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  1. I have just received X10 PCN's from Newham - all in one go. They date back to 17th August. I can see from reading threads relating to this area in Newham that lots of people have been caught driving through this "No Entry" sign which is really badly positioned. But to receive 10 in one go! If i had received the first PCN sooner (not over 3 months later) i would have been made aware of the contravention, and not driven through it again! Does my arguement stand up at all, or will i just have to pay all of the fines? There could even be more on the way as i honestly didnt realise it was a no entry road. Dreading the costs here. Wouldnt have done it had i seen the sign. Any help appreciated
  2. Really shocked to receive a PCN today. I don't know the area and was turning left out of Leyton Road to join Temple Mill Lane. I never saw the no entry signs. I don't think they are at the right angle for motorists from my direction. I've done a bit of research on the internet as I don't live near there and can see there was a no left turn sign in advance of the junction, but I must have missed this... shouldn't there be a no left turn sign at the junction with Leyton Road and Temple Mill Lane? I'm normally observant. I don't know why I didn't see these signs, the no entry looks so clear in the criminalising photos, but I do think they're a the wrong angle. Shall I write? I only have 14 days.. . Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Last year Islington Council put a really nasty bus lane * camera at the entrance to the street I parked on.. I thought I had got away without falling foul of it, as I'd used the lane several times prior to a friendly neighbour warning me of its presence, this morning I found that's not the case as my car is currently clamped for 5 outstanding PCNs! I'm not wishing to dispute the PCNs as it's a fair cop and I should have been more aware, but I would like some advice on how to handle Equita today. I called the EA at 07:20 asking for PCN details and explained that I'd most likely be submitting OOT forms to TEC; he obliged and said he'd call back, was pleasant to deal with, everything seemed OK. However, at about 10:20 I got a call from a recovery driver asking if I'd like to hand over the keys when they tow my vehicle. I called the EA right back to explain and he eventually gave me the PCN numbers, so I called Islington council to get the details and submitted my forms to TEC. I've done all I can for now, but am sat in my van and cannot leave because they've sent someone to tow it. That whole thing seemed really suspicious to me, but I can't take the risk as it would be incredibly annoying to have my car towed prior to TEC giving the EA notice to cease recovery actions. Can anyone advise? Am I just destined to spend the day sat in my van? If I were to leave and they towed it, then TEC gave notice to cease enforcement, is there anything I could do other than pay towing & release fees? *It's not really a bus lane, I just don't know what to call it. The road used to have a traffic island in the middle with two very narrow passages either side, but the council removed the island and put a wide lane through the middle. I used this lane as the passages were only just wide enough for my van and did so for about 2 weeks until a neighbour stopped me to explain it's for exiting only and pointed out the camera. From my call to Islington Council, I have EIGHT outstanding PCNs from the first 8 days of this restriction being in place - five of which are involved today.
  4. I have received 3 Bus Lane Fines from Manchester City Council, All in Oxford Road and All in one position in the beginning of the Bus Lane and the times difference between them 4 - 11 minutes. I admitted travelling to Manchester one day and was following directions from my TomTom Navigation and when coming out of city centre suddenly noticed sign forbidden traffic and advising it is Bus Lane. I turned back and took first exit and followed alternative direction and TomTom guided me to same location of start of Oxford Road. I repeated this 3 times and never crossed the sign on each attempt. Now they sent me 3 fines and pictures showing my car before the sign. Any advise please ?
  5. Hi, I have just received a letter from Marstons about a bus lane fine which had been passed to Northampton and resulted in a judgement for the Bailifs to collect the fine or goods. The original fine was for a bus lane infringement in Leeds. I have received no notice from anyone at all about the fine until now. We moved over two years ago and the first thing we did was change our address details with the DVLA for both licence and car ownership papers. What is the best way forward? We have emailed the council and got a standard reply back. Thank you.
