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  1. I have received a PCN for waiting within a box junction. The box junction was not serving a road junction, but covering the frontage of a fire station. My vehicle was only partially within the junction. The waiting was caused by a LGV performing a forced right turn ahead of me. Do I have grounds for an appeal?
  2. Hi I hope someone can assist with the latest PCN recieved by my company on the 26/09/18. I have tried to review video evidence on-line but I am unable to download it as my browser is not compatible? Can I request details direct from Camden and if so will this start the appeal process? I reviewed pics submitted - 1st pic time 08.54.02, 2nd 08.54.13, 3rd 08.54.15 & 4th 08.55.15. I do recall that at time of alleged offence, trafalgar square was closed due to emergency road repairs in which caused more traffic than usual in surrounding area and gridlocked in places. I remember approaching the junction when suddenly various vehicles were crossing lanes in front of me, including buses in which blocked my original clear access. Also on reviewing the PCN, should it not state a contravention code or exact location due to 8 box junctions on Shaftesbury Avenue? I was crossing Shaftesbury avenue as I was actually travelling down Bloomsbury St. I drove down there today and could not see any appropriate signage apart from bus lane cameras. They also state that recording was made by an approved device yet I did not see any traffic enforcement cameras. Finally will it be Friday 5th October to submit appeal to still recieve 50% reduction? Many Thanks for looking. img20180928_17161721.pdf img20180928_17174174.pdf
  3. Hello, Unfortunately I recently lost my job and will have to move back with family to weather the storm while I look for new employment. I plan to rent a PO box with a private company (the address will actually start with "SUITE N") to retain privacy in case things go wrong and I start missing payments. Will banks accept this new PO box address? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi everyone, I just joined this site after a friend recommended it. Can you help me please? I got a fine from Newham Council for stopping on box junction. I believe you can stop if the lanes in front are clear, as you can see from link below the left one is clear so therefore would I be successful if I appeal? I don’t want to appeal if I will fail and then have to pay the full 150 and not discounted 65 if I pay within 2 weeks. .I would appreciate your advice. Thank you, rai
  5. I ordered on line and used credit, your plan, for my payment method. When my order arrives, it was to have been a Panasonic camera, the actual box was missing the camera !!!! Yes missing I have heard back from them, after a few weeks and many many calls. The outcome is they have rejected my claim ? see below We understand that you have reported the non-receipt of the PANASONIC - Lumix DMC-LX15EB-K High Performance Compact Camera - Black from Currys PC World. We have investigated your missing item along with our delivery partners, DPD. The information you have provided indicates the parcel arrived showing no sign of damage or tampering and was sealed, however inside the packaging, the product box contained a ball of string. DPD have also advised that the parcel was delivered with no damage. When our parcels travel through our delivery network the contents are weighed and this indicated no signs of a missing item. After due consideration of all evidence, we are content that this order has been delivered correctly and therefore are no longer able to assist you with this investigation. " Is that the end of the trail for me ? I am so annoyed and upset at present.
  6. Contravention 31 says "do not enter the box unless your exit is clear or if you are turning right and need to wait because of oncoming moving traffic. It does not say anything about turning left. One can not see a clear exit as it is around the corner, especially where there is a pedestrian traffic light that goes green immediately after the green light for the traffic turning left. Why isn't it treated like the right turn? Or is it?
