they sent me to say it was being rejected, was dated the 24th Oct, but it was sent out to me a via recorded delivery a whole 12 days later on the 4th Dec 2016 (why was my letter dated 24th Oct 2016 and then sent out to me on the 4th Dec 2016??) they wasted 12 days on purpose to send me the letter. The DSA received my application on 23rd Oct 2016, why did they not send me a letter telling me they needed the 3 digit security number from my card or why did they not send me a text message. The DSA received my application within 12 months and they should have sent me a letter to request my card details, if according to them my phone number was not working (which is a lie) I want to appeal the DSA decision on the basis of 1. I sent my application within 12 months of the deadline to re-register. 2. I need dates/times of the when the DSA called me and according to them my phone was not working (a down right lie) so I can get confirmation from my phone network provider to confirm my phone was working and they was no problem with the phone network - which would break the DSA false argument. 3. Why did not the DSA send me a letter to request the security number or try sending me a text message. 4. The DSA received my letter on the 27th Oct, (application form shows "received 27th Oct) - 3 days before the 12 month deadline. 5. Why did the DSA produce the rejection letter on the 24th Oct and take a whole 12 days to send it out to me on the 4th Dec via recorded delivery - they on purpose took 12 days to delay it being sent to me, so they could say I did not appeal within 14 days!! - thats how sneaky they are!! Please can you help me draft up a letter I need to send the DSA tommorow please
  13. I ordered a Vodafone SIM only deal on 02 Oct and when it arrived there was no documentation with the SIM other than printed on the back of the sim holede "vodafone.co.uk/getstarted. I could not log into MYVODAFONE. As such on Friday 07 Oct I called for help. I made a telephone from my current supplier (not Vodafone) I spoke with a really confused and extremely unhelpful person in an Indian call centre. This lady stated that she had sent me THREE account name changes and then the I could not possibly have received any texts (despite receiving them on my current supplier number) and corresponding three emails saying "We have changed your user name...." but not actually saying what the new user name actually was. Going forward she called me a liar stating that I could not have possibly received such. Amazingly she then asked me to take my current supplier SIM out of my handset and replace it with the Vodafone one whilst actually making the call. Seriously? - I gave up. I then tried again this morning, with my Vodafone SIM installed called 191 and spoke with a UK customer service agent who repeatedly spoke over the top of me, placed me on hold for extended periods without any warning repeated that there was "No problem" despite me repeatedly stating that I could not log into my online account, that no updated information was sent about my username that I objected to being talked over the top of. The agent then started to raise his voice to me. I asked for a supervisor. I was then told that he had actually not completed the security check and we had to go over one final part. That we did. Now I do not like being addressed by my first name on business communications, I prefer being addressed as Mr ........... which is professional courtesy as they are neither friends or family. Once transferred to a chap called Neil I was asked is this (my first name). I asked to be addressed as Mr.......... I explained I was not happy and that nobody has helped. I complained about the unprofessional and rude abuse from his colleague who was laughing at me becoming upset. He said he had been listening and that his colleagues rude, unprofessional and aggressive approach was perfectly acceptable. I then asked if he had been listening for a while and he confirmed this. As such Neil, the Senior Advisor, knew not to address me with my first name. Clearly he and his colleague were just bored and looking for a laugh on a Sunday morning with no interest in assisting customers or resolving issues. I then decided that as this was consistently abusive and completely useless assistance from ALL at Vodafone who I had sought assistance from to cancel the contract and was put through to a lady called Key in account closures. She was just as bad stating that there was no way agents would act like this and berated me for alleging such. I cancelled the contract. I called the Vodafone complaints team on 08080 044 900 and spoke with Ash in Cairo, Egypt. I explained from the beginning I preferred to be addressed as Mr........ and he stated "Do not give me attitude" - amazing. He spent ages telling me how he had been in post for years and knew his job. I confirmed he had taken me through security and was logged into my account. He confirmed this - acknowledge given that an audit trail was now in place. He started to argue with me that as I had cancelled my contract he was not interested in complaint handling this call. That it was not possible to challenge Vodafone by any process, including the sending of a deadlock letter to me and that I have no right to take the matter to the Ombudsman. This was because despite having a contract with Vodafone now that I had cancelled then called the Complaints team that they were not interested and would do nothing. He also raised his voice, repeatedly, talked over the top of me and denied that he had not properly taken me through security. So in essence Vodafone are happy to abuse customers, support abusive and unprofessional conduct, fail to accept complaints, stonewall and berate anyone who dare complain and fail to process any legitimate complaint. I confirmed that I would contact the Chief Executives office, which I shall do today, and the response was that it would not matter as they really do not care. Avoid this shockingly incompetent abusive company. Another company that has become way to big and staff think they can get away with abusing their customers repeatedly and that nothing can be done to abusive staff.
