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Found 15 results

  1. The 'Variety' sub I pay Sky to use the Sky+ box for their satellite signal has gone through another price increase and is now near enough £30/month. To say the least, I've had enough of that and want to boot Sky out and switch to using their box with the Free-Sat service. I gather it's possible to get bog standard reception, but there's a problem that you can't record or use catch-up. So what's the solution? Get a new TV with the built in box perhaps? Just wonder if anyone else has been through the same loop. Cheers!
  2. When replying to a thread on my iPhone in mobile view, once I post the reply it deletes the thread subscription, so I no longer get instant email replies. I have to switch to full site view, find the thread (as full site view doesn't take you back to that thread) then re-sub to the thread. I haven't exhausted all scenarios where this does and doesn't happen, but I would assume there might be a bug report on the forum software suppliers site that would be similar. FYI, I have seen a few threads where people have replied saying they haven't had an email or seen the reply, which could be down to this bug.
  3. When I launch Mcafee security suite, I receive a message saying pc is at risk and the spyware/anti-virus is turned off, however the firewall and the web protection are still on. In order to "fix" the problem, I am taken to a page to renew my subscription even though my subscription doesn't run out until 27/10/15. Any advice woud be much appreciated
  4. Hi all Coming back from a year away from Sky for BB/LR as they were unwilling to offer a deal in 2014. When I was on the phone discussing renewing my TV, which was also out, as well as "upgrading" to BB/LR, she quoted a price of £32.01 for everything. Now the woman I was talking to was nice enough however seemed a bit "doozie", sounded like she didnt know what she was talking about. So, to keep myself right, and hopefully they were recording the call, I asked several times before she done her legal bumf to confirm that indeed it was £32.01 for everything, DTV/BB/LR and she said yes. So, I check my my sky page and in the subscriptions page it shows DTV renewed, BB/LR to start 30/7/15, and shows my next 3 months subscriptions amounts to be £32.01 every month. So it looks like I am getting everything for £32.01. However in the event something has went pear shaped and in a months time I get reverted back to the bog standard price, do I have a comeback?
  5. Hi, I took out an on-line Times subscription in June 2014 which is due to end December 2015 (18 months) In January my payment method changed and early Feb I rang customer services to provide them with my new payment method and to make two payments to bring the account up to date. Early march I received an email informing me that my subscription had been cancelled (by them) on the 21st Feb and that the whole subscription was now owed and if not paid court proceedings would begin. I called them and explained two payments had been made and the account was up to date. They could not find the two payments (only one) and, after basically calling me a liar, insisted I provide a copy of my bank statement to prove the payments. I did this on the 2nd March and was told they would be in contact. Today I received a letter informing me that court action will be taken if I don't pay the full subscription of £303!! Where do I stand with this? The provider has cancelled the contract ( I was not in breach) and has not provided the agreed service since 21st Feb 2015. To be frank, I haven't missed this service and the way I have been treated no longer want it. As they have cancelled the service and subscription and I'm not in breach of contract can I simply walk away? Help appreciated.
  6. I left the UK in August 2011, with a £750 balance in my Smile account and two tiny DDs going out each month. I have just checked the account to find I have been paying a subscription charge of £13 a month for the last 17 months. Can I claim this back? Apart from the two DDs I haven't used the account at all, haven't received any statements - they have an old e mail address and haven't asked me to update it since 2007! and it has cost me a whopping £221! I am mortified and simply can't afford to throw away £221 like this! And the first line of their charges doc says "we don't make charges as long as you stay in credit", then a few pages it down it mentions this subscription fee. They can't get away with this surely? What can I do?
  7. Hi there! On Sep.26th.2014 I subscribed to receive 3 issues of What-Hifi Magazine for £3. On Oct.20th.2014 I was charged £3 by Direct Debit. I have received 2 issues but yesterday I was charged £24.95 upfront for 6 issues of the magazine which I don't want. I called their customer service and they told me that they cannot cancel the subscription due to their policy. Have they got the right to do this? What would you advise me to do? Thanks in advance for your help! Kind regards! Leandro
  8. I need help in a possibly issue I have with Empire Magazine. Just over 3 months ago, I was called up out of the blue by Bauer Consumer group. They offered me a bunch of subscriptions for magazines, based on some advertising I'd apparently agreed to. I only ever agree to advertising if it's with a company I trust, and never allow 3rd party. When the lady on the phone began to list off the magazines, I recognised who they were. It was from a website where I'd entered a bunch of competitions, and even won a couple. I was offered 3 months of Empire Magazine for just £1. I explained there was no point, because I cant afford the £35 payment at the end of it. She told me not to worry, it's just £1, I can cancel at anytime, and that I should do it as soon as issue 1 arrives to make sure. Issue 1 arrived, I phoned, I cancelled it, I asked her to double check. She did. It was cancelled. Woke up this morning, checked my bank due to it being a day when most of my bills go out (everything leaves on the 26th generally, except a few small ones) and was shocked to see my bank £10 in red, and 1 payment had been cancelled. It was then that I noticed the £35 payment to BAUER CONSUMER MED. I've explained what happened to my bank, and they've told if I can get it refunded in 5 days, they wont charge me for going over my set limit which was nice of them. The company whose payment I missed wasn't so kind, and they've charged me an extra £6 because I wont be able to pay them now until next Monday. I phoned BAUER CONSUMER MED up as soon as I'd explained the situation to my bank and the people I missed paying, hoping for a quick resolution. Turns out that there is no record of my phone call when issue 1 arrived. Since I've not had an issue on the subscription yet, I asked can it be cancelled now. Yes it can, but I can't have the £35 back because I paid it and they don't offer a refund unless in an extreme case. They told me they could send me a different magazine from their range instead, but I can't be refunded. I've asked to speak to their manager, who said the accounts team would list to call that is on record (the first one) as it was a trainee and her call was recorded. If I ask her to cancel it on that call, they will refund me. However, I know I don't ask her on that call, because she told me to call after issue 1 to do it. We talked about cancellation, but I never asked to cancel, because technically there was nothing to cancel. Is there anyone out there (on here) who knows whether what they're doing is legal or not. Like I said, I've received nothing from them so far regarding issues on the £35 subscription and I definitely did phone to cancel it (I'm always quick to do anything like that, my budget is kept very tight and constantly checked) Thanks for any help.
