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  1. Cheers. Card is no longer active. OK, well I'll have a chat with my sister and see what she wants to do. What do you mean they've had their fingers burned? Have they been wrapped on the knuckles by the regulator or something?
  2. Thanks. So just to clarify, for future reference, if you want to check if you had PPI and don't have old statements don't necessarily expect a straight answer from the company you're asking? I have now had mixed responses from companies, some have straight up looked it up and told me and others have been cagey.
  3. Ok. For future reference then, if you want to check if you had PPI and don't have old statements don't necessarily expect a straight answer from the company you're asking?
  4. Thanks. So they're under no obligation just to confirm whether you had PPI, you have to rely on old statements/SARs if they don't play ball?
  5. I see. So you have to SAR them even if you just want to know a yes or no? I was under the impression you could just contact companies and they would tell you, I thought that's what 'PPI check' was.
  6. Sorry to hijack your thread OP, but I have a quick question related to Vanquis that doesn't seem to be worth a new thread. My sister has contacted Vanquis via email and phone, to simply enquire whether she had PPI/ROP with them. They have not given her an answer and say they have 56 days to give one. Surely this is not true, what should she do as she just wants a simple yes or no answer, she isn't even at the complaint stage yet. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for all your help guys. The insurer came back and offered £1100 which I think is a much more accurate reflection of the car's value so I'm going to accept that.
  8. I ended up asking for more. I was only after general advice, as the consensus seems to be 'always reject the first offer' but apparently that's not the case. it's too late now so we'll see how it goes. Thanks again.
  9. OK, thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the replies. This is what is baffling. We assumed it was the handbrake, but they say they have had that checked and everything seems in good order. They didn't expand on what might have been the problem, if they even know. It had an MOT about a month prior to the incident. The car was fine and rolled a couple of hours after it was parked.
  11. The only information on exactly what it might have been is 'VAUXHALL ASTRA CLUB TWINPORT 2004 1.6 litre' based on an Autotrader check on the registration. Is that any good?
  12. Hi. It's a 2004 Vauxhall Astra. I'm not sure of the mileage, I would estimate 70k. Low use, good condition.
  13. Hello all. I am helping my dad with a car insurance claim. I've never claimed anything on insurance before so am new to the process. I hope you can help. The general advice is, that when your car is a written off, as is the case here, the insurers will try to low ball you on the first offer and you should reject it. Some background on the incident is that my dad parked his car on a hill, some time later something failed and the car rolled, writing his and another vehicle off. I have researched the car and it's difficult to tell whether t
  14. The agreement only shows the last page with her signature. Her account page states she is in employment as a sales assistant, with an annual wage of £5000. That's all it says. I thought you said there were no exclusions regarding employment status though? This is why I'm confused, there doesn't appear to be a valid reason for a complaint if I can't mention her part time/temporary employment status. This is why I asked about ways of obtaining the original PPI agreement to see what exactly the exclusions are.
  15. Great, well thanks for the advice dx100uk, it's been a great help. I still don't know why I can claim she was mis-sold though if she wasn't excluded in any way.
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