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  1. Thank you Michael. Yes that Bus Lane in Oxford Manchester is a notorious. I just googled and found BBC report that Manchester made £149.000 in just one month
  2. I have received 3 Bus Lane Fines from Manchester City Council, All in Oxford Road and All in one position in the beginning of the Bus Lane and the times difference between them 4 - 11 minutes. I admitted travelling to Manchester one day and was following directions from my TomTom Navigation and when coming out of city centre suddenly noticed sign forbidden traffic and advising it is Bus Lane. I turned back and took first exit and followed alternative direction and TomTom guided me to same location of start of Oxford Road. I repeated this 3 times and never crossed the sign on
  3. I am also on same problem . Suddenly received Charge Certificate to pay £90.00 . Never received any fines prior to this. This must be addressed by the councils to find solution. I am wiling to challenge this in court
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