  6. Evening, What a quality football! Got a PCN from Newham council / Temple Mill Lane for 'disobeying no entry restriction' (no entry sign). Never happened to me before! Here is the situation: 1) It's a regular two way street with sudden 'no entry' signs for BUSSES AND CYCLES ONLY (pls see attachment from google maps) 2) The driver driven past the sign for about 7-8 meters BUT then put on reverse gear when it was safe to do so and driven back 3) Upon driving backwards the driver noticed an unmarked vehicle parked on double yellow lines with a camera and a grumpy person inside; obviously filming. 4) Got a PCN. Put together a long appeal and got REJECTION as follows: 1) DRIVER: As can be seen on the video, the driver pulled back when it was safe to do so and to prevent any potential accidents. COUNCIL: We sent you a PCN because our camera evidence shows your vehicle disobeying a 'no entry' restriction. The relevant sign is round, red, and has a horizontal white line across it. 2) DRIVER: There is no prior warning and thus a very strange layout when suddenly the street terminates with 'no entry' signs. COUNCIL: Whilst it is appreciated that sometimes coming up to a no entry restriction can seem sudden to a motorist especially if unfamiliar with the road, it is very clean in this instance that you had lots of time and space to turn around with no other vehicles in site at the time. 3) DRIVER: No safe way to reverse: two way street, cycle lane, busses, and traffic emerging from a car park. Hazardous traffic. COUNCIL: I note you stated there was hazardous traffic, but it should be stated that this does not mean that a motorist can drive through a no entry restriction 4) DRIVER: As per freedom of information act, requested a brakedown on much money they make on that spot, arguing that they prefer to keep it that way to make money rather than put a proper layout in place. COUNCIL: Please direct such requests to the information governance team using the details xxx.... 5) DRIVER: Enforcement officer has been parked on a double yellow line in an unmarked vehicle: does this mean any motorist can park on double yellow lines in the borough? COUNCIL: I note you have stated that the enforcement officers car was parked inappropriately. Please not that whilst our enforcement officers do their best to make sure that there are not causing any inconvenience to others, it can be difficult at times to achieve this to the maximum. However please be assured that our enforcement officers always do their best to avoid any inconvenience whilst enforcing. I disagree with these answers: clearly council is making money here and is not interested in putting things right. And clearly they do this by compromising safety of drivers/pedestrians/cyclists and ignoring the normal rules (unmarked camera vans parked on double yellow lines). Do you think I have good chances of appealing to Parking Adjudicator? How do you suggest to do this? Many thanks PS. On the google screenshot attached another driver is caught with the same 'offence', they are making millions there!!!
  7. Hi, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477641-WY-Gladstones-claimform-PCN-Glassy-Bar-95-Legrams-Lane-Bradford-BD7-1NH(2-Viewing)-nbsp I'm in the same situation as above, at the same parking site on the same date. As per the msgs before, ive acknowledged the MCOL and sent the CPR 31.14 Request to the solicitors today. When would i need to send the defence to the court?? straight away or wait?, and what to do i need state on it? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. Hi, any help appreciated. Just received a PCN , contravention 51J, failing to comply with No Entry Restriction (camera enforcement) in Temple Mill(s) Lane. We travelled to London to pick up a disability buggy for our neighbour. Being unfamiliar with the area we used our sat nav which on the return journey took us down what I now know to be Leyton Road. As we approached the end of that road it told us to 'Turn Left'. Back seat passenger was talking to hubby who was driving and initially he didn't hear sat nav and went to turn right. Sat nav says Turn Left Turn left, turn around when possible so hubby backs up, careful of other road users but bit awkward with trailer and buggy on the back and turns left. None of us in the car noticed the No Entry signs, because they face up the road they are not noticeable when coming down Leyton Road, in fact the one on the left of the road is slightly round the corner and would be well above the level of the car when you reach the end of the junction. As far as I'm aware there wasn't a 'No Left Turn' sign facing Leyton Road, there was nothing written on the road surface saying no entry, buses only, or anything else that may have indicated you can't turn left. However, as we turned into the road we did notice the sign giving priority to traffic travelling in the direction we were and the arrow in the road pointing in the direction of travel. We had no idea until we received the notice that we had entered a No Entry strip of road. As yet I have been unable to find an up to date picture of this road junction, most only show the signs from face on or the road when it was closed off due to roadworks. Having browsed this site it seems that some have had success with appeals in this particular area, also the road name discrepancy being Mills or Mill as on the fine, can this really be a cause to appeal? We wish to appeal this PCN on the grounds of insufficient signage but wonder how we stand