  14. Hi, Please give me your opinions on this: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty. Noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to dealer in March 2016 to complain about gearbox (and other warranty faults), they drove car and agreed with me about gearbox. Manufacturer agreed to replace gearbox and new gearbox arrived at end of April. I couldn't leave car with the dealer at this time as I was on standby to work abroad for a number of weeks. Finally got gearbox replaced at beginning of June. New gearbox is much worse, not only does it crunch in 4th but it also whines (like an old mini) in 2nd. Car returned at begging of July to look at again, dealer agrees it is not correct but "doesn't know what manufacturer will say as it's out of warranty". Told them "don't care fault occurred in warranty period an has not been resolved - actually made worse". Manufacturer eventually agrees to send an engineer from the factory to look at my car who came last week. Manufacturer has agreed that the new gearbox is faulty but they will only supply a replacement 'box if I don't complain about it crunching in 4th as this is a "characteristic of the car". This is not entirely true as I have driven one of the loan cars with same gearbox and it does not crunch however the other loan car did, however there is a lot on the internet about failing gearboxes, crunching, stiff changes etc etc. The gearbox obviously has an inherent design flaw. The car was purchased with a personal loan with the car as security (dealer finance) although at the time I was told it was HP. I am thinking of pushing back on the dealer and loan company - under sale of good act, repair or replace vehicle - inherently faulty. Comments or opinions please? Thanks
  15. As I'm nearing to my last year of my loan. I just thought I take a closer look at my statement this month. OH MY WORD! I took out a £20k, 108 month secured loan on my property in Oct 2007. Up to now, I am up to date. From 2007-2011, on 4 occasions I made late payments. Some arranging from 4days-2 weeks late. From Feb-Dec 2012 I lost my job, and fell into arrears. But within that period, I managed to make 4 payments which covered 4 months. And because I was able to find a new job, in December I paid off the remaining arrears. Since then, I have never missed a payment and my account is up to date. on checking my statement, and balance. I was assuming my balance would be near the £3763.68 mark (12 x £313.64) as I have 12 months left. But to my astonishment and disgust. My balance is showing: Balance Outstanding: £7954.99 Repayment Administration Fee: £195 Total Redemption Figure: £8149.99 Cost & Charges: £1570 Buildings Insurance Charge: 959.18 I rang them up, and told them to send me the breakdown of charges and fees. They consist of: Building Insurance - £959.18 Building Insurance Block Policy Charge - £130 Dishourned Reciept Charge - £35 x 5 Letter - £30 x 5 Collections Telephone - £35 Monthly Charge Arrears - £42 x 13 Visit Costs - £100 Land Registry Priority Search Legal Charge - £6 Land Registry Office Copies - £4 x 2 (on the same date?!?!) Issue of Possession - £49 Online Issue Fee - £100 Court Preparation Fee - £57 Legal Costs - £162 Can someone please help me. Is this even legal? And what is this charge I have for Building Insurance/Block Policy Charge. Even if I minus all the fees/charges. The balance does not even add up to the 108 month loan agreement. Any help would be great and much appreciated.
