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Found 17 results

  1. Hi folks, If this isn't in the right place could the mods move it please, it concerns a boiler I had installed in April 2016. When my wife and I moved into our current home in March 2016 we had the heating system replaced by a company called Ecovolve. Ecovolve have subsequently gone out of business. The boiler is an Alpha 28KW model. The boiler has developed a fault whereby it loses pressure over time. I have had my usual heating engineer out to inspect it and he has diagnosed a faulty pressure vessel within the boiler itself. After pressurizing the vessel and filling the system it will continue to operate for a period of time before the same thing happens. It is confirmed in each case that the pressure vessel has lost pressure. I have contacted Alpha (by email) to inquire about a repair but they have responded by offering me some sort of service plan, which of course they want me to pay for. My understanding though is that any fault should be covered by the Sale of goods Act, or am I wrong? Any help much appreciated, I'd like to be more knowledgeable before responding.
  2. GAS SUPERSTORE LEICESTER GOES BUST TAKING EVERYONE'S MONEY THEN THE SAME (MD) DIRECTOR THEN SETS UP NEW COMPANY! It would appear the Director of Gas Superstore knew the company was about to go bust so he set up a New Limited company on the 21st March 2017 called The Fireplace (Leicester) Limited registered number 10682373 which can be found on Companies House website to the same address as the Gas Superstore which then went bust on the 25th April 2017. it would appear that the company was trading insolvently taking peoples hard earned money knowing they were about to go bust leaving everyone out of pocket while the Director sets up a New company behind the scenes to carry on trading washing his hands of any responsibility of the old company. Surely he can't be allowed to get away with this?
  3. Monopoly chiefs have set up a Christmas hotline to prevent board game bust-ups over the festive period. The helpline is to open in light of a survey that found 51% of Monopoly games end in a row. The most common cause of quarrels was due to people "making up the rules as they go along". The hotline will open from 24th - 26th December, when families will be able to get mediation on any game-based arguments. http://www.itv.com/news/2016-12-19/monopoly-christmas-helpline-opens-to-prevent-boardgame-bust-ups/
  4. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/lowcostholidayscom-collapse-what-you-can-8488525
  5. In a sad turn of events, Low Cost Travel Group has gone bust. Very sad for me as I used to work for them. Anyone travelling needs to make sure they keep an eye on their holiday. MSE has a great guide for what to do... As a general rule - Flights should have already been paid for, hotels mostly wont have. Chargeback if paid on CC over £100 with Section 75 Chargeback on DC may be possible but check with your bank. Remember to record everything in case you need it for the future. Administrators are Smith & Williamson
  6. RBS results show another big loss and have now not made a profit since 2007. The top US Banks are still holding such massive liabilities, that many believe any major market shock could cause a crash worse than 07/08. One of the top Banks JP Morgan is apparently of major concern and if you Google about them, you will see there are reports of people raising worries about their financial position. There are also reports that the Banks are currently going through a programme of taking on more consumer and corporate credit. Given that they are not in a healthy position, you would question why this might be the case. Are the Banks being pressured by governments to put more money into the system, on the basis that if it all goes tits up they will be bailed out again ? If you are holding any savings and investments at the moment, you might wish to review these, so you minimise any risk.
  7. I purchased a Sony LCD 40 inch TV from Preston Sony Centre, the store closed about 2 years ago. The TV failed just before the expiration of the 5 year warranty.Ii contacted the parent company Sony who told me to take it to the nearest repairer to me. The TV according to the repairer can't be repaired economically as the part is no longer available( although Sony say they will have parts available for 7 years) therefore the whole screen would have to be replaced. The repairer cannot get the parts from Sony and Sony keep telling me that they are looking for the warranty. This has now been going on for a couple of months. i didn't receive a third party warranty certificate to cover the 5 year warranty when I took delivery of the TV only the standard Sony warranty paperwork. Preston Sony Centre was a franchise operated by a company by the name of Willo who have now gone into administration. I have tried on two occasions to contact the administrators to try and find out who the third party insurer was , however I have had no response todate. Is this a lost cause or can anybody offer some useful advice. If so it would be much appreciated. thank you
  8. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum and see that most posts are regarding speeding but I wonder if anyone can help with a PCN for unloading in a bus lane. The PCN is issued for being "Stopped on a restricted bus stop/stand however the location wasn't a bus stop it was a bus lane. I'm probably lutching at straws but are the two the same or can I appeal on the grounds that the offence wasn't committed on s bus stop. Unfortunately i had no choice as there was nowhere else to park up and had to make the delivery. Any help will be gratefully received.