  7. Hi there My friend has been taken in by someone offering them 2000 custom made luxury bags at the cost of £2352 which she has paid by bank transfer. There was a verbal agreement that the bags would be ready in 8 weeks (I think) my friend paid the chap through a bank transfer and has not received anything and now has found the chap UN-contactable! The chap is in breach of contract (potentially) there is nothing in writing other then the paid invoice (attached). Can anyone recommend what the next steps are? My friend no longer wants the bags as it has been over 4 months and the bags are never going to materialise. They simple want their money back! so far all we can find is as follows: 1. www.luxurybagbox.com 2. http://companycheck.co.uk/company/08845400/LUXURY-BAG-AND-BOX-LIMITED/directors-secretaries 3. http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails Any information, help, advice is greatly appreciated Regards BB
  8. Is this yellow box junction legal just received a fine for this. Video: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pQjVf61e2hA
  9. The Issue One of the neighbouring offices at my place of work has recently added an EE signal booster box to their office, which effectively acts as a 3G mast which then routes all calls though their internet connection. You can't opt in or opt out to this like on Vodafone or other networks, if someone has one on EE, your EE phone will simply use that connection when in range. I used to get a moderate 4G signal in my office without any call quality issues, but now my phone has a full 3G signal instead. Their internet connection is terrible and my mobile internet often cuts off and calls drop off frequently. Ofcom I've done a bit of research regarding these boosters, and have found that 3G booster boxes are only legal for consumers if provided by a service provider such as EE, as long as they don't cause interference to other people / customers. My complaint with EE I called up a few times, and was told that there is nothing I can do about it, apart from turn on WiFi calling. I can't use WiFi at work. Eventually after speaking to the cancellations department, I got through to someone who seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me. He said I can't cancel without paying the rest of my contract. I quoted the Ofcom document I found, he literally read half of it while I was on the phone to him. We ended the call with him saying he would find out more information. The next day, he calls and says he's spoken to lots of people internally but as it's a brand new issue they've never faced, they went away to look into it more. Eventually coming back with that there is nothing I can do, and nothing they can do about it. They did suggest I speak to the people that have the signal booster, but there is literally around 20 offices that it could be. I suggested about proving me with a signal box but they said they wouldn't because that would cause interference (My phone cut out around 5 times while on the calls with EE due to this bloody signal box and WiFi calling) Possible resolution As my job requires me to be contactable at work, I got permission to use WiFi at work, and so I could use WiFi calling at work, the next time EE called, I told the guy this, and he agreed to end the complaint, and credited me with 1 month free. WiFi calling simply doesn't work I've made several calls at work, and with WiFi calling on, the line is dead on my side, but the other side's phone rings, and is also dead when picking up. I miss a lot of calls now where my phone just doesn't ring. Why I'm posting this I cannot use my mobile phone in the one place I use it the most which is in the office. I need to be contactable as often as possible. I feel like they are breaking the law by having providing a signal box which is causing interference to other devices. I feel that EE should have an opt out feature to allow my phone to avoid using other peoples signal boxes on bad internet connections, otherwise there is nothing stopping anyone from connecting a signal booster to a internet connection designed to drop out every few seconds. Am I overreacting or are EE breaking the law?
  10. Hi all, Firstly, this is a great forum with very valuable content and discussion! I am a newbie but hope to add my input where i can in the near future! I received a PCN from Brent Council a few days ago. Images (attached) have been captured by a lanewatch CCTV camera - that is actually not listed on their CCTV map (found on their website). Perhaps it is not an 'approved' device? They have 'apparently' captured my vehicle in a box junction, but there are no clear pictures showing the number plate. All of them are very blurry. The last image in black is their only image which shows the number plate (i have scribbled over the letters) but it is completely black and still does not show the vehicle in the box junction. It looks like it may have been taken by another camera, but I cannot be 100% sure. I have requested the video evidence, but I keep getting error messages online. I wanted to know if I even have any grounds for appeal? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks Tam camera.PDF