  16. Hi there. My car payment was missed twice. This is down to a change in bank accounts and carelessness on my part. 4 days after the second payment was missed, a guy from Ceatta Ltd attended my house and attempted to collect car, which was not at the property at the time as my Mrs was out in it. I rang Motonovo and tried to pay the arrears of £850 but they have refused and claimed that the finance agreement has been terminated. I have received no notice of this whatsoever, and the only letters I have received are "notice of default sums". I am aware that those are neither here nor there with regards to the law and are made to look like default notices. The day after the repo guy turned up, a letter came through which was "notice of sum of arrears". This letter states that I should ring them immediately to arrange to bring my payments up to date. However, they won't accept anything but the car! If they take the car, I can't work. I will also owe them around 12 grand as the amount owed is 22k and I can't imagine them getting more than around 10k for the car at auction. My question is can this be done?? We received no notice of termination at all and they are outright refusing to accept payment unless it's the full amount which is around 22k. I have lodged a complaint with ombudsman which could take weeks. I understand that the repo guy isn't a bailiff and has no power to take from private property but motonovo are saying that if we don't allow them to take the car, they will report it stolen. This will greatly affect mine and my wife's job if it goes to police. Can this even be done seeing as it's our name on the log book? This is a hire purchase agreement not a loan. help!
  17. Hi guys! I received a letter today from Redwood with demand for an outstanding invoice. The problem is that the invoice was in respect of copy writing and web design, which I did not use due to unsatisfactory quality. The coding was wrong, the wording was wrong, everything. After numerous emails, I've decided to cut my loses and instructed another professional to do the job. This time everything was okay, I have a new website now and settled the bill with service provider. I have all correspondence and proof that I did pay for the web development to another person. The website is up and running and the one was "designed" is nowhere to be seen. What is a correct way to go about it? Should I write to Redwoods with explanations? Or ignore them? I never even received a reminder or any other email, after I told the person that I am not accepting his work and going to hire someone else. In his last email to me, he agreed that he did not do a good job, especially as far as a web design is concerned, but said he wants to be paid for copy writing. Here is from his email: I had another look at your site yesterday, and I now agree that it is clearly not up to standard. As you’ve surmised, I’m not a web designer. I specialise in content and programming. I when you said you wanted more than my free site, I thought I could manage it. I deliberated over advising you to contact a professional designer for this. I’ve now decided to work in conjunction with a designer for future projects. Hence, I’ve removed the design costs from my invoice. The copy is a different story. I did everything you asked for. As a writing tutor, published author of literary fiction a nd first class degree holder in creative writing, you won’t find anyone with higher standards of English anywhere. Sure, you could find a better copywriter, but you’d have to pay at least four times as much. I’m therefore asking you one more time to either pay the attached invoice for the copy or work with me on modifications at no additional cost. But I did not use his texts, as his writing was nothing I instructed him to do.
  18. Hi , Im helping my mother deal with an old Barclaycard. We sent a SAR request a week ago to this address: The data Controller , Barclays Bank Plc One Churchill Place London E14 5 HP. She today received the letter back, with a Royal Mail sticker on with `refused box ticked`. Is that the wrong address or are they being obstructive???? Any advice appreciated, Thanks
  19. Hi all I've received a rather threatening letter from Restons Solicitors, I'm hoping you can assist me with my problem. Resotns solicitors been instructed by their Client Hillesden securities limited. I have received an n30 Judgement for claimant Resotns solicitors been. I believe it relates to a car finance agreement I had with Black Horse back in 2000 the Car price was £12000 to be paid over a period of 48 month. After few month later in year 2000 due to financial problem I wasn’t able to keep my payment of the monthly instalment to Black Horse. Black Horse decided to take back the vehicle and sell it at an auction for £5000. Black Horse put a default on my credit file (I do not know if that CCJ or not) but I wasn’t able to take any credit for six years and they started to charge me £20.00 a month until year 2010. Black Horse sold the debt to Hillesden securities limited with some advice from the Citizen advice centre I start paying them £1.00 a month as a token payment. In year 2012 for unknown reason I stopped the standing order by mistake. I didn’t receive any correspondents from Hillesden securities limited from year 2012 until November 2015 I received the court letter from there form Restons solicitors. They are demanding £1540 I wrote back to them asking to make a token payment of £1.00 but they didn’t reply back to me and when I phoned them they denied my offer letter. I received N1SDT from the court and they asked me to pay the £1725 court fee included. I offered the court £1.00 every month for six month until my financial status improved but they refused the offer and now I have N30 from the court asking me to pay instalment of £226 a month which I will not be able to afford. I do not know what action to take as I don’t own a property; I am currently in a renting accommodation and already have family financial problems. Do I consider this as a statute barred? I need your help guys.
