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  1. Have try donating twice, and each time, my card is not accepted, I will try again. As for the Infringement, I always thought their excuses were lame, their excuse about budget cuts which prevented sending the letter out didn't make sense, I kept pushing as to why three years was acceptable to receive a fine, in the end I believe they gave up, also on double checking the photos of my car I realise I was allowed three car lengths to enter the bus lane in order to turn left, I put that in my letter, I may be wrong about that, but I'm sure I read that before and used in a similar ticket eight years ago when driving my lorry Have tried again to donate using my card, but the message We are sorry your first attempt didn't work out this could be a temporary glitch keeps coming up
  2. Just got the news today that my case has been closed and I don't have to pay the ticket
  3. I checked scores on doors and all they have is food hygiene rating awaiting inspection by Harrow Council on the 20th of February 2018, nothing else, the silver duct comes out from the back of the takeaway about three feet and points upwards spewing the vile smoke when they start up their ovens, the windows of three flats are affected and I suspect also the flats above us are also, the rooms affected are the kitchen, bathroom and second bedroom
  4. Yes, over twenty years ago, when it closed about five years ago, it has stayed empty since, the filters in the outside extract haven't been changed, that I am sure off, I do have the environmental officer coming out soon, the funny thing is when I phoned them today, they had no idea it was a new takeaway according to the environmental office, I have been contacting them via e-mail, but the response has been slow, so I phoned them today, the foul smell is a paraffin base associated with Caribbean cooking, today is a lovely day and we have to keep the windows closed which is not on
  5. I never received any contact from Harrow Council regarding the bus lane infringement til I got the letter from Northampton County Court, when I sent back that I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council, I then told I had to go to a county court to get my id checked and signed and then sent back to Northampton and changed back to the first stage of the offence
  6. I have received confirmation from Harrow Council that my attempt to have the bus lane infringement has been rejected and the reason is as follows. Whilst I acknowledge that the contravention occurred in 2015, there are no time constraints with how long it takes between the service of the charge certificate and the order for recovery form being sent to you. This is due to the council having to pay to register the debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre(TEC) and at the time of the service, the council were unable to register the debt due to cuts. The PCN was correctly issued. Is this worth appealing and if so on what grounds, the excuse seems a little far fetched
  7. Cheers for all of your helpful advice, have filled out the form on line to the local council, will keep a diary, but it is every time they open so it will be like clockwork
  8. Have tried to reason with them, when they were renovating the place and making noises at all times in the evening and week-end, totally ignorant to what I was trying to explain in what times they were allowed to start drilling, hammering it was a nightmare
  9. I have a flat above shops, a new takeaway has just opened downstairs, I have noticed that there is smoke coming from their filters at the back of the shop, the smoke is noticeable and smelly and comes into our kitchen and bathroom through the windows, we have to have the windows shut, tried to talk to them to no avail, it is a Caribbean jerk chicken takeaway, so we can smell the chicken as well as the grease and fat. Is there anything we can do, because when the good weather comes we will not be able to open our windows at the back, our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom will have no ventilation.
  10. I have lived at my address for almost eighteen years, so just to confirm, I can based my appeal on the fact the PNC was served out of time, if so I will go ahead
  11. Sorry, as I didn't receive anything to do with the alleged bus lane infringement, I had to go down to a County Court to have my form witnessed by a clerk to send back the form in which I ticked notice to owner to Northampton County Court, it would go back to the original ticket in which you have the option to pay the reduced fee, yes the car was mine before the date, and yes the V5C has me as the registered keeper
  12. I received a letter from Northampton County Court over an alleged bus lane infringement in which the amount was £195 made payable to Harrow Council, the date of the alleged offence was 06/03/2015 at 11.28. I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council about this ticket, I had to do a notice to owner to send it back to it's original PNC. Now the bus lane in question I know very well and have done for almost twenty years, the end of the bus lane you can enter two lanes , the right hand side to go up towards Harrow on the Hill, or Roxeth Hill, the left hand side to go straight up or turn left, now what happens is there is a box junction so the right hand side stops until you can go on, I crossed the bus lane to go left I believe but because of the length of time I can not remember what I was doing that day. The reg is correct, you can clearly see the make of the car on the photo yet on the part of the form where it has Vehicle make, it has unknown which is strange. Now I thought you were allow a certain distance to enter the bus lane towards the end of it to turn left, I may be wrong, do I have a leg to stand on to appeal, now there is one photo and you have to pay £10 if you want to view any additional photos on line, it's free if you go down to their office.
  13. The address of the alleged offence does not have a postcode and the road in question is a mile long, there is one stretch of a bus lane which is about one hundred metres and does have the restriction of 07.00-19.00hr but the photo doesn't show it, I know that bus lane and I have lived in the area for over twenty years, so I am fully aware of the bus lane times, I will heed your advice and will make the defence....Thank you
  14. Got a letter from Northampton Court on behalf of Harrow Council, demanding £195.00 for being in a bus lane on the 16/03/2015 at 11.28. I never received any letter from Harrow Council about this offence, the time indicated 11.28 is strange as the bus lane restrictions are 0700-10.00 and 16.00-19.00hr and this has always been the case since the restrictions were applied. The penalty charge notice gives the correct reg in the photo and you can clearly see the make of my car but vehicle make is stated as unknown. This is very strange, my question is how do I go about replying, I know I can state I did not receive the notice to owner to take it back to the first stage, nor appealing against the charge or receiving no reply to an appeal.. What do I do and why over two and half years to get this letter
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