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  1. There you go then just as I thought. Maybe it did sound like a stupid question to you but no harm in asking I presume.
  2. As a sole trader am I required to tell Universal Credit if I get a bounce back loan top up? I did get 1 last year which is long gone thinking things would be well and truly back to normal by winter but we know that didnt happen and im still working at maybe 20% capacity. I know I have to declare SEISS as its regarded as profit but I suspect the loan is different as I will be repaying so its not profit. I just wanted to check. I'm 99% sure they asked nothing about debt or anything when applying and only cared about personal savings being under 16k. I'm hopefully only on UC till July-August
  3. 90% sure it was May 2010 or earlier. Looking through that thread I was unable to find payments post that date.
  4. Just had my first letter from a debt collector Ruuthbridge who have tookover an old card debt which was with Cabot. Link here for 10 pages worth. I just wondered is there a way to kill this dead?. I worry about getting backdoor default with moving house so should I be informing of my new address?
  5. In simple terms i'm self employed and have been here since october 2010, up till October 2016 the tenancy was not in my name and was paid monthly but they moved out so at this point the landlord agreed for me to pay 6 months in advance because I was unable to prove enough earnings due to being self employed. I have renewed twice paying the 6 months in advance again so 18 months total but this time they want to put the rent up £300 a year and are asking me to pay £60 in advance to reserve. I'll be honest its doable but its a real struggle this time finding over £4k. Logically it should be
  6. Wow thats pretty horrible although I think they are totally incontinent and will go all the time and everywhere so they only had to go on the bed once if that gives any reassurance.
  7. We always had cats as a kid, did have a few mice but they tended to stay for about 5 mins and if they were lucky move on. Ive heard people say even a tray of litter is enough as they are naturally repelled but who knows? Problem here is I think theres no pets or smoking in the entire row of flats + i'm a bit allergic but I think I love cats more.
  8. Even then its a bit much for me at 8 in the morning Did feel a bit sadistic popping a family of 4 in a carrier bag and in the skip.
  9. Oh yeah they work great I just dont like having to get them out after + the risk of blood. I guess though outdoors is less off an issue. These are the ones ive got. Cant rate them highly enough. Rinse under the tap and use again. https://www.screwfix.com/p/pest-stop-sure-set-plastic-mousetraps-2-pack/70203
  10. Ive just noticed what looks like a leak and large wall crack in a far corner of the kitchen, I dont make a habit of looking closely but im sure this is new. Think its time to get the landlord in. I'm confident ive done all I can and got rid of the mice at the soonest opportunity and that it was not my fault that they chose this flat iI'm now thinking this could be a sign of something more serious, either damage to the roof/wall or elsewhere. Ive been here 8 years and I think ive only had a toilet handle in all that time so i'm hoping he will get this looked at.
  11. Yeah already done this. And agree the Nutella went down very well, caught 4 in 1 night in the kitchen alone and other than the 1 I saw venture into the lounge ive seen no sign elsewhere so presuming he was one of the 4. Its been silent for 2 nights since so i'm thinking that along with me being loud during the day and removing any food killed them all or if there were more than 4 made them leave. Its a shame but one of the mice was very big, maybe I saved myself an extra litters worth just in time?. They look so cute but you just know theres only 1 thing to do. On that subject Sure-Set Mo
  12. Just wanted to run this by you all so I know where I stand. In simple terms, I live in a 4th(top) floor flat. Have a locked loft which is not included in my tenancy but is accessible within my hall and covers the full area of the flat. A few weeks ago the block management did some work to facias and stuff and coincidently the council start tearing down some garages over the road. Sunday evening I notice some weird noise from above, put it down to wind or water pipes etc, had been cold so things act up. 3 hours later ive got this uneasy feeling and there it was flying a
  13. To answer your question, yes i'd expect it to be the shortest road route. They even have a route planner on the site so go with the approach that whatever that says goes. I actually cant think of many other times in life you would measure distance in a direct line and not how far you would have to travel to get from a>b.
  14. Seems a bit surreal have just been denied a breakdown because the car was within 1/4 mile of my home despite being 0.4 miles by road. If I want to claim I have to pay £60 now + add £6 a month to my policy. Ive had a look at the policy and it states within 1/4 mile. Nothing about it being measured in pigeon miles. I'd go as far as to say the whole things crazy. I guess what i'm wondering is do I have any grounds for complaint?, luckily my dad has been able to recover on his but its still a major inconvenience and I just cant get the logic other than them deliber
  15. In simple terms when my housemate moved out the water bill wasnt paid for maybe 6 months then when it was not enough to clear the arrears. Not through avoidance more confusion and as soon as I realised I upped the weekly amount to cover the arrears asap. To my horror then a month ago I get an equifax alert showing red 4s and delinquent date for that last few months. I figured no point dwelling on it and knew it was about a week from being caught up but was still annoyed as ive spent a few years tidying my history up a bit. To be clear they were not even on my credit record b
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