  10. I bought a car from CARCRAFT 14 months ago- I have purchased a @DRIVE HAPPY " warranty and paid £1000 for this! Gear box is knackered in my 3 year old car - that I've owned 14 months! And guess what ... They are not paying out... And guess why .... Wear and tear! I was sold this warranty by being took into a back room by a woman - she told me that she had recently had lots of problems with her car and the warranty covered everything!!! She insisted this warranty was amazing best money could buy for " peace of mind!" I am now told that it doesn't cover the gearbox of my 3 year old car that I have had for 14 months ! Because ...... It's wear and tear...., they have a "fairs fair policy" does anyone think that this is fair ??? I have seen my MP today who has asked for documentation from CARCRAFT LIVERPOOL - went down guess what .. . They can't give it to me - I have to write in!!! I am a single mum with 21 month old twins. I have been without my car for 15 days now . They have told me that I can come and collect it but .. The engine is hanging out!! The gearbox is in bits !! And the suspension is not connected!! If I do wish to come and collect my car in bits then I will have to pay near £500 pound for the pleasure ... . Because they want paying this amount for taking out the gearbox to be inspected . . FOR THEIR WARRANTY COMPANY. And for the inspection to be done!!!! Alternatively .. I can give them £1300 to repair the gearbox and get my car back . I should have known better when the first car I bought from them broke down as I drove out the showroom on the east lancs road with my two babies then 6 months old but tiny having been 2 months premature ! I was stranded with the babies !! Then the next day changed it for this one!!! Now this one is not fit for purpose nor has it lasted a reasonable length of time . . As per statutory rights and sales of goods act 1979. Please think about this if you are considering buying from this company !!
  11. HI I have searched this forum and cant find the answer if its already out there my apologises. My auntie purchased Double Glazing in 1997 from a company called Harmony windows and they added PPI to the loan, the finance was for 10 years and finished in 22 may 2007, that was the last DD payment the PPI was provided from GE Money, I have all the proof credit agreement etc Harmony windows who sold the PPI policy has gone bust and is no longer trading I have contacted GE money who said I have to contact Harmony windows which i did, as they are no longer trading i have contacted FSCS who said the claim is older than 6 years so there is nothing I can do what other options do I have can i go small claims court etc any advice would be really apperciated thanks
  12. I am a new member (12 month subscription) at a sports club that I have recently learnt is soon to run out of money and is no loger able to pay it's debts to the bank (just under 1 million in total). This is a members club, not a Ltd business. The general consensus is that the bank will take over the running of the club, and eventually it will be sold to a buyer and current members will not really be affected either way. I am not so confident. Would there be any legal requirement for the new owners to honor existing members? Or would the bank even continue running the club and not simply shut it down.
  13. Hi I booked holiday for my family to celebrate christmas with my inlaws but airline has gone bankrupt and my bank wont do charge back because i paid with my debit card. The airline told me to go to my bank for a charge back but the bank can only do charge back if i had used credit card. What can i do to get my money back?
  14. Hi. I phoned Morgans today as I sent them a cheque to clear my balance - but have received no paperwork. The woman who answered the phone was very shifty - and said that Morgans had been taken over. I'm worried my balance hasnt been cleared... even though they have had the money... Anybody know anything?
