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Found 8 results

  1. I will be concise as this is not a confessional, if helpers need more information I will respond promptly. I am 67 years old and have seven creditors, one with CCJ. I followed the advice of CAG and offered what I could, a token £5 a month to each. These payments were set up and have run without apparent fault for about seven years. Since doing this I was evicted from my home of sixteen years (the reluctant CCJ with a very patient landlord) and had no valid postal address for some time. In 2013 I had to move to Germany for family reasons. My only income is my state pension and a very, very small private pension. In short, absolutely no spare cash as the pension has to cover room rent and everything else. My assets fit into two suitcases and have no value My sister who is in the UK received a letter from Robinson Way addressed to me. She has told them to remove her address from my file as I do not and never have lived at that address. They have agreed to do this. They are talking as if this were a recent matter, insisting on the establishment of a repayment plan. Obviously I have nothing to offer them and their threats of legal action are not particularly concerning. When the CCJ was issued the judge noted that the matter would not be pursued unless there were substantial assets, which is oddly reassuring now. I intend to contact RW by email so that everything is recorded but before I do I wanted to gather any advice from you good folks. Incidental to this, I do not know what my credit record looks like now. I have lost my CRA access details and it seems not to be possible to open a new subscription from Germany. Finally, (because it is stupidly embarrassing) I have noticed an error in Robinson Way's payments. When I agreed to the monthly payment I established a standing order which is still running. I periodically check that all payments are going out as they should. What I did not notice was that RW established a direct debit, with the same reference number in addition to the standing order. So they have been receiving and taking twice the payment I agreed and this seems to have been going on for the whole period.
  2. Hi all I've received a rather threatening letter from Restons Solicitors, I'm hoping you can assist me with my problem. Resotns solicitors been instructed by their Client Hillesden securities limited. I have received an n30 Judgement for claimant Resotns solicitors been. I believe it relates to a car finance agreement I had with Black Horse back in 2000 the Car price was £12000 to be paid over a period of 48 month. After few month later in year 2000 due to financial problem I wasn’t able to keep my payment of the monthly instalment to Black Horse. Black Horse decided to take back the vehicle and sell it at an auction for £5000. Black Horse put a default on my credit file (I do not know if that CCJ or not) but I wasn’t able to take any credit for six years and they started to charge me £20.00 a month until year 2010. Black Horse sold the debt to Hillesden securities limited with some advice from the Citizen advice centre I start paying them £1.00 a month as a token payment. In year 2012 for unknown reason I stopped the standing order by mistake. I didn’t receive any correspondents from Hillesden securities limited from year 2012 until November 2015 I received the court letter from there form Restons solicitors. They are demanding £1540 I wrote back to them asking to make a token payment of £1.00 but they didn’t reply back to me and when I phoned them they denied my offer letter. I received N1SDT from the court and they asked me to pay the £1725 court fee included. I offered the court £1.00 every month for six month until my financial status improved but they refused the offer and now I have N30 from the court asking me to pay instalment of £226 a month which I will not be able to afford. I do not know what action to take as I don’t own a property; I am currently in a renting accommodation and already have family financial problems. Do I consider this as a statute barred? I need your help guys.
