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  1. Hello All, An update for you. I’vereceived a letter from Moorgate in relation to one account; “Unfortunately, weare unable to supply a copy of the Credit Agreement and we acknowledge thatuntil we do so the agreement cannot be enforced. However, the balance of theaccount is still outstanding and we will continue to pursue this debt……continueto contact you ……”. I clearly don’t what to continue getting calls and lettersfrom them. Any advice would be gratefully received. With another account, they have sent photocopies of a creditcard agreement regulated by the consumer cr
  2. Hello All, I’ve briefly discussed this in another of my treads, butit was suggested this should be set up as a new tread, so here goes. Whowas original company: Barclaycard What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 5470 Partially settled. When account was opened: Originally opened July 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Barclays Is account defaulted: No – shown as AR In mid-late 2010 I got into financial difficulties. I contacted StepChange (then CCCS) who set upa DMP for me. This was for a total of 22creditors, which included this debt. Al
  3. Hi All, I’ve sent the CCA requests as suggested with the postalorders for £1 each. Let’s see what happens. I’ll start a new tread for the Barclays debt. As an FYI, I have spoken to them today and they are going to call me back about registering a default from the third missed payment. I’ll update you in regards to Moorgate as and when. What should I do though, if they provide the CCAs? Thanks
  4. Good morning. Thanks for such a speedy response Bazooka Bo and dx100uk – appreciated, I really didn’t expect response on the weekend. I’m going to do as you suggest and send the CCA requests inwriting tomorrow, and obtain proof of postage. I accept I owe the debts. It was always my intention to repay; even when I was still borrowing money to repay debts! When I got into trouble, I wrote to all creditors and told them of my situation. I asked them to give me some time to get advice and help. I made minimum payments to them of between £5 and £25 depending on the
  5. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021.
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