  15. Hello everyone, I need help regarding a mis-sold a policy by a broker(best advice acting on behalf of bright grey) who is bust, 4 years ego I was offered a mortgage (woolwich) and insurance: cover for sickness, payment cover for sicknes, life or critical illness cover. now I am in need of help and was assured that i have cover so it will be ok, but not apparently my cover uses working tasks definition which really means you have to be hit by a bus to get cover. that time when i was taking out that cover i have explaint to my adviser about my work etc. and they said this is best cover for me. now i cannot get enything from my insurance. I have been off sick for last 4 months cannot work cannot pay my bills please help if you can
  16. I have some issues with my LL, and have spent many an hour hammering the internet for information – I require additional clarification on what I’ve found out so far, any advice would be much appreciated! I have been a tenant with the same LA for over 2 years and lived in two properties through them. I moved into my current rented property in September 2009, when my LL purchased the property I was renting at the time, and I agreed to rent her property through the same LA. In January this year, the LA asked that all payments should be made to them in cash as they were ‘having problems changing banks’. Whilst this seemed a little strange, I had no issue or cause for concern as I had an excellent relationship with the LA, they had gone above and beyond their legal duties as LA, and I was very happy with the admirable way they looked after the tenants as well as the landlords. I made payments in cash, and received receipts for the same. At the start of March, I received a phone call from my LL stating that I should not make any further payments to the LA, and that she would provide bank details for me to pay rent directly to her. She informed me that she had not received payment from the LA for February’s rent, and that she could not get in contact with anyone from the LA (office closed, no-one answering phone etc). She did confirm that at the end of Feb she spoke to a lady at the LA over the phone; it was someone she had not spoken to previously, and the lady stated that she was ‘a family friend helping out’. The LL told me that the lady confirmed that Feb rental had been paid, and that payment would be made to my LL asap. According to the LL, no payment was made. My LL shortly afterwards posted the new tenancy agreement (AST for 6 months), and after adding some additional terms and conditions, I signed the AST. I would have preferred to move out of the property (I have met the LL and she can be very difficult, especially when you are voicing her errors or issues!) but as I did not have a security deposit (the LA had used the deposit as a rent payment on the previous property when my partner had to have emergency heart surgery and our funds hit the floor), and did not have the money to move, I didn’t see I had much choice. In the same correspondence, the LL also made additional claim that the LA had gone into liquidation, however, despite requesting the information three times in writing, she has yet to provide details of the Receivers, which makes me suspect that the LA has simply vanished and is not actually in receivership. Under the new AST, the rent for March fell due on 21.03.11, however, following issues with my tax credit payment I was only able to pay £150.00 (the rent is £525.00 per cal month). I informed the LL of my circumstances in writing and confirmed that a) if the tax credit issue was resolved quickly, the rent would be paid as soon as I received the shortfall payment or b) if the issue was not resolved quickly enough, I would pay £50.00 on 25.03.11, with the full outstanding balance to be cleared on 01.04.11. My LL has now stated in writing that unless payment is made in full by 25.03.11 for Feb rental (under the previous AST and already paid to the LA), and Mar (under the new AST), she will go to CC for a possession order. I have looked up the terms and understand that she is not in a legal position to seek such an order as there is less than two months rent arrears and the offer/reasons for late payment I have made for the arrears is reasonable, and also that she has not supplied any Notice of Intention. She also claims that she has filed a complaint with the police in regard to the LA, as it is a criminal matter, and that she requires receipts for payments made to LA dating back to Dec 2010, despite confirming in writing that she has received the rental payments for Dec and Jan (albeit late). Sorry to go on, but I wanted to provide a full background, and would appreciate greatly any advice offered on the following points of concern: As far as I can tell, the non-payment of rent by the LA is a civil matter, not a criminal matter as it involves the breaking of a contract by the LA, and as such the LL would have to sue the LA. Is this correct? Is there a difference to LL/tenant obligations if the LA has just vanished rather than gone in administration? Can my LL demand receipts for a 3 month period even when she has confirmed payment received for 2 of them? And what happens if I cannot find all receipts? (I am currently missing one receipt for a payment of £160.00). Am I legally obliged to provide any receipts at all? I am a good tenant, and always make my rent the first bill I pay; I am in no way trying to get out of paying anything. I understand my LL concerns about the loss of her money, but I do object to being treated like I have done wrong and being threatened with eviction when she has no right to do. I am also having a nightmare with trying to get her to understand that whilst the boiler is indeed covered by a Home Care agreement as has a safety certificate, the other gas appliances do not have the same, and her Home Care agreement does not cover these. This is the mentality I am dealing with, so I need to be 100% certain of my legal obligation so that I can be sure where I stand, and not be harassed or bullied which is what I feel she is trying to do (repeated mention of it being a ‘police matter’, demands for rent confirmed as already paid, threats to evict etc). I feel she is trying to railroad me, and, with her coming to inspect the property on Saturday (I can’t wait ), I want to be able to firmly stand my ground should she make any demands that she is not legally entitled to do so. Thanks so much in advance for your help!!
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