  9. Hi All I recently went to Luton on a training course whilst there mistakenly drove down a bus lane in Park street then on into one in Church street. I have received 3 PCN's for this 2 for Park street and one for Church street, I have had one cancelled for Park street but the other 2 still stand as the lady in Luton parking services said I should of turned around at the end of Park street. at the time as I am not local to the area I did not see that as an option. 2 of the PCN's had a time of 16:36 and the third 16:37 all for £60 (£30 if paid in 14 days). I don't dispute the first one but how do I stand on the last one? Cheers Buttsb
  10. I have a PCN for turning right from Perrins Lane, London, NW3. I see previous post from 5 years ago, and can completely agree that from the roadside it is not clear. The council camera makes it look blindingly obvious but it isn't. I see the previous post got a reply from the council saying they think the signage is ok. But some how it needs to be shown that it isnt. Does anyone think that these reasons below together with the Traffic Signs Manual qoute may be worth my while appealing? The reasons the signage are not clear is threefold, 1) Many large trucks and buses go past on the near side and so the sign over the side of the road is hidden. 2) The road sign on the corner left is by a tree which actually takes your eye off the sign, and is very overgrown, and 3) i was behind another car, so the road marking was covered too, untill i had passed it. It is also seems a very easy place to turn in either direction. There's seems no credible reason to not turn right. What do you think??
  11. I have received 2 PCN's for driving on a road that's restricted to buses and cycles. I had absolutely no idea since I'd never driven that way before, and as soon as I realised that I was on a bus route, it was too late to go back. I just wanted to know if they can charge me for the same offence twice in the same day, and that too in a matter of minutes. The first time I drove through without knowing it was a bus and cycle only road, and lost my way and came back on to the same road, and discovered too late that I was on a buses ony road. CAn I challenge the second PCN?
  12. my wife has a 34J charge for Bolton Road Bradford. She had never been to Bradford before As far as I can see, there IS signage when the lane becaomes a bus lane but the road is a single carriageway two lane one one way one the other. So, at the point that the lane becomes a bus lane you are suddenly faced with the choice of STOP and do a 3 point turn or turn suddenly right up a little narrow side road which goes who knows where. The person on the phone says there should be signage at the start of the road that says it becomes a bus lane further on and also signage at every entry point at earlier points along the road, but my wife remembers none of this. Also, to my mind earlier along the road at the most useful point there ought to be "something like" road markings, even a give way and a clear sense that you are about to head towards a bus lane and signage which very clearly directs all NONE-BUS traffic to "turn right here" or something of that ilk. My wife saw none of that either. SURELY If the intention is to disuade people from using the bus lane on purpose for their own convenience (as news reports suggest) then better and more (than what is already there) signage and road markings would be better, I have no proof but I very strongly suspect that most of the milions made is from one of users who do not know the city. Why not have a first time warning and a second time fine. It would be interesting to have stats on the addresses of the finees. If most fines are one off to people out of the area then the action is going to have little or no actually impact on the infingement of the law, but simply just make money right? Could those stats be available under freedom of information? Finally I guess in the end my wife should have wizzed up the tiny side road or just stoipped dead in her lane right?
  13. As above I've got a Birmigham city council penalty charge notice for entering a bus lane. Its £60 or reduced to £30 if paid by the Christmas eve (merry christmas to me. I did drive in the bus lane but I just want to make sure it is being enforced correctly and that they are doing their bit correctly and legally, not trying to evade it or anything I just know these are likely done in bulk. For anyone that knows Birmingham city centre, it was St Martins Queensway. It was saturday afternoon and absolutely manic + my engine was overheating. Will be honest I've not driven this route in about 15 years and was fully using the satnav. See this link, my sat nav was telling me to turn left so I crossed over fairly late and turned into the tunnel which is as can be seen in this photo a bus lane, by the time I had noticed it was too late and I went into the tunnel about 40 yards where there is a gate on the right which I used to turn around in and come back out the way I had come. Now the thing is that the photos they have provided show me coming back out of the tunnel and turning left back onto the main road not going in. The lane I am in does not say bus lane. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.478504,-1.8932093,3a,75y,236.94h,96.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCqmX0jiPV2qJIHxsCBR0Rw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Now if you go back up the main road the way I had come, it was poorly signed and there were likely buses parked infront of the signs, I suspect I had only entered the left lane at the last second and entered the tunnel. Just to be clear I admit doing it however I think its pretty unclear and I was causing no danger or did I make or mean to make any gain from doing so. I guess I just want to make sure they are legally doing this correctly and if I have any grounds to appeal. I'm not going to risk £30 and my time if its not worth the effort. Its the principle though.