  20. Hello, War and piece - if you can't be bothered to read see the last two paragraphs. In June 2015 I bought a brand new Seat Ibiza from a Seat Dealer on PCP Finance (Dealer supplied Finance through VWFS). The main reason - I've always had older cars but I was fed up of the maintenance requirements and the time I had to take out for preventative repairs that older cars require. A new car was going to cost me more money, short term and long term; but the privilege of a new, reliable and care free vehicle outweighed any financial impact. This was clearly outlined to the salesman. Very early on in ownership I started experiencing issues with the car, please find a rough timeline below: 600 miles - Developed a light knocking sound 811 miles - x2 new front droplinks fitted under warranty. 1200 miles - Car started knocking again and suspension became very vocal. 1254 miles - x2 new steering arms fitted under warranty. On the drive home from having the steering arms replaced, The car felt 'off'. The steering wasn't as precise and seemed to tram line depending on the road surface and condition, the knocking had not been fixed. I made a phone call to the dealers expressing my concerns where I was advised to keep driving as the new steering arms will loosen up. 1600 miles - The symptoms were still the same and knocking remained. I rebooked the car in and asked for an inspection and alignment check. 1949 miles - Car was returned to the dealer and A Seat Master Tech test drove/inspected and found no issues, I was assured tracking had been fixed when the steering arms were replaced and had been double checked this time. Car only had a 1.6 mile test drive! 1983 miles - Car went to a local independent, I explained my issues and requested an inspection/second opinion only. Within 5 minutes on a Hunter alignment machine it was noted the front wheels were toe out. The car was not rectified (for the avoidance of doubt the car was untouched mechanically) and I have a print out as evidence of the issue. I was also advised that the suspension top mounts should be checked and is a known TPI on Seat Ibiza's. A detailed complaint was sent to the Dealer Complaint Manager via e-mail; stating I am ready to reject the car if they can't fix it. I was called by the service team asking to bring the car back in 2154 miles - The car was returned to the dealer where I was informed the Dealer does not have tracking equipment so the car was sent to an independent for tracking to be rectified. The car came back with a print out and the rear of the car was out of spec and was left out of spec. No other work was done by the dealer Although the cars steering feels better, the car still overreacts to road surface and has very vocal suspension. A further complaint was put into the Dealer via a reply to a customer satisfaction generic e-mail - I was advised the dealer principle would be in touch No response from the Dealer so I chased my complaint again I spoke to the Dealer Principle via phone call where I advised I have lost confidence in the car, in the dealer being able to rectify the issues and that I want to reject the car. We agreed the best option for all parties involved was to negotiate an amicable solution and get myself out of my current car and into an equivalent replacement - We discussed an equivalent spec Leon FR due to my lost faith in the Seat Ibiza. The Dealer Principle handed over to The Sales Manager and advised I'll receive a phone call with options. I received a phone call from Sales Manager stating he needed to get my Settlement Figure from VWFS before we can continue negotiations and to expect a phone call the following day. I called VWFS myself and obtained a settlement figure of £12,247.79 I failed to receive a phone call the followed day, so I chased The Sales Manager called me the next day and advised he values my car at £9,500 and as a result there is too much negative equity to begin negotiations and there was nothing more the Dealer can do. I advised I'll have to take this further with Seat UK and the Finance Company. Put in a complaint to VWFS and Seat HQ Phone then rang off the hook from the Dealer apologising and offered me deal where they took my current car, settled the finance then started a new agreement on a Leon FR. They planned on using my original £2,000 deposit on the Leon, however the Leon is an unsold but brand new MY15 model (current is MY16) Leon FR - subtle tech changes. I asked for 24 hours to think and was advised sales manager was off the following day but he would hand over to business manager Following day I accept the offer only to be told by the business manager I now need to put in another £2,000 deposit! Long story short - Brand new Seat on PCP finance, started with steering and suspension issues from 6 weeks / 600 miles. Dealers had the car back 4 times and the issue is still apparent. I'm negotiating with the dealer to get me out of this car and into another, but the offer the dealer has given me works out £2,112.81 more expensive, over a longer term for an older MY spec car than if I were to get my £2,000 Deposit back and go into a competitor dealer with a new order. I'd accept the deal without the extra £2,000 deposit and compromise by having the older MY car. But at this stage I feel I just want out. I want to hand the car back, cancel the finance and get my £2,000 deposit back to go elsewhere - I'm not interested in compensation or costs to date, just a clean slate. Help! What do I do and where do I go from here?