  3. Hi all, I don't want to unnecessary create a new thread but I couldn't find anything specific to my issue. I currently owe £82k as below: Original Creditor (Debt Collection Agency) Amount Owing HSBC Loans (DG Solicitors) £11,439 Sygma Marriott Card (Moorcroft) £8,266 Lloyds Loan (drydensfairfax) £14,664 Lloyds OD (Moorcroft) £2,658 Halifax OD ( Moorcroft) £292 Halifax MC (Robinson Way) £493 Barclays OD (Credit Solutions Limited) £11,669 RBS Loan + OD (Zinc Group Limited) £20,947 MBNA Card (Link FInancial) £7,312 Amex BA Card (Firstsource Advantage LLC India) £4,138 TOTAL £81,878 I have racked up this debt as a contractor, due to huge losses on a house sale, helping to pay for my husband's law degree and due to months of being laid off (twice) over the last 5 years. I have been trying so hard to pay it off (I was on a DMP till June 2013) but things got a bit too much last year, my relationship broke down and I just wanted to run away from it all, so I did, thinking I will start again in Canada (my family is based there). In retrospect that was of course the wrong thing to do, I am back in London (I am also UK Citizen), we are working on our relationship, and I want to deal with this debt. The only problem is that I now have defaults issued against every single one of my loan/overdraft/credit card and being unemployed I have agreed to make £1 token payments. I found a job, went in for pre-employment screening, and was refused a job as I work in financial services industry, RBS to be precise, they told me that anything over £500 of defaults means automatic refusal. I desperately need to save my life sanity and career, if only so I can find a decent job and pay this debt off (which I planned to do with 40% settlement over the next two years, scrimping and saving every single penny I could find). But, it's a Catch-22. Bad Credit so No Job, No Job so Continued Bad Credit. (I am on benefits at the moment, for the first time in my life, and ashamed of it!). My first question after this background is, even if my defaults are removed (with all the help from this form), will the £1 payments mean that I am not paying as agreed and be issued with Defaults all over again in 3 months time? I need the defaults removed, find a job, pass the credit checks, then start to pay off my debts, but this is not going to happen in the 3 short months, it will take longer.. My second question is related to removing the defaults itself - the strategy at learnmoney seems quite simple so I will try following it (How to attempt to remove a default notice from a credit file). But there is so much information that I am trying to wade through here that I am totally feeling overwhelmed. .. don't know where I should start, please could you help! - SAR (Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998), - Requesting Creditors for a copy of my Credit Agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Sections 77-79, - CPUTR 2008, Consumer Protection Under the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, - Section 10 notice that I also saw somewhere, etc etc.... I am not sure if everything I have seen is UK related, there has been some newzealand, australia, usa, and canada specific advice as well possibly.. At time I get so depressed with the situation that I just want to ask the creditors to write it all off as they can never get anything from me given that I am jobless and benefits hardly cover rent and food) but I am sure I can hang in there, just about.. A big thankyou in advance to anyone who is spending their precious time reading this and who is trying to answer my request, I can only send out prayers your way.. Please could you let me know if I have missed a thread on this very exact topic elsewhere then I am more than happy to follow the other thread/topic.. Thankyou again!
  4. Could someone please explain the pro's and con's of making these payments. Does it improve my credit record etc. The account was defaulted about 6 months ago, and I have very little chance of making meaningful payments due to long term ill health. Making these payments on time mean no hassle for a few months, but am I just delaying the inevitable - account being sold on and on....... If the account is sold on, is there a way in which the token payments could be a condition of the sale. Don't know how to explain it better but I'm sure you will understand what I mean.
  5. Hello all! Hope someone can help me. I've been having an ongoing dispute with Very.co.uk about my payments as due to a huge change in circumstance (serious illness) I am unable to keep up the payments. I have tried to reason with them and sent them all my medical evidence, but to be honest they were heartless b**tards and I have now referred the case to the Financial Ombudsman. I didn't know if I should suspend payments in the meantime (especially due to how rude they were) or keep making them. The person with whom I had the correspondence at Very said they would not accept my token offer of £1 and they considered the matter closed and would not correspond with me anymore. So I sent my case off to the Ombudsman. I've been rather ill so put it the back of my mind until I felt better and then I asked the Ombudsman if I should suspend payments (still waiting on word back). Today I logged into my Very account and see that because I suspended my payments due to the dispute they have added charges and say my account is now £69 in arrears on top of my credit limit. Can anyone advise what to do? The FO are taking their time to answer and Very refuse to talk to me anymore, so I feel stuck! Any help would be great, thank you Lou