  11. My friend had a black box fitted through Admiral. He had 10/10 scores throughout. He went to cricket and the car was parked up. He got a score of -10 as they said he drove 13 hours straight no breaks and that is dangerous. They also said he drove at 130mph which he didn't. Why would he when he knows there is a black box fitted and only got 10 out of 10 scores. He tried to speak to them but was simply told. The black box doesn't make mistakes. They cancelled his insurance and banned him from the insurance company and anyone under their brand. His insurance shot up and he needed to take out a loan to get insurance. This happened two years ago. So last year insurance was high but not as high. I have asked for a DPA and all information relating to the black box. Has this happened to anyone here before? How can I prove he didn't drive 13 hours straight. Can anyone drive 13 hours straight lol
  12. Mrs EB got me a charge for stopping in a box junction. My question relates to the notifiaction and the wording of the law. The Act of Parliament mentions in Sch2 that the keeper is liable but in Sch 4 says the owner is liable. Now for most people that is one and the same but say for example you have bought a car on credit the finance company is the legal owner but you are patently the keeper but you havent been contacted in that capacity. So, which is it as the 2 schedules contradict each other ( it is not a case of using interchangeable terms, this is touched on in other parts of the legislation). secondly, this box junction is not of the standard design as per Sch 6 of the regs so requires DoT approval. Where can one find a list of junctions in a particular borough that have the necessary approval to see if this one is on the list. Would it be TFL in this instance or the borough? Maybe the DoT? all comments appreciated
  13. [/HMRC are claiming that a "further information" box was ticked but there was no further information included on a child tax credit form from five years ago when my daughter was attending college and now want the payments back. I know for a fact I hadn't ticked this box as there wasn't any additional information. Could I please have suggestions as to how to deal with this?
  14. Afternoon all! My girlfriend doesn't watch live TV, at all. That said she does have a Virgin set top box due to signing up for the tv/phone/internet package when she subscribed. She also has no TV license, but hasn't ever told the TV license people that she doesn't watch TV. I'm telling her to cancel the TV package and just fill in the form on the TV license website to say she doesn't watch TV and that will be the end of it. She's worried that they will investigate and see she has been a Virgin TV customer for ages and ages and demand back payment for a TV license. I'd really like to get this sorted as it's a big worry for her and she really doesn't need it at the moment. How should we play it and what do you think she should expect to happen?
  15. The 'Variety' sub I pay Sky to use the Sky+ box for their satellite signal has gone through another price increase and is now near enough £30/month. To say the least, I've had enough of that and want to boot Sky out and switch to using their box with the Free-Sat service. I gather it's possible to get bog standard reception, but there's a problem that you can't record or use catch-up. So what's the solution? Get a new TV with the built in box perhaps? Just wonder if anyone else has been through the same loop. Cheers!
  16. I was thinking of watching a movie the other night and went on blink box added it to my account and then realised that I had already seen it. I asked to cancel the movie without having watched any of it, they know that. They have offered me what I think is the worst refund I have been offered!! And for a virtual product!! They want me to choose another movie of the same value within seven days or the credit will expire and my money will be gone!! I have contacted visa debit and they have told me that there is nothing they can do, but do I have any options when it comes to my UK consumer rights? It seems like a very poor refund!?
  17. Hello All, Last monday brought a mobile phone online from amazon approx £90.00, selected one day delivery and the parcel arrived the next day, when i got home from work i opened the box and thought rather light, when i opened the package using the tear strip the mobile phone box was inside but the void seal broken i opened up the box all the other content there but no phone, called amazon told have to open investigation and wait 48 hour, thursday came called amazon yet again, told me to call back in an hour, did this and was told by amazon that there investigation is complete and they are happy the phone arrived , i told them it surely didn't so they told me they would email me the next step, the next step is to contact the police and file a crime report and send them a fully copy of the crime report, I was furious by this time so decided to head to the amazon depot, when i got there the security guard got one of the managers down he said it was wrong how i was treated and took the package and remaining contents from me and said he'd be in touch and investigate things his end and get me a replacement asap, This didn't happen at all, so know im left with nothing at all, i contact the police and they told me there is no crime to report as its a civil matter ??? What can i do next to resolve this ? i help me out guys pleaseeeeeee