  9. Dear forum members, I wanted to share my experience with Talk Talk and also would appreciate an advice. At the end of August 2013 I subscribed, as a new customer, to a phone + broadband package with Talk Talk. The price was interesting and they seemed to be the only ones providing a broadband service for our new house. The phone line was activated but the broadband never worked. After several weeks of speaking to the customer service (a total of several hours over chat, phone and email) I preferred to cancel the subscription as per T&Cs. This lack of service was costing us money as we work from home. When the package was finally cancelled (after almost 1 hour over the phone) they confirmed that: - the line would be officially disconnected on 09 October 2013; - they would refund the Value Line Rental (rental paid for 1 year in advance) which is a bit more than 100 GBP. We are on 19 December and they haven't refunded yet. I have contacted them quite several times and the only response I have is that indeed they should refund but they haven't done it. It seems that they were more interested in their cash flow than in the customer experience... Today I have replied to them and let them know that it was the last time I would log a complaint to their customer service; I have requested a positive response including confirmation of refund processed and date of transaction, within the next 24 hours, after that I would move to further action. Do you think I should still send a 'letter before action', or can I open a small claim now (as I have complained so many times and have written responses). Thanks in advance.
  10. I bought a subscription to 'The Spectator' magazine as a christmas present, including their offer of a christmas gift of a half-bottle of champagne, pocket diary, and money-off voucher. This was clearly stated on their website before Christmas. However, on confirmation of the subscription, the gift of champagne and a diary (worth £30-40) have been replaced by the gift of a previously unrequested paperback book (worth about £10). It seems that they can do this because the 'gift' is subject to availability. Anyone else have any experience like this, and suggest what further action I can take? Are the promises made about gifts worth anything at all? Thanks in advance!
  11. I moved my bank account and decided to also cancel my CreditExpert credit-report subscription. I sent them an email informing them that I was cancelling and they sent me an email saying I *had* to call them and answer questions about why I'm cancelling and also give feedback about their service. So far as I'm concerned the I sent email should suffice. Can they put a default on my credit record for this ? Thanks in advance.
  12. First of all hello to all at CAG and secondly apologies if this will need to be moved to another area My wife an I have a small business and are looking to expand, we wanted to use Reed.co.uk for cv searching to find some good people for the business, we had to take a 122 month contract costing around £300 per month. After a few months the payments got a bit heavy and cash flow was an issue. We notified them that we could not afford the payments so they turned our subscription off, at the end of the term they billed us for the full amount for the year, which of course we had to pay or suffer the CCJs etc. Now my question is, we did not receive the service and the payment has been paid in full, can we claim to have the access we have paid for, I wonder if this should have been considered before making full payment but this is where we are now. I would love an advice as we have paid for it and not had the service or access. Thanks in advance Nikalt
  13. It is very easy to upgrade and add movie channels and can be done Online, however if you want to downgrade to Entertainment Pack it is impossible to do Online. You need to phone an expensive 0844 number. Surely it you can upgrade Onilne you should be able to downgrade using the same method?
  14. I wonder if you can help me with regard to my rights to an ammended final bill from sky. I telephoned them to give the required notice to end my sky subscription and the date was set to end my services one month later on 12th August. At that time I was changing banks and did not feel it worth the effort of setting up a new direct debit for sky for that final month and decided to wait for the final bill which I would settle online in one go. However sky decided as I did not have a direct debit set up that they would (without notice) withdraw my sky services on July 25th so from that date could not use the TV and all programmes recorded on sky+ were not viewable etc. no internet either. I then expected a bill to arrive for the dates from the previous bill (paid in full as had all bills before that each month) up to July 25th when my services ended but have since received bills for the whole month even though they had withdrawn the services and so I had not been able to use sky. I do not feel I should have to pay sky for the dates when no services were provided by them so have asked for an ammended bill from 14th July (last bill date) to 25th July when they withdrew the services. Do I have the right to demand this or have they the right to withdraw services, not provide them but still bill for them? Thanks.
  15. Hi, my wife bought a Road Angel, paied the Road Angel Group for a 3 years subscription, and after a short while, had problems with the unit. the unit was replaced, but Road Angel Group won't refund or transfer the subscription from one unit to another, unless the unit was bought directly from them. They did suggest that we send the faulty unit to them for assessment, which would cost in the region of £70 with an obvious unknown outcome. But as they'd already refused to refund all or part of the £99 subs we'd paid them, we didn't want to throw another £70 away in the hope that just maybe it could be fixed, nothing definite. Why do Road Angel allow various retailers to sell their units, but then reserve the right to have full control over the subscription when a unit needs to be replaced because it's faulty? We even contacted Trading Standards Institute, and, in brief, the reply basically said, 'tough!' If anyone is thinking of buying a Road Angel, please do think carefully as to where you buy it from, as if it's not direct from the Road Angel Group, and you end up with a replacement unit, you'll lose your subscription. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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