  21. Hi All Sorry to worry you but ignoring it may not be enough with this ****. I had the same issues with Lowlife and decided to ignore it until they stuck a default on my credit file. I have been trying for the last two years to get it removed and to get redress. In Jan 2014 they finally admitted it was not my debt. I expected they would do the decent thing and just remove the default. NOPE in June 2015 I received a CCJ for it from Bryants solicitors acting on behalf of lowlife. My defence was obviously the letter from lowlife stating the debt was not mine. I heard nothing from them even though the case was apparently dropped. I involved the FOS and they have been next to useless. I am still fighting to get the default removed still to this day. I have now advised the ICO and they have opened a case. The letters keep coming from other debt collectors still and the nightmare never ends. The FOS stated the following. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my findings Lowell has confirmed that they accept that the account that they were contacting you about, is not yours. As per my email dated 19 August 2015, Lowell has told me that they have taken the necessary actions to prevent further contact being made to you by telephone/ text. Lowell has also confirmed that they have no debts that they are holding you responsible for. After Lowell received a letter from our service dated 23 July 2015, they wrote to your directly – the letter was dated 29 July 2015. Within their letter, they have said that the account that they had been contacting you about had been passed to ‘ Fredrickson International Ltd’ in March 2015. It would appear that it was this company who were pursuing a court claim. Lowell contacted Frederickson International Ltd, who has confirmed that the court claim was discontinued on 17 June 2015. You have told me that you have been in contact with the credit reference agencies for some time, in regards to clearing up your credit file. You have told me that you made the necessary actions to remove the information associated with another xxx xxxx. Unfortunately there is no permanent way to prevent lenders or debt collection agencies tracing your details, in the place of someone with the same name. All you can do is contact any company that you receive letters from to advise them of the situation. The credit reference agencies will be able to ensure that the information recorded on your credit file is accurate and may be able to offer you further advice in regards to what you can do. I appreciate that being linked to someone with the same name and bring contacted about their debt is inconvenient. However, as Lowell has taken the necessary actions to prevent further contact regarding this debt, I do not feel that there is anything further that I can ask Lowell to do. However, if when you check your credit file, there is anything relating to this debt (registered by Lowell) please let me know. Lowell accepts that they may have caused you distress and inconvenience when contacting you. Therefore, in their final response letter dated 29 July 2015 – they have offered you £250 compensation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO with this details I tried to get the default of my Credit file. to which the response was ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm writing in relation to your recent query with: *Lowell Portfolio I Ltd (Account Started 22/09/2008) They have provided following details, "Our Complaints team are investigating this account and are in communication with the Financial Ombudsman. The case summary was forwarded to to the, on the 12/08/15 and we are awaiting their response. Once an outcome is known, if an amendment is needed we will action this in due course." They've confirmed that this information is accurate, so I'm afraid I can't make any changes to it. I understand that this may not be the outcome you were hoping for. If you'd like to discuss their decision, you should contact them directly.
