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  1. Hi - I have received a PCN for an alleged "Failing to Comply with a No Entry Restriction". It is not quite straight forward and I would appreciate any guidance please on my chances of appeal? I started my turn into a wide side road when I noticed it was a Non Entry. I decided not to enter and was able to continue my drive straight out again as the entrance to the No-Entry road is huge (width of several lanes - and hardly any traffic as it was 11pm). The front of my car would probably have veered across the double white lines across the side road, But I was able to continue to d
  2. Hey All, I have tried to do some research on this but I have found this forum and hope you can help. I came back from holiday yesterday and have received a Unpaid Traffic Penalty Charge.. The offence was dated 11/07/2018 and the Date of issue for the certificate was 04/09/2018.. The letter states the following it says that I have lost the right to appeal to either the council or to the TPT and they have increased the penalty charge.. Now I did make this turn as I was following the Satnav.. didn't see a sign.. I have checked google maps and it is signed..
  3. Parked in a slip road that's in foreground of pic, one way running right to left. Left slip road and turned right onto main road. Only signs are left and right of slip road exit. CCTV shows me turning right with long shot, then close-up showing vehicle reg. On reflection, I can only say I was watching out for other cars in this very busy area and honestly did not see the No Right Turn signs. There was no signage on the road surface, opposite in the form of signs or any physical obstruction. Can anyone say if the road signs give good cause to appeal due to height, etc.
  4. Hello hope you are well? I just received a PCN from Brent council for violating a no right turn, unfortunately I followed my satnav and turned right but I never saw the sign on the pavement. My question is that the spelling of the road is wrong on the PCN notice, does this mean I have grounds to appeal? Thanks. Kind regards Ummi
  5. Contravention 31 says "do not enter the box unless your exit is clear or if you are turning right and need to wait because of oncoming moving traffic. It does not say anything about turning left. One can not see a clear exit as it is around the corner, especially where there is a pedestrian traffic light that goes green immediately after the green light for the traffic turning left. Why isn't it treated like the right turn? Or is it?
  6. Hi, was caught shoplifting in boots, picked up 4 items nearlly worth £700 (as per Boots). security staff took all my details, called police, and i had to wait until police turn up, but nobody came. security staff called police 4 times, they were given a log no. but were getting told that no police officers are free at the moment to attend. after 4 hours of waiting, i was let go, as the store had been closed and they waited over an hour for police even after the store was closed. i was escorted out , i was given banned notice and RLP recovery letter.
  7. Afternoon, I wonder if you can please help me with this ticket. Back in November 2016 I unknowingly made a mistake and took a wrong turn to the road where no right turn was allowed between XX and XX hours. I think about 2 weeks later I moved and was never aware of the offence until February 2017 I was actually nearby my old flat and met postman who I knew and who then handed me a mail which had that ticket with a penalty and from Northampton court etc. I then phoned Court, spoke with them and was advised to immediately submit 2 forms (out of time and something else) I Imm
  8. Well done those lads, how ridiculous - A Head Teacher of a Devon School threatened to put any boy who turned up to school in shorts in the recent spell of heatwave weather, into Isolation ! But sarcastically said they could turn up in skirts.. so a group of 5 did. Apparently 50 more of them were frantically trying to borrow skirts from their girlfriends and sisters to wear to school today Read the full story..
  9. I have a PCN for turning right from Perrins Lane, London, NW3. I see previous post from 5 years ago, and can completely agree that from the roadside it is not clear. The council camera makes it look blindingly obvious but it isn't. I see the previous post got a reply from the council saying they think the signage is ok. But some how it needs to be shown that it isnt. Does anyone think that these reasons below together with the Traffic Signs Manual qoute may be worth my while appealing? The reasons the signage are not clear is threefold, 1) Many large trucks and buses go past on the
  10. Im fuming. It just seems to me that car owners are one big cash machine for councils. Stick some cameras up and let the money roll in. I recently moved to a new area and started driving to work. Unbeknown to me one of the roads I was turning into on my way to work each morning at 7:30am has a time restriction in place that you cant turn into it after 7:30am. Its dark, its christmas , the streets are empty, no one was killed, no traffic was caused. But yet I have appealed against these tickets and am told by the council they are 'certain an offense has ta
  11. In a bid to stop people dashing through security at the last minute, Easyjet will turn you away if you don't make the 30 minute cut-off point they've just introduced. The low-cost airline company are saying that, anyone who tries to get through security barriers with less than half an hour to spare before departure, won't be allowed on the flight. Anyone who doesn't make the 30 minute cut-off will have to pay £80 to switch to another EasyJet flight. http://www.bitterwallet.com/travel/easyjet-to-turn-you-away-if-youre-not-30-minutes-early-92190
  12. I went to court to defend against MKDP for a disputed debt relating to a HSBC credit card that has no CCA for it. They had paid £85 costs + £335 further costs to secure the court date. Upon attending court, I was called in 20 minutes or so after the scheduled time. The judge immediately began proceedings by making reference to the actual letter sent out to confirm the court date. He asked if I had, since this the date of this letter, received any witness statements or other correspondence from MKDP, to which I replied no. The judge then proceeded to confirm