  14. Today I received a PCN for a bus lane violation from Brent Council for straying into the bus lane on 15/08/16. The picture clearly shows me in the bus lane. It also clearly shows a truck parked in the opposite lane which is forcing an oncoming car into my lane, thus I have to move into the empty bus lane momentarily to avoid going into the oncoming car which has clearly strayed into my lane. This is all evident in the picture so how can this be an offence?! According to the PCN there are only 4 grounds for appeal: 1. Recipient was not the owner 2. There was no breach of the bus lane Order or Regulation 3. The vehicle was taken without consent 4. The police are already taking action Surely avoiding an accident has to be grounds for momentarily moving into the bus lane? In my simple mind sheer common sense should apply here, but common sense and local authority bureaucracy don't always go hand in hand. Anyone know if I have a point to force an appeal even though it is not listed in the PCN notice? Should I appeal (notice says I have to wait 28 days for 'enforcement action' before I can make 'representations')? Should I pay up first (fine is £65 if paid within 14 days, or double after that) and then fight?
  15. Hi, I just received a PCN for Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited on Cricklewood Lane. This junction box doesn't cover the whole intersection. Does this comply with the standard? I've attached a video showing this box junction and my car entering it (Silver Car) video.zip
  16. Hi all, on the 27 February this year I drove in a bus lane during its operational hours (3-7pm) I received a letter from the council a PCN on the 4/03/16, I responded to the PCN saying that the bus lane sign was obstructed by HGV lorrys delivering to a builders merchants across the road, I looked at the cctv footage that the council had, now from what I can glean from other websites, the cctv footage has to show me passing both bus lane signs ie the entry and exit signs, the footage does not show me passing the bus lane entry sign as the sign is around the bend and out of the cctv cameras vision.. Also the sign should be visible from 30 metres and it isn't , because you approach the sign from a bend. I responded to the council with my defence, on the 16/03/16 and they replied to me on the 18/03/16 to tell me that they had considered my defence but that they had decided not to cancel my PCN . I then received an enforcement notice dated the 03/06/16 I responded to this notice on the 07/06/16 again stating my defence and also asking for their traffic management order for the signage and the bus lane markings. I then received a notice of rejection of representation dated 21/06/16 they did not supply me with the traffic management order as I had requested, all they sent was a link to the cctv footage that I had already seen. They enclosed a form for me to appeal to the traffic adjudicator. So that is where I am now, I just feel that there was a long time between the PCN and the enforcement notice being issued ( 04/03/2016 PCN 03/06/16 enforcement notice issued) Any thoughts on this issue? Thanks in advance for any and all help given. Moonlandings
  17. Hi, I have just received a PCN charge (code 53j) in the post and completely in shock. I turned into this road (Electric Lane) as I was trying to find parking and noticed it was a dead end, so just turned and drove out. I do not know Brixton that well as I live outside London. I also did not see any sign to say no entry at the said times. I have gone on line to check and seen that the sign age is placed where it cannot be seen clearly. I really feel that this ticket has been produced unfairly but need solid prove to show that its misleading. The only one I have is 1. Sign age not clear upon entry 2. Was not aware its meant for pedestrians I would be very grateful if you can assist me with a letter to appeal to the council and also further prove. I want know whether the sign is within the Law and if this PCN is valid. Any suggestions, ie case law will help. I know a begging letter will not suffice with them, not unless I can prove they are wrong. Many Thanks
  18. I have just received a PCN for "Being In Bus lane During Hours Of Operation" on 8th Jan 2016. I don't dispute that I was in Bus Lane but what I do have an issue with is I did not know when the hours of operation were. I turned left from Redvales Road in Bury onto the main road towards Bury and was immediately in Bus Lane. I was going to post a link to to Google Streetview but have not posted 10 times so cannot There is bus lane to the right in same direction about half a mile to a mile away which has hours of operation of 7am to 10am and 4pm and 7pm and I thought it was in same times. Turns out I was wrong and hours of operation are 7am to 7pm (but the sign is on main road to right of junction!!) Now on main road there was a car turning right so I stayed in bus lane and then as soon as I went past the other car I moved into the non bus lane as I was turning next right. Do i have any grounds to appeal or should I have known immediately that because I had never seen any signs stating hours of operation that I should have not gone into bus lane at all? I cannot attach a copy of PCN as i have not posted 10 times. Thanks in advance Stephen Fisher