  6. Hi there I am a 23 year old student with around £10,500 debt, not including student loans. I spoke to a Stepchange debt advisor who said that I am eligible for a DRO but that she wouldn't recommend it due to my age, as getting credit for the next 6 years would be impossible and as I graduate in a few months and may then get a job, it could end up revoked. I saw her point and I agreed. She suggested instead to make token payment of £1 a month until my circumstances change, t hen set up a debt relief plan with them once I am earning. Over the course of the phone call I thought this all sounded good, and I left happy. Now I'm not so sure. It's so tempting having my debts wiped, and my credit will surely be a mess if I go this route too? But at the same time if it is revoked that'd be frustrating. I'm thinking maybe I could work part time or a lower paid job for the 7 months following graduation, get the year over with and then start life debt free...? will my credit be just as affected down this route? Writing all this down a DRO seems a big responsibility after all - and if I do end up earning more I might be even more of a mess. I'm not sure what to do... thoughts appreciated! Sorry for the umming and arring post! Thanks
  7. Hi, I am new here although have searched this web site many times and helped me to make huge strides into my debts. Firstly my position is as follows. I own a property but is rented out and have moved back home in order to ensure the mortgage is paid, i also have a secured loan. both my mortgage and my secured loan are fully up to date. I basically got into debt around 4 years ago and buried my head in the sand for a long time, last year i started to deal with things as the constant harassmentand letters were getting too much, and i was concerned about the security of myproperty. The equity in my flat is negligible, if not negative. Anyway this is where i am and am looking for advice on how i move forward in the coming year to try and settle some of, and eventually all of what i owe. American Express £1093.95 Dealing With Moorecrfot £10.00 PCM Agreed Default Registered November 2011 Santander Credit Cards £5902.74 Dealing With Fredrickson International Ltd £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered May 2010 Lloyds TSB Credit Cards £3409.50 Dealing With SCM Solicitors £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered Dec 2010 Vanquis Bank Ltd £691 Dealing With C.A.R.S £5 PCM Agreed Default Registered Nov 2011 Capital One Europe £381 Not Assigned To DCA Wont Accept Payment Plan £2.50 Token Payments Made Last 8 Months Default Registered Dec 2009 Barclays Bank PLC £1204 Dealing With Lowell Financial £6.50 Agreed Default Registered July 2012 Nat West PLC £1000 Approx Dealing With Moorecroft £10 PCM Agreed Cant Locate On Credit File Lloyds TSB Current Account £2162.65 Dealing With Credit Security Limited £10 PCM Agreed Default Registered Jun2010 Barclaycard £5009 Dealing With barclaycard £12.50 PCM Agreed No Default Registered 6 Months Behind There are also a couple of phone bills, and yes you guessed it pay day loanswhich are also on agreed payment plans, after a great deal of persistence. I really need advice on how best to move forward, do i continue to stickwith the plans until the 6 years passes and the defaults come off my creditfile? Do i attempt settlement offers on the older debts now or wait until they area bit older? is there any advice on which ones i should focus on first? I want to deal with my debts, there are a lot of reasons how i got here, butthe bottom line is i have a full time job now, and am getting back on my feet,but until i have dealt with everything there is no chance im moving back to myflat. Any advice welcome. I have full audit trail since decemebr last year with ever letter written and received and never discuss on the phone.
  8. Hi - I hope someone can help! I would be very grateful for any advice on this issue. I am probably going to have to apply for a DMP with one of the free charities, because I have lost a chunk of income and can no longer meet my minimum payments to creditors. But I want to delay the process by up to three months, as I may be able to recover that income in that time. In the meantime, I have contacted creditors explaining the situation, and asking for them to hold action and accept £10 a month token payments. All of them have been prepared to do this so far - apart from the major bank who provides my unsecured personal loan. They have refused to pause collection action / charges unless I send them an income and expenditure form. I can do that, but I am unsure if it is the right thing to do. Clearly it will show I can afford to pay them more than the token £10 payment I am offering all my creditors - but until my situation is stabilised I do not want to make higher payments than that, or pay one creditor more than another, or commit to a repayment plan which then has to change if I go ahead with a DMP. Does anyone know what I should tell the bank? They have given me seven days to provide an I&E form. Thanks very much for any advice!
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