  13. Sorry, deleting temporarily as I don't want to be identified. Moderators feel free to delete this post/thread.
  14. I meet all the criteria for financial hardship (checked the Moneysavingexpert advice on this) and have been absolutely crippled by Barclays charging me £3 a day or nearly £100 a month on my account since they changed the rules. I have also suffered from charges piling up on my account to form the overdraft that is the basis for those £3 a day charges. I sent them an SAR, got my documents and duly sent off an email to Barclays Head Office following personalized templates from here asking them to stop all further charges and refund me those for the past four and a ha
  15. After sorting my brothers water issues out a while back with help from fellow CAG's my OH has fallen behind with a couple of statement payments totalling approx £600. Now received latest billing for approx £260. To cut a long story short doorstep collection bloke turns up unexpected and OH assumes it is someone from TW and agrees there and then a repayment plan for £30 per month. Unbeknown to me (until my now involvement) she received acknowledgement of plan from a company called Credit Solutions. She made 4 payments totalling £120 but the amount outstanding had not
  16. I recently did a prohibited u-turn and it got caught in the camera. The only issue is that the actual turn doesn't take place on the main road. I have turned into a private road(?) and exited out again. Essential, the actual u-turn took place in that side road. This is what they caught on camera. I have turned completely into that side road and completed the u-turn in there. Can this be challenged? I've got an option to either pay half or challenge the contravention. If my challenge is denied, I have to pay the full amount of £13
  17. Hi .. Hoping to get some advice... A few years ago I set up a DMP and was plodding along with that until I got my head turned by Unenforcabilty back in 2011, stopped all payments sent CCA's got some replies and some ignored me. Then a few things went wrong for my family, and I couldn't cope very well with everything that was going on, I buried my head deep in the sand and started promptly ignoring everything. Fast forward to the end of last year and I received Court Papers for a small debt I'd been ignoring, I didn't know what to do, made them a full & fi
  18. Hi all, Really do hope me posting here I am able to seek some advice. I'm facing the likely prospect of handing in my notice so that I can continue using the reference for future jobs. Company has complied with ACAS regulations and has now set a side a final disciplinary date... The allegations against me are, lying to a member of staff regarding my whereabouts and asking for another member of staff to cover for me. I have admitted the allegations but I do believe it was done mitigating circumstances. The charge is breach of confidence and trust. Here is my story: My
  19. Hello Sir/Madam, need your advice! I am attaching the police constable statement who caught me for u-turning from that road where it is prohibited. I checked again on that road I seen 3 u-turn not allowed sign on that road, one at the start of the road second few yards ahead opposite bus stop then last almost at the end of the road and there are few u-turn not allowed signs too for opposite site traffic so it means no one can u-turn from both sides. From where I started the u-turn that is a Newcastle city council taxi rank and where I finished the u-turn that is also a
  20. I've been offered a job that on paper is 15 hours a week, which would mean that I would be better off with the job than on JSA. If an opportunity like this came up normally I would take it. However, here's the bad information about the job. It's only a temporary role, which is three months long. Most importantly the hours of work each day aren't fixed. Some days I would be working one or two hours a day and occasionally not at all. The interviewer was quite clear that I would only be paid for the hours I work and that on average I would be working less than 10. They mentioned that since I woul
  21. Hello I have read several threads about this particular traffic sign at Gliddon Road and the motorists who have received fines for carrying out what the council asserts is a U-turn. The aggrieved motorists argument has consistently been that the type of turn they carried out was not a U-turn but a 3-point turn. The council maintains that this amounts to a u-turn but there is no legal definition of a u-turn. Furthermore, the number of people who have been caught since the signs were erected is in the thousands (I have seen figures - through a freedom of information request - that sh
  22. Hi i was looking for some help and advice. Last night bailiffs turned up out of the blue saying that i owed money on a outstanding parking ticket from 2010.i never received this parking ticket or any letters from the courts. I would have paid the ticket of £25 if i has received it, it is now £500. The bailiffs clamped my car and then parked outside my house for 3 hrs waiting for me to get the money. I had to give them the 500 as i need my car for work, i rang the council today to complain and find out about the ticket and they said i could contest it. I was wondering about the best way
  23. Small businesses are "drifting away" from bank funding, as confidence in securing loans falls to an almost three-year low. Just 40pc of companies with fewer than 250 employees reported using any form of external finance in the three months to September, the lowest level since the start of 2010, a key survey shows. The bank-funded Business Monitor also revealed that just one in three firms that are planning to apply for a loan or overdraft are confident their bank will agree to the request, down from more than half at the start of 2012, and a record low for the quarterly survey. EEF, the
  24. Santander has staged an about-turn and will no longer withdraw its "free banking forever" account from 230,000 small business customers. The original decision, first revealed in late July, upset some customers who thought the bank was reneging on an unbreakable promise to them. They would have had to pay either £7.50 or £12.50 a month for a business bank account that was previously free. Santander had previously said it was within its right to change the account. But less than two months after first announcing the change, it has rever
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