  19. Just received a letter through the post stating I was caught on camera driving through a bus lane with restrictions 7-10am and 1600-1900, the film footage shows 0952hr, now I know this bus lane very well, I know there is a camera at the top by the roundabout, now I go by the time in my car and LBC which I listen to, and I am sure I would not have entered the bus lane, maybe there was a moment of relapse, but I know this bus lane so well, is there any grounds on which I can fight this or is there no point
  20. I recently received a pcn for using the bus lane on Southampton Row on my motorcycle during operating hours. I have since then informally challenged the contravention, but the pcn was not cancelled. My grounds for appeal are: the alleged contravention did not occur due to the signs and road marking being incorrect. I have attached a pdf with the Enforcement Notice, CCTV images, my route, google street view image and images taken by me a few days later. [ATTACH=CONFIG]60559[/ATTACH] After visiting the site where it happened I found the following: 1-The white information sign (962) on Bloomsbury Place (where I was turning from) was not facing oncoming traffic so had no indication of there being a bus lane (page 6). 2- When stopped at the traffic lights again no indication of the bus lane being there. All I could see was a box junction followed by a pedestrian crossing (page 7). There was traffic as well. 3- As I turned right I moved into the left lane as I was planning to turn left just ahead. there were no angled dashed lines at the start of the lane after there was a large break in a bus lane due to the box junction (please see page 8) 4- there was no 'BUS LANE' markings on the road surface where the bus lane restarted after the box junction (page 8). 5- the hours of operation sign (961) which is situated there was turned at an angle again not facing oncoming traffic (page 8). Hope to get some helpful advice on to how to word the representations. Thank you for your help in advance!
  21. Hi there, I've just realised this thread might be more appropriate in the "Local Authority Parking and Traffic Offences" sub-forum, if a moderator wouldn't mind moving it please? I've received a PCN for being in a bus lane that I want to appeal. I'm not trying to claim that ignorance is a valid excuse, however I wasn't aware I had been in a bus lane until the notice came through the door. It was an unfamiliar piece of road for me and there were a significant number of road works and closures which obviously did distract me from the sign (my own fault admittedly), but there were not (and aren't in the evidence) any markings on the floor whatsoever to indicate it is a bus lane. I haven't had chance to go back to the road, but from the looks of Google Street View (2014) there is a sign on either side of the road indicating it is for buses and cyclists only, but absolutely nothing on the ground (I can't link the exact street view due to low post count, sorry). The pictures on my PCN indicate the same lack of markings. Is this sufficient grounds to appeal as some sites I've read suggest? I've been looking all morning for any legislation I can quote that states what markings/indication should be present but I haven't been able to find anything - if such a thing exists, I'd be hugely grateful if someone would point me in the right direction. Any help generally is really appreciated. Thanks for reading, Curt
  22. Hello I recently received a PCN for using the bus lane on Southampton Row on my motorcycle during operating hours. I have since then challenged the contravention, but the pcn was not cancelled. My grounds for appeal are: the alleged contravention did not occur due to the signs and road marking being incorrect. After visiting the site where it happened I found the following: 1-The white information sign on Bloomsbury Place (where I was turning from) was not facing oncoming traffic so had no indication of there being a bus lane. 2- When stopped at the traffic lights again no indication of the bus lane being there. All I could see was a box junction followed by a pedestrian crossing. There was traffic as well. 3- As I turned right I moved into the left lane as I was planning to turn left just ahead. there were no angled dashed lines when at the start of the lane after there was a large break in a bus lane (please see images in PDF) 4- there was no 'BUS LANE' markings on the road surface where the bus lane restarted after the box junction. 5- the hours of operation sign which is situated there was turned at an angle again not facing oncoming traffic. I've attached pdfs of my challenge and also the response from Camden council. Pictures taken by me and google streeview are in the challenge pdf and images of the CCTV camera attached to the pdf correspondence from the council. Would appreciate advice into whether to proceed. What would be the next step? Thank you in advance
