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  1. Thanks very much for the detailed response. It was actually someone in the Consumer Action Group who indicated there could be a problem with the part exchange vehicle, if not already sold by the dealer. This was also a point made by our legal advisers, and it appeared that Marquis would try this approach before/instead of offering any refund or a replacement vehicle. On the positive side, it was also the case that our independent inspector indicated that there was not a major problem, and what was wrong with our vehicle could be put right in one/maximum two days, which persuaded u
  2. This could be the final update... We went to Marquis Ipswich on Friday morning. Marquis staff (Sales Manager and a technician) checked our motorhome in our presence and confirmed the faults that we had previously informed them about. They apologised - the first such gesture. They indicated that although most problems were 'minor', the hot water issue and bathroom door (previously reported) were 'more serious'. The Sales Manager phoned the After Care Manager immediately after the inspection and the response of the After Care Manager was to offer two possible solutions: 1) we ha
  3. Brief update.... We had an inspection of the vehicle carried out by an independent, but manufacturer-approved, engineer, at our expense. His interim report (a full one not yet completed) is that he found all but one of the faults we had reported (the dashboard tyre pressure warning light issue appears to have resolved itself), plus one we had not - a leaking waste water tank. This means water leaks out under the vehicle. This is not visible while driving the vehicle. The main interim conclusion is that the dealer failed to carry out an adequate Pre- Delivery Inspection (PDI) be
  4. Bad news! My problem is not yet sorted, but I have apparently used up lots of time and space on this thread so, as suggested, probably best start another one. Good luck!
  5. Thanks very much for this. Yes, I know I am using lots of time and space! We have made our decision - we want a refund or a replacement but Marquis won't agree. It looks like we will have to proceed with legal action (unless Marquis changes its mind, which seems unlikely but we live in hope!) Thanks very much also for getting the message out on Google!
  6. Many thanks for this information. I contacted Citizens Advice as this was suggested by a number of people on motorhome forums, and I was hoping that they would confirm what you and others have said. However this was clearly not the case! Since posting the original message above, I have been in contact with my legal advisers and their comments are largely in line with yous, I am pleased to report! I think Citizens Advice staff are confused over what happens in the ' less than thirty days' case, with an attempt to reject goods after 30 days (?) In the meantime, the After Care
  7. In relation to trying to take this forward myself, I was advised on one motorhome forum to contact Citizens Advice and have spoken to them earlier this morning. They have given more detail on the process of the Act in operation re my motorhome referring to Trading Standards when doing so. Apparently the 'short term rejection' applies only if I have not asked the dealer in Ipswich to repair the vehicle. In effect, this appears to have happened as there was a fault before we received the vehicle, it delayed us by 4 hours on March 13 when we were meant to pick it up. However, this repair (
  8. Thanks very much for this. Yes, I will wait to see what Mr Doherty has to say - if he does indeed contact me as indicated by his staff member! Marquis may well be the 'jobsworth' company. We have previously bought privately or nearly always through smaller local companies. They do seem more concerned about customer care - reputation in the local area is seen as important, I guess! However, my wife and I realised last night, that we have dealt with Marquis before - we bought a new motorhome from them in 2013, but this was via their Devon branch and there were no problems - they even
  9. Yes, thanks, I have just found out that Trigano are the owners now! To update CAG members I have put messages on the AutoSleeper Forum and also the Marquis Facebook page (thanks whoever sent me the link!) The FB page has produced over 50 responses since mid-afternoon yesterday and 90% are extremely critical of Marquis (e.g. 'I would not buy a tent peg from Marquis'). One or two people report a good experience, but several people have said I should park my motorhome outside the Ipswich branch with warnings about Marquis plastered all over it, others suggested an occupation of thei
  10. Communication with Marquis Initially (March 20th) we sent an email with a letter attached to the salesman at Marquis in Ipswich. An automatic message indicated he was away. We then phoned Marquis, Ipswich and asked who we should send our letter to. Marquis Ipswich Sales Manager initially refused to give us a name!! However, my wife managed to get the name of Alan Doherty (After Care Manager). On March 22nd we forwarded by email our original letter which detailed the list of faults (as indicated in our first post on this, above) to Mr Doherty and asked for a refund. We also attached another
  11. Thanks very much. I have already contacted the credit card company and they are in the process of setting in motion the Section 75 claim. This is also to show Marquis we are serious about this!
  12. Just put it in and pressed 'Reply' but it took quite a while to enter info. so I guess I was automatically logged out(?)
  13. I certainly hope you are right! I am getting lots of support from the Action Group so I hope I am successful! Thanks very much for this info. I knew they were linked to Elddis, but not that they were part of Auto-Sleeeper. I have just tried to put all the communication with Marquis up here, but it has disappeared! I will try again in the next couple of days!
  14. Thanks very much for your supportive message. Marquis in Ipswich actually fitted the Gaslow bottle, as it was in my part exchange vehicle and they just installed it in the new 185. However the blown air heating works in the 185, as do the oven and three gas burners on the hob. It is the gas part of the water heater/boiler that does not work and was where the problem lay that delayed us picking up the vehicle - clearly they have not repaired it properly. We have correspondence in written form - emails and letters. The After Care Manager at Marquis cannot be contacted by phone!! Perhap
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