  22. I sent a letter to TalkTalk, saying that I within 30 days cancel all my TalkTalk services. I received a call and then a letter from them saying they want to speak to me as I seem to be unhappy with the service. It also said they need 30 days notice because I no longer have a contract with them, which is a somehow weird formulation because it says there is no longer a contract, but that they require notice before cancelling. As I had given them written notice already that I want to cancel all services, I did not respond to the letter. After the services should have been terminated, TalkTalk tried to bill me again. When calling them and asking why, they said they "do not accept written cancellation" and my account was not cancelled because I had not respond to their letter within 30 days. My question now is if from a legal perspective, my account must be considered cancelled because I sent a letter saying I cancel with a notice period of 30 days or if TalkTalk is right that my account cannot be cancelled this way? What should I best do? Thanks for advice, abcdef123
  23. Hi, during 2015 I was at University at Brighton and decided to get a gym membership. I went to a few gyms checking prices and commitments and when I went to LA Fitness the guy that eventually signed me up (obviously trying to make a sale) lied to me, he stated that if I moved out of Brighton (which I obviously would do, as Uni does end) that it'd be fine and my account could be closed no hassle. He stated that all I had to do was be 8 miles from THAT PARTICULAR gym. Well I moved back home to Southampton, and went to cancel my membership stating that "yes, I had moved over 8 miles from the gym." That wasn't good enough, and the lady on the phone replied saying that I had to be 8 miles from any LA Fitness in the UK, and that it wasn't their fault or problem that the guy lied. This was awful news, I was in my overdraft and had no job, and I couldn't afford £20-40 a month, I showed proof (with a bank statement) and they didn't accept that. This went on for 2 MONTHS. I decided to cancel the direct debit on my card, and I heard nothing from then until today, I just got a letter from ARCEUROPE LTD saying I owe them £202.40 and have to pay in 14 days. I can't afford that, being still in my overdraft, what do I do? I've already posted this to reddit and they have pointed out that because I cancelled and didn't keep arguing my cancellation that I'm in the wrong and liable to pay the debt.
  24. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021. I have been paying these debts since November 2010 and have been able to increase payments as smaller debts have been paid and my disposable income has increased. I’ve been fortunate never to have missed a payment. Unfortunately, mostly due to the debts my marriage came to an end. This meant we had to sell our house. It did mean some disposable capital was available and this coupled with a loan from my sister meant I was in a position to offer al lcreditors a partial settlement of approximately 60 to 75%. I worked with StepChange to ensure the amounts etc. were correct and decided to send the letters myself to all remaining 22 creditors. From these, some came back and counter offered however in total I have been able to agree with and pay-off 19. Three have declined these all are managed by Moorgate /Idem Servicing. Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 13500, 12400 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £8900 – I Offered £6000. When account was opened: Originally opened July 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1750, £1470 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £1068 – I Offered £800. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: Halifax What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1300, £1275 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £795 – I Offered £600. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Idem Servicing (Moorgate) Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 I have spoken to Moorgate on a number ofoccassions and asked them to re-submit slightly higher offers and each time they have been rejected. Due to divorce, my disposable income will be less and I told them this and that I would be reducing my monthly payment soffer for the largest account from £105pm to £40, at least for the time being. In regards to the larger debt, about £3000of this was in default/late payment/interest charges added after I stoppedpaying, until the DMP had been agreed. I have asked them over the phone to provide a true copy of the CCA and they have said because they weren’t the original lender, they will have to request these and it could take up to a month. They want me to continue with my monthly payments in the meantime. Is there anything I could be doing to tryto persuade them to accept the partial settlements or should I just make thenew reduced payments and accept the situation? One thing to note, Moorgate have been verypolite with me and thus far haven’t been aggressive. Any advice or guidance would be welcome. Thanks you
  25. Hi there everyone! This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place. I brought a car at the begining of july, 8 weeks on and its developed a very serious fault that requires the car has a new engine. we have priced the engine at 600-700 then whatever the labour will be to fit it. having discussed the matter with the garage they have said they will offer me 500 pound back towards the cost and i do it myself. the car was purchased for 1300. i can fit it, i have someone that will do it for me but should the dealer be sorting this? Do i accept his offer and put the rest in myself? or should i continue to pursue the matter with trading standards? how long would i be looking at to sort this sort of issue? im in the position now where i cannot afford to pay for the work to be completed and i cant be without a car for much longer. i put everything i had into getting the car, making sure it was serviced, low mileage etc, good condition. thank you in advance for any help!
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