  23. Fines for misusing bus lanes are overtaking parking tickets as the main cause of complaints from drivers, according to the AA. The motoring group said thousands of drivers were being "entrapped" by worn road markings and poor signage. A junction in Lambeth, south London generated the highest number of fines, totalling over £6m, the AA claimed. Lucrative rat traps' Edmund King, AA president, said: "Whilst we support the use of bus lanes in the right places, functioning at the right times, we are totally opposed to 'entrapment' cameras on poorly designed or poorly signed bus lane junctions. "If thousands of drivers are getting tickets at the same junction then something is wrong and that junction or bus lane should be reviewed. "We fear that too many local highway authorities have become addicted to the lucrative income from these rat traps." BBC
  24. Hi, I need an advice urgently. I moved house on 3 March 2015 on 20 Aug 2015 received a Notice of enforcement from bailiffs, Equita. According to the council the incident happened on 6 March 2015 (3days after I moved house), on 11th Council applied for my address from DVLA and were given an old address and all the correspondence was sent to the old address. Council claims that because their letters left their building they assume that I received them, there was no sender's address at the back of their letter so that is why I think the letters could not be returned. I know that lots of my mail was returned to the senders, for example my credit card was blocked because my statement was sent back from an old address, so not sure why council's mail was not returned or it is easier for them that way. I spoke to Council on 21 Aug 2015 and they advised to contact TEC and ask for Statutory Declaration form and fill them in. I managed to speak to TEC today, they sent me Late Statutory Declaration form PE2 and Statutory Declaration form PE3. I would like an advise how correctly fill the forms, I know that my main reason I have never received any correspondence, and because the dates of moving house and incident were so close to each other, there was a confusion with an address. DVLA was informed with a new address, surprisingly it took very long to get my new VO5, but I eventially received it back in April 2015. But still I cannot believe that the council has followed the correct procedures, how somone could be taken to the court without being informed. Council claims that under data protaction act they could not check my address with council tax department, my old address was at the same council as where the incident happened, but how come the bailiffs found me. Any advises would be much appreciated Thanks
  25. Hi Firstly a big thanks to this forum and the people here for their tips! Recently had a bus lane PCN cancelled by Lambeth Council. Hopefully anyone in a similar situation can benefit from the resources and information below. Judging by the c.£172k (!!!) in average annual income from this single location. This is very nearly almost resembles a racketeering operation by Lambeth Council. No doubt there are some legitimate contraventions, however the nature of this particular area would suggest some motorists are caught out due to failings on the behalf of Lambeth Council to follow Traffic Sign Regulations. Situation On driving southbound on Westminster Bridge Road towards Lambeth North station, unwittingly ended up in a bus lane as road markings and signage was incorrect and/or insufficient (see images). Received a letter a few weeks later with an initial £65 fine if paid in 14 days, or £130 thereafter. Scoured this forum and a few others for some advice as I'm usually quite vigilant with bus lane operating times and didn't recall seeing one. Found some good advice as to how a Bus Lane, and indeed other road systems, should be set-up in ‘The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002’. Went back in person and walked the area, took a few pictures of everything. In particular, the very poor lighting, and blocking (ironically) by parked buses of the first sign; lack of distance between 1st & 2nd signs; potentially unsafe conflict area with pedestrian crossing markings; twisted signs and short road markings and so on. I did this not to be pedantic. One would imagine roads systems are designed to allow road users to travel as safely as possible, giving consistent and recognisable warning of any changes in the road ahead. Our appointed officials must play by the rules if they expect us to, and be held accountable when they do not. Having gathered some evidence I drafted the following letter as an informal appeal: Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to informally challenge the issuing of the above PCN on the following grounds: The bus lane in question is non-compliant with the ‘The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002’ deeming the PCN unenforceable. The restrictions were not correctly signed and the road markings were incorrect. 