  18. Got a PCN from TFL, stopping in the box junction of City rd and Graham rd, not far from Euston. No CCTV , and only 3 pictures ( attached ) 1. My car afterwards on normal piece of road with number plate visible 2 and 3 My car in the box junction stopped behind a bin lorry , you can't actually see my number plates. I lodged the following representation : ********************************** 1) The pictures on the notice do not show my vehicle on the box junction in any CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE way. The box junction picture merely shows a lorry, with what could be any vehicle behind it, almost completely obscured. This could be any vehicle. Please provide some additional evidence that CLEARLY IDENTIFIES my vehicle committing an offence, otherwise I consider this matter not proven. 2. Representation procedure. Your letter clearly states representations must be made in writing. However when calling your enquiries number on 28th Sept I am informed that representations can be made at this email address. In addition , your operative claims that no written representation was received, despite it being sent first class two days previously. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the appeal process. Please explain these anomalies in a satisfactory way. I attach a copy of the letter you have received ( despite claiming otherwise ). Please acknowledge receipt of this communication immediately, failure to do so will confirm my suspicions of your attempts to impede the appeals process. ***************************************************************** After two weeks I received the reply : "Due to an administration error, your PCN has been cancelled" Moral of the story, it's always worth a representation - it costs nothing, they but the ticket on hold so you can still pay the discount rate if it fails. I'm wondering whether my appeal grounds were 100% valid and this was just a "try on" from TFL, either way, never cough up straight away, that's for sure.
  19. Hiya i got yellowbox junction ticket .. Council uploaded the video evidence . I entered in YBJ while next car moved from junction but then eventually got stopped cos of signal. Can you guys pls have a look on this video and advise me if i worth get to do appeal against this PCN You guys can check my contravention video on viiemypcn.com cos i m new user so I can't attach link or video with my post Pcn number :FR24296226 Reg number: fd55xvx Thx
  20. Hi, I just received a PCN for Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited on Cricklewood Lane. This junction box doesn't cover the whole intersection. Does this comply with the standard? I've attached a video showing this box junction and my car entering it (Silver Car) video.zip
  21. I have received a PCN for parking contravention 31 "Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited". I have viewed the CCTV footage which shows the traffic flowing when I enter the box junction but just as I am exiting the traffic comes to a sudden stop and I am forced to stop in the box junction. Do you think I have grounds for an appeal here? The CCTV footage can be viewed on "https viewmypcn dot co dot uk" with the below details: PCN Number: KT5792518A Reg: Y**** My vehicle is the grey vauxhall astra 3 door.
  22. Hi, recently I received a PCN for entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited. I don't remember this situation, but picture from the notice is very controversial. I want ask should I appeal or better to pay a half price straight away?
  23. Is there a minimum period for which car would need to be stationary in yellow box for it to be labelled as "stopping"? I have been sent two pictures showing 6.24 seconds "stop", as cars ahead were starting to move. Does local authority enforcement using cameras and remote monitoring require them to have signs posted stating that cameras are being used? There is a camera enforcement sign on main road, but not on the side road from which I turned in. Grateful for any comments and advice. Thanks
  24. Hello, I've purchased this product https://www.scan.co.uk/products/audeze-el-8-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones-(open-box) after receiving it one of the first things I found was that one of the drivers does not work and there were scratches on the product. I've contacted them straight away and they've told me that they want to replace the product with another opened box, but I believe this will not be in accordance to the "full manufacturers warranty" and a reasonable outcome would be a repaired product or a new replacement product. I've written them a fairly big email explaining that there should be separation of concern regarding this and asked what would be the case if they simply didn't have any open boxes left in stock. What is the right procedure for such an issue? Thanks EDIT: I've got a response: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/audeze-el-8-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones-(open-box)
  25. I am using a Panasonic tv with a Panasonic sound system connected via HDMI. My box is continually losing sync between sound and vision. I have to reset it no less that 3 or 4 times every day and it's becoming a real pain in the ass and spoiling programme viewing. This box is not fit for purpose. I put the problem into the BT forum but as expected, no one from BT responded. Today I'm going to email the boss and tell her she has 1 week to fix the problem or I end my contract which has only been going just over a month.
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