1. The sign to diagram 958 is not located 30 metres in advance of the lane taper. As shown in the attached image, a sign is only located at the start of the taper. (Fig. 1 – taken 07/11/2014) 2. The sign to diagram 958 is not clearly visible. As shown in the attached image, the sign has been rotated to a position near-parallel to the flow of traffic. Rendering it not possible to safely view from the usual left lane driving position. (Fig. 2 – taken 07/11/2014) 3. The taper to indicate the start of the lane is not the required length or ratio of 1:10. (Fig. 3 – taken 07/11/2014) 4. The deflection arrows to diagram 1014 are not positioned correctly and are not the correct length. There are no deflection arrows upstream of the start of the taper as required. The position the arrows should be, would actually conflict with pedestrian crossing road signs. (Fig.4 – extract from Google Maps on 07/11/2014) 5. The pictures of the alleged contravention supplied on the PCN do not conform to ‘The Bus Lane Enforcement Camera Handbook’ published by the Home Office. Failure to show the correct information in the correct order must prove that the images are not admissible and render them void therefore there is no evidence that any contravention occurred. Therefore the instrument used does not appear to be an approved device. 6. Further, on inspection of the footage provided: a. No buses were hindered in their progress – alleged contravention would be de minimis b. There is no gain in position on another vehicle – alleged contravention would be de minimis c. Any attempt to rectify my driving position would have necessitated a rapid lane change to the adjacent right hand lane before another rapid lane change to the left, in order to turn left at the traffic lights ahead to continue my journey. Actions which I would deem confusing and hazardous to other road users, particularly cyclists. Should these representations be rejected then please treat this as a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following documents: a. A copy of the bus lane order or regulation giving effect to the Bus Lane. b. A copy of the Safety Audit for this road layout. c. A copy of the engineer’s scale diagrams showing the layout of this Bus Lane, the road markings and the signage (including warnings of camera enforcement). d. Copies of any approvals of deviations of signage from The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions. e. Logs of maintenance visits verifying existence and condition of the signs. f. Certification of type approval of the CCTV device. g. Details of the number of times that the videotape used has been degaussed and reused. h. A copy of the Camera Enforcement logbook recording the alleged contravention. i. Copies of the still images showing all the required information in the correct order. j. The number of PCNs issued by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location. k. The number of PCNs issued by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location and cancelled by them following informal challenges. l. The number of PCNs issued by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location and cancelled by them following formal appeal to them. m. The number of PCNs issued by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location and cancelled following appeal to a PATAS adjudicator. n. The number of PCNs issued by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location and not pursued by them for any other reason. o. The average monthly penalty revenue raised by London Borough of Lambeth in respect of this location. I ask that you acknowledge this challenge at your earliest convenience and respond with your reply. Yours sincerely, XXX The informal appeal was rejected, to little surprise. Being quite adamant this bus lane was incorrect, I was quite willing to take this the full 12 rounds of appeals PTAS etc. For the formal appeal I sent the same letter, less the FOI requests. After several months of waiting the PCN was then cancelled! I do hope the above is of some use to anyone in a similar situation! Link 1: google maps (retrace your steps!) Link 2: pepipoo.com/lofiversion/index.php/t81781.html Link 3: consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?290879-Bus-Lane-PCN/page11 Link 4: davidmarq.com/uploaderv6_1/files/7/PATAS.pdf Link 5: forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=92678&pid=992720&mode=threaded&start=#entry992720 Link 6: londonbikers.com/forums/840159/Bus-Lane-Fine,-but-I-think-I-can-get-away-with-it?PageIndex=3 TL;DR Drove in a bus lane as road markings and signage were incorrect. Informal appeal failed, formal appeal